Crying Game by: Jeannie


Dawson threw down his pencil in frustration, and stretched out on his bed. Every time Dawson tried to do his homework, his thoughts were interrupted by the events of last night. Last night was the worst night of Dawson Leery's entire life. After four weeks, Dawson and Joey broke up, and Joey was the one who initiated the break up. Dawson replayed the events in his head as he stared aimlessly at the ceiling. "Why did Joey dump me?" he thought to himself sinking deeper, and deeper into the vast abyss of depression. Dawson realized it was useless to attempt to do homework. So moving his foot to his open textbooks, he gave a hard kick, and sent them sprawling to the floor. Dawson reached over to his night stand, and smiling sadly removed a glass framed picture. Dawson gazed longingly as his finger touched the glass faces. The picture was of him and Joey, and had been taken just a few weeks ago. In the picture, Dawson is sitting down at the Icehouse. Joey was smiling happily while seated in his lap with his arms tightly wrapped around her. The faces reflecting through the glass were happy, and smiling. Just looking at this picture, anyone could see how in love Joey and Dawson really were. Dawson sighed softly thinking to himself, "That was then and this is now…I miss you Joey. What happens to us now?"

The next day, Joey was working at the Icehouse trying to get her thoughts of her job instead of Dawson. Joey sighed trying to regain her composure, so she didn't start crying again. Joey slowly swallowed the cry ready to escape her throat as she realized things really were over between her and Dawson.

Bessie watched from the counter, it hurt her to see Joey so heartbroken. Bessie didn't know what to do to help lighten her mood. Bessie knew the only one who could get through to Joey when she became depressed, was the one causing Joey the heart break, Dawson Leery. Joey still remembering the other night didn't pay attention to what she was carrying. Joey sudden felt her arm give out over the heavy tray of food, and everything went crashing to the ground. Joey bent down to clean up the mess when her good goofball friend, Pacey Witter, arrived.

Joey continued to pick up broken dishes while muttering to herself, "This day just keeps getting better and better."

Pacey smiled at Joey's sarcasm, and said, "I knew I could brighten your day, Joey."

Joey started to scrape the food off the floor as she said grumpily, "I see the zoo forgot to lock your cage again, Pacey."

Pacey chuckled softly, and leaned down to assist in the clean up. Leaning over, Pacey said, "good afternoon Joey, so how's the other half of my favorite Capeside couple doing today? I almost didn't recognize you without seeing Dawson hanging from your lips."

Joey glared hard at Pacey's sarcasm, but then her face softened. Pacey looked at Joey, who look like she was going to cry. Pacey noticing the reaction felt bad for what he said, and pulled Joey in for a hug. Joey didn't have the strength to fight with Pacey, and gratefully hugged him back. Pacey pulled back looking deeply into Joey's sad brown eyes, and knew instantly this had something to do with Dawson. Pacey gently guided Joey to a seat at the one of the tables. Joey threw herself in the seat, and Pacey sat across from her looking worried now. Joey sighed deeply, and avoiding Pacey's eyes said, "Dawson didn't tell you did he?"

Pacey shook his head and said, "I haven't seen Dawson, but something tells me I should, huh, Joey?"

Joey nodded biting her lip, and trying to remain calm at the same time. Joey looked at Pacey's concerned face and said barely audible, "We, we broke up."

Pacey shocked let his mouth fall open, and thought about how much both, Joey and Dawson must be hurting. Pacey waited for Joey to speak again and when she didn't, he spoke. "What happened between you two? I mean you guys were so happy, and I was happy for you. I went to a lot of trouble to get you two together, don't tell me this is another thing I am a loser at."

Joey had tried to escape, but she was unsuccessful as the tears poured down her cheeks. Joey's voice wavered as she softly said, "You didn't fail Pacey, Dawson and I had a fight. I miss him, Pacey. I can't stand not being with him."

Joey slowly and uneasily stood gripping the table for support said, "Pacey, please have Dawson tell you the rest. Thanks for being a friend. I gotta go." Joey quickly ran away, so she could completely break down in tears in private.

Pacey stood watching Joey run away crying while Bessie came up behind him. Bessie placed a warm hand on his shoulder and said, "Pacey, I have never seen Joey this upset since Mom died. She loves Dawson so much."

Pacey turned towards Bessie and nodded saying, "I know she does, and Dawson loves Joey just as much."

Bessie nodded in agreement and said, "do me a favor, Pacey? Please talk to Dawson, tell him how heartbroken Joey is."

Pacey smiled at Bessie warmly and said, "I'm on the case Bessie, I put these two together once. I would gladly do it again, especially since I know these two belong together."

Bessie smiled at Pacey and patting his shoulder said, "Thanks Pacey. I appreciate this, and so will Joey and Dawson. By the way, I always knew you were a romantic softy."

Pacey whispered jokingly, "Shh. Don't let that get out, it will ruin my rep as a strike out artist."

Bessie laughed and said, "Pacey, you are something else, but seriously kidding aside, I think you are a great guy. Someday, you are going to make some girl a very lucky lady. If I wasn't already taken, I would definitely go for you."

Pacey laughed and said, "I gotta go and play cupid, but I would have definitely called you if you were available, Bess."

Pacey heard Bessie laugh as he walked away figuring out a plan to reunite the troubled twosome.


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