Conspiracy Theory by: Kathryn


Summary: This is a story about Pacey relating to the "Dawson/Joey romance" before, after, and while it's happening. It also includes Jen's true feelings about the same subject. It includes Dawson and Joey's opinions on whether or not to just stay friends. (this is my first Fan Fic.....have mercy)

Setting: Capeside at night
Characters: Pacey (alone with only his thoughts)

Walking alone the quiet streets of Capeside, Pacey contemplates what Dawson has just told him. 'I'm gonna kiss her Pace. It's the only thing I can do to find out if I truly love her. I'm sick of talking, it doesn't get us anywhere.'

*Please, Lord, have mercy, make him hate it! Better yet, make her hate it! I wonder if he's doing it right now?*

Setting: Dawson's bedroom
Characters: Dawson and Joey

J: "So, you wanted to talk to me Dawson?" *I hope he wants me just as badly as I want him. I hope that's what this is about. I was so stupid to let him go that night. Please let him still feel the same way!*

D: "Um....well not really to talk....." *Oh god, how am I going to do this?! I can't just run up and grab her. Or can I?*

J: "Then, to do what?"

D: *Oh, boy, here goes nothing.* Something like this. (He reaches her and takes her face in his hands. They kiss passionately. Both desperately hiding the fact that they hate it.)

Setting: Jen's bedroom
Characters: Jen

*I can't believe I let him slip away. Just like that. I have to go see him......NOW!* (She walks quietly down the stairs and out into her yard. She looks up at Dawson's window. She sees him.) *He's not alone.* (She realizes that the silhouette is actually two people.) *Can't be Pacey.* (She laughs.) *Well, good for Joey. Finally. How could I want to stand in the way of something that is so meant to be?*

Setting: Dawson's room
Characters: Dawson

*Wow. I really don't love her. I mean I do.....but more like a sister. How can I tell her?*

Setting: Rowboat in the middle of the creek
Characters: Joey

*Wow. I really don't love him. I mean I do.....but more like a brother. How can I tell him?*

Setting: Streets of Capeside
Characters: Pacey

*I can't believe I would want to stand in the way of something so right. Yes, I can. I mean, if they get together where does that leave me? The obviously expendable third wheel. At least Jen is popular. She could make new friends with the snap of her fingers. But, alas, I am a loser. With a capital L. I think the whole world is plotting against me. It's a conspiracy.* (He sighs and walks up the front steps to his house. He looks at the clock. 10:43. The phone rings. He runs to answer it.)

P: "Hello?"

D: "Hi, is that you, Pacey?"

P: "Yea, Dawson. It's me."

D: "I know it's kinda late, but I need to talk to you now. Can you come over?"

P: "Umm. I guess so. I'll see you in about 15 minutes. Okay?"

D: "Great. Bye."

P: "Bye."

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