The Favor by: Kathryn

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Rating: PG-13

Summary: This is the story where Pacey and Joey start to get romantic. Joey relies on Pacey to cheer her up, and so does Dawson, after D and J decide to stay friends.

The Favor

Setting: Dawson's room
Characters: Dawson and Pacey

D: "Where is he?!" *Great now I'm talking to myself!*

P: "Never fear, Pacey is here!"

D: "Pacey, thank God! What took you so long?"

P: "Jeez, it's not like I live next door or anything. Give me a break!"

D: "Sorry. Just tense I guess. Listen. I have to talk to you about Joey."

P: "What, trouble in paradise?"

D: "Pace, this is serious!"

P: "Okay! Okay! God, it was just a joke. What's wrong?"

D: "You know how I told you I was gonna kiss her? (Pacey nods.) I did...I hated it!"

P: *Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!* (He is outwardly sympathetic. Inwardly jumping for joy.) "How, I mean, WHAT?!! How could you have hated it?"

D: "I don't know. I just did." (He looks very sad.) "What I wanted to know was... how do I tell her? I mean she'll kill me. I acted like I wanted it so bad and now I don't. She'll never understand."

P: "Hey, relax. There's always the possibility that she hated it just as much as you did. Right?"

D: "You're absolutely right! I mean if I hated it, there's no way she could've loved it!"

P: "Ye-"

D: (He cuts Pacey off.) "I mean there was no magic or....or...fireworks or anything! I mean, what was there to like? It was the most horrible, passionless kiss that has ever taken place!!!!"

P: "Uh. Okay?"

D: "Thanks, Pacey! I feel so much better. You've been a big help. Thanks."

P: "Hey, no problem. Say, you think you could return the favor by letting me stay here? I'm kinda tired and I don't feel like walking home."

D: "Sure! No problem."

P: "Cool."

Setting: Jen's bedroom
Characters: Jen and Joey

(Joey knocks on Jen's front door. Jen rushes down to answer.)

Je: "Hi, Joey!"

Jo: "Hi. Listen, I need to talk to you."

Je: "Sure. C'mon in." (They head for Jen's room.)

Je: "Welcome to my groovy bachelor pad."

Jo: "Yea. Whatever."

Je: "Joey, what's wrong? You look upset."

Jo: "I am. I kissed Dawson, and I hated it."

Je: "Maybe he hated it, too." (Notice how girls get the point much faster than guys.)

Jo: "Yea. I mean he seemed kind of down after it ended. He probably hated it, too! Thanks, Jen! I feel much better now."

Je: "Anytime!"

Jo: "Well, see ya! And thanks!"

Je: "Bye!"

(Joey exits. Jen looks ecstatic.)

Setting: Dawson's room (The next day)
Characters: Dawson, Joey, and Pacey

(Pacey is on the floor on the left hand side of Dawson's bed asleep. Dawson is wide awake. He glances at the clock. 8:45.)

D: "Pacey? Are you awake?"

(No answer)

D: "Guess not."

(Pacey moans in his sleep and changes positions so he is out of view of the window.)

J: "Hey, Dawson." (She speaks loudly.)

D: "Quiet! Pacey's asleep!"

J: "What? Where is he?"

D: "Over here." (He points to the floor.)

J: "Oh. Sorry! Listen, about last night. I.....I...oh, i'm just gonna say it. I hated it, Dawson. I felt like I was kissing my brother!"

(Pacey wakes up, but doesn't say a word.)

D: "You, too!!!!! Oh, Joey. That's great! So did I!"

J: "I mean, no offense Dawson, but that makes kissing Pacey, seem like kissing Brad Pitt or something."

D: "Well, I think kissing Hillary Clinton would have been more fun!"

P: "How about Bill?"

(Dawson and Joey jump. Pacey laughs.)

J: "Very funny, Pacey!"

D: "Were you awake the whole time?" (Pacey just nods and keeps laughing.)

J: "Well, bye guys!"

D and P: "Bye, Josephine!"

(Joey waves her fist at them and leaves.)

Setting: S.S. Icehouse
Characters: Joey, Bessie, and Pacey

P: "Hello, Bessie!" (He flashes her a charming smile.)

B: "Morning, Pacey. What can I get ya?"

P: "Your go."

B: "Coming right up. I've been trying to get rid of her all day!"

J: "No way, Bessie! I'm not leaving with him!"

P: "Oh, come on, Jo! Jen and Dawson are bowling and I'm bored!"

J: "And what am I? I'll tell you. Tired and frustrated!"

P: "That's what I'm here for!"

J: "Yea, okay. I've got nothing better to do. Bye, Bessie!"

B: "Bye, you two. Have fun!"

P: "Oh, we will!"

Setting: The Ruins
Characters: Joey and Pacey

P: "What are we doing here, Jo?"

J: "I don't know. I just kinda like it here."

P: "Oh."

J: "So."

P: "So. You wanna talk about it?"

J: "About what? The fact that I don't love Dawson or that he's moved on so quickly?"

P: "Whichever you want to talk about."

J: "AAAHH! Pacey, I can't take it. I mean two days ago we were in love. Then we kiss and boom! it's all over!"

(She starts to cry.)

P: "Hey, don't cry. It's not the end of the world. He just needs to figure out his feelings. So do you."

J: "Yea, but I have no one to run to."

P: "You have me." (He says that last word so softly it's barely audible. Then he wraps his arms around her.)

J: "Yea." (She starts to cry again and buries her face in his shoulder. All her tears soaking into his cotton t-shirt.)

P: "It's gonna be okay, Jo." (He lifts her face with his hands and looks her in the eye. She looks back and almost automatically presses her lips against his.)

P: *Wow! Now this is what I call fireworks!*

J: *Dawson who?*

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