Dead Man Walking by: Kathryn


Summary: Pacey/Joey Romance. That's all I'm telling you! (Read Conspiracy Theory, The Favor(Yes this is a movie with BRAD PITT!!!!! need I say more?), The Big Green (As in envy, green with envy. Haha.) Fierce Creatures, (Yes this is a movie with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Klein, the whole shpeil) The Crying Game, and Mission: Impossible :Hello?!! Tom CRUISE!!!!)

Disclaimer: Oh puhleese. Yea I own everything. (Pacey is my love slave actually.)


I'm writing in a different format this time. I'm sick of writing P:, and D:, and J:, you know? So shut up and read. K?


Setting: Pacey's kitchen
Characters: You guessed it! Pacey and his 'rents (I like that word. 'Rents. Huh.)

They are all sitting around the kitchen table. Pacey looks worried. His father looks angry. His mother looks calm. "So. You wanted to talk to me?" Pacey asks tenderly. He suspects a severe tongue-lashing(another great word.)

"Yes, Pacey. We do," his mother states simply. She looks very sympathetic now. She has the same blue-gray eyes and dark brown hair as Pacey. He is happy he looks more like her than his father. "The Leerys dropped by this morning. They were worried about you. They said when you were over there you seemed very upset. (She takes a long pause.) With us."

"Upset isn't really the word."

"This is SERIOUS PACEY!!!!!" his father yells. Pacey is so surprised he nearly falls out of his chair.

"I know," he says softly. "I know." His eyes are filled with tears now. He doesn't want to cry. Not in front of his father. Not now. His mother speaks first.

"Honey, we're just worried about you. We need you to tell us what's bothering you."

"Well I......... I mean.......... I.......... I'm not a screw up and I'm sick of hearing it. You may think I need to, but I don't. IT HURTS!! I'm your son and don't even feel comfortable just talking. I'm so scared I'm going to get chewed up and spit out, reminded of my many failures. I'm not Doug. I'm not perfect. I felt like I was walking to my doom coming home. A person is supposed to be happy in his own home, with his family. But I......" He bursts into tears. His shoulders are shaking and choked sobs escape his throat. Obviously telling them hurt just as much as admitting it to himself. His mother gets up to comfort him. His fathers face begins to soften. They realize everything the Leerys had said was true.

"Pacey," his father begins. "We don't mean those things to hurt you, just to help you."

"OH Yeah! Right. Being reminded what an all-around jerk I am really helps me Dad. Thanks a lot." His words come in between sobs.

"Sweetheart, we'll try to be a little more gentle, okay? But you're going to make yourself sick if you keep doing this."

"Doing what?!" he cries harder, his head and stomach beginning to ache.

"Crying. Getting yourself all worked up. It's not good for you. Come on. Let's go upstairs. You need to relax." She puts her arm around his shoulder and leads him up into his room.

Well. That went well, John says to himself. Real well.

Setting: Screenplay Video
Characters: Dawson, Joey and Jen

"I have no idea where he is, Jo," Dawson says. He and the girls look really worried. Pacey didn't show up for work and he was late to meet them.

"Maybe we should call his house?" Jen suggests.

"Look. He went home cuz his Dad called. Maybe he beat the crap out of him and now he's lying in a ditch somewhere," Joey says sarcastically.

"I'll call," Dawson says as he picks up the phone. It rings three times. "Hello?" a very groggy Pacey answers the phone. "Pacey?"


"What are you doing Pacey?!"

"I was sleeping, Dawson. What do you want?" He yawns and coughs.

"I want to know where you've been. We're all at the video store waiting for you." He coughs again.

"Sorry. I fell asleep after I talked to my parents. I'll be there in 20 minutes. I gotta take a shower and change. Okay?"

"Yea. Whatever. Just hurry. We're gonna miss the show!"

"Chill Dawson! I'll see you."

"Bye." Click.

"He fell asleep."

"Oh great! While we're here worried sick he's home fast asleep."

"Give him a break, Jo. He didn't sound so good. And he isn't usually in a good mood after he talks to his parents." ('Rents sounds like a very un-Dawson-like thing to say.)

"Well. You and Jen wait here. I'm going to go to his house."

(Joey exits and takes off towards Pacey's house.)

Setting: Pacey's bathroom
Characters: Pacey and Joey (Jo's outside the bathroom you perverts!)

Pacey steps out of the shower looking pale, but clean. He wraps a towel around his waist and wipes the mirror. His eyes are puffy and red. He looks as white as a ghost and his stomach aches, while his head pounds. He rubs his temples attempting to ease the pain. Joey is just outside of the door. Suddenly Pacey feels a wave of nausea come over him. Joey listens to the horrible retching sounds coming from inside the bathroom. She cringes and eventually they stop. He spits and flushes, trying to rid his mouth of the horrible taste. His throat burns as he rinses his mouth with mouthwash. Joey knocks.

"Pacey? Are you ok?"

"Joey is that you?"

"Yea. C'mon out."

"Jo. All I have is a towel."

"That's ok. C'mon out." He opens the door and steam billows out. She squeezes his hand as he follows her into his room, still gripping the towel around his waist. He looks sick. "Are you ok?" He shakes his head.

"Get dressed. "I'll go call Dawson." He nods and she walks out and shuts the door.

Setting: Screenplay Video
Characters: Jen and Dawson

Dawson hangs up the phone. "It appears that poor Pacey can no longer attend."

"Why? Is he grounded or something?"

"Nope. Apparently he was caught in a lip lock with the toilet."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well let me put it in words you can understand. He was vomiting, puking, hurling, blowing chunks, spewing, throwing up........"

"Ok! Ok! I get the point. That's really gross. He's okay though right?"

"According to Joey. No. She said he looked really pale and not very steady. Definetly not up for a movie. So of course, Joey won't be attending the festivities either."

"Oh well. I guess it's just the two of us."

(They walk out hand in hand. Headed toward the theater.)

Setting: Pacey's room
Characters: Joey and of course, Pacey

"God. You're as white as a sheet Pacey. Looks like all the blood was drained form your face. It isn't headed downward is it?" She smiles coyly and tosses her hair over her shoulder.

"Afraid not, Jo. God! I am freezing!" He pulls the covers up further. Joey is laying beside him, on top of the covers. (The gutter is no place for a mind!)

"Not anorexic are you Pacey? I mean you have been looking a little on the thin side lately."

"Haha. I've always been a little on the thin side, Jo. So have you."

"Pacey how can you be cold? You're wearing sweats!! I'm dying here."

"Yea, well you didn't just say hello to your lunch."

"True. Are you feeling any better. Or still nauseous, freezing, with a pounding headache."

"All of the above, doctor. Maybe I need to take another nap."

"Oh no you don't! You are making me miss the movie at the Rialto so as punishment you're going to stay awake and suffer!"

"I didn't know you cared so damn much, Jo."

"Yea, well I do. SO shut up and watch." She recoils and looks at him. He is staring dreamily at her. She leans over and plants a sweet kiss on his lips. He smiles and lies back, satisfied.


"Much better."


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