A Familiar Face Part Five by: KatieJoWitter

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Author’s Note: Thanks to Natte, who gave me ideas for this chapter.

A Familiar Face Part Five

Three weeks after Laura went to diner with Pacey, things were very difficult.

“Mommy!” Laura yelled upstairs to her mother.

“Yeah,” came a voice from the upstairs.

“Pacey called and said he wanted to bring me to the zoo tomorrow.” Joey came down with a worried look on her face.

“Do you want to go?” she asked carefully.

“Yes. So can I go?”



Joey and Pacey weren’t really talking to each other. When he came to pick Laura up, they only small-talked. Laura was constantly wanting to go over to Pacey’s house and Joey didn’t like it. She was happy, though, that Pacey got to see her, even if it wasn’t that often. They still hadn’t told Laura that Pacey was her father, and Joey had no intention of telling her. Joey was scared that Pacey would want full custody of Laura. Pacey hated Joey but absolutely adored Laura, even before he knew she was his.


The next morning, Joey woke up and knew it was past the time she was suppose to wake up. She looked over to her alarm clock. It was 9:38.

“Shit, I was supposed to wake up Laura to get ready to go to the zoo,” she mumbled to herself as she scrambled out of bed. She didn’t bother to get properly dressed just to wake up her daughter. Joey went into her daughter’s room only to find it empty. She went downstairs looking for her, clad only in a short red silk nightgown, which also showed off her slender long legs and shapely breasts. Not only did Joey find her daughter fully dressed and ready to go, but she found her daughter’s father as well.

“Pacey, what on earth are you doing here?”

“Didn’t Laura tell you I’m bringing her to the zoo?”

“Yes, but she didn’t tell me you were making breakfast.”

“Mommy. You forgot to wake me up so Pacey did.”

“Yeah, Potter. I knocked on the door for 5 minutes and finally used the key that was under the mat. By the way, Potter. Nice outfit,” Pacey teased.

“Mommy? Can you come with us?”

Pacey’s happy attitude vanished with her question. Pacey had no plans of bringing Joey anywhere with him, and Joey knew this.

“Please, Pacey!” Laura begged and Joey just stared at him waiting for an answer, basically milking the situation for all its worth. Pacey looked very fidgety.

“Laura, I thought it was just going to be us today.”

“I know, but I thought mom would get left out.”

“What do you say, Jo?” he asked almost angry begging her not to accept.

Joey stared into his eyes, and she felt guilty. Even though Pacey vanished from her life 5 years ago, he never got to really know his daughter and now was his chance.

“Laura, I can’t sweetie. I have to go to work.” Joey noticed Pacey breathe a sigh of relief.

“But, it’s Saturday., Laura whined.

“No buts. Remember yesterday, I didn't go to work. Well, I have to catch up.”

“Okay. Maybe another time.”

“You got it.”

“Now, Potter,” Pacey said, “get dressed or you’ll have all the guys of San Francisco on your doorstep.”

“And bed?” Joey joked.

“Fine. Whatever.”

To be continued................

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