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Disclaimer: DC belongs to Kevin Williamson, blah blah blah. I don't own it, blah, blah, blah. Go ahead and use my characters, don't really care, just tell me cuz I wanna read it.

(Last time, in Supermodel-Joey goes to New York and becomes an overnight fashion sensation. She comes home, only to receive a call from Jacqueline who wants her to go to L. A. to do some magazine covers with Scott, another teen model, who Joey modeled with in New York. Dawson is upset that he hasn't gotten a chance to spend time with Joey. Pacey and Kathleen begin having secret rendezvous everyday, until they are spotted by Old Man Ethan, who tells Pacey to keep the hell away from Kathleen. Gramps's funeral is held, where Cliff comforts a distressed Jen, who ends up kissing him.)

(Note: The song quoted in this part is about a girl named Rachel. So, for the sake of argument, just pretend it says Joey instead of Rachel, and you'll get the song. It's kind of supposed to be from Dawson's POV.)

"When Rachel shares my pillow, she always asks me things
Like do I really think she's pretty, do I like the way she sings?
I don't know how to answer, so I always smile and say,
I say, 'Send me picture postcards from L.A.
Send me postcards from L.A. signed with love forevermore.
Picture postcards from L.A. to hang on my refrigerator door
Rachel, if you find me one I'd love a picture of the California sun.'"
-"Picture Postcards from L.A." by Joshua Kadison

When Joey walked through the gate at the LAX airport, Jacqueline and Scott were there to greet her.

"Josephine!" Jacqueline exclaimed, throwing her arms around Joey and giving her air kisses on her cheek, "darling, isn't it exciting? Just think, in such a short time, you've landed a Vogue cover. Why, I didn't do my first Vogue cover until I had been in the modeling business for at least six months. It's so exiting! Why, I'll bet we'll have you doing Jean-Paul Gautier by the end of the month! Oh dear, look at the time, I have to get you to your apartment, then get to a meeting. L.A. moves beastly fast, ever so much faster than New York. Well, let's go."

Scott and Joey exchanged amused glances. "I think she put a little too much sugar in her coffee this morning," Scott whispered to Joey as Jacqueline hailed a taxi.

Joey laughed. "Isn't she like this everyday?" Joey asked.

Scott smiled. "Not everyday. You should have seen this one morning a few months back when she first quit smoking. I could have sworn Godzilla had assumed her form. Come on," Scott said, taking Joey's hand, "I can't wait for you to see the apartment."

Joey felt a tingle run up her spine when he took her hand that she hadn't felt since that night her and Dawson kissed in his room. "I can't wait to see it," she said, swallowing her emotions and following Jacqueline and Scott to the taxi. "I can't wait at all," she said to herself.

While Joey's life was falling apart, things in Capeside were falling apart, except for Jen. For the first time since her grandfather died, she knew where she stood with someone. She knew that she had an attraction for Cliff, and he reciprocated her feelings. With Dawson, she had never known whether it was him she wanted, or the idea of him. The idea of a nice boy who cared for her, wanted her, and didn't want to push her too far. Things hadn't been like that in New York. She had barely known Pacey, so she never knew where she stood with him. And with Joey…well…her and Joey had just recently bonded, but things were still somewhat shaky.

Jen just looked at Dawson and Pacey, who hadn't said anything all lunch. "Ok you guys," Jen said, tapping her spoon against her tray, "What's up with you? You look like you just found out the world were coming to an end. You haven't touched your food, although with the food here, I can't say I blame you…"

When the guys didn't even flinch at what she was saying, Jen realized that something could seriously be wrong. "What's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

Pacey laughed wryly. "More like what ISN'T wrong," he said bitterly.

Dawson laughed bitterly too. "You said it, Pace."

"This is good," Jen said, "We have you laughing, at least we know you two aren't dead. Now, what's wrong?"

Dawson and Pacey both shrugged. "Women problems," they said simultaneously.

Jen nodded knowingly. "Enough said," she said, "Enough said." The conversation, if it could be called that, came to a stop when Cliff walked up.

"Jen," he said, "Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Sure," Jen said smiling, thankful that she could at least count on someone to lean on, "I'll be right back," she said to Dawson and Pacey, who just continued staring ahead.

When Jen was gone, Pacey turned to Dawson. "Trouble in paradise?" he asked, referring to Dawson and Joey.

"Yeah," Dawson said, "Trouble with Kathleen?" Dawson asked.

"Not exactly," Pacey said, "trouble with her gramps."

"Ah," Dawson said nodding. There was a slight pause, and then Dawson said, "Action movie marathon tonight?"

"I'm there," Pacey said, hitting fists with Dawson.

"What did you want?" Jen asked, walking alongside Cliff.

"Well," Cliff said, laughing nervously, "my ex-girlfriend Valerie is in town. She moved about a year ago, and we broke up, but agreed to be friends. I know we have a date tonight, but I need to break it, because I'm going for dinner at her house."

"Oh," Jen said, slightly hurt, "Well, I guess that's ok. I mean, I'm kind of hurt, because we had a date and all. And, you know, it just seems slightly strange to me to break a date in order to go out with an ex."

"I know," Cliff said, taking Jen's hands in his, "And I know I'm a jerk for it, but she was one of my best friends before we started dating, and I want me and her to be good friends again. Believe me, I have no romantic intentions for her. She's nice, but she's too clingy. It's like her whole life revolves around boyfriends and social calendars. Most girls I know seem to be like that…except you, Jen. That's why I really don't want to mess it up with you. If you don't want me to go, I won't."

Jen smiled, somewhat reassured. "No, go ahead. I understand completely about old friends. I've had a few of them pop up unexpectedly before." Cliff smiled and kissed Jen on the cheek.

"You're the best," he said, "You're a special girl, you know that?"

"Yeah," Jen said smiling, "I guess."

"Look at this place!" Joey said, after Scott led her into the apartment. Jacqueline had already gone off to her meeting. The apartment was huge. The reception had paneled wood floors, a fireplace, several couches and chairs, as well as polished marble tables. The wall opposite the front door was entirely composed of glass doors, which led out to a large balcony with a large Jacuzzi. A kitchenette and a small bar was off to the right. There were several rooms, which obviously led off to bedrooms."

"Well it's about time you got back," said a female voice. Joey turned and saw a tall, willowy blond walking out of one of the rooms. She was only a couple years older than Joey, probably around eighteen, but obviously under 21.

"Joey, meet Katharine," Scott said, pointing at the slim woman, who was lighting up a cigarette in an old-fashioned holder.

"Hey Joey," Katharine said, smiling, "Oh! You must be Josephine!" the woman said suddenly, "Jackie's said such nice things about you! I'm sorry for seeming like an ice queen, I was doing a photo shoot all morning and I'm extremely sore. Have you met Dan or Amelia yet?"

As if on cue, two more people walked out of another room. "Anyone make coffee?' said a curly-haired woman, wiping her eyes. "Good morning, sunshine," Scott said, laughing, "You're up bright and early."

"What time is it?," asked the man, squinting at the clock.

"An early one in the afternoon," Katharine said, laughing at them. "You'll have to excuse them," she said to Joey, "they went club-hopping last night. They probably didn't even stop to eat. Where did you guys go to eat?"

The woman ran her fingers through her hair. "I think there was spaghetti," she said, slightly confused, "I KNOW there was wine."

Joey couldn't help but laugh. Scott and Katharine also started laughing. Amelia looked upset for a moment, but after Dan burst into laughter, she was struck with the giggles too. Not a bad start for Joey's first hour in L.A.

Valerie was unpacking her things when her mom told her that Cliff was there. Checking her appearance in a mirror, she walked out to greet him. "Cliff!," she said, throwing her arms around him, "It's so great to see you! I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too, Val," he said, hugging her.

"Listen," Valerie said, running her fingers through her hair, "I know this is kind of sudden, but do you think we could get back together? I kind of want to get back into the swing of things, and I couldn't think of a better way than to have my star quarterback boyfriend back on my arm where he belongs."

"Listen, Val," Cliff said uncomfortably, "I don't think we can do that. You see, since you've been gone, I've met someone. Someone really special. She's smart, she's funny, she's got a great sense of humor, and she's everything I've ever needed in a girl. You're great, but I think me and her have something special."

"Oh," Valerie said softly, upset, "does this dream girl come with a name?"

"Her name's Jen Lindley," Cliff said, staring off into space, "she's great, I know you'll like her."

"Well," Valerie said slowly, "if you like her, I guess I will too."

"I'm glad you feel that way," Cliff said, smiling, "I was afraid you'd be upset."

"Not at all!," Valerie said sweetly, "I'm sure I'll absolutely adore Jen. Who knows? Me and her might just find we have several things in common. Listen, I know I invited you for dinner, but do you think I could bail? I'm not completely unpacked."

"Sure," Cliff said, smiling, "You'll be at school tomorrow right? 'Cause I want you to meet her."

"I'll be there," Valerie said, smiling, "Besides, it'll be great to see the gang again. I've especially missed Nellie. She was one smart girl."

"See you then," Cliff said, hugging her goodbye and walking out the door. Valerie waited until she heard the front door shut. Walking back in her room, she picked up a blond doll. "Jen Lindley," she said to herself, "Well I think me and Miss Barbie Doll have a lot to talk about. Because I am NOT giving Cliff up."

Joey, Katharine, and Scott all laughed simultaneously at something Katharine had said. Joey had found that she liked all of her roommates. Katharine, it turned out, was 19. She was extremely similar to Joey as well. She had come from a small New England town. Katharine, or Kat, as she liked to be called, could have been an older version of Joey. Joey knew that Kat would be another Bessie to her.

Dan was a total flirt. He was seventeen, and a total clown. He was practically a Pacey clone, down to the Caesar haircut. He had a thing for Kat, but Kat just thought he was a goofball.

Joey wasn't really sure how she felt about Amelia. Amelia was only twenty- two, although she had the experience of someone twice her age. She had grown up in New York, like Jen. In fact, she was a lot like Jen in some ways. Amelia was nice to everyone, but sometimes she seemed like she was hiding something. And Joey quickly found out from the others, including Amelia, that if she didn't have her coffee in the morning, that all hell could break loose.

It was kind of ironic, Joey thought as she looked at them. Scott was the Dawson of the group-sweet, idealistic, completely head-in-the clouds. Kat was the Joey-sarcastic, kind of tomboyish, didn't take crap from anyone. Dan was the Pacey-flirtacious, charming, a total clown. And Amelia was the Jen-Big city girl with a big city past.

Scott noticed Joey smiling to herself. "What's so funny?" he asked, smiling a little half-smile.

"Oh," Joey said, fumbling for an answer, "I was just thinking…about how interesting Dan's dance moves are," she said, gesturing towards to living room floor, where Dan was break-dancing, and trying to get a giggling Amelia to dance with him.

"Oh," Kat said, laughing, "Dan's crazy. He saw that dance in some music video, and he's adopted it as his own, adding a few of his moves. No one has the heart to tell him he can't dance," Kat said, purposely saying it loud enough so Dan could hear.

"You're just jealous," Dan said, winking at Kat, "However, I do have a few moves I'd be willing to show you in the bedroom."

Kat rolled her eyes. "Keep dreaming, Romeo," she said.

"Your loss, babe," Dan said, walking up to the table, "But I'll be Joey here," he said, putting his arm around her, "has some good moves of her own. Wanna boogie, Joey?," he said, winking flirtatiously

"Sure…With Brad Pitt." Joey said, mock-sweetly.

They all laughed. "Whoa, Jo, talk about a hit-and-run," Scott said laughing. While Scott was laughing, Joey was struck with how similar he was to Dawson. It was all she could do to keep from kissing him there. 'Get a grip Jo,' she told herself, 'he's not Dawson.'

Dawson was picking out the movies for his action-fest with Pacey when Pacey climbed up the ladder. Dawson immediately noticed that something was wrong. Pacey's eyes were red and he looked like someone had shot him.

"Whoa, Pace, what happened?," Dawson asked, noticing the gloomy look on Pacey's face.

"This," Pacey said, bringing a letter out of his pocket. Dawson took the letter, and after he read it, he understood.

Dear Pacey,

I don't know how I'm going to tell you this. It's breaking my heart as I'm writing it. Grandfather Ethan declared last night that Capeside wasn't the safest place for me. He said that there were too many boys who would take advantage of me. He didn't say it, but I knew he meant you.

Pacey, he's sending me to a boarding school in Paris. It's going to be all- girls, so I won't be exposed to any boys. Sometimes I think he's afraid that I'll meet someone, fall in love, and he'll be all alone. He was too late, Pacey. I'm already in love. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with you.

It's killing me to tell you this, but I think it's best for the both of us if we parted ways. I can't continue anymore. Grandfather already reamed me for sneaking around with you. I don't want to even think about what he would do to you if we continued. I love you too much, and it would kill me to see you get hurt.

You're a special guy, Pacey, and you deserve someone special as well. You'll meet someone someday. We can never be. We come from worlds that are too different. In some respects, Grandfather is right, people would never understand. He's one of them.

I'll always love you, never forget that. Maybe one day we can meet again, although I doubt it. Always remember me, for I'll always remember you.

All my love,


Dawson didn't know what to say. "Pacey, I'm so sorry," he said.

"Yeah, I know," Pacey said, folding the letter gently, "Life's not fair. First Tamara, now Kathleen. The similarities are eerie. 'People would never understand,' 'we can never be,' 'you'll meet someone someday.' You know, Tamara told me those same things. When I met Kathleen I thought, 'Maybe Tamara was right. Maybe I have met someone.' Now…now I just don't know. But I know this. I'm not giving her up without a fight. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with Kathleen. Whatever it was with Tamara, it's ten times that with Kathleen. It's not a sexual thing either. I tasted romance for the first time in my life."

"What are you going to do?" Dawson asked Pacey.

"I don't know," Pacey said, "I need to think about it. I asked the guy who delivered the letter about when she was leaving. He said she was going to stick around for a few weeks to tie up some loose ends. I'd better start thinking.up something."

Turning to Dawson, Pacey asked, "So how are things with Joey?"

Dawson frowned. "Who can tell," he said, "I haven't seen her in so long. It's just like there's always something stopping us. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I don't want to share her with Donna Karan and Calvin Klein."

"You're not being selfish," Pacey said, "You're being human. Don't worry, I get the feeling that something big is coming your way."

"Maybe," Dawson said, "maybe."

Valerie was walking through the halls of Capeside High the next day when she heard Nellie's voice. "Valerie!" Nellie called, running down the halls.

"Nellie!" Valerie said, hugging Nellie, "How are you?"

"I'm great!" Nellie said, "so, I heard you were back, and I just had to see you. I was hoping you'd be at school today. We have SO much to catch up on!"

"Definitely," Valerie said, "But I have a question. What do you know about a girl named Jen Lindley?"

"Jen?" Nellie asked, "Well, Jen's this girl that moved here from New York a while back. She doesn't party, which is a total drag. I don't think the girls care for her too much, they think she's too duck-like. I don't see it myself. But all the boys like her. Cliff especially. He is totally head-over-heels for her."

Valerie made a face. "That sucks," she said, "One more thing I have to change."

Nellie shrugged. "Please, Jen will probably go running back to Dawson soon."

Valerie's ears perked up. "Dawson, who's this Dawson?"

"Oh," Nellie said, making a face, "he's some sophomore guy. He works at my dad's video store. He's kind of nerdy, and a total goody-two-shoes. But he's not anywhere near as bad as that town joke friend of his, Pacey."

"Dawson, huh," Valerie said, forming a plan in her head, "I think this Dawson could be very useful someday. Very useful indeed."

Meanwhile, Joey was off in L.A., having a great time. Her daily letters turned to weekly letters, to finally every once in a while. As Joey settled more and more into her L.A. modeling life, she fell out of touch with Capeside life.

Dawson was not happy about this arrangement. The odd thing was, that the farther apart Joey got with Dawson, the closer Joey got to Jen. Joey was soon calling Jen practically everyday. Joey would sit there and talk about everything that was going on in L.A., and Jen would talk about her New York experiences.

One night, Joey was out club-hopping with her model friends. Generally, the clubs would never let Joey in, but since she was a famous celebrity, Joey had no problems getting in. There wasn't a club in the city of L.A. that would turn away Josephine Potter the supermodel.

Anyways, Joey and Scott had been dancing the night away. Dan was dancing with a couple of girls, and Amelia and Katharine had disappeared with their dates, so Joey and Scott were left by themselves.

Exhausted from dancing, Joey and Scott made their way back to their table. "Do you wanna leave?," Scott asked Joey, "I'm kind of tired of dancing."

"Yeah," Joey said, "but let's not go home yet. Why don't we go for a walk?"

Scott gave her a look. "A walk? In L.A.? At night? Um, Jo, I'm not so sure about that…"

"Don't tell me you're chicken," Joey said, daring him.

Scott laughed and shook his head. "You know," he said, "It's amazing how much you've changed from the private small-town girl to the sophisticated woman-on- the-town."

Joey smiled a little half-smile. "Yeah," she said, "but deep down I'm still the same girl."

"Come on," Scott said, taking her hand, "let's go."

Joey and Scott left the club and began walking down the road. They stopped at a vendor and Scott bought Joey a daisy. A little ways down the road, they stopped again to get a single cone of ice cream to share.

While sharing the ice cream, Scott suddenly started laughing. "What?" Joey asked, wondering what was so funny.

"You have ice cream right on your nose," he said, pointing at it, "It's kind of cute."

Joey smiled a crooked smile and reached up to wipe her nose off, but Scott stopped her. "Let me," he said.

Scott suddenly leaned over and kissed Joey on the nose. His lips moved their way down his face until they found her lips.

Joey and Scott found themselves engaged in a passionate, steamy kiss. All the while, a man with a camera stood behind a wall, taking pictures.

Pacey was sitting at home that night, thinking about Kathleen. She was leaving in a couple weeks. Pacey tried to focus on his homework, but the numbers in his math book kept turning into parts of Kathleen. The parentheses turned into her lips. The numbers turned into her hair. The pie graphs turned into her eyes. Pacey slammed his math book shut, hoping that would get rid of her. He put his hand down on the desk, and felt himself holding the rose she had given him. It was shriveled and dry now, but it still smelled sweet, a lot like her.

Pacey noticed that everything he saw reminded of her. The girl on the magazine by his bedstand had the same color hair as Kathleen. The color of the ocean in the picture on his wall was the same color as her eyes. Pacey suddenly had a brainstorm. Why hadn't he thought of it before? Yes, Pacey thought, he had done everything to keep Kathleen in Capeside except going to the source of the problem, Ethan. If he could remind Old Man Ethan about what it was to love someone, than maybe, just maybe, he would let Kathleen stay. Pacey's mission was clear. He needed to have a little chat with Old Man Ethan.

All day long at school, Dawson kept getting the feeling that people were looking at him and whispering. Every once in a while he would catch someone staring at him. At one point in the day, he heard one girl whisper, "Do you think he knows?"

At lunch, Dawson walked up to his usual table. Feeling several pairs of eyes on him, he turned around and saw a table of girls staring at him. When he looked back, they looked away.

"Hey man, sorry about Joey," said a jock, who walked up and patted Dawson on the back, "that really sucks man."

Dawson stood there stunned. That jock had never talked to Dawson before. And what was this about Joey?

"Dawson?," said a female voice. Dawson turned and saw Fawn Davidson, one of the most popular and prettiest girls in school standing behind him. She was standing with a group of her friends.

"We just wanted to tell you," Fawn said, "that we feel so bad for you. It's absolutely horrible what happened, and a nice guy like you doesn't deserve it. If there's anything we can do, just call us, here's our numbers." Fawn set a notebook filled with names and numbers by Dawson. "And if you feel up to it, come to a party at my beach house this weekend. It might not dull the pain, but it could take your mind off Joey."

Dawson stared in shock as the group of them walked away. First, a jock comes up and treats him like a good buddy, then a group of popular girls invite him to a party an give him their numbers.

"Hey man," said Pacey as he walked up with Jen, "How are you feeling. I mean, obviously not great, considering about what happened with Joey and all…"

"That's it!" said Dawson, reaching the breaking point, "will someone clarify themselves? People have been coming up to me all day and telling me how sorry they are. Sorry about what?"

Jen and Pacey exchanged a glance. "Well," Jen said, clearing her throat, "did you see the cover of the 'Hollywood Tattler?'"

"No," Dawson said, confused, "why would I look at that garbage?"

"Because," Pacey said, pulling a copy out of his bag, "it's about Joey."

Dawson looked at the cover. It read "WORLD'S YOUNGEST SUPERMODEL CAUGHT IN KISS WITH CO-WORKER. Below the titles, was a picture of Joey and Scott, her fellow model, in a passionate kiss.

Dawson crumpled the paper and slammed his fist on the table. "How could she," he yelled, getting several sympathetic looks from nearby people.

Pacey patted Dawson on the back. "Man don't worry about it, it might not even be her."

"Yeah," Jen said, nodding, "you know those rag mags, always doctoring photos. The story and picture are probably total fakes. Joey would never do that to you."

"You're right," Dawson said, cheering up, "It's probably all lies. I mean, that same paper once said that Sylvester Stallone was an alien invader." Joey paced around the apartment. 'How could this happen,' she thought, 'How could I have kissed him? I love Dawson, not Scott. Scott was just a distraction. I missed Dawson and I leaned to Scott because they're so similar. How could I have been so stupid?'

"Hey," Scott said, putting his arms around her and kissing her neck, "what's wrong."

"Joey removed his arms from around her. "Scott," she said, "we need to talk."

Scott sat down slowly. "I'm listening," he said

"Listen," Joey said, "I'm sorry for leading you on, but I can't be with you. I'm with Dawson. I love Dawson. And now I might have ruined things with him. I just hope he didn't see the tabloid covers. I hope you understand. You're a special guy and you deserve someone special."

"And I've found her," Scott said, standing up, "You. You're the most amazing, astounding woman I've ever met."

Joey felt like she was going to cry. "I can't do this," she said, "I mean, if things were different, I'd have no problems being with you. But I love Dawson."

Scott hung his head. "I understand," he said, "It's strange, but I do. Back in my home town, there was this special girl named Katy (hey, it's my story). She was so special to me. We were next door neighbors all our lives. For a few years after elementary school, we drifted, but then we found each other in high school. We had this little pulley thing going from our bedroom windows, and every night we'd clip notes on them and wheel them to each other. When I left to be a model, she cried. With my busy schedule, I didn't have time to talk to her. When I went back home, she was with someone else. She was upset with me because I never called or wrote. I screwed things up with her. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone else."

"I understand," Joey said, hugging him, "And I'm glad you understand. Now I have to straighten things out with Dawson."

Dawson paced up and down his room all evening, hoping Joey would call. When the phone rang, he jumped at it. "Hello?" he said into the phone.

"Hey, it's me," said Joey's voice.

"Hey Jo," Dawson said, "I've missed you. How are things in L.A."

"They're great," Joey said, "everyone's been great. And last night, Scott said…"

Joey suddenly shut up, aware that she had mentioned Scott. Dawson didn't say anything, and there was a silence. Suddenly, Dawson started laughing. "Can you believe that tabloid story," Dawson said, laughing nervously, "I mean, obviously a total fake…"

Joey said nothing. "Jo?," Dawson said, "It was a fake, right?"

Joey started crying into the phone. "Dawson, I'm so sorry, let me explain…"

Dawson hung up the phone. He didn't want to hear it. He felt fury welling up inside of him. He started throwing his pillows around. Looking around the room, he saw all of he pictures of Joey he had everywhere. He had wanted to be surrounded by her. Suddenly, the sight of her made him want to kill himself. Grabbing a box from his closet, he began taking down everything that reminded him of her. Her pictures, gifts she had given him, everything. Throwing the box in his closet, Dawson sat on his bed and put his head in his hands. When he put his hand beside him, he felt something. Picking it up, he saw it was Joey's denim jacket. Dawson just fell apart there. He had rarely cried in his life, but everything hit him right there. He just sat there and cried for hours.

Joey hung up the phone. "He hung up on me." she said.

Kat, Scott, Amelia, and Dan all looked at her sympathetically. Hugging her, Kat said, "It's going to be ok. Just wait and see, everything will be ok."

Amelia walked off in her room for a moment, and reemerged with a necklace. "Take this," she said, "My grandmother gave it to me before she died. She said it would give me good luck. It did, and I don't need it anymore. I want you to have it."

Joey took it and put it around her neck. She was silent for a moment. "I have an idea," she said suddenly, "but I'll need the help of you guys."

"We're listening," Dan said as Joey began telling them her plan.

Pacey knocked on the front door of Old Man Ethan's mansion. He stood there for a few moments, but no one answered. Giving up, Pacey started to walk away, but suddenly, someone said, "what do YOU want?"

Pacey turned around and saw Old Man Ethan standing at the door. "I want to speak to you," Pacey said.

"We have nothing to discuss," Ethan said, turning around.

"Oh we have lots to discuss," Pacey said, "Lots and lots to discuss…"

To Be Continued in
"You Must Love Me"

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