The Dawson Show : Smile You're on Camera by: Katy


Author's Note: I just want to clear this up really quickly, unless some people get upset. I have total respect for Mr. Williamson. Some people might think that because I'm making him a character who has control over Dawson's life, that I'm portraying him as overbearing. I'm not. If you saw the Truman Show, Christoph, who controlled Truman's life, loved Truman like a son. That's what I'm trying to get at here. Dawson is everything Kevin wanted to be. It's his childhood relived. That's the point.

Summary: Dun dun dun! Who here thinks Dawson might be catching on, let's see a show of hands! (A few fanfic readers lift hands, half-heartedly. Webmistresses shake their heads and dial psychiatrists.) Well don't look TOO enthused... and OoOo Katie *kissed* Dawson....what does this mean for her and our hero (at least mine) Pacey? Wait and see!

"Smile. You're on Candid Camera." -Candid Camera

Smile You're On Camera

Kerr walked out of Kevin Williamson's office, practically dancing. Kevin had finally given him permission to do something he had been dreaming about. Jack was going to ask Jen out.

Kerr knew it would be Jen he was asking out and not Michelle, but he didn't really care. All he wanted to do was go out with her and maybe kiss her, even if it was only pretend.


"So I was thinking maybe we could go out sometime. You know. On a date." Jack looked nervously at Jen.

Jen thought about it for a moment. Why not? It might be fun. "Sure," she said, "I'd love to."

"Really?" Jack looked relieved. "Great! I'll see you at 7?"

"Wouldn't miss it." Jen replied, smiling.


Dawson woke up singing. He had his Joey again. He had never been so happy in all his life.

He knew Pacey would be upset; that was to be expected. But right now, Dawson was still upset with Pacey. Besides, with Joey with him again, he didn't have a care in the world.

Dawson hopped in the shower, still whistling, ready to go to school so he could see Joey again.


Katie, on the other hand, woke up less enthusiastic. Now she was more confused than ever. She had strong feelings for Dawson. She realized that last night. But she still loved Josh. What was she going to do? All she knew was that things were a lot less simple then they used to be. It used to be that she would wake up, act a few scenes, and go to sleep. But now it was different. It was more complicated. Maybe the actress was getting a little too comfortable in her role, she didn't know. All she knew was that she had better figure this out, and fast.


Josh felt so betrayed. Word about Katie and Dawson's little improv scene had made the rounds. Everyone knew Katie wasn't supposed to do that. Now people were whispering that maybe she loved Dawson.

He didn't know what to do. Should he break up with Katie? Should he let her figure it out? Should he play the role of the hurt boyfriend? It was all too complicated.


"What happened Joey?" Pacey asked, a hurt look on his face, "what happened with us?"

"Nothing," Joey said, looking miserable, "it's just...I'm so confused."

"And you thought by leading me on, that would make it easier?" Pacey asked angrily.

"No!" Joey argued, "I never meant to hurt you."

"It's a little late for that." Pacey said bitterly.

There was a pause, then Pacey continued. "Do you love him?" he asked.

"I don't know." Joey whispered.

"Do you love me?" Pacey asked, a lump gathering in histhroat.


"I KNEW she still loved him," Cory announced triumphantly.

"Yeah, but she still loves Pacey," Katy said defiantly.

"Think there will be a fight over Joey?" Vanessa asked.

"I dunno," Cory said, seriously thinking about it, "that would be kind of interesting...." "

Hey now," MaryAnn said, "this isn't the Jerry Springer show."

"All I know," Katy said, "is Joey has some pretty serious choices."

"Oh please," MaryAnn said, "it's a show, it's not real life. It's not like she actually has to choose. Because if she did, that would be a pretty big choice."

"Not for me," Katy said, "show me the Pacey."


Meredith was eating lunch in the school cafeteria when Josh took a seat beside her.

"Meredith!" Josh said, amiably, "long time no bicker. How've ya been?"

"Josh" Meredith whispered uncomfortably, "you shouldn't be over here." There were other reasons Meredith didn't want to see Josh right now, but there was no way she was telling him.

"It's ok," Josh said, taking one of her fries, "Dawson's nowhere to be seen."

"Still," Meredith said, futily, "we shouldn't be associating while we're broken up." Josh gave her a sideways look, as if thinking about something. "Meredith," he began, "is something bothering you, because if there is, you know I'll..."

"It's nothing!" Meredith said forcibly, "can I just eat in peace. Why don't you go find Katie or something." Meredith spat out the name Katie involuntarily.

Josh looked at her, as if realizing something. "Are you jealous of the whole Joey and Pacey thing?" he asked, "is that it? You want Pacey and Andie back?"

"It's not like I care...that much." Meredith admitted, "I just kind of liked pretending, you know? It was fun."

"Yeah," Josh said, grinning slightly, "it kind of was. Having a pretend relationship on a hit television show is always fun."

"So where is our favorite television star?" Meredith asked, taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Dawson?" Josh asked, "Who knows? Let the cameras and microphones worry about him."

Meredith's eyes grew wide as she noticed something behind Josh. "Josh," she whispered loudly.

Josh turned around and came face to face with Dawson, who looked pissed. And this time, it wasn't about 'Joey.'

"Who are you?" Dawson asked, "who the hell are you two?" For once, Meredith and Josh were speechless.


Joey was wiping the bar in the Icehouse when an angry looking Dawson stormed in. "Dawson...hey.." Joey began.

"Who are you?" Dawson demanded angrily.


Joey asked, giving him a confused look, "I'm Joey..."

"No you're not," Dawson said, "don't think I'm dumb. Who are you?"

Katie looked at him with a shocked face. That was all the answer Dawson needed. "So it's true," he said, "you're not Joey."

"I can explain..." Katie said.

"Don't bother," Dawson said, "So you just make me fall in love with you, huh? You make me feel something that isn't real. You manipulate me? Is that how it works?"

"No," Katie argued, "I mean, it started like that, but I do lov.."

"Don't," Dawson said, "just don't." He walked away, leaving Katie, not Joey, behind.


Michelle sped the car down the road angry. She had been in a meeting with Kevin, futily pleading to be the good Jen again. He had refused. Viewers wanted the bad Jen. And then the news that Dawson had figured everything out got out. The studio was in an uproar.

Well good for him. Michelle had been feeling guilt about the whole thing. She had helped lead him on, helped manipulate him. But now she was going to make it all right.

She saw Dawson's form walking down the road, a back-pack on his back. She pulled up beside him. He turned around and looked at her angrily.

"So who are you?" he asked angrily.

"Michelle," she said.

"Did they send you to get me?" Dawson asked angrily, "to convince me that I'm just upset, and of course everything is as it seems. Don't. I'm leaving."

"I'm here of my own free will," Michelle said, "and I'm not here to bring you back. I'm here to help."

"You've done enough," Dawson said, "now just let me go."

"Well you'll never get out on foot," Michelle laughed, "they'll have patrols out for you. I'm the only person who can...or you now. You want to go it alone, fine. But don't say I didn't warn you." Dawson stopped. He was silent for a moment, then he said, "you really want to help me?"

Michelle nodded. "I think it's time you understood everything," she said, "and if you hop in the car, I'll tell you everything."

"Fine," Dawson said, still suspicious.

Once Dawson was in the car, Michelle turned to him. Gunning the engine, she said, "It's going to be hell getting out of here. We're going to need help."

"Is it really going to be that hard?" Dawson asked.

Michelle nodded.

"Shit..." Dawson said.

Michelle raised her eyebrows. She had never heard him cuss before. He must really be pissed. The censors would be going nuts.

"Oh shit," Michelle said, "the cameras are on us. They'll becoming soon."

"What happens if they catch us?" Dawson asked. "I'll get fired, probably worse," Michelle said, "and you'll be sent to the Capeside Mental Hospital until they convince you that everything is as it seems."

"Let's get out of here, then" Dawson said.

Michelle gunned the engine and turned to Dawson. "Smile," she said, "you're on camera."

*Note-There will be no previews, since I'm not about to give away the ending. :) Stay tuned, sports fans.

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