The Goodbye Girl by: Katy

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Disclaimer: If you have read Model Behavior: Crash Test Dummies, you may have seen the disclaimer. You may have read it. For those which didn't, I will enlighten you. It was a 'Crash" (he he!) course in Disclaimer 101. For those who read it, you are now graduates and may now move on to Disclaimer 202. In Disclaimer 202, we will discuss the purpose of Disclaimers. The purpose of Disclaimers is to "disclaim" ownership of something. Namely, if you see a Disclaimer anywhere, the person does not own it. Look in any fanfiction story, and you may run across one. If you don't, they need one. So actually writing a Disclaimer is redundant. If the word "disclaimer" is located in the story, you can safely assume they don't own it. So on to the "thought of the day." Disclaimers: Important legal device or meaningless garbage? You be the judge.

Author's Note: Although as a self-proclaimed "Professor of Disclaimerology," I must protest the actual writing of lengthy disclaimers, I feel the need to stress my non-ownership of the following material, as to dissuade any legal action taken by any angry parties.

1. I don't own Dawson's Creek. If I did, would I really be writing for the internet?

2.I don't own the song. If you pay ANY attention to it, you will notice that it is about a boy's love for a girl who has left. Last I checked, I was female. That automatically means I don't own it. But for those "geniuses" out there, who wouldn't think that, I don't own it. I believe it belongs to David Gates, at least that's the impression I got from my "Lyrics Girl."

Author's Note 2 (sequels suck)-I'm so happy that most people liked this series. I wrote Crush, mainly because I was obsessed with the song (still am, it's playing as I type), but since I got such a great response, I'm gonna write more. This is the last story in the series that will take place in this time period. The rest will skip to the future, but will have flashbacks to tell you what happened.

All your life you've waited
for love to come and stay
and now that I have found you
you must not slip away.

Joey was at school early that morning, hoping to catch Pacey before class. She had to tell him that he got the wrong idea, that she loved him not Dawson.

'Boy, Jo,' she said to herself, 'you really know how to create angst.'

Pacey walked up to his locker, not noticing Joey who stood a few feet away. Taking a deep breath, Joey walked over to him. "Hey Pacey," she said slowly.

Pacey's heart stopped for a moment. Her. She was there. Breathe. Breathe. Good, like that. "Hey," he said.

"Listen," she began.

"Joey, don't," he said, "I don't want to here about you and Dawson. I know I said it wouldn't hurt me, but Jo, I lied. It does hurt, and I don't think I would take it. So since you've moved on, I've moved on too. I've asked out Nina Peters and she's accepted."

Joey's heart stopped. He moved on already. Pacey looked uneasily at her, then shifted his gaze to the ground. "I'll see you," he said, shutting his locker and walking off.

I know its hard believing
the words you've heard before,
but darling you must trust them this once more.

All day, Joey was in a trance. She just kept thinking about Pacey and Nina, Nina and Pacey, Them. It wasn't them, it was Them, capitalized. It was earth-shattering. No more Pacey and Joey, now it was Pacey and Nina. Nina and Pacey. Love sucked.

Joey sighed. She had just been to see Miss Tringle. She hoped she made the right decision. If she hadn't, she might have just made the single worst mistake of her life.

Mistake or not, what was done was done. She had given her word, now she had to follow through. She had said she was going to France, now it was written in stone. She was going. But not before she told Pacey she loved him.

Because baby, goodbye doesn't mean forever.
Let me tell ya goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again.
If you wake up and I'm not there I won't be long away
'cause the things you do my goodbye girl
will bring me back to you.

"Are you sure you have to go?" Dawson asked. Joey had been to see Dawson first, for a couple of reasons. A, he was her best friend, sexual undertones or not, and B, he needed to know about her feelings for Pacey.

"Yes, Dawson," she said, "I think I need to. I can't stay here and watch Pacey make out with Nina in the halls every waking moment. Watching them make slippery lippery is not my idea of a good time. So I'll take a break and hopefully things will be different when I come back."

"Well whatever happens," Dawson said, "I'll always be your best friend."

I know you've been taken
afraid to hurt again.
You fight the love you feel for me
instead of giving in.

Pacey slammed his fist into his bedroom wall. Damn it all. Everywhere he went, Joey. Joey here, Joey there, in the sky and everywhere. It was a little rhyme he had made up. And it was true.

Pacey was sure he loved Joey, he never doubted it. But he had to move on. Watching Dawson and Joey suck face in the halls was not an appealing thought. So getting a new girl was the best way of moving on that Pacey could think of. And Nina was her.

Nina was great. Pacey liked Nina, she was a sweet girl. But she was no Joey. She didn't have Joey's long dark hair, deep expressive eyes, smoothly tanned skin. She didn't have Joey's rapier wit, cunning intelligence, caring sensitivity. Nina was a girl Pacey would have to grow into, after Joey was out of his mind.

Pacey groaned. Out of mind. Right. Like that would happen. Even if she disappeared, she would never be out of mind.

Well, I can wait forever
for helping to see
that I was meant for you
and you for me.

Joey put off telling Pacey that she loved him for two weeks. It was the day she left for Paris, so it was now or never. Hopping in her boat, she began rowing down the creek towards Pacey's house.

Like Dawson's house, Pacey's house was along the creek, only there was no dock, so Joey had to beach her boat. Not wanting to run the Witter gauntlet, she decided to finesse the front door and head straight for Pacey's window.

Looking in the window, Joey saw Nina and Pacey laughing together as they watched TV. Feeling herself begin to cry, Joey whispered "I love you," and dropped the note on the window sill.

Pacey heard something outside his window. Nina looked up at him questioningly. "I heard something," he said.

Walking to the window, Pacey pushed it open. He looked out towards the road and along the house, seeing nothing. But peering off into the creek, he could swear he saw a boat gently pushing away.


It was the first thought in his mind. Leaning out for a better look, he felt a note under him. Picking it up, he saw "Pacey," written on the front in Joey's loopy scrawl. Opening it up, he read it.


Hey, it's me. I'm sure I'm the last person you want to talk to, so I'll make this brief. I'm not good with words, so I'll say it. I love you. I know you're with Nina, and I respect your opinion. She must be a special girl if you love her so much.

As you read this, I'm on my way to Paris. Yeah, I'm going. I can't stay here and watch you with Nina. But I wanted you to know that it was never Dawson. It was always you.

"Crap!" Pacey said, drawing a startled look from Nina. "I have to go," he said, grabbing his coat and heading to the door.

Nina sat there looking confused. "Well I know it wasn't something I said," she said to herself.

So remember goodbye doesn't mean forever.
Let me tell ya goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again.

Pacey drove like a maniac down the highway. As careful as he was with driving to see Joey, he still ran into traffic, got pulled over, and nearly rammed a little old lady in her silver Buick.

He made it to the airport two hours later, completely out of breath. Rushing down the terminal, Pacey ran to the gate where Joey's flight was taking off.

He made it to Gate C, where he saw Bessie, Bodie, and Dawson, all staring at him. "Where's Joey," Pacey asked, out of breath.

Bessie, Bodie, and Dawson all looked at each other, then back at Pacey. Looking sadly at Pacey, Dawson pointed out the window, where a single plane marked "Air France" was taking off.

Pacey sighed sadly, then looked up at the ceiling. Sometimes it seemed like some unseen person was scripting out his every move. "Do you think you could give me a break?" he said to the mystery person in the sky.

Pacey then turned and looked out the window."Joey," Pacey said softly, looking at the plane, "I love you."

Though we maybe so far apart, you still would have my heart.

Joey opened her eyes. She had nearly been asleep, tired from the whole ordeal, when something woke her up. It was almost like Pacey's voice saying "I love you." Joey shook her head. Imagining things again. The only person Pacey would be saying "I love you" to anymore was Nina Peters. This trip to Paris was exactly what she needed. Time to forget Pacey. Time to get him out of her sight. But would thousands of miles be enoughh to get him out of her memory? Probably not. Out of sight, but never out of mind.

So forget your past, my goodbye girl 'cause now your home at last.

To Be Continued In

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