Raiders of the Lost Heart Chapter One by: Kelli

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Author’s Note: First, thank you to dashboard234 for my first review. I hope you like what I am adding! Basically to make my story work, I had to have Joey not grow up with Pacey and Dawson. So, Joey is still from Capeside, but Pacey and Dawson are not. (will see more of that in my next chapter) I still kept them all from small towns in Mass. To give them the same backgrounds and everything. Plus, as you’ll see, pretty much their pasts are all the same as in the show with the exception of Joey knowing Pacey and Dawson. But you’ll see. Again, I welcome all reviews and suggestions!!! Thanks for reading. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Downfall of Joey Potter

Nineteen- year-old Joey Potter stared down at the piece of paper in her hand. “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been selected to be a contestant on MTV’s ROOM RAIDERS...” “What have I gotten myself into?” she muttered to herself.

Suddenly Audrey burst into the room. “Oh my God, Joey! You would not believe the day I had! First, I woke up totally late for my 9:15 class. Then, I spilled coffee on my new cashmere sweater. And, to top it all off, that dweeb who wouldn’t leave me alone at the party the other night somehow got my cell number! He has been calling me all day, and the voice mails he’s leaving me are absolutely horrible! I swear if I hear one more....” Audrey stopped her rant in mid sentence.

She noticed Joey was not listening to her at all. Instead, she was just staring down at that piece of paper in her hand. The bubbly blonde smiled to herself. “So Jo, I’ve decided to quit school, change my name to Bambi Busty, and become a porn star!”

“That’s nice, Audrey,” Joey replied absently.

“Joey,” Audrey exclaimed. “Earth to Joey!”

“Hmm,” Joey said not looking up.

“You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said! What is on that piece of paper you can’t tear your eyes from anyway?” Audrey asked.

Joey looked up at Audrey with a dazed look on her face. “I got on the show,” she said to her roommate.

"What?” Audrey asked. “What are you talking about?” She was confused. Then it hit her. “Oh my God! You got picked to be on Room Raiders! That is so great!” Audrey exclaimed as she ran and jumped onto the bed that Joey was sitting on. She threw her arms around the pretty brunette and hugged her. Joey however, did not return the hug. She was still in shock.

“What’s wrong,Joey?” Audrey asked. “Why don’t you seem happy about this?”

“Because,Audrey,” Joey began, her voice rising, “I never really thought I’d get on the show! I just went to that stupid casting call because you dared me to! Now that I got on the show I can’t do it!” Joey stood up from the bed, the letter still gripped tightly in her hand, and began pacing back and forth. She basically started freaking out. “This isn’t something that Joey Potter does! This is something that Audrey Lidell or Bambi Busty does!”

“So you were listening!” Audrey broke in with a laugh.

Joey stopped pacing for a moment and smiled at Audrey. One year ago when she first met her roommate on her first day at Worthington, she had to admit she had been more than a little worried. Audrey was her polar opposite. Blonde, curvy, and very ‘Act now, think later.’ And she was from L.A. where as Joey was from the little town of Capeside, Massachusetts. It was not exactly the hub of all things Hollywood. Joey was the reserved, levelheaded girl from the creek. Audrey was the outgoing, party girl from the capital of weird. However, to Joey’s surprise, aside from being all of those things Audrey was also funny, caring, and very loyal. Somehow she and Joey had hit it off and become friends.

Audrey was actually the first best friend Joey ever had. Life had never been easy for Joey growing up. She was not exactly miss popular. She literally was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Look it up in the dictionary and Joey was convinced you’d see her picture there! Her mother died when she was just 13 years old of breast cancer. While her mother was dying her dad was out cheating and trafficking drugs. He eventually landed in jail leaving her to be raised by her older sister, Bessie. Bessie was great, but she was also a single mother with an African American boyfriend. This only added to Joey’s difficulties. She vowed to get out of Capeside. Her mission had left her little time to make friends, though. That is, until she met Audrey. As difficult as she was, it was impossible not to love her. She just didn’t love Audrey at this moment!

“This is all your fault!” Joey shouted at Audrey. “Why did you have to dare me to do it? You know I can’t pass up a dare! Now I have to go on national television and humiliate myself!” Joey tucked her long brown hair behind her ears and began pacing again.

Audrey rolled her eyes. “Joey, because this is not something you would normally do is exactly the reason you should do it!”

“What do you mean?” Joey asked.

Audrey sighed. “Must I explain everything to you dear Josephine? I thought you were the scholarly one of the two of us?”

Joey shot Audrey a look that threw daggers. Audrey ignored her and continued. “The very reason I dared you to do this Joey was to liven things up for you. You’re twenty years old, gorgeous, and in college, and all you ever do is study! You should be out having fun! This is the perfect way to do it and meet a hot guy too!”

“Audrey, I’m perfectly happy with my life the way it is, thank you very much! Besides, like I’m really going to meet a worthwhile guy on a show like Room Raiders!” Joey shouted.

“You never know, Jo. You just might find the love of your life, or at least have a hot date. Really, what’s the worst that could happen?” Audrey asked.

“Hello, did I not just mention humiliation on national TV a few minutes ago. Not to mention, with my luck the three guys I have to choose from will probably be brainless schmucks. I mean, who goes on these shows?” Joey asked.

“You do!” Audrey replied with a smile.

“Do not!” Joey quipped back. She walked over and threw herself on her bed.

Joey looked up at Audrey and asked, “If you are so into this, why don’t you take my place?”

“No, no, no! I, unlike you, do not need to go on a dating show. Audrey Lidell does not need help getting a hottie, and my life is an abundance of fun,” Audrey replied smugly.

“Like yourself much?” Joey cracked.

“Yes I do!” Audrey said laughingly. “Now we just need to get you to like yourself!”

“And I have to go on some stupid dating show to do that?” Joey asked.

“Yes,” Audrey replied. “C’mon Jo, you have to do this! I promise you it will be worth it! Please, pretty please,” she pouted. “Do this for me, your roommate and best friend who loves you like a sister and would do anything to see you happy!”

And with that Joey caved. “Oh, fine! All right, Audrey, I’ll do it. I think this is totally insane and this is probably going to be the downfall of Joey Potter as we know her, but I’ll do it,” she said reluctantly.

“That’s my girl!” Audrey said putting her arm around Joey. “Now let’s get started on that downfall! What are you going to wear? Ooh, we should change your hair. I would so love red highlights on you! And your nails...” And with that Audrey was off. Once she got started there was no stopping her.

“What have I gotten myself into!?” Joey muttered again putting her head in her hands.

What indeed! Look out Room Raiders! Here comes little Joey Potter from the creek! If only Audrey and Joey knew what was waiting for Joey!

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