Raiders of the Lost Heart Chapter Six by: Kelli


Author’s Note: First, I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my story. It really makes my day to know that people are actually interested in what I am writing. So, thanks! To all of my reviewers a very, very big thanks! You guys are awesome!! To C-chan: Your reviews are like a little story so let ME review your reviews! They rock!! LOL! I don’t mind if you quote me. I’ve never been quoted before and it’s cool! Thanks as always for reviewing. To Pacey-Luver: Here’s another update for ya and I think another will be coming soon! To Regina, here’s the update. Thanks for the e-mail! Thanks also to Jennifer-morie and XtReMe-GuRl707 for the nice reviews. Now that the shout outs are done, I want to explain this chapter a little. It’s pretty short and maybe not as exciting as the others, but I felt I had to put it in to let you get into the characters heads a little. I wanted you all to know how they were thinking and see how all of their thoughts are kinda conflicting. This I think will help to explain their behavior later. Anyway, hope it’s not too boring! Let me know what you think. The next chapter will be up soon. I promise! And there will be a surprise waiting for Joey at Pacey and Jack’s...

Conflicting Thoughts

Forty-five minutes later Joey found herself back in Boston. All of her inner peace was gone now that she was back in the busy city. She was also growing nervous again. While room number one, or rather Dawson’s room, hadn’t been that bad, it really wasn’t that great either. What if the next rooms were worse?

Joey also realized her whole scientific, homework like approach to this had gone out the window. Ever since she saw the creek at Bayview, her emotions had taken over and wouldn’t let go. This scared Joey a little. She always liked to keep her emotions in check and always kept her feelings very guarded. She was finding that she wasn’t able to do that today. She just hoped that the next place she was going to didn’t make her lose it completely. She would find out soon enough. Joey stared out the window as the SUV rolled along. She wondered what the guys were doing...

The guys had been able to get out of the van and stretch their legs a bit. It was a beautiful day in Boston for February. The sun was shining and the temperatures had reached sixty degrees. Pacey, Jack, and Dawson enjoyed the nice weather until the director called them inside to offer them pizza. Of course they didn’t pass that up! While they were eating, they all became quiet.

Dawson, found himself lost in his thoughts. He was relieved that Joey was done going through his room. As for how he did, he wasn’t sure. Joey had seemed to really love his house, but his actual room hadn’t come across that spectacular.

Dawson was disappointed that Joey didn’t seem to be that impressed with his room. As much as he had said his only motive for doing this was to get material for a movie, he really wanted to be picked. He hadn’t had a serious girlfriend since Jen, which had been an on again, off again roller coaster ride.

His mind turned to Jen for a minute. It was funny, but Joey going through his room had brought back some old memories and feelings he thought were gone. Jen had been his first love. He had lost his virginity to her. She was always going to hold a special place in his heart. They had a lot of problems, though. Mainly Dawson’s insecurities about himself, and Jen’s very experienced and colored past had gotten in the way.

Somehow, he and Jen had remained friends. In fact, she was one of his best friends. He had thought he had left all of his romantic feelings for her behind, but after today he wasn’t so sure.

Dawson couldn’t help but think that Jack might have more than friendly feelings for Jen also. He had noticed Jack’s reaction earlier when Jen was mentioned. Dawson wasn’t sure, but he thought Jack might have been a little jealous even.

Dawson was aware of how close Jen and Jack had become, especially in the past year since they started Boston Bay together. He had thought they were just friends though. This was the first time he had picked up on anything more.

He really didn’t know how he felt about the two of them, or if he should even feel anything at all. Jen wasn’t his anymore, but still... ‘Ok, here I go again, obsessing about something I have no control over.’ He scolded himself.

Besides, he didn’t even know if anything was going on between the two of them. Surely Jack, who was one of his best friends wouldn’t go after Dawson’s ex. Dawson believed there were some lines you just didn’t cross and dating you best friend’s ex was one of them. Jack wouldn’t do that, would he? Dawson wasn’t so sure now.

He decided to stop worrying about it. He began thinking about Joey again. She really was very pretty and seemed like a nice and intelligent person. He also had noticed he wasn’t the only one who saw this.

Dawson had seen Pacey’s reaction to Joey and was surprised by it. Dawson hadn’t seen Pacey this blown away by a girl in a long time, if ever. Even with Andie, Pacey’s first love, the attraction hadn’t been this evident at first. Of course, Pacey was trying to cover it up, but Dawson knew him all too well.

If Pacey got picked, Dawson would be ok with it. He might be a little sad, but he would be happy for his best friend. Dawson hadn’t seen Pacey really excited about something in awhile, and he deserved this just as much as Dawson. Pacey was always putting everyone else before himself, and he needed to be first too sometimes. Dawson’s eyes fell on Pacey who was sitting across the room from him staring out the window. He wondered what he was thinking...

Pacey sat looking out the window at the beautiful view. He could see the ocean perfectly from here. It was his turn to stare at the water and think. He ran a hand through his wavy brown hair and shut his blue eyes. As soon as he did, a picture of Joey appeared in his mind. How was it that a girl he had seen only for a few hours on a TV screen had such an affect on him?

Pacey could not explain what he was feeling, but it was definitely something big. It was almost as if someone was grabbing him and shaking him saying, “Look at this girl Pacey! She’s something special!” Pacey decided he needed to get rid of that feeling and fast. Joey was NOT going to be his. Even if he were picked the plan to give her to Dawson would be put into action. Dawson needed this more than he did.

Love really wasn’t a road Pacey wanted to go down again anyway. Not after what he had went through with Andie. He had put his whole heart and soul out to her, and she had basically crushed it when she cheated on him. Pacey never wanted to feel that way again. Plus, as he had said many times before, his life was complete the way it was. He didn’t need some girl to mess it up, no matter how beautiful her smile was, or how cute she looked when she was nervous, or the way her eyes danced when she laughed, or...

‘Damnit, Pacey! Stop it!’ He yelled at himself. ‘Think about something else.’ Just then he saw Jack walk in the room with a drink and sit down. It had been interesting to see Jack’s reaction to Jen and Dawson. It had pretty much confirmed his suspicions were right. Jack obviously had a thing for Jen, and Pacey was pretty sure Jen felt the same way. Pacey was also pretty sure this would kill Dawson, who was very big on friendship and loyalty.

Not that Pacey didn’t value those qualities too, but he also understood that sometimes things happened you couldn’t control. He really didn’t think Jack and Jen had set out to fall for each other, it just happened. He personally thought that Jack and Jen made a great couple, and it would only be a matter of time before they found each other. That’s why he needed to get Dawson a girl. He didn’t want his little group that was like a family to him to fall apart.

This only reinforced his need to stick to the plan that he and Jack had come up with. Pacey really hoped his role in it would be minor though. He hoped it all fell on Jack. He looked at Jack, who was sitting quietly and also appeared to be lost in his thoughts...

Jack wondered what Jen was doing right now. He looked at his watch. It was almost 4PM. She was probably at home with Grams getting ready for dinner. Grams was a stickler for sitting down together every night for a family dinner. ‘That’s what’s wrong with the world today,’ he could hear her saying. ‘Not enough families take the time to be with each other.’ She was probably making Jen say grace, and Jen was probably putting up her usual atheist protest. Jack found himself smiling at the thought. He really wished he were with Jen right now.

Seeing so much of Jen still in Dawson’s room had only made him realize his feelings for her even more. He had to come to terms with the fact the he was in love with her and had been for a while. He just wondered if she loved him back. Sometimes he thought she might, just by the way she looked at him, but he wasn’t sure.

The only way to find out was to tell her how he felt. That wasn’t going to be as bad as telling Dawson though. He didn’t even want to think about that. He was sure Dawson would hate him. That’s why Jack had agreed to go along with Pacey’s plan. He wanted Dawson to find someone so maybe it wouldn’t matter so much when he told him he wanted to date Jen.

Jack thought Pacey’s plan was brilliant, and if Dawson lost he was ready to execute it. He wondered if Pacey was still up for it. Pacey had really seemed into Joey. Oh well, maybe they wouldn’t have to even worry about it if Joey picked Dawson. Jack knew only time would tell.

All three sat there with their thoughts until the director came into the room and announced, “Let’s go guys. She just pulled up to the apartment building.” Pacey, Dawson, and Jack all got up and headed for the door, each leaving their thoughts behind in the now empty room. Each wondering more than ever what would happen next...


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