Raiders of the Lost Heart Chapter Five by: Kelli

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Author’s Note: Thanks again to my reviewers, especially C-chan, GiselleMpj, and Pacey-Luver. To Pacey-luver, I am updating quick for you. I was going to hold out a little while longer, but I took pity! Lol! I am thrilled you are hooked on my story. Let me know what you think of my chapter. Hoped you liked the use of “My Invitation.” I always loved that song and think the lyrics are so sad and beautiful. Thanks again for reading!

Dawson Leery: Indiana Jones Wannabe

Joey flung open the door to Dawson’s room and immediately got a different vibe from it than the rest of the house. It wasn’t that she felt uncomfortable in the room, just a little overwhelmed maybe. There was just so much going on here, and Joey didn’t know where to look first!

The walls were covered in posters. They weren’t posters of half naked women like you might expect to find in a young, red-blooded, American male’s room, but rather movie posters. There were posters of all three Jurassic Park movies and every Indiana Jones movie. She also saw Hook, Schindler’s List, ET, and The Color Purple, among others. Joey was beginning to notice a theme. “Like Spielberg much?” She cracked sarcastically to the cameras.

Dawson blushed at this comment. “She’s a perceptive one, this Joey Potter.” Pacey said laughingly.

Joey’s eyes fell on a poster for a movie called Turn Away My Sweet by A.I. Brooks. “Now there’s one I’ve never heard of.” She said as she walked over to study it further. “Is it a good movie? Maybe we could watch it sometime.”

“Oh God!” Pacey exclaimed, rolling his eyes. “This woman doesn’t know what she’s saying! Asking to watch a movie with Dawson, who is Ebert and Siskel all rolled into one. Someone needs to warn her about movie night!”

“Yes they do and fast.” Jack replied.

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about. My movies nights are legendary. It’s obvious Joey has good taste.” Dawson said defensively.

Pacey and Jack laughed at this comment. “You just keep on thinking that man.” Pacey said.

“So, Dawson, I am sensing strongly that you are a movie buff.” Joey said with a smile.

“Man, nothing gets past her!” Pacey said again with sarcasm.

“Be quiet, Pacey.” Dawson said annoyed. He didn’t want to miss one thing Joey said about his room.

Joey began looking at Dawson’s room closely. She noticed a director’s chair, an 8mm camera, and a lot of videotapes. “It seems you not only like films, but you also like to make them too.” She said thoughtfully. “That shows that you are creative, and I like that.”

“She’s digging you man.” Jack said to Dawson.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Dawson said shyly. He was trying to stay cool on the outside, but inside he was about to burst. He was so nervous, and he really wanted this girl to like him. He wanted her to see him as a creative, intelligent man. Most of all, he wanted to get to know her better. He had been so lonely lately, and even though he didn’t want to admit it, he needed female companionship in his life. He was just scared to get his hopes up that she might pick him.

“I think your room is great so far. It’s not messy, and it has a lot of personality.” Joey said brightly. She was trying to be positive, but she admitted that she was a little disappointed with the room. It was all just a little too predictable. There was no mystery or intrigue. It was as if Dawson’s whole personality was splashed all over the walls. However, she told herself she wasn’t done looking yet. Maybe there was more hidden here.

Joey turned her attention to the closet. “Ooh, now let’s see what’s in here.” Joey said, rubbing her hands together. She swung open the closet doors optimistically and found... more movie posters. ‘Of course!’ Joey thought sarcastically. There were posters of 1941 and Always, two of Spielberg’s lesser-known movies, or to put it more bluntly, the flops. This guy was a little obsessed.

Joey tried to ignore the posters and delved into the clothes in the closet. “Now we’ll see if you have good taste in clothes.” Joey said.

“This should be good.” Pacey said leaning back in his seat and folding his arms over his chest.

“Hey Pace, what happened to the guy who was trying to build my confidence a few minutes ago?” Dawson asked Pacey.

“Oh, he’s still here, D. He just knows what awful taste in clothes you have, and building your confidence won’t do anything to change that.” Pacey replied.

“This from a man whose idea of a fashion statement was a Julius Ceaser haircut and weird Hawaiian shirts.” Dawson said.

“Yes, but look at me now.” Pacey said gesturing to his Tommy Hilfiger jeans, gray sweater, and expensive black leather jacket.

Dawson looked down at the jeans and blue button down shirt he had picked to wear today. ‘Do I have bad taste?’ he thought. He had always thought of himself as a classy dresser, but now... “Oh well. We’ll just see what Joey says.” He replied, trying to sound confident.

Back in the closet, things were looking pretty bleak to Joey. Joey, who really wasn’t into fashion that much, was sensing what Audrey would call a fashion emergency. Again there was nothing exciting. She saw mostly jeans, khakis, and some really bad plaid shirts.

Jeff interrupted Joey’s search. He covered his mic and whispered to Joey, “Hey Joey, you’re being a little too nice. If you don’t like something in here, don’t be afraid to say.”

Joey sighed. She really didn’t want to be mean, but... Just then she came across an article of clothing that made her look twice. “What is this thing?” Joey said as she held up a brown suede vest and looked at it with a confused and slightly disgusted look. “Dawson, are you stuck in the 80s, or were you trying to look like Indiana Jones with this?” She asked. “I’m not going to find a whip and hat in here, am I?” She giggled.

“Ooh, brutal.” Jack said.

“Dawson, I thought you got rid of that thing years ago!” Pacey exclaimed.

“I wanted to, but I couldn’t. It has sentimental value. I wore that to my first dance with Jen.” He said defiantly. “Besides, I thought I looked pretty cool in that.”

“What ever you say, Indiana.” Pacey said.

Joey finished going through the closet and turned to the cameras. She wasn’t nervous anymore and was really beginning to have fun. She decided to really take Jeff’s advice. “So, I’m done with the closet, and let me say that I didn’t find anything interesting there. I think someone needs a little Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!” Joey exclaimed.

She moved over to the other side of the room to a window that had a telescope in front of it. Joey looked out the window and right at the house nest door. “This is a very nice telescope, but it doesn’t seem to be pointing at the sky. Something tells me you were using this to spy on the neighbors. Bet they have a hot daughter!”

Jack and Pacey howled with laughter while Dawson’s cheeks turned a bright crimson. “She has got you pegged!” Jack exclaimed.

“Just wait. You guys have your turn next.” Dawson pouted.

Joey turned her eyes to shelves next to the window that had a bunch of masks and dummy heads on them. Joey picked up a green monster mask. “I’m assuming you use these in your movies and not for some kinky dress up.” She smiled and moved on to his dresser.

“I think for this I’ll need my spy kit.” She said, holding up the silver case. She opened it and took out the rubber gloves. She grinned evilly at the camera as she put them on.

She opened the top drawer and hit the jackpot. “Bingo!” She exclaimed. “We’ve found the underwear drawer.” Joey picked up a pair of white boxers. “So, you’re a boxers man? Nice, but a little plain.”

She dug a little deeper and found a silk black pair with little red hearts on it. “Now these are a little more interesting.” She said.

“How cute, Dawson.” Pacey said.

“Jen gave them to me.” He mumbled as he looked down at his feet.

“For someone who claims to be over Jen, you still are holding on to a lot of reminders of her.” Jack said with a slight hint of jealousy in his voice.

Joey shut the drawer and moved to Dawson’s CD and movie collection. She removed the gloves. “Alright, let’s see if you have better taste in music than you do in clothes.” Joey said as she browsed his CDs.

“Hootie and the Blowfish?” She held up the disc with a questioning look on her face. “Whatever floats your boat I guess.” She shrugged.

“I see you also have just about every soundtrack to every Spielberg movie ever made, surprise, surprise! You’re staring to scare me a little Dawson. I think you have some serious obsessive issues.” Suddenly, Joey burst out laughing. “Milli Vanilli!?” She exclaimed. “Please tell me you just have this around for laughs!”

Back in the van, Pacey and Jack began singing “Blame it on the Rain.” Dawson started to beat his head off the window. He thought he had destroyed that.

“Now on to your movies, and let me guess, you have every Spielberg movie ever made too?” Joey asked. As her eyes fell on the movies her statement was confirmed. “Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones...” She read off, a little bored. She picked up the copy of Jaws absently and then noticed a case hidden behind Jaws. “What’s this?” She asked.

“Oh no, no, no!” Dawson groaned.

Joey opened the case and saw the name on the tape. Her eyes widened in shock. “Good Will Humping!” She exclaimed. “Something tells me this isn’t a sequel to the Academy Award nominated movie. You’re busted, Dawson!”

Dawson was completely mortified, but Pacey and Jack were very amused. “Like you two don’t have porn in your rooms.” He shot at them.

“Oh, we do,” Pacey said, “but it’s so funny that YOU do.”

“Yeah, we love watching golden boy Dawson squirm.” Jack added.

“Should we put this in?” Joey asked teasingly. “Of course we should.” She said as she ran to the VCR and popped the tape in. The room was immediately filled with the sounds of moaning and groaning. Joey stared at the screen and cocked her head to one side. “How would you get into that position?” She asked wide-eyed.

“Oh, I could show you!” Pacey replied, unable to pass up the opportunity.

Joey shook her head in disgust. “Okay, enough of that.” She said as she stopped the tape. “Now that we established you have a freaky side, I think we need to examine the bed.”

Dawson leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “Whose idea was this again?” he asked helplessly.

“Yours, Mr. Director.” Jack replied.

Joey examined the bed’s blue bedspread and quilt. She saw books on the shelf behind the bed. She quickly looked them over and found only books about film, directing, and acting. ‘What a shock!?’ She thought.

Then she saw the ET doll sitting there. “Awe Dawson, how sweet.” She exclaimed, holding up ET. “You still sleep with a stuffed animal so ET will always be right here.” She said touching her heart sarcastically.

Pacey and Jack doubled over with laughter. “It’s a collector’s item.” Dawson said through clenched teeth.

Joey looked on the bedside table and saw some pictures. Of course there were blue dots over the pictures that had Dawson in them so she couldn’t see his face. She noticed some pictures with two or three dots and guessed these were pictures with the two other guys she had to choose from. They were all friends.

Joey picked up a picture frame that held a photo of a pretty blonde girl in it. “Very nice. Is this an old girlfriend?” She asked.

Pacey noticed the small smile that appeared on Dawson’s face as Joey commented on the picture of Jen. Pacey wondered if Dawson still had feelings for her. He also noticed Jack’s obvious jealousy that Dawson still had a picture of Jen beside his bed. ‘Do we have a love triangle in the making?’ he thought.

Hopefully not, especially since Pacey was determined to get Dawson with Joey. Pacey knew Dawson and Jen weren’t getting back together. Jen had confided in Pacey that she was over Dawson and even hinted at feelings for Jack. So, Pacey needed to find Dawson someone else. Dawson didn’t need more heartbreak.

Even if Pacey did rag on Dawson about his room, his main goal was still the same. Right now though, things weren’t looking too good for Dawson. Joey hadn’t seen Jack or Pacey’s rooms yet either, so maybe Dawson’s room would look better after she saw theirs.

Pacey watched the screen as Joey opened the briefcase to take out the black light. She leaned over and her hair fell over her face. He watched as she absently brushed it behind her ear, and Pacey suddenly had the urge to reach out and run his fingers through her beautiful locks.

‘Stop it Pacey!’ he growled to himself. ‘You cannot fall for her! Remember the plan!’

Meanwhile, Joey darkened the room and flipped on the black light. “Ok, here goes nothing.” She said and began to run the light over the bedspread.

Dawson held his breath. Joey smiled and announced, “The bedspread is clean, but what about the sheets?” Joey pulled back the bedspread and began inspecting the sheets.

Suddenly, she stopped. “Ew! What’s this?” She exclaimed as the cameraman zoomed in on a little dark spot in the middle of the bed. “Looks like you’ve been viewing Good Will Humping recently. Not pretty.”

Dawson just put his head in his hands, defeated. “That’s it. I’m finished. She will not pick me now.”

“Don’t say that D.” Pacey tried to reassure Dawson. “She hasn’t even seen our rooms yet. Like she’s really going to find anything better in my room.”

They all watched Joey as she shut off the black light and returned it to the briefcase. “Well, I think I’m all finished here.” Joey said. She softened a little. “All in all, Dawson, not a bad room. You are obviously very creative with your filmmaking and all. There are just a few things you need to work on. And you are border lining on obsessive with the whole Spielberg thing. I do love your house and the creek. I still feel really at home here.”

Dawson breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “Finally, the torture is over.” He said.

Joey walked out of Dawson’s room and down the stairs with the cameramen following. Mrs. Leery met them at the bottom. “You all finished?” Gale asked.

“Yes, thank you Mrs. Leery.” Joey replied.

“I hope to see you again, Joey.” Gale answered back.

“There you go again with the subtlety, mom.” Dawson exclaimed.

Joey smiled at Mrs. Leery on the way out the door. “We’ll see.” She said mysteriously.

Joey walked across the porch and down the steps back to Dawson’s front lawn. The camera crew said they needed a few minutes, so Joey decided to walk to the end of the dock.

For some reason she couldn’t take her eyes from it again. She stood at the edge and looked out across the creek. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. Immediately her head was filled with images of her as a little girl in pigtails, playing beside a creek. She was jumping and splashing with Bessie chasing her until Joey finally ran into her mother’s arms.

Joey’s heart began to ache again for her home and her mom. What was happening to her? All she had ever thought about was running away from Capeside, and now she realized she missed it more than ever.

What a weird day this was shaping up to be! Joey had been ready to be scientific about this whole thing, but here she was getting all sentimental. She had a feeling that the day was going to get stranger. Like there was something waiting for her, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. She was glad Audrey couldn’t hear her thinking like this. She would never hear the end of it.

The guys sat idly in the van, the atmosphere more relaxed now that Joey had left Dawson’s room. Jack and Dawson were talking about where they would take Joey if they got picked. Pacey, however, was still watching the screen.

He watched as one camera followed Joey down to the dock. Again her beauty struck him as she stood there looking out at the water. He watched as she closed her eyes, and the look she got on her face at that moment really got to him. She still looked beautiful, but she looked so sad too. Pacey recognized it as a look he got himself when he was staring at the water, which was where he went to think.

Watching her he felt an instant connection with her. He also wanted to grab her and hold her, comfort her. She seemed so sad and alone. For some reason, a line from a song he’d heard a while ago popped into his head – ‘She has got an awful lot of soldiers. Quite a lovely army of her own. Night and day they stand before the fortress. Very safe, but very all alone.’ ‘Where did that come from?’ He thought.

Pacey shook his head and forced himself to look away from the TV. What was happening to him? ‘The plan! Stick to the plan!’ he told himself.

“Joey!” Jeff called to her, tearing her away from her memories. “You ready?” He asked. “Yes.” She sighed as she turned and headed up the dock.

When Joey got to the SUV she turned to the cameras and said, “On to the next room, boys.” She got in and took one last look at the water as they pulled away.

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