Raiders of the Lost Heart Chapter Four by: Kelli

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Authorís Note: As always I first want to thank all of my reviewers. You all rock and I appreciate your reviews immensely. To C-Chan thanks for another long and amusing review. Iím really sorry the computer gave you a rough time. Hopefully it will be nicer to you next time( To GiselleMpj I am thrilled you like my story and hope you like this next chapter. Donít worry, it will keep getting better and better! To pacey-luver, please donít start a riot!!( I promise it will all be good in the end! Violence is not the answer!( All I can say is donít worry you guys. I have a lot of good ideas (at least I think so) for whatís to come and Iíve just gotten started. This is really going to be longer than I thought! I hope you will hang in there because I promise the end wonít disappoint(

Brown Eyed Girl

“Hi! Iím Joey Potter!” Joey said as brightly as she could and hoping she wasnít showing her nerves. “Iím nineteen years old and Iím originally from Capeside, Massachusetts.”

“Capeside.” Jack said as he watched Joey on the TV screen. “So sheís a Minuteman. We kicked their ass in football many times.” Jack, always the football player, boasted.

Joey continued, “Iím a sophomore at Worthington University and my major is undecided, but I love art and literature.”

“She goes to Worthington.” Dawson said, clearly impressed. “Thatís a very prestigious school.”

“Yeah and very expensive. Thereís danger of her being a rich, spoiled, stuck-up snob.” Pacey said.

“Hey Pace, we donít know that. Give her a chance.” Dawson said in defense of the beautiful girl on the screen before him. Somewhere inside of him Pacey knew Dawson was right. The instant she had appeared he felt there was something different about her.

“So,” Joey said, “Iím going to be searching your rooms today to decide which one of you will be my date for tonight. I hope youíre all ready.” Joey felt herself relax a little. She could do this. Besides, she was only talking to cameras. She could handle this audience.

She held up the silver briefcase, which contained her “spy tools” “This is my spy kit.” She said with a mischievous grin.

“Uh oh!” Jack said as the three guys got worried looks on their faces.

Joey opened the briefcase and began showing its contents. “First, we have a pair of rubber gloves to pick up things I donít want to touch with my bare hands, and hereís some tweezers for the really nasty things I donít want to touch at all.” Joey giggled.

“Oh man, we are in trouble.” Pacey said.

“We also have a flashlight for looking into dark corners and under beds. Plus magnifying glass. No spy kit would be complete without it.”

Joey was on a roll. “Finally, the most important item in my kit, the black light.”

“Black light?” Jack asked puzzled. “What will she use that for?”

“Um Jack,” Dawson began. “Sheíll use that to um, well, you know...” Dawson stammered.

Pacey cut it. “Let me handled this, Dawson. Sheís going to use the black light to look for any “stains” on our sheets.”

“Stains?” Jack asked still confused. Then it hit him. “Oh, oh those kinds of stains. Oh boy.” He said slightly worried.

“Yes, gentlemen.” Pacey said solemnly. “She wants to know if we have to relieve ourselves, for lack of a better term.”

“Hey Pace, speak for yourself. Maybe there are some of us who donít need to relieve ourselves, if you know what I mean.” Jack said.

Pacey laughed loudly at what Jack said. “Oh really Jack? Who has been sleeping in your bed? I havenít exactly heard any bumping and grinding coming from your room.”

Jack opened his mouth to respond, but before he could Dawson interrupted. “Knock it off you two! Theyíre just pulling up to my house. Be quiet so I can hear what sheís saying.”

“Weíre here at the first house/,” Joey said as she looked out the window.

They were coming to a stop in front of a big white house that stood on the banks of a creek. Joey smiled and immediately thought of her own home for a minute, which was also along a creek much like this. However, Joeyís house paled in comparison to this one. One look and Joey knew the people who lived there had probably been blessed with the perfect family. As for Joeyís family, they made the Osbournesí look normal.

Joey opened the door of the SUV and stepped out onto the front lawn. She was instantly hit with the smell and sounds of the creek. She looked to her right and saw a long wooden dock with lights along it leading out to the crystal blue water. The sunlight was dancing across the calm water making it a beautiful sight to behold.

Joey stood staring out at the peaceful body of water mesmerized as a serene feeling came over her. It wasnít just that this place reminded her so much of where she grew up. No, there was something else. Joeyís memories of her own home and family life werenít exactly good ones, but here in front of this house beside the creek she felt at home.

There was something about this place that made her feel really calm and comfortable. It was like she had been here before and could just walk up to the door and go it.

While Joey was becoming enchanted by her surroundings, Dawson was nervously watching Joey. “Whatís she doing?” He said somewhat impatiently. “Why is she just standing there gawking and not saying anything?”

Pacey, who had grown quiet again, replied absently, “I donít know what sheís doing, but she looks amazing just standing there looking at the water with the sunlight hitting her gorgeous face at just the right angle. Look at how it makes her brown eyes sparkle.” Paceyís eyes were glued to the screen as he rambled.

Dawson and Jack both turned in shock to look at their friend. They had never heard him talk like this before. Not even about Andie.

Dawson chuckled a little and said, “Why Jack, I think someone is smitten. What do you think?”

“Iíd say youíre right, Dawson. Our very own jailbait finally has eyes for a woman his own age.” Jack agreed.

This brought Pacey out of his trance. “What? What are you talking about?” He asked.

“You doufus! You are obviously taken with this girl.” Jack said.

“I am not!” Pacey protested.

“Oh, youíre not. Then explain why you have been staring stupidly at her and babbling about her sparkling blue eyes?” Jack asked.

“Her eyes arenít blue! Theyíre brown.” Pacey shot back before he realized he had just given himself away. “Um, at least I think they are.” He stuttered. “I might have noticed they were brown.”

Jack and Dawson started laughing. “Oh, you MIGHT have noticed.” Jack said with a grin.

“So I noticed she has beautiful brown eyes. So what? That doesnít mean Iím in love with the girl. It just means I am a very observant person.” Pacey said desperately trying to convince his friends as well as himself.

“Whatever you say, Pace.” Dawson said, clearly not convinced.

“Yeah, Pace. I guess weíll believe you, for now. That is until you start breaking into the chorus from “Brown Eyed Girl.” Jack replied.

“Ha ha, Jack.” Pacey said sheepishly.

Dawsonís eyes went back to the screen. “You know, Pacey does have a point.”

“Whatís that?” Jack asked.

“She does look absolutely stunning standing there. I just wish she would say something.” Dawson said exasperated.

Joey was still in her trance when she heard one of the cameramen clear his throat. “Uh, Miss Potter, are you okay?” He asked.

Joey blushed. “Yeah, Iím ok. I was just struck by how much this reminds my of my own home. Sorry if I got a little lost for a second.” Joey apologized.

Jeff, the assistant director, smiled. “Itís ok Joey, but remember the cameras are still rolling.” He reminded her.

Joey tore her eyes away from the creek and looked to see the cameras still pointing at her. “Oh! Right. I forgot.” She said embarrassed.

She giggled nervously and began talking to the cameras again. “So, this is room oneís house. I really love your house, and itís funny that your house is located along a creek because so is mine. I really feel at home here.”

Dawson sighed with relief. “Thatís a good start, isnít it?” He asked his friends, seeking support.

“That is excellent.” Pacey said again trying to build Dawsonís confidence. He had to stop mooning over Joey and get back into getting Dawson a date mode.

They all watched as Joey headed up to Dawsonís screened in front porch. She walked up the steps and opened the screen door heading for Dawsonís front door. “Can I just walk in?” She asked a little amazed that she really could just barge into this house no matter how at home she felt here.

“Yes, Joey.” Jeff said. “Theyíre expecting us.”

“Okay.” Joey said as she slowly opened the front door. She walked timidly into the foyer of the house and again had the feeling of being comfortable there. It was weird, but she almost felt safe here.

She looked around and found that the house was as equally elegant on the inside as it was on the outside. In front of her was a staircase that she guessed led to the bedrooms. Off to Joeyís left was an entryway that Joey saw led to the living room. She was very impressed with her surroundings.

“You have a lovely home room # 1. It seems like a house that is filled with warmth and love.” She said.

Dawson beamed. ‘Thatís ití Pacey thought ‘You just keep on being impressed.í

At that moment, Gale Leery emerged from the living room holding ten month old Lilly. “I thought I heard someone out here. You must be from that MTV show Bedroom invasion.” Gale said brightly.

“Itís Room Raiders, Maíam.” Jeff said tensely.

Watching in the van, Dawson cringed. “Good one, mom.” He groaned.

“Oh gosh, Iím sorry.” Gale said. Her eyes fell on Joey. “Oh my, honey! Are you the girl thatís going to be searching my sonís room?”

“Yes.” Joey said and smiled at Gale and Lilly. Joey studied Gale. She was a very attractive, middle-aged woman with shoulder length brown hair and a warm smile. She seemed to be the perfect mom. ‘Of course she would be.í Joey thought to herself. ‘She fits the house perfectly. This made Joey think of her own mother and how much she missed her.

“You are just so pretty.” Gale gushed.

Joey, always insecure about her looks, smiled shyly and mumbled, “Thanks.”

“Iím Gale Leery.” She said shifting Lilly to her left side and reaching out her right hand to Joey.

Joey shook her hand and said, “Iím Joey Potter.”

“Nice to meet you, Joey. Is that short for Josephine?” Gale asked.

Joey frowned when she heard her given name. She hated being called that. “Yes it is,” She said quickly. “But I prefer Joey.”

Back in the van Pacey grinned to himself as he saw the cute way Joey squirmed at being called Josephine. He could instantly tell she hated the name.

“Ok, Joey. It was nice meeting you. Make yourself at home here.” Gale said as she headed back toward the living room.

“Thank you, Mrs. Leery.”

“Oh, and Joey,” Gale said turning around.

“Yes?” Joey answered.

“I just wanted you to know that my son Dawson is a wonderful young man, and any girl would be lucky to have him.” Gale said before turning back to the living room.

Joey smiled at Mrs. Leery, but was thinking to herself, ‘Dawson? What kind of a name is that?í

Jeff looked at Joey nervously. “Joey, you didnít just hear room oneís first name, did you?” He asked.

“Sorry Jeff. I did.” Joey replied. “I guess I wasnít supposed to know his name, was I?” Joey was secretly glad she did. She didnít like talking to someone named room number one.

“No, you werenít, but itís too late now.” He said shaking his head. “We need to get moving. Letís head upstairs to his room.” With that they all started up the stairs to Dawsonís room.

Meanwhile, Dawson was sitting in the van with his face in his hands. He had witnessed his momís not so subtle plea to Joey for her to pick him and was mortified. “I canít believe my mom said that.” He said.

“Donít worry D.” Pacey said patting his friend on the back. “Joey obviously loves your house. She has to love your room too.”

“Pacey, now that she met my mom she already has to think Iím a total dork.” Dawson whined.

Pacey shook his head. What was he going to do with this boy? Did he ever show any confidence?

Just then jack broke in. “No time to worry about it now, Dawson. Sheís about to enter your room.”

Dawson looked up just in time to see Joey standing in front of his bedroom door with her hand on the knob.

“So, this is the door to your room, Dawson.” Joey said with a devilish grin. “I hope youíre ready because Iím going in.”

As Joey began turning the knob, Dawson held his breath........

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