The Matchmaker by: Laura

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Dawson walks into his room, reading a piece of pink paper. He tosses it onto his desk as Joey sticks her head in the window. He looks at her.

DAWSON: Hey, Jo.

JOEY: Hey, Dawson. What's that?

DAWSON: What's what? Oh, this. (He picks up the paper again.) Just a flier for that spring formal next week. (Joey takes it and reads it.)

JOEY: Ugggghhh. Another school activity. Don't these people know that 6 hours a day is enough? Who wants to waste a Friday night there too?

DAWSON: That's what I was thinkin'.

JOEY: Tickets are 5 bucks a piece? (She looks at Dawson, disbelieving.) What a rip off!

DAWSON: Probably just raising money to buy the cheerleaders new uniforms. (Joey flops onto Dawson's bed.)

JOEY: So, you going?

DAWSON: Obviously not, ya dork. (He smiles at her.) Want to come over...say, have a Star Wars marathon or something? (Joey shakes her head, sitting up.)

JOEY: Sure. Sounds great. Speaking of movies, what have we got to watch tonight? (Suddenly Pacey bursts into the room, smiling.)

PACEY: We ain't watchin' no movies tonight, my friends.


PACEY: (grabbing Joey's hand and literally pulling her off the bed) We be goin' to the beach! Come on, Joey!

DAWSON: (whining) Pacey! Can't we just, say, *watch* a movie about people who are going to the beach? Instead of actually going?

PACEY: Dawson, man, you need to get out more. The night is perfect. Trillions of stars, the water's warm, the sand is soft, it's like something straight out of a cruise commercial.

JOEY: (laughing) But Pacey, I don't even have my stuff with me to go swimming!

PACEY: No problem, doll. Your man Pacey's got the wheels tonight.

JOEY: Okay, I'll go. Dawson?

DAWSON: I don't know, Pacey...

PACEY: (throwing his hands in the air) Fine, Dawson, be a party pooper. But your parents were making way to their bedroom when I came in so, unless you feel like sitting here for an audio concert of various moans and groans, you might want to look into the deal I'm offering you here.

GAIL: (OS) Oo, Mitch! (Joey and Pacey both look at Dawson as his mom's words drift down the hallway. Dawson changes his mind.)

DAWSON: I'll get my stuff and be right down.

PACEY: (clapping) Excellent! (He grabs Joey's hand and drags her out of the room. Dawson turns to his closet with a deep sigh.)

DAWSON: Another movie night gone to hell. (He opens his closet and begins digging his swim trunks out.)



It's dark, but the moon is bright. The water is remotely calm, the sounds of waves rolling into shore comforting and serene. Two rays of light suddenly cut across the beach, almost eerily. Pacey pulls the truck to a stop and turns off his headlights. He looks at Joey, who is sitting next to him, then at Dawson and Jen, who are squeezed in next to Joey. He smiles.

PACEY: We're here! Aren't you all pumped now? (Dawson rolls his eyes.)

DAWSON: (opening the truck door and practically falling onto the sand.) Pacey, you have got to find a car with a back seat. You can not fit four people into the front seat of a truck. (Pacey raises his eyebrows at Joey and winks.)

PACEY: I don't know, man. Joey, what do you think, do I need a back seat? Would it be a good investment? (He nudges her playfully. Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: I don't think so, Pacey. (Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: Well, a guy can hope. (He opens his door and gets out. Joey follows him out and shuts the door behind her. Pacey takes a deep breath and looks out onto the water happily. Joey stops next to him, sticking her hand in his back pocket. Pacey wraps his arm around her waist.)

JOEY: What do you say we hit the beach? (Pacey wraps his arm more tightly around her and pulls her closer.)

PACEY: I think we could just sit here in the sand and make out for awhile, if you like. (Dawson gags.)

DAWSON: Pacey, there *are* two other people here with you guys, could you keep the make-out offerings to a non-existent level? (Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: Just kidding, D-man. You should go jump in the water and cool off. (He eyes Joey.) Or maybe Joey should go in first. (Joey's eyes widen.)

JOEY: No you don't! (Pacey scoops her up in his arms and takes off to the water. Jen starts to laugh, but Dawson is less amused. Joey is practically screaming at Pacey, trying to get him to put her down. He just continues toward the water.) Pacey! *Pacey!* Put me down! Don't you dare-Pacey, come on! (Pacey pretends as if he is going to throw Joey in, and she desperately wraps her arms around his neck tightly in an effort to hang on.) Pacey! (Pacey laughs and sets her down gently on the sand. Joey glares at him.) Ass! Don't *ever* do that again! (Jen takes off her shirt and shorts, revealing her one-piece blue swim suit. Dawson watches as she heads down the beach to Pacey and Joey. He shoves his hands in the pockets of his trunks and kicks the sand, depressed.)

JEN: Come on you guys! We didn't come here to stand around. Last one in the water is a rotten egg. (She jumps into the water.)

JOEY: Hear that, Pacey? (With that, Joey gives Pacey a drastic shove and he goes barreling into the water, landing smack on his butt. Now Jen and Dawson are both laughing along with Joey. Pacey flubbers a little and shakes his head rapidly, sending sprays of water in every direction. He stands up, completely soaked, his clothes clinging to his body, water dripping from the sleeves of his T-shirt. He looks at Joey, not saying a word. Suddenly he lunges for her and she shrieks and steps back. Soon, they're chasing each other around in the water. Dawson sits down in the sand, watching. Jen, in turn, watches Dawson, wondering what his problem is. Pacey finally catches Joey and pulls her close and kisses her. Joey giggles slightly as he pulls away, the whole entire front of her shirt and T-shirt now wet. She moves to take it off, when Pacey lifts it over her head. She is wearing a Speedo Sport swim suit underneath.)

PACEY: Let me help you with that, milady. (Joey smiles. Dawson looks away, starting to draw circles in the sand. He jumps, startled, as Jen sits down next to him.)

JEN: So, Dawson, what's up?

DAWSON: (quietly) Nothing.

JEN: So, you just gonna sit here on the sand and be a total downer all night, or...?

DAWSON: I'm not trying to wreck the fun or anything...I just...don't feel like swimming. Is that so bad? (Jen is quiet for a moment.)

JEN: You know, you didn't say one word all the way here? (Dawson shrugs.) As long as I've known you, which granted hasn't been very long, but I do know that Dawson Leery is never speechless. Ever. You're the guy that always has something to say.

DAWSON: Yeah, always the wrong thing. At the wrong times, in the wrong places. Being talkative and wordy seems to have lost some of its appeal for me, sorry. (Jen shrugs now.)

JEN: There's nothing wrong with talking, Dawson. What's bad is when you *don't* talk, and you keep things packed inside. (Dawson glances at Joey and Pacey, who are kissing again.)

DAWSON: Hmmph. You'd think that they're the only two people in the world.

JEN: They're in the first stages of their relationship, Dawson. Don't worry, the novelty will wear off. (Dawson looks at Jen.)

DAWSON: And then what will happen?

JEN: Then she'll start noticing everything about him that annoys her, and he'll complain about how bad she gets on his nerves...and they'll fight, and make up...then fight again...and then they'll fall in love for real. (Dawson's face falls.) Is that what's bothering you, Dawson? Joey and Pacey?

DAWSON: Who said anything was bothering me? (Jen looks annoyed.)

JEN: Dawson, I'm trying to be your friend here. I thought that's what we were going to be. We've both *clearly* moved on with our lives since our relationship ended, and ever since Joey and Pacey got together, you've been shutting me out. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out your decision to tell Joey that you're only friends, once and for all, was *not* in your best interest. (Dawson sighs.) Dawson, just tell me what's going on in your brain.

DAWSON: Jen...I'd rather not talk about this. With you. Or anyone, for that matter. (Jen sighs in return and stands up. She pats him on the shoulder.)

JEN: Okay, Dawson, whatever you want. You know where I am if you ever need to talk. (She slowly walks into the water. Dawson frowns to himself and starts drawing figures in the sand once more, looking more melancholy than ever. After a few moments, he looks up, and his eyes widen, surprised to find that Pacey, Joey and Jen aren't in the water. He's about to turn around to see if they're on the beach when he's suddenly lifted clear up off the ground. He lands in the water with a ferocious splash and a chorus of wild laughter.)

JOEY: Everyone else got wet, Dawson, you have to too! (Dawson looks at his three friends, who are having a great time watching him sputter and struggle. He doesn't bother to get up; he just sits there looking at them.

DAWSON: I really think I should have stayed home and watched Beaches. (Jen, Joey and Pacey return to the water and help Dawson stand up, happy.)


Joey is walking down the hall to her locker. Someone dressed in a cheerleading uniform is standing in the middle of the hall, passing out fliers. Joey gets handed one and she looks at it skeptically. She reads it, then rolls her eyes. Joey stops in front of her locker and opens it. Pacey walks up, grabbing the paper from her hand.

PACEY: What's this, may I ask? (Joey rolls her eyes again and shrugs.)

JOEY: I don't know, just another stupid flier about that dumb dance.

PACEY: (with fake ignorance.) Dances? Dumb? Wherever would you get *that* idea? (Joey grabs the flier back and shoves it into her locker.)

JOEY: I don't see why everyone gets so excited over something that is such a complete waste of time. (Pacey shrugs.)

PACEY: Well, actually, Jo, I was wondering if you'd like to go with me.

JOEY: To the *dance*?

PACEY: Yes, the dance. I know it's a waste of time, but I was thinking it might not be so bad if I were to be accompanied by the most beautiful girl in the school.

JOEY: Ah, go flatter someone else. I'm not going.

PACEY: Come on, Joey! For me?

JOEY: No, not even for you. Besides, I already promised Dawson I'd hang with him that night. Instead of going.

PACEY: I don't think Dawson is going to be sitting at home that night, Joey.

JOEY: (confused) What?

PACEY: Let's just say...Pacey Witter is going to play a little "Love Connection."

JOEY: *What*?

PACEY: Yes, it's true. Yours truly is going to find our fine friend Dawson Leery a date to this year's formal dance if it kills me. And I need you to help, of course.

JOEY: But why? Dawson is fully capable of finding someone to go out with.

PACEY: Joey?

JOEY: Oh. Right. Dawson is more likely to star in a film about football then get a date with anyone halfway decent.

PACEY: Precisely. (Joey shuts her locker and looks up at Pacey.)

JOEY: So, what's the plan?

PACEY: Um...haven't gotten that far. I guess it's just the simple look around and see notion.

JOEY: Uh-huh. (The first warning bell rings. Joey looks down the hall, and sees Jen talking to John Young. Joey smiles.) Looks like Jen isn't going to be needing us to find her a date.

PACEY: John Young would never go to a school function by choice. Jen's *obviously* going to wind up going stag. Hey, maybe I'll ask her since you're so clearly not interested in going. (Joey smirks at him.)

JOEY: Well, so far, you haven't provided me with any evidence that would thoroughly convince me that going to this dance would be worth my while, Mr. Witter. (Pacey smiles.)

PACEY: I can change that. (He leans over and kisses her. He's about to pull away when Joey deepens it. Pacey likes the idea. The second bell rings and Joey wrenches herself away.)

JOEY: Shit! I'm late. (Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: Now, *those* are two words a guy never wants to hear from his girlfriend. (Joey punches his shoulder.) Ow! Come back here. (He grabs her arm and kisses her again. Joey tries to get away.)

JOEY: I'm going to be in trouble! Come on, Pace. (She tries to look angry, but smiles.) I gotta go.

PACEY: (pretending to get all huffy, he sighs impatiently) *Fine*, if you're *so* worried about getting detention for being late, go on ahead and leave me here. (The hallway is empty now, everyone is in their classes.)

JOEY: Fine. See ya, Pacey. (She turns to go. The camera focuses on Pacey, smiling. He seems to be waiting for something. Joey races back into the picture for another lip-lock with Pacey. )

PACEY: Knew you'd be back. (Joey smiles, then starts walking to her class.) Bye, Pacey.

PACEY: For real this time? (Joey nods and disappears into a classroom. Pacey slaps his hands together happily and struts off down the hall, casually entering his next class more than a few minutes late.)


Pacey is laying on Dawson's bed, his hands behind his head. He's smiling to himself. Dawson's bedroom door opens and Dawson comes in, looking tired. Dawson doesn't see Pacey at first. He drops his backpack to the floor by the door, then turns around, and jumps a mile.

DAWSON: Pacey! God! What are you doing here?

PACEY: Now is that any way to greet your best friend? (Pacey gets up off the bed, only to have Dawson fall onto the bed in his place.)

DAWSON: You scared me.

PACEY: Be prepared to be scared even more. (Dawson looks at him, his eyebrows wrinkling.)

DAWSON: (suspicious) Why?

PACEY: Because *you* are going to the spring formal.

DAWSON: What? Where'd you pull *that* insane idea from? Who would tell you that?

PACEY: Look, Dawson, you have *got* to get out there and play the field again. You can't sit here balled up in your room for the rest of your teenage years.

DAWSON: (sighing) So that means I have to attend a humiliating and generic *school dance*? I'd rather die.

PACEY: I'm sure I could arrange that. (Dawson sits up.)

DAWSON: Why did you even bother suggesting that I go?

PACEY: I'm *not* suggesting. I'm telling you. You *are* going. Whether you like it or not.

DAWSON: Me and Jo already have plans.

PACEY: Cancelled.

DAWSON: Pacey, you can't cancel someone else's plans.

PACEY: I can't, but Joey can. And she already has. She's going with me to the dance.


PACEY: Yes, *Joey Potter* is getting dressed up and will be on my arm on Friday night. And I suggest you do the same.

DAWSON: What, go with you? (He lays back on his bed. Pacey rolls his eyes.)

PACEY: No, not with me, dork. I'm finding you a date. (Dawson automatically sits straight up.)

DAWSON: No you're not.

PACEY: Yes, I am.

DAWSON: Look, Pacey, I appreciate the sentiment, but really. Even if I was going to lower myself to attend one of these things, I would not trust *you*, of all people, to find me a date.

PACEY: Dawson, man, you have to admit I've got great taste in girls, I mean, I do have Joey, do I not? (Dawson flops backward again.)

DAWSON: Yes, you do.

PACEY: And that's sort of my point. (the mood changes. Dawson lifts his head.)

DAWSON: What do you mean?

PACEY: I *mean*, I've got Joey, Dawson. She's my girlfriend. (Dawson laughs nervously)

DAWSON: I *know* that!

PACEY: Yeah, I know you do. I just want you to accept it.

DAWSON: Pacey, what are you talking about?

PACEY: All I'm saying is, Dawson, you have to move on with your life. I don't know what your feelings are for Joey, I mean one minute you want to be her friend and the next you want to have her in your arms, but it's time you recognized that fact that hey, no matter what you are feeling, Joey's not available, Dawson. She is off the market.

DAWSON: Pacey, I know Joey's going out with you. My feelings for her are completely resolved.

PACEY: Are they? I don't think so. (Dawson sighs.) Look, Dawson. If you were any other guy, I'd probably have made it drastically clear by now that Joey is mine and mine only, but with you, it's sort of different. I know you and Jo have this long, tormented soap opera thing going on, and I can deal with it, because I know Joey likes me. We went through enough to figure that out. But it's clear you still like her and can't get past that, so I'm just offering to step in and lend a hand in getting you started.

DAWSON: So let me get this straight. My best friend, who is going out with my *other* best friend, who you say I'm in love, are going to step in and help me get over her? This is demented. (Pacey heads to the window.)

PACEY: Demented is my middle name. (He steps out onto the ladder.) Dawson, if you don't have a date by Wednesday you're going to the dance with whoever I pair you with.

DAWSON: You can't make me do anything.

PACEY: (smiling mischievously) I'm a love god, I can make you do anything I want. (He disappears from view. Dawson takes a pillow and muffles his own face with it, moaning.)

DAWSON: My life is way too stupid to believe! (The scene fades.)



Jen and Joey are wandering through the store, looking at dresses. Jen picks up a navy blue gown with sequins and holds it up to Joey, who wrinkles her nose is disgust. Jen sighs and puts it back on the rack.

JOEY: Well I'm sorry! It looks like something an 80 year old woman would wear.

JEN: Don't you see *anything* here that you like? At all?

JOEY: Jen, come on. It's sort of a rule that I don't like any dress of any kind.

JEN: (picking up a red dress off the rack.) What about this one? (Joey looks at it. Jen shoves it at her.) Try it on. (Joey rolls her eyes and goes into a dressing room.)

JOEY: This all seems totally pointless. I can't believe I'm going to spend money on a dress that I'm probably only going to wear once. I don't see why I can't just wear the one I wore for the Miss Windjammer Pageant.

JEN: *Because*! Pacey has already seen you in it. This is going to be a special night-you have to look the part.

JOEY: Of what? A girl completely un-enthused to be squandering away a perfectly good Friday night in a high school gymnasium?

JEN: (smiling) No, a girl *completely* happy to be spending time with her gorgeous boyfriend, whose mouth is going to drop to the floor when he sees her dressed in a beautiful dress.

JOEY: You think Pacey's gorgeous? (Jen laughs.)

JEN: Don't worry, Joey. You can have him. I wouldn't want him, as nice looking as he may be.

JOEY: (sarcastic) Gee, thanks. I don't know how to repay you. (She laughs lightly and opens the dressing room door. Jen's mouth opens slightly.)

JEN: *Wow*, Jo, that dress is... (Joey looks at herself self-consciously in the mirror.)

JOEY: Oh, I know, it makes me look fat, doesn't it?

JEN: It''s *perfect*, Joey. Beyond prefect. Pacey is going to go nuts. (Jen stares at the dress, which is a floor-length, red, spaghetti strap dress, with a deep neckline and a slit all the way up to Joey's thigh. Joey smoothes the dress with her hands, gazing at her reflection, unsure.)

JOEY: I think it's too much. It's way too fancy and-

JEN: Joey, you *have* to get that dress.

JOEY: You really think so?

JEN: You are going to blow everyone else right out of the water.

JOEY: Well, that's not too much of a task, Jen. Nellie Olsen's tacky get-ups aren't that hard to beat.

JEN: You're way too hard on yourself, Joey. Look at what you look like. I would kill to look like you.

JOEY: To look like me? (she's in total disbelief.)

JEN: Yeah, you. I envy what you have.

JOEY: What do I have?

JEN: Everything I don't.

JOEY: Jen, come on. All the guys love you. You're blond, you have large breasts and you're not a virgin. (Jen looks at Joey, a bit hurt.)

JEN: Well, that was a little-

JOEY: Hey, I'm not degrading you or anything. I'd love to have what *you* have.

JEN: I'd love to have what *you* have, so I guess that leaves us with you want to be me and I want to be you.

JOEY: That leaves us nowhere except having pure self-hatred. (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Okay, enough with the haves. (She looks at Joey's reflection in the mirror and straightens her dress straps for her.) I don't think anyone likes the way they look. (Joey shrugs.)

JOEY: I guess not.

JEN: Although I don't see how you can't like yourself in *this* dress.

JOEY: Does it seem like we're going in circles here? Cause I don't know about you, but it sure seems that way to me.

JEN: And we are going to get quite dizzy if you don't agree to buy this dress right now. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Just let me ask you one thing.

JEN: What?

JOEY: (eyeing Jen and trying to grasp at the price tag that is hanging down her back.) Look at the price tag for me. I'm afraid to look. (Jen smiles. She looks at the tag, and then frowns.)

JEN: hhh...

JOEY: What? (Jen holds it so Joey can see. Joey's eyes widen in disbelief.) *$89.00*? For *this*? It's not even a designer label! It's generic! (Jen shrugs.)

JEN: Inflation will get you every time. (Joey sighs, and turns back into the dressing room.)

JOEY: Well, start *searching* the discount racks. (Joey's about to shut the door when Jen stops her.)

JEN: So you're not getting it?

JOEY: Of course not! You think I have an extra 90 bucks-

JEN: 89.

JOEY: 89 bucks laying around to waste on a dress? I don't think so. If I was going to spend an arm and a leg on something, I can guarantee you, it would *not* be a piece of girly pathetic clothing. (Joey shuts the door behind her as she disappears into the dressing room. Jen looks at the closed door, thoughtfully.)

JEN: (taking something out of her purse and looking at it wickedly.) Joey?

JOEY: Hmmm?

JEN: (looking at the gold credit card in her hand) My grandmother gave me her credit card... (Joey opens the dressing room door, still in the dress.)

JOEY: *No*, Jen.

JEN: Consider it an early birthday present. (Joey looks at Jen in disbelief.)


Joey climbs in through Dawson's window, looking tired yet happy. Dawson looks up at her from his floor, where he is laying like he's practically dead.

JOEY: Hey, what's up with the road-kill impersonation. You look like you've been smacked by a bus.

DAWSON: Thanks, Jo. So, where've you been? I thought you were coming over at 7. (Joey sits down at Dawson's desk, shrugging sheepishly.)

JOEY: Yeah, sorry, Dawson. Jen and I went shopping for dresses and we sort of...lost track of time. (rambling guiltily) Jen even bought me the dress. I mean, I'm obviously going to pay her back, even though she insists I shouldn't-

DAWSON: (cutting her off, disbelieving) Shopping? Jen? Dresses? All combined with the name Joey in *one* sentence?

JOEY: (looking away.) Well, I sort of...needed a dress for the dance. Cause...

DAWSON: Don't bother feeling guilty. Pacey already told me you agreed to go with him. (Dawson gets up and flops onto his bed. He looks at her with a sigh, and sets out in a martyred tone.) It's fine, really. I'll just...sit at home, all by my lonesome, watching movies I've already seen, for the millionth time, and, I don't know, maybe break out a bag of popcorn and *celebrate* or something. Don't worry, I'll be okay, laying here in the dark while all of you are off having fun at some dance, it's okay. (Joey looks at him, raising her eyebrows.)

JOEY: You just sounded like my grandmother. (She gets up, starting to do an impression of an old woman.) "Fine, Josephine, it's all right if you don't come see me today. Although I would like to see you-I haven't seen you for so long...well, if you've already made plans, then you just run along, do your thing...I'll just sit with Berniece and play Gin Rummy." (She looks at Dawson, and he smiles faintly.) Rule #1, Dawson. *Never* sound like my grandmother.

DAWSON: Okay, well, how about for Rule #2, friends don't bail on friends to go out with some guy. (Joey gets up and sits next to him on the bed.)

JOEY: When did *Pacey* become *some guy*? (Dawson rolls his eyes.) Geez, sorry, Dawson, I didn't know you were going to be so upset over this. If you want me to, I'll tell Pacey I can't go, we can have movie night, whatever. (Dawson turns away.)

DAWSON: Naw, Joey. Just go. I don't want you missing the dance just because of me. Go ahead, have fun.

JOEY: Well, I'm not going to have fun knowing you're sitting here at home hating me for leaving you alone to attend some stupid school thing.

DAWSON: I wouldn't hate you. Don't be stupid. (They both pause.) Besides, Pacey's got this lame-brained idea about hooking me up with someone.

JOEY: Actually, the more I think about it the more I agree with Pacey about it being a good idea, Dawson.

DAWSON: Wait, you're in on this too? (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: God, Dawson, it's not some governmental conspiracy. I'm not *in* on anything.

DAWSON: Good, cause I don't want to go on a blind date with someone, okay? Make sure to knock that into your boyfriend's skull. (He stops, thinking. He looks at Joey thoughtfully.) It's so weird, you know?

JOEY: What?

DAWSON: Just...calling Pacey your *boyfriend*. It'*weird*. (Joey stands up, heading to his movie shelf.)

JOEY: Life is weird, Dawson. Get used to it. (She shrugs. Dawson lays back onto his bed.) So, what do you want to watch? (She runs her hands over his movies.) Oo! How about My Best Friend's Wedding? I *love* that movie! (Joey looks at Dawson, happy. When she turns back to take the movie down, Dawson lets out a deep sigh and looks at the picture of him and Joey on his nightstand.)


OL: "Dizzy" by the Goo-goo Dolls. Joey and Pacey are standing in the doorway to a classroom, looking out at the passing students as if they are spies. Pacey's arms are wrapped around Joey's waist, holding her close. They are both studying the crowd.

JOEY: What about Mary Beth?

PACEY: Nah, Mary Beth has the hots for Cliff. (He sees a short, brown haired girl walk by and points.) What about that Miranda girl?

JOEY: *Miranda*? Not in a million years, Pacey.

PACEY: What? She's cute, in a bubbly sort of way. (Joey nudges him.)

JOEY: We're looking for someone a little less...a little less likely to have a permanent smile plastered on her face, okay?

PACEY: Yes, Drill Sergeant Potter. (Joey eyes him.)

JOEY: I think we should sit down and look through the yearbooks. I don't-

PACEY: I love it when you take charge. It's a real turn on, do you know that? (Pacey turns her around and a giggle escapes her throat. She tries to pull away but he playfully keeps her close and starts kissing her. Laughing, she accepts his lips on hers for a moment then attempts another escape.)

JOEY: You know, Pacey, we *do* have some work to do.

PACEY: It can wait... (He smiles at her, raising his eyebrows.) Dawson's not going anywhere, we can do a date search later... (He leans down to kiss Joey again but she turns her head away. Pacey sighs. Joey breaks away from him and looks down the hall.) Joey, I know finding Dawson a date is sort of our mission here but I don't want it to take over our lives. Joey looks both ways down the hall, and then looks at Pacey. Quickly she opens the door to the janitor's closet.)

JOEY: Who said it was taking over our lives? Come in here for a sec, loser. (She grins wickedly and grabs Pacey's shirt, pulling him inside and shutting the door quickly behind her. The camera pans away from the closed door to reveal Dawson standing at his locker, looking pretty much stunned.)


OL: of "Dizzy" continues. Jen and Dawson are sitting at a table. Jen is trying to do her homework, but looks like she's not getting much accomplished. Dawson runs his hands through his hair anxiously, then dramatically lets his head clunk against the table with a deep sigh. Jen looks at him, getting annoyed.

JEN: Dawson, stop being so obsessive about this.

DAWSON: Obsessive? I am *not* obsessing over this. But making out in the janitor's closet? Come on!

JEN: Then why is every conversation I have with you like a Pacey/Joey relationship update? Why do I always know when they kissed, and for how long, and where, and what it seemed to be saying, and how the world is so unfair and- (Dawson holds his hand up, nodding.)

DAWSON: Okay. So maybe obsessive is the right word. (Jen nods in agreement.)'s like I can't help it. It's like some sick disease. I keep hoping they have a horrible fight and break up. Is that horrible?

JEN: Considering they're both your best friends, I would think so.

DAWSON: Yeah, they're my best friends. Friends is good. We should all just be friends. (Jen rolls her eyes at him.)

JEN: Dawson...

DAWSON: Well everything was fine when movie night was just movie night and not an undercover term for Pacey and Joey makeout night at Dawson's house.

JEN: (laughing) Dawson, they've never made out at your house.

DAWSON: Not that you've seen. (Jen raises her eyebrows.) Every time I leave the room, and come back in, they're always doing something. It's completely sickening. I liked this whole thing much better when they hated each other. (Jen looks toward the exit, then at the clock. She sighs very deeply.)

JEN: Look, Dawson, I really have to get this geometry done, so let me just say one thing and then shut up, all right? (Dawson shrugs.) *Get over it.* You don't *own* the world, it's *not* going to go your way *all* the time. (She snaps her math book shut and gathers up her papers quickly. Tossing her backpack over her shoulder, she walks over to a different table and sits down. Dawson leans back in his chair, thinking.)



The hallway is empty, except for a janitor sweeping the floor in the distance. Joey and Pacey turn the corner from another hallway and disrupt the solitude with their laughing. Faintly, piano music can be heard in the background, as if coming from a classroom. Pacey grabs Joey's hand and swirls her around as if they were dancing. Joey shrieks as he dips her, then glares as soon as she's back on her own two feet.

JOEY: Moron.

PACEY: And what's wrong with a little dancin', my dear lady?

JOEY: Well, first, we're in a school hallway and second, there's no music.

PACEY: Well, actually, Josephine, since it's (he glances at his watch) four o'clock on a Thursday afternoon, there's no one else even here to yell at us, plus, if you'd stop your ranting and raving for just two seconds, you'd realize that there is music going on. (Joey stops to listen. There is nothing playing anymore. After a moment of silence, she slaps his stomach and rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Nice try, Pacey. (The music starts again, and Pacey smirks.)

PACEY: See, told you so.

JOEY: Yeah, Pacey, you're a god damn genius-Wait a minute-what song is that? (Pacey looks at her questioningly, a bit puzzled. She takes Pacey's hand, leading him down the hallway. The sound of the piano grows stronger as they continue down. Joey glances into each room they pass, trying to find where the music is coming from.) Pacey, where the heck is that stupid music room? The one Music Theory is taught in? (Pacey goes to a doorway on their left, glancing at the number above the entrance. He jiggles the handle and opens it slowly.)

PACEY: I believe that this is the one-(They both peer inside, cautiously. A auburn-haired girl is sitting behind a piano, completely lost in her own little world. She doesn't notice Pacey and Joey's presence. She's playing "Give Me Your Names" from Schindler's List. Joey looks as if she's hit gold. She turns to Pacey, eyes wide. They talk in whispers.)

JOEY: This is her.


JOEY: Dawson's date.

PACEY: What? How do you-

JOEY: She's playing John Williams music. It's fate.

PACEY: You figure that, exactly how...?

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Come on, Pace. It's a fact that anyone who likes John Williams music is a Spielberg fan too. They go hand in hand. Check the rules of life, it's there.

PACEY: Oh, is it?

JOEY: Yes, it is. It applies to George Lucas fans too.(She turns back to watching the girl as she plays.) I wonder who she is.

PACEY: Got me. I've never seen her.

JOEY: So what do you think? I mean-(The girl comes to the end of the song, suddenly realizing Pacey and Joey standing in the doorway. She jumps up, hitting some piano keys loudly and hitting the wood of the piano in the process.)

GIRL: Oh my gosh-I'm sorry. I didn't know....I didn't know anyone else was in here. (The girl quickly begins to gather up her things, looking like she's just committed a criminal act.)

JOEY: No, wait, don't go! We were just listening. (The girl looks at them, her blue eyes wide and almost frightened. She immediately looks down and starts to head for the door.) It was really nice. The piece you were playing.

GIRL: (uncomfortable) wasn't.

PACEY: Well, I thought it sounded good and I don't even like music all that much so you better believe us. (Pacey smiles at her, but she only seems to get more uncomfortable.)

JOEY: (They both step into the room) So, I've never seen you around here before. Are you new here? What's your name?

GIRL: No...I'm not new...Um...well, I'm Chris Laughton.

JOEY: I'm Joey-

CHRIS: (timidly) Potter, I know. And you're Pacey Witter, right? (The pair is taken aback.) I'm in your English class.

PACEY: Um...

CHRIS: Well, I sort of...I sit in the back and keep out of the way... I didn't expect you to recognize me.

PACEY: (feeling stupid) Well, I never pay attention in English. I can't remember anyone else from that class-don't feel that-

CHRIS: No, it's okay. I'm sort of used to it. (She shrugs and walks to the door.) I'm not exactly popular here. But I've grown to like it that way. (She shrugs again and turns out into the hall. Pacey and Joey quickly follow her.)

JOEY: Well both of us aren't exactly material for the most popular award either.

CHRIS: You don't give yourselves enough credit. You have tons of friends. And a lot of guys like you, Joey, I mean-

PACEY: (immediately jealous) What?

CHRIS: (quietly) When you just sit and don't talk, you tend to hear a lot of things other people don't. (The three of them are silent.) Well, I better get going. I probably shouldn't be taking up too much of your time... (Chris turns to go once more, but Joey suddenly smiles.)

JOEY: Chris? (Chris turns around and looks at her.) How would you like to come to a really boring movie night? (Chris smiles.)


Joey and Pacey hasten to the ladder, Chris trailing behind. Joey starts to climb up, and Chris looks petrified.

CHRIS: We're going up the ladder?

JOEY: Yep. (She looks at Chris's worried face.) Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. (Pacey starts to follow Joey up the ladder. He looks up, admiring the view of Joey's behind.)

PACEY: Hmm-hmmm, Jo, I think from now on you should always climb up first. This is a highly beneficial situation. (Joey looks down at him with a glare.)

JOEY: How about I just throw you off the ladder right now? (Pacey smiles at her.)

PACEY: Come on, Ice Queen, continue your climb. (Joey rolls her eyes and disappears through Dawson's window. Chris giggles lightly at the pair and hesitantly sets her foot on the first rung of the ladder.)


Joey and Pacey are sitting on the edge of Dawson's bed as Chris climbs through the window clumsily. Joey smiles at her. Chris straightens her blue and white ski sweater and jeans, and tries to re-gain some dignity.

JOEY: Now that wasn't so bad, was it? (Chris forces a smile.)

CHRIS: No, not at all. (She looks around Dawson's room and sits down on his desk chair awkwardly. Pacey goes to the door and opens it, leaning out into the hallway.)

PACEY: Hey! Dawson! You here, buddy? (A few minutes later, Dawson comes bounding up the stairs and into his room. He stops in his tracks as he sees an unfamiliar face in the group.)

DAWSON: Hey you two. I just- Oh. Hi. (Chris looks at Dawson, not sure what his reaction will be.)


JOEY: Dawson, this is Chris Laughton. Chris, you know Dawson, right? (Amber nods.)

PACEY: Chris's going to join us for the festivities tonight, k, D? (Dawson slowly processes this information, nodding lightly.)

DAWSON:, okay...Well, I guess Chris can pick the first movie, in honor of her...well, being here for the first time. (Dawson picks up some tape cases and hands them to Chris.) Tonight's Julia Roberts night. We've got Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Dying Young, Sleeping With the Enemy, Michael Collins, My Best Friend's Wedding and, for posterity's sake, Mary Reilly. (He takes the case for Mary Reilly from the stack and tosses it aside.) I think we can rule that one out from the get go.

CHRIS: Well...I don't know which one to pick...Joey, you choose.

JOEY: No, no passing off allowed. You gotta choose, Chris. (Joey smiles. Chris sighs and looks through the cases once more. Dawson's bed room door opens and Jen walks in.)

JEN: Hey, everyone. Hey, Chris.

CHRIS: (surprised.) Um...hey.

PACEY: I see no introductions are necessary here?

JEN: Chris's in my gym class. (Chris nods, still a bit surprised Jen recognized her.) What are we "choosing"?

JOEY: Between movies.

DAWSON: Yeah, Chris gets to pick.

CHRIS: Jen, what do you want to watch? (She hands the cases to Jen. Jen quickly glances at the titles. Well, I'd vote for My Best Friend's Wedding cause Rupert Everett is hot, but-

PACEY: What, Jen, you've got a thang for gay guys?

JEN: (jokingly) Well, I *did* like Dawson, didn't I? (She smiles at Dawson wickedly. He looks hurt.)

DAWSON: *What*?

PACEY: Oo, that one was below the belt!

DAWSON: Wait, Jen, what did you say about me? I'm not gay. (Joey and Pacey are laughing.)

JEN: Relax, Dawson. I was just kidding.

DAWSON: I didn't find it funny. (Joey kicks Dawson lightly in the back. He looks at her.)

JOEY: Get a grip, Dawson. (She takes a tape case from the pile.) Well, me and Dawson just watched My Best Friend's Wedding the other night, so I say we pass on that one. Let's watch Steel Magnolias.

PACEY: Come on, Jo. I can't take anymore of these "heartfelt, touching, and moving" movies.

JOEY: Yes, you can. And you're watching this one. (she gets up and puts it into the VCR. Chris smiles admiringly at Joey as Joey nestles back into Pacey's arms and turns off the light.)


Dawson and Joey are getting drinks to take upstairs. There is an extreme edge in the air. Dawson clenches his jaw tightly shut as he gets down cups from the cupboard. Joey looks at him, trying to figure out the attitude.

JOEY: Dawson, what's wrong?

DAWSON: Who said anything was wrong? (Joey looks at him expectantly.) Is Chris the girl you're determined to set me up with?

JOEY: I don't know. Still searching, I guess. I just figured...

DAWSON: You know, I never really took you and Pacey seriously when you said you were going to *find me a date*. Cause on top of everything else in my life, I really don't need my best friends' pity, okay? You and Pacey can apply your talents for setting up bad blind dates elsewhere.

JOEY: What, you don't like her?

DAWSON: Sure, I like her! She's a doll. She's fine. I don't *know* her. And I really don't feel like putting in any effort to get to know *anyone* right now. Got it?

JOEY: Fine, Dawson. Fine, sure, whatever.

DAWSON: Don't quote the X-Files.

JOEY: I'll quote anything I want. I don't know what your problem is, Dawson. It's like the happier I get, the more determined you are to make yourself more miserable. I don't know if you're trying to ruin my good mood on purpose or what, but stop it.

DAWSON: (sarcastically) Yeah, Jo, my world just revolves around you.

JOEY: (bitterly) Well, that's a change. Usually it revolves around yourself. (She smirks at him before stalking upstairs. Dawson sighs.)

DAWSON: Joey! (He quickly forgets about the drinks and runs after her.)


Joey opens Dawson's bedroom door quickly. Everyone in the room jumps, startled. Joey quickly takes her place next to Pacey on the bed, leaning over and whispering something into his ear. Pacey's eyes widen and he smiles widely. He and Joey exchange looks. Pacey quickly stands up.

PACEY: You know what? I think me and Joey are going to bolt early. (Dawson enters the room, surprised to see Pacey and Joey getting on their jackets. Chris looks at Joey and Pacey, alarmed.)

DAWSON: You guys are leaving? (Pacey nods.)

JOEY: Yeah, we're leaving. I just remembered we had-

PACEY: Other things to do. (He walks to the door, patting Dawson on the shoulder. Joey smirks at Dawson as she passes by him, still fuming.)

DAWSON: Oh. Okay. Guess we'll call movie night done early then.

JOEY: Bye everyone.

JEN: Bye, you two. (she looks at Dawson.) But we're only half way through the movie, Dawson.

DAWSON: You guys can stay and finish it, if you want to. (He glances at his bedroom door as it clicks shut. Pacey and Joey are gone.) I'm really not in the mood to watch a sad movie tonight.

JEN: Oh.

DAWSON: Well, I'm going to go downstairs...see if there's anything on TV. You two want anything to drink?

JEN: No thanks. Chris? (Chris shakes her head, staring at the floor. She now feels entirely out of place, since the people who invited her had left so quickly, leaving her to fend for herself.)

CHRIS: Oh, no thanks. (Dawson nods, and leaves the room. Jen and Chris looks at each other awkwardly.)


Dawson comes downstairs, looking depressed. Both his parents are sitting on the couch, watching TV quietly. They both look up as Dawson enters the room.

GAIL: Hey, Dawson. How come Pacey and Joey are taking off so early?

DAWSON: Oh, um...I don't know.

MITCH: You left the pop container and cups out on the counter. Please put them away. (Dawson nods.)

DAWSON: Yeah. Sorry. (He goes to the kitchen.)


Dawson is sitting on the front porch on his house, on the front steps. He's lost in his own thoughts. Suddenly he's shaken from his introspection as Jen and Chris come down the ladder, scaring him. Jen smiles at him, but Chris doesn't even look at him.

JEN: Hey, Dawson. Me and Chris are leaving now. We'll see you tomorrow?

DAWSON: Yeah. Of course. (Jen waves good-bye and walks toward her house. Chris sort of looks around her, awkwardly, then starts to walk away also. Dawson stands up.) Hey, Chris?

CHRIS: Um...yes?

DAWSON: Can I talk to you for a second? (Chris looks at him, unsure.)

CHRIS: Uh...sure. What about?

DAWSON: I'm really sorry about tonight. I was a terrible host. You must have had an awful time and for that, I apologize.

CHRIS: It's okay.

DAWSON: It's just been an all together weird evening.

CHRIS: You could say that again. (She shrugs as Dawson looks at her.) Considering I really don't know any of you guys...I mean...considering I don't know *anyone*...I mean, thanks for having me. Even though it was really a spur of the moment thing and you didn't even have a warning.

DAWSON: Naw, it was no problem. Joey has good taste in friends. If she likes you, that makes you my friend too, okay? (Chris gives Dawson a half-smile.)

CHRIS: You might want to take that back someday.

DAWSON: Why would I want to do that?

CHRIS: I'm not exactly the most exciting person in the world to be around.

DAWSON: Well, neither am I so I guess we're even. (They both smile.)

CHRIS: Yeah, guess we are. (She sighs.) I better get going. It's getting late.

DAWSON: Want me to walk you home?

CHRIS: (shaking her head) No thanks. I'm capable of finding my way in the dark. I promise I won't get lost. (She laughs lightly. Dawson nods.)

DAWSON: Kay. I'll see you tomorrow in school then?

CHRIS: Yeah. See ya. (She gives him a small wave and walks away slowly.)



Chris walks in the front door of her house. It's nicely decorated, like something out of a Martha Stewart Living. She walks quietly to the stairs, turning off the hallway light as she passes by the switch. She tiptoes up, but soon her mother and father come out of their bedroom.

MOTHER: Christine? Is that you?

CHRIS: Yeah, Mom, it's me. Sorry I'm so late. (Her mom smiles as she walks down the hall, her father trailing behind. Her mom is a short, thin woman, with blond hair and a kind smile. She's wearing a blue terry-cloth bathrobe and slippers. Her dad is medium height with reddish-brown hair and a moustache, built almost as if he was a teddy bear. They both smile fondly at their daughter. Her mom reaches out and smoothes Chris's hair.)

MOTHER: And where were you all this time?

CHRIS: I got invited to watch a movie at Dawson Leery's house- (Her mom raises an eyebrow.) Joey Potter invited me.

FATHER: Dawson Leery, huh? I've heard some excellent things about that young man. (He smiles. Chris rolls her eyes.)

CHRIS: (warningly) Dad...

MOTHER: Did you have fun?

CHRIS: Yeah, I guess so.

MOTHER: Promise to call next time if you're going to be this late, okay, honey? (Chris smiles.)

CHRIS: Okay. (Her mom kisses her on her cheek, followed by her father.)

MOTHER: Try to get some sleep. We'll see you in the morning. (They disappear into their bedroom, smiling at their daughter. Chris sighs deeply and walks to her own bedroom.)


Chris enters, switching on the light and tossing her backpack onto the bed, which is directly across from her door. Her room is painted a light shade of blue, with no wallpaper or border anywhere, just two large windows facing out onto her vast backyard. The only decorations on the barren walls are a couple of framed family photographs, a poster of E.T., and a Beatles poster. Her bedspread is a darker blue, the bookcase next to her closet is completely stacked full of volumes upon volumes of books. She has a stand full of CD's standing next to her stereo system, which seems to be quite expensive. Sitting down on her bed and resting her head against the wall, she takes a notebook from her night book drawer and pulls the cap off the pen that she took out along with the notebook. Closing her eyes, she thinks for a minute then opens her eyes and opens the notebook, and begins to write.

CHRIS: (VO) Dear Diary...Okay, so I promised I was going to give up this childish diary stuff...but not today. It's been too weird and new, and I have no one to even tell about it.


Joey is standing with Pacey at her locker. Chris is walking down the hall, alone.

CHRIS: (VO) It's not like I need friends...I'm pretty used to being alone. But now that Joey Potter has made some gesture in my direction...I think I may have to admit to myself that being *used* to being alone and *liking* it are too entirely different things. (Joey sees Chris and waves to her, with a smile. Chris smiles back.)


Chris is at her gym locker, digging through a large pile of dirty clothes. Someone taps her on the shoulder and she turns to find Jen. Chris seems a bit surprised. They begin to talk.


Jen, Pacey, Joey and Dawson are all sitting at a table. Joey is close to Pacey and Dawson seems sullen. Chris comes out of the lunch line and heads to a table to sit alone, like she always does. Joey sees her and waves her over, smiling warmly. Pacey gestures for her to sit down between him and Dawson, which she awkwardly does. CHRIS: (VO) When at was at Dawson's house tonight, I could tell Dawson didn't want me to be there at first. But Pacey, Joey and Jen all seemed like they really liked me. Which is a little weird, because no one has ever acted nice to me like they did. Dawson told me later that he wanted to be my friend, but I don't know if it's just some sort of way to make Joey happy again. That guy would do anything for Joey, everyone knows that. Must be nice, to have someone like you that much. (She looks at Dawson, who is looking uninterestedly at his lunch.) But I know right now that no matter what friends I acquire, I'll always be unlucky in love. (Chris's voice fades as the conversation from the scene cuts into her monologue.)

PACEY: So, at this point, Mr. Collins is on the floor, face first. It was so hysterical, I am tellin' ya-it's too bad you guys weren't all there to witness this guy making a complete fool of himself.

JOEY: What period was this again?

PACEY: Third. In the hallway by the science rooms. (Joey looks at Chris, who has been sitting quietly, not saying a word.)

JOEY: So, Chris, are you going to the dance? (Chris looks at her, a bit startled.)

CHRIS: Who, me? (she pauses) No, probably not. I mean, I'll probably just end up at home watching the Star Wars Trilogy or something. (Dawson looks up from his food, a bit startled himself. Joey smiles and nudges Pacey.)

JOEY: Really? (She looks at Dawson pointedly.) I think you should go.

CHRIS: I...I don't have anyone to go with.

JOEY: So, go stag! Who says you need a guy? 99% of the guys in this school are jerks anyway.

PACEY: Hey, what about me?

JOEY: Who said you weren't included in the one percent?

JEN: Seriously though, Chris, you should come along with us. I mean, I'm not going with anyone-

DAWSON: (surprised) You're not?

JEN: Nope. We can hang together, Chris. And Pacey and Joey are going too.

CHRIS: But...(trying to think of an excuse, she nervously tucks her dark red hair behind her ear.) But I don't even have a dress. It is a formal, isn't it?

JEN: No problem, we can find you one. (Chris looks around the table, searching for some way out. All she sees are Pacey and Joey's eager faces, egging her on, and Dawson's uninterested expression.) Look, Chris, it's gonna be fun. Have you ever been to one before?

CHRIS: Um...not really. I'm not exactly into the social scene. (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Well this is the perfect time to get involved! (Chris still looks unsure. Jen grabs her hand and looks at her pleadingly.) Please? Just come for a little while?

JOEY: It's gonna be great. (she laughs lightly.) God, did I just say that?

PACEY: It's amazing the things you'll say when you're convincing someone else to go. Wait, did *I* just say *Joey Potter* is convincing someone *else* to go to a school dance? (He looks at Joey in pretend shock. Joey elbows him in the stomach, but not very hard.)

JOEY: Shut up. (Jen looks back at Chris.)

JEN: So, will you come?

CHRIS: Um...

JOEY: Say yes.

CHRIS: Okay...yes. (Jen and Joey look at each other happily and Pacey smiles. Dawson tries to smile too, but really doesn't care.)

JEN: *Great*! (The whole table sort of relaxes contentedly, feeling like they've accomplished something important.)


Dawson is working on what appears to be geometry homework at his desk. "Try" by Billy Pilgrim is playing faintly on his radio. Joey climbs in through his window, looking happy. Dawson looks at her with a half-smile.

DAWSON: Hey, Jo.

JOEY: Hey, Dawson. What's up?

DAWSON: Nothing much. Just working on proofs. *So* much fun really.

JOEY: Yeah, I remember those things.

DAWSON: Oh, yeah, I forgot, Miss Advanced Math. Oo, you get to do trig. You're special. (Joey smiles and flops onto his bed.)

JOEY: Yes, so special. Need any help? (Dawson gets up with a sigh.)

DAWSON: Naw. I understand it, it's just unbearably tedious. (Joey nods.)

JOEY: Yeah, welcome to my world. (Dawson sits next to her on the bed, picking up movie cases from his nightstand and looking through them.)


JOEY: So...

DAWSON: What's up with this Chris girl, anyway? When did she...not to sound snobbish, but how did she suddenly just start hanging with us?

JOEY: Cause I invited her to.

DAWSON: O...kay... (Joey sits up.)

JOEY: What, you still don't *approve* of her?

DAWSON: No, I didn't say that. I just...I just don't know her, like I said before. All I know is that she turned up at my house with you one night and other than that I know nothing.

JOEY: Well, let me give you the run down then. We ran into her after school-

DAWSON: We, being?

JOEY: Me and Pacey.

DAWSON: Of course.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Anyway, she was playing some piece from Schindler's List on the piano in the music room, and we got to talking, and I...I don't know, I could just tell that she was gonna be somebody...somebody I wanted to hang with. Someone you'd like too. So...I just invited her to come along. (Dawson doesn't say anything. Joey faces him.) Look, Dawson, I've did a little bit of research on this girl during the day today, and-

DAWSON: (skeptically) Research?

JOEY: Yes, research. Observations. Junk like that.

DAWSON: You're treating this girl like an experiment.

JOEY: Shut up. Let's just say I played the getting to know you game, and asked other people if they knew her, okay?

DAWSON: (getting up, and taking a piece of paper off his desk along with a pen, and setting it on a clipboard. He faces her.) And what did your research find, Dr. Potter? (He raises one eyebrow at her, pretending to be deadly serious. Joey throws a pillow at him.)

JOEY: (laughing) *Shut up*, Dawson! I'm being serious!

DAWSON: Okay, okay, tell me about her.

JOEY: Well, listen then, and I will. (They both pause for a second.) Okay. She's just like us, Dawson, I mean, she likes Spielberg, movies, etc, and is overly-cynical about the world in general. Apparently her family's got some bucks or something, she lives over on Chestnut Grove Drive. Model little family too, and she's an only child. Just like *you*. A bit of an outcast from what I gather, extremely shy. I think-

DAWSON: (cutting her off) Wait-wait-wait a second, Joey.

JOEY: What?

DAWSON: You sound like a salesperson.

JOEY: Excuse me?

DAWSON: It seems like you're trying to advertise a product to me. Does Chris come with a 20 year warranty? (Joey rolls her eyes at him.) Look, Jo, just get to the point. What exactly do you want to happen here? You want me to go out with this girl?

JOEY: Well, not *go out*, go's the thing. See, you know how Jen said Chris could hang with her and the dance, and you know, I sort of convinced Chris it would be fun? I did something remotely stupid.

DAWSON: And that would be?

JOEY: See...I ran into John Young after lunch, and I was thinking about Jen...and...

DAWSON: You didn't.

JOEY: (shrugging and looking remorseful) I just saw the opportunity and...and I just completely forgot about Chris.

DAWSON: What *exactly* did you do? (Joey eyes him.)

JOEY: Let's just say, I've been doing a lot of convincing lately, okay? When Jen comes the dance on Friday, she's going to be pleasantly surprised to find a certain John Young in attendance.

DAWSON: (downfallen) And a certain Chris will be all alone...

JOEY: (sighing) Yes...unless...a certain Dawson would be willing to be a certain girl's *escort* for the evening? (Dawson flops onto his bed.)

DAWSON: I knew this is where this was going! (he sits up, running his hands through his hair in frustration.) I knew from the second you brought Chris to my house last night that this was all part of your demented scheme to get me a girlfriend.

JOEY: God, Dawson, I'm not asking for you to *marry her* or anything. Just take her out for one night.

DAWSON: But I don't want to go out. I didn't even want to go to the dance!

JOEY: Dawson, what is the matter with you? I'm asking you *one* small favor. Have I ever asked you for anything else? (She looks at him, slightly peeved. Dawson sighs.)

DAWSON: No, I just don't see why you're so bent on having me take her. I don't *need* for you to find me a companion, Jo. I'm fully capable of finding my own dates, thank you.

JOEY: Really. Then why don't you have a date, Dawson? Why do you spend all your nights sitting in your room analyzing the horrible world around you instead of going out and having fun like every other normal teenager on the planet? (Dawson snorts.)

DAWSON: God, Joey, I'd really like to know what happened to you.

JOEY: *What*?

DAWSON: A few months ago you were lecturing me about not being bitter and cynical like you. Telling me I was stupid for believing in love and romance.

JOEY: Yeah, and you told me someday, I'd understand. Understand "magic" and what it's like to yearn for someone and to want to be with them. (Dawson looks at Joey, who is aggressively staring at him.) And you were right, Dawson, it happened. I understand what all that jargon you spent so much time blabbing about is really worth. (She smiles) Granted, I still think the world is a screwed-up place where I'm the town charity-case and the hierarchy of male football players and ignorant cheerleaders as leaders still exists. But I found someone who made it feel okay, Dawson. Made me not care that the world is messed because when I'm with him it feels like the world is a perfect place. (Dawson eyes her skeptically)

DAWSON: We talkin' about the same Pacey here?

JOEY: Yes, Dawson-you don't give him nearly enough credit. I mean, I never expected to hear myself saying these things about anyone, much less *Pacey Witter*, but here I am nonetheless, hearing the words coming out of my mouth. (She looks at Dawson, but he looks away. They are both silent for a moment. Joey heads to the window, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket and setting it on his desk.) There's Chris's phone number, Dawson. You better call her or you're going to have one majorly pissed off best friend tomorrow. (She gives him a warning look and steps out the window. Dawson stares at the empty window for a moment, then sighs and walks over to his desk. He picks up the small piece of yellow paper and thinks about his options. He lets out a deep long breath and looks around his room, searching for an answer among his Spielberg movie posters. After a moment's hesitation, he slowly sets his hand on his phone. Almost afraid, he cautiously dials the number and waits for someone to pick up. Someone does and Dawson looks almost disappointed.), this is Dawson Leery. Is Chris home?



Pacey is sitting behind the counter, watching TV. Jean Claude Van Damme is on-screen, involved in some kind of fight. Dawson walks out of the back room, glancing at Pacey's viewing choice. Dawson rolls his eyes.

DAWSON: Double Team? I mean, Pacey, I thought *you* even had more sense than this.

PACEY: Hey, watch it buddy.

DAWSON: Pacey, you're watching a movie with *Dennis Rodman* in it. You need mental help.

PACEY: Look, Dawson, in the past few days, guess how many movies I have seen? Three. Guess which ones were packed with explosions, gun fire and bloodshed? (Dawson waits for an answer.) None. Nada. Zilch. Zero.


PACEY: I have been to see One True Thing, Practical Magic and...god, I don't even *remember* the other one. Joey has dragged me to every chick flick showing in the entirety of Massachusetts, man. If I want to watch a bad Jean Claude Van Damme movie, there ain't *anyone* who's gonna stop me.

DAWSON: You know, Pace, just cause a movie might be labeled as a feminine-type movie, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. (Pacey rolls his eyes.)

PACEY: Sure, they have certain cinematic value. They're actually probably some of the best-made movies. But they're also the type Joey is bent on *watching*. I mean, I take her to a Steven Seagal movie and she can't wait to get into the back row and pay no attention to the screen, ya know what I mean? (Pacey raises his eyebrows and gives Dawson a mischievous grin. Dawson laughs lightly.)

DAWSON: Should have known that's what this is about. (Dawson picks up some movie cases and goes around the counter, heading to re-stock some shelves. Pacey follows him.)

PACEY: Speaking of action, I hear you're taking Chris to the dance, huh? (Dawson looks at Pacey, surprised.)

DAWSON: What? How do you know that?

PACEY: Joey told me.

DAWSON: I didn't tell her yet. I didn't tell *anyone* yet.

PACEY: Let's just say Joey knows you way too well, Dawson. She knew you were gonna cave. (Pacey pats him on the back with a smile. Dawson glares at him.)

DAWSON: *Cave*?

PACEY: Relax, D. You're just too predictable. (Pacey looks through some movies in the action section.) Besides, I think this is a definite good thing.

DAWSON: Good thing? I'm going on a pity date with a girl I barely even know. How can this be a good thing?

PACEY: Any date is a good thing, Dawson. You gotta get that through your head. Besides, Dawson, Chris seems like a decent girl. She ain't Cindy Crawford, but you gotta admit she's pretty. In a different way.

DAWSON: I haven't really looked at her that way yet. I haven't really been...*evaluating* her looks or anything.

PACEY: See, that's your problem, Dawson.


PACEY: You are way too picky. You decide on who you want, and if you can't get her, you completely rule out everyone else. You've gotta realize that you can focus on more than one girl at one time. Play the field, Dawson!

DAWSON: (suspicious) You're not "playing the field", are you , Pace? (Pacey looks at Dawson, snorting.)

PACEY: No, D-man, I have to say I am quite happy being benched and sitting on the sidelines with Joey. (Dawson puts the last movie on the shelf and turns to Pacey.) The real question is, if you're going to tackle this Chris issue or let it run right by you like a stranger in the crowd. (Dawson stops walking, Pacey's words sort of stalling his thought processes. Pacey smiles and glances at the clock.) Well, Dawson, I'm off. Gotta get ready for tonight, ya know?

DAWSON: (sighing) Yeah. I do too. (Pacey punches Dawson's shoulder and heads for the door, taking off his work vest.)

PACEY: See you later! (He walks out, leaving Dawson alone with his thoughts.)


Joey, Jen and Chris are all in her room, getting ready for the dance hurriedly. Joey is wearing her red dress, Jen is wearing a simple, short, black dress, and Chris is dressed in a dark green, sleeveless, shimmery dress which stops just above her knee. Chris looks at herself in Joey's mirror, awkwardly.

CHRIS: I feel weird, being all dressed up.

JOEY: Join the club. (Jen picks up her purse and digs something out of it, then turn to Chris.)

JEN: Here, I brought this for you to wear, Chris. (She walks behind Chris and loops a gold necklace with a small diamond charm around Chris's neck. Chris looks at it, smiling.)

CHRIS: It's beautiful...I can't wear it. You should.

JEN: No, I brought it for you.

JOEY: It looks really great with your dress, Chris. You're going to knock Dawson over when he sees you. (Chris looks at Joey, questioning.)

CHRIS: You really think so? (Jen and Joey smile at each other. Jen starts to apply some lipstick to her lips, facing the mirror.)

JOEY: You most definitely will, Chris. He's not gonna know what hit him. (Chris shrugs.)

CHRIS: I don't know...I was surprised he even asked me. I... sort of got the feeling he was still hung up on you, Joey. (Jen and Joey stop what they're doing. Joey looks a little shaken. Chris immediately regrets her statement.) Oh...I didn't mean to...sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. (Joey regains her smile, taking a deep breath and turning to Chris with a container of blush.)

JOEY: No, it's fine, Chris. And don't worry about Dawson. He never really liked me in that way so he really has nothing to get over.

CHRIS: Oh...I'm sorry. I thought that you and Dawson had this long history together that was slightly more than friendship and I...I guess I just got the wrong impression.

JEN: (smiling at Joey.) It was more than friendship for a millisecond, Chris, you're not that wrong. But then Joey here opened up her own eyes and found Pacey.

JOEY: Yeah. And now Dawson found you. (She grins reassuringly at Chris and puts her hands on Chris's shoulders.) Look, Dawson can sometimes be...completely oblivious to the world around him.

JEN: So don't expect him to have a clue what he's doing.

JOEY: He'll make an idiot of himself numerous times tonight, I can guarantee you that.

JEN: But you just smile and laugh, and wait for him to get himself back together.

JOEY: And then you'll have a great time.

CHRIS: (unsure) I don't know...I'm beginning to think this is a colossal mistake. We barely even know each other and now we're going to the dance together? It's a little weird.

JEN: First dates are always weird. I mean, if we only dated who we knew really well, most of us would end up all alone and unhappy. That's the whole purpose of dating- to get to know one another.

JOEY: And I have feeling Dawson is going to like what he finds out. (Chris smiles, relieved. Suddenly Joey's bedroom door opens and Bessie comes in.)

BESSIE: Okay, you three musketeers, Dawson and Pacey are here. Time to get on with it. (They all take one last glance in the mirror and follow Bessie downstairs.)


Dawson and Pacey are standing in the doorway, both looking slightly nervous, and uncomfortable in their suits. Dawson pulls at his tie, trying to get it straight. Bessie comes back downstairs, smiling.

BESSIE: Okay, boys, here they are. (Joey, Jen and Chris come into the room slowly, trying not to fall down the stairs in their heels. Pacey's mouth drops open at seeing Joey.)

PACEY: *Yow*, look completely *gorgeous*. (Joey smiles and walks over to him. Dawson looks from Jen to Chris, not sure of what to say as a compliment to Chris.)

DAWSON: Hey, Chris. You look really nice. (Chris smiles too, almost tripping over her own feet as she walks toward the door. She giggle nervously.)

CHRIS: Sorry...I'm not used to walking in high heels.

BESSIE: Jen, you're not going alone, are you?

JEN: I'm gonna meet up with someone there. (Bessie nods. Pacey pulls Joey toward him with a grin.)

PACEY: Well, Joey, you all ready for a night of fun with the Pace-man?

JOEY: Of course. (They lean in to kiss each other but Bessie coughs, seeing the tight expression on Dawson's face.)

BESSIE: You know, Jo, we should get some pictures before you leave.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Bessie, it's just the spring formal. It's not like the prom or anything.

BESSIE: (laughing) I know! Doesn't mean an older sister can't get excited. (Bessie picks up her camera from the kitchen table.) Okay, all of you scrunch together so I can get you all in one photo. (The five teens move closer together, Chris, then Dawson, then Joey, followed by Pacey and then Jen. Dawson awkwardly puts one arm around Chris's shoulders and even more awkwardly puts his other arm around Joey's. Bessie backs up, and snaps a couple of pictures.) Okay, only one more.

JOEY: Come on, Bess, I can't keep this smile plastered on my face forever! (the flash goes off and they all blink, then step away from one another, rubbing their eyes.)

DAWSON: I'm seeing spots.

JOEY: Same here. (Pacey looks at Joey, smiling.)

PACEY: All I see is one incredibly nice-looking woman. (Joey giggles at his comment. Bessie looks at her sister.)

BESSIE: You two are unbelievable.

DAWSON: (under his breath) Tell me about it. (Jen nudges him slightly, hearing his comment. She gives him a warning look.)

JEN: So, are we all ready to go now? (Everyone nods.)

JOEY: Yeah, let's go. (They head for the door.)

BESSIE: Have fun tonight, all you guys. (They all climb into Pacey's jeep and Pacey starts the engine, giving Bessie a small wave. As they pull away, Bodie walks in from their bedroom, looking sleepy.)

BODIE: Did they leave already?

BESSIE: Just leaving now. Where've you been?

BODIE: Fell asleep in there with Alex. (He looks at Bessie.) How'd everything go?

BESSIE: Remember how we were when we started going out?

BODIE: (wrapping his arms around her) Course I do.

BESSIE: Pacey and Joey? Exact same way. It makes me feel really old. (Bodie laughs at her.)

BODIE: How's Dawson? He's going with that Chris girl, right?

BESSIE: Yeah, I smell disaster. (Bodie raises an eyebrow) Let's just say Joey still has quite an admirer in Dawson Leery and he isn't too happy about going along with Joey and Pacey on a double date tonight.

BODIE: Ow, that's gotta hurt.

BESSIE: Tell me about it. (Alex starts crying and Bessie sighs.) I'll go get him. (She walks to their bedroom, Bodie following her.)


Pacey and Joey walk into the gym, holding hands. It's crowded, blue and gold streamers lining all the walls and the music blaring. "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes is playing and the dance floor is buzzing. Pacey squeezes Joey's hand and smiles at her.

PACEY: Well, here we are.

JOEY: Yeah, here we are.

PACEY: Where's Dawson and Chris? And Jen?

JOEY: Still hanging up their jackets and stuff.

PACEY: Want to dance?

JOEY: Uh...not really.

PACEY: Want to find a table and sit down?

JOEY: Not particularly. (Pacey is about to suggest another thing when Joey pulls him close and kisses him passionately.)

PACEY: Or...we could do that... (They kiss again.)

JOEY: Yeah, I sort of figured we were due for one.

PACEY: I like your thinking.

JOEY: Oh, you liked that, huh?

PACEY: Why, are you offering something more?

JOEY: (eyeing him coyly) Well, I don't know...come with me and maybe you'll find out. (She takes his hand and leads him through the crowd, toward the girl's locker room door. Dawson walks in, followed by Chris. They both survey the crowd, looking uncomfortable and unsure. Jen soon enters, and stops next to Dawson.)

JEN: Hey, where'd Joey and Pacey go? (Dawson shrugs.)

DAWSON: They only came in two seconds before we did-they couldn't have gone far. (He stands on tiptoe, trying to find Joey's familiar face in the maze of others. He spots her, pulling Pacey into the locker room. He sinks back down, depressed.) Looks as if they've already bolted for some place *private*. (Jen smiles, a bit amused.)

JEN: I guess Joey'd do anything to get out of having to dance, huh? (She laughs, and turns to Chris.) So, I guess I'll see you two later?

DAWSON: What? Where are you going?

JEN: (simply) To find John. Joey said he's gonna be here somewhere and if I find him before any other girl latches onto him, he'll be mine for the night. (She smiles even more widely, obviously pleased with the very idea.) So I obviously gotta get searching. (Jen walks past Dawson, patting him on the shoulder as she goes by.) See you guys later. (She exchanges a look with Chris, raising her eyebrows suggestively.) Have fun. (Jen walks away, leaving Chris blushing. Dawson awkwardly taps his heels together and looks nervously as Chris. They both stand silently for a minute. Chris lets out a deep breath, looking around the gym absentmindedly. Dawson stares at the ground for awhile, then turns to Chris.)


CHRIS: Yeah...

DAWSON: Well...want to dance? I mean, that's what we came here to do, right? (He laughs goofily. Chris joins him, not really thinking anything's funny.)

CHRIS: Right. (They both nod, agreeing, but neither move.)

DAWSON:, okay. Let's... (he gestures to the dance floor. Chris follows him. The scene cuts to Jen on the other side of the gym, searching for John. She seems almost as if she's lost. Her eyes dart about the room restlessly, but John in nowhere to be found. She heads over to the refreshment table, feeling let down.)


Pacey and Joey are locked in a passionate embrace, kissing as if they were in the most private place in the world. Pacey has Joey pressed against a row of lockers; the room is silent except for their heavy breathing. Pacey's mouth slips down to her neck and Joey pulls his tighter against her.

JOEY: Pacey...

PACEY: Hmmmm? (Joey gasps for air, her eyes opening quickly to look at him before closing again.)

JOEY: Nothing...I think maybe...

PACEY: What...?

JOEY: Maybe we could leave and go some place else...I mean...(His mouth covers hers once more. The locker room door swings open and Abby walks in, looking pissed off.)

ABBY: (to herself) Damn it! What a stupid little- (She sees Joey and Pacey making out and stops, a smile appearing magically on her face.) Well, well, well! What have we here? (Pacey pulls away from Joey reluctantly and takes a deep breath, looking at Abby. He and Joey slowly pull away from each other.)

PACEY: Yes, Abby? What can we do for you?

ABBY: You know, the more I see you two together, the more sense it makes. How could it not? The two biggest losers in Capeside pairing up? It's a match made in heaven.

JOEY: Yes, it actually is, but that's not any of your business, now is it, Abby? I mean, just because you can't get a boyfriend of your own doesn't mean you have to stick your nose into our relationship. (Abby looks at Joey snottily.)

ABBY: Oh, *please*. I can get whatever guy I want!

PACEY: Really. Well, I heard differently. I fact, aren't you attending this little gala completely and totally solo?

ABBY: (glaring at him.) Purely by choice. (she smiles wickedly) Keeps me available to hook up with as many guys as I want to.

JOEY: Yeah, I see the line forming right now, Abby. Come on, Pacey, let's go. (They walk out of the locker room, glancing back to give Abby dirty looks. Abby glares back at them until they leave, then her defenses fall and she lets out a deep heartfelt sigh. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and fluffs her hair and tugs at her dress.)



Joey and Pacey come out of the locker room, both annoyed. "You're Still the One" by Shania Twain is playing. Joey rolls her eyes when she hears it. They see Dawson dancing with Chris. Both of them look like they are afraid of each other. Pacey offers Joey his hand.

PACEY: Come on, Josephine, it looks like you won't get out of a little slow-dancing after all.

JOEY: Pacey, this is dumb. And this music is crap. She's like a country version of Mariah Carey.

PACEY: So? It's just dancing. (He smiles and pulls her out onto the dance floor. Dawson sees his two friends dancing, and he somehow can't keep his eyes off of Joey's smiling face. Chris notices the look on his face.)

CHRIS: Dawson? Is something wrong? (Dawson shakes himself out of his trance, and smiles at Chris.)

DAWSON: What? Oh, yeah. Everything's fine. (He once again can't tear his eyes away from his best friend as Pacey pulls her close. Chris follows his focused gaze and finds Joey at the end of it. Her spirits fall. She looks up at Dawson, hurt. Dawson doesn't even notice her. She pulls away from him.)

CHRIS: know what, Dawson? I think I better go.

DAWSON: (suddenly concerned) Wha- why?

CHRIS: I just think...I just don't think Prince Charming should be forced to dance with an ugly stepsister when he really can't keep his eyes off Cinderella. (Chris looks at Dawson sadly.) I'll see you around, Dawson. (She turns and hurries out of the gym, upset. Dawson stands there for a second, confused. Joey and Pacey have stopped dancing, and are both looking at Dawson questioningly.)

DAWSON: Aw....shit. (Dawson heads after Chris.)


Jen is sitting by the refreshments table, looking completely depressed. Abby comes out of the locker room, wiping under her eyes as if she had been crying. She sees Jen and heads over toward her. Jen sees her at the same time and doesn't look to happy about it.

ABBY: Hey, you look like you're having a great night.

JEN: What do you want, Abby?

ABBY:, who stood you up tonight?

JEN: (shrugging) It wasn't really a date. I mean, Joey just said he was probably going to be here so we could meet up. It wasn't like...planned or anything. (Abby nods.)

ABBY: Oh, John Young, huh. I don't know why you thought he would show up. (she snorts) Guys never show up.

JEN: Why, did someone stiff you too?

ABBY: I'm sure he has a good excuse. Who wouldn't want to go out with me? Abby Morgan? (She looks at Jen. Jen doesn't say what she's thinking. Abby sighs.) I've never been stood up in my life.

JEN: Well, neither have I, so I guess it's a first for both of us. (they are both silent for a minute.)

ABBY: It's like, I really thought he liked me. I thought he was gonna be different and...and he didn't even call. (Jen seems a bit taken aback by Abby, who is seemingly actually showing human emotion.)

JEN: Guys are all the same.

ABBY: Complete and total scum.

JEN: Who needs them?

ABBY: I don't. (Abby and Jen look at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing.)

JEN: Who are we kidding? We both know we couldn't live without them.

ABBY: We're pathetic. (They both giggle, until Abby suddenly stops as she looks up into the crowd. Jen stops too, turning to see what Abby is looking at. John Young is walking toward the pair of girls, looking calm and cool.)

JOHN: Hey, Jen. (Jen looks up at him in almost awe.)

JEN: Hi...John. I didn't think you were coming tonight.

JOHN: Yeah, well, it took me awhile to get here. I got tied up down at the mechanic shop. That I work at. (Abby looks from Jen to John, but they seem to be sharing an intense gaze, forgetting Abby's even present.)

ABBY: Well...I guess I'll just...get something to drink. (Abby quickly walks away. John takes her seat.)

JOHN: So anyway, sorry I'm really late. Joey said you were gonna be here and that you'd be looking for me. I was worried you'd think I stood ya up or something. (Jen laughs lightly.)

JEN:, I didn't think that. (John smiles at her, and she returns the grin happily.)


Dawson races out of the gym, chasing after Chris. OL: "Black Balloon" by the Goo-goo Dolls. The hallway is empty. He sighs, then turns to go back into the gym, when he realizes Chris is sitting on the ground, only a little bit away from the door to the gym. He goes to her and sits down next to her. She's crying lightly. When she notices he's there, she wipes her tears away and looks at him.

DAWSON: Hey...

CHRIS: I'm sorry...

DAWSON: For what?

CHRIS: I knew you weren't over Joey yet. I walked right into it, I knew what was going on. It's really all my fault.

DAWSON: No, Chris, don't say that. It's not-

CHRIS: (getting up) Don't bother, Dawson. I mean, really. It's okay. I'm not...I'm not even that upset. It's just one dance, one stupid *date*...if you could even classify it as that. (She forces a smile at him.) I'm just...I'm just going to go.

DAWSON: Chris...

CHRIS: I'll see you in school. (She quickly turns and walks down the hall, the tears starting to flow again. Dawson runs his hands through his hair and turns and flops against the wall, his back to it. Closing his eyes, he bangs the back of his head against the hard cement.)

DAWSON: (to himself) Stupid, stupid, stupid... (Joey and Pacey walk out of the gym, looking confused and concerned.)

PACEY: Yo, D, what's going on?

JOEY: Where's Chris? (Dawson looks at them, not even knowing where to begin or what to say.)

DAWSON:'s a long story. (He walks past them and back into the gym, not wanting to answer the questions that were sure to come. Joey and Pacey look at each other, knowing that their matchmaking had resulted in disaster.)


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