People Will Talk by: Laura

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Dawson is laying on his bed, looking tired. The familiar music of Jurassic Park echoes throughout his room. Joey climbs in his window slowly. He glances over, but doesn't say anything. Joey falls onto the bed and rests her head on his pillow.

DAWSON: Hey, Jo.

JOEY: Jurassic Park? Again?

DAWSON: (angrily) I'm in the mood to see people ripped to shreds by archaic bloodthirsty dinosaurs, forgive me.

JOEY: (eyeing him) Ah, I see you're in a savage mood. What's up?

DAWSON: Nothing. (Joey sits up and looks at him.) My parents have been combative toward each other all day.

JOEY: Oh, and I thought it was something *serious*. (Dawson looks hurt.) *Kidding*, Dawson. Geez. (Dawson rolls his eyes.)

DAWSON: Thanks for the support, Jo.

JOEY: Come on, Dawson. I know it really sucks-my parents weren't exactly Leave it to Beaver material either. (she pauses) What are they fighting about?

DAWSON: Everything and anything.

JOEY: Weren't they getting along better, though?

DAWSON: They were. But every once in awhile, it just flares up and all hell breaks loose. (He sighs and turns off the movie. He continues bitterly.) Anyway, enough of my personal anguish. Let's converge on *your* existence on this life-sucking planet. Where've you been all weekend?

JOEY: The usual boring, day to day inanities. Oh, and Pacey dragged me to see some Jackie Chan movie.

DAWSON: *Jackie Chan*?

JOEY: Yes, Jackie Chan. Surprisingly, I actually found myself enjoying the immature, testosterone-focused piece. (Dawson looks at her, disbelieving.)

DAWSON: (looking even more hurt) *Joey*! Have I taught you *nothing* in all our years of friendship? (Joey pretends to ponder this.)

JOEY: Let's, I guess not. (She smiles.) What are we watching tonight? Something without reptilian giants, I hope?

DAWSON: (sighing) I was thinking we could have a Dustin Hoffman theme tonight. I rented Rain Man, All the President's Men, Hero, Kramer Vs Kramer, Wag the Dog, and of course I got my copy of Hook. What do you think? (Dawson sets the movie cases on his bed, and Joey picks up Rain Man. Dawson sighs.) You chose Rain Man over a Spielberg? What has Pacey done to you? (The phone rings, and Dawson picks it up, shaking his head sadly as he answers it.) Hello? Yeah, Pacey she's here. And you poisoned her mind, do you know that? (Joey sticks her tongue out at him. He hands her the phone.) Pacey wants to talk to you.

JOEY: Hi, Pace. Can you hang on a second? (handing the phone back to Dawson tentatively.) Can I take it in your Mom and Dad's room? (Dawson nods, a bit confused.)

DAWSON: Um...yeah, sure. Of course. (Joey smiles and leaves. Dawson shakes his head. He gets up and puts Hook into the VCR.)

JOEY: (OS) I got it! (Dawson puts the phone back on the hook, then he flops back onto his bed with a sigh as he hears Joey giggling echo down the hall from his parents' bedroom.)



OL: Jealousy by Natalie Merchant. Jen is working behind the counter, looking a bit flustered. Bodie can be seen working in the kitchen. Joey flies in through the side door and grabs her apron. Jen hurries over to her.

JEN: Joey, where've you been?

JOEY: I know, I know, I'm sorry I'm late. How was your *orientation* with Bessie?

JEN: Joey, I don't know how you do this every day! I've taken care of two people only today and they've both been *rude* and *obnoxious* and-

JOEY: Welcome to my hell. Don't worry, you get used to it. (Jen looks at Joey, frustrated.)

JEN: Get used to this? Joey, I totally admire you. I had no idea what a pain waitressing really is.

JOEY: (sheepishly) It is a pain. But don't admire me.

JEN: (shrugging) I'll admire you if I want to, Joey Potter. (She laughs lightly. Joey rolls her eyes, tying her apron tightly around her waist. Jen is about to continue when Bessie calls an order. Jen sighs and heads over to the window to go pick it up, leaving Joey alone behind the counter. Joey re-arranges a napkin holder on the counter, not wanting to get to work. The bell above the door jingles, startling Joey. She looks up and smiles as Dawson walks in. He gives her a small wave hello and heads over to her, grudgingly. He plops down across from her at the counter, running his hands through his hair.)

JOEY: Hey, Dawson.

DAWSON: Hey, Jo. So...what's up? I thought you were going to stop over this morning. I mean, that's what you said...

JOEY: (shrugging) Sorry, Dawson. I...I got busy doing other things. (Dawson eyes her. She gives him a half-smile.) I didn't know that you were really counting on me coming over, or I would've.

DAWSON: (shrugging back) No, it's okay. I mean, I just wanted your help with some final editing on the movie before I send it off to the festival.

JOEY: I could come over after work, if you want me to. (Dawson shakes his head no.)

DAWSON: Naw. It's already all finished. (They are both silent for a minute.) Anyway, my mom sent me to pick up dinner. She called it in. (Dawson looks away.)

JOEY: What did you order? (Dawson isn't paying attention.) Earth to Leery. What do you want? (Suddenly Pacey comes through the door, making a noisy entrance.)

PACEY: There's the hottest waitress in town! (Joey smiles, but tries to hide it as she rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: What do you want, Witter? (Pacey walks over to her, acting cocky.)

PACEY: And what makes you think I was talking to *you*, Josephine? (Joey looks around her, rolling her eyes again.)

JOEY: Oh, right, Pacey, I forgot. (A smile escapes her as Pacey swings behind the counter, and wraps his arm around her waist. She slaps him away.) Do you mind? I'm trying to work here.

DAWSON: (tightly) Speaking of which, my order?

JOEY: Right, right. I know. Did your mom order the usual? (Dawson nods.) Okay. I'll go check the back and see if it's ready. (She walks towards the kitchen. Pacey and Dawson watch her go. Then Pacey turns to Dawson, happy.)

PACEY: So, Dawson, my man, what's up? (Dawson looks at his hands.)

DAWSON: Nothing. Where've you been, Pacey? You've been impossible to find. I mean, you and Joey have been together like every living moment.

PACEY: Yeah, Dawson...I sort of wanted to talk to you about that.

DAWSON: (hopeful) Why? Is there a problem between you two?

PACEY: (laughing) No, actually, things are great. Better than great. (jokingly) I mean, even after years of swapping insults and throwing mean-spirited comments like bullets, all I have to do is kiss her and she'll shut up. If only I had figured out that trick *sooner* comes in handy, ya know. (he laughs again) And I have to say I like being her boyfriend a lot better than being her arch enemy. (Pacey smiles. Dawson looks at him quickly then looks away. Pacey's smile falls.) But, Dawson, I just want to make sure...I mean, you're okay with this, right? This whole me and Joey thing?

DAWSON: (biting his lip) Yeah, why wouldn't I be? (Pacey looks at him questioningly.) I am, Pacey. Really. Me and Joey, that whole part of our relationship is over. I mean, it didn't even begin. You don't have to ask me if I'm okay with it.

PACEY: (accepting this) Okay, great. Thanks, Dawson. I just wanted to double check on all this. (He smiles at Dawson, and Dawson forces a smile back at Pacey.) I feel better now, man. (Pacey pats Dawson's shoulder.)

JOEY: Feel better about what? (She hands Dawson a large brown paper bag. He hands her some money and she sticks it in the cash register, hitting a few buttons and handing him change)

PACEY: Like I'd tell you. (He snorts and she slaps his shoulder. Jen stops next to Dawson, breathless.)

JEN: Joey, pass me the ketchup. Table 2 doesn't have any. (Joey tosses Jen the red container and Jen sighs, turning to head back out into the dining area.)

PACEY: So, Joey, how is little Miss New York holding up under the strain of manual labor?

JOEY: She's doing good, actually. Speaking of work, I'm supposed to be on duty. So... (She heads around the counter.)

DAWSON: (standing up.) Wait, Jo, so do you want to come over tomorrow? View the finished tape? (Joey nods.)

JOEY: Sure. I'll be there, first thing. (She starts to walk away again, but Pacey catches her in his arms and pulls her back to him. She tries to squirm away, but he twirls her around to face her, holding her wrists in his strong hands.) Pacey, you moron, let me go. I have to help Jen out before she self-destructs. (Pacey smiles.)

PACEY: Fine, fine, but does that mean I don't even get a kiss good-bye? (Joey glares at him.) What does a guy have to do to get a little action around here anyway? (Joey tries to leave again, but Pacey laughs and kisses her, quite passionately.)

BESSIE: (walking in from the kitchen) Pacey Witter, get your hands *off* my sister and let her work like she's *supposed* to! (She shakes her finger at them both in mock anger. Pacey laughs back at her and squeezes Joey.)

PACEY: Okay, okay, I'll leave you to your exciting job, Josephine. See you later. (He presses his lips against hers once more and Dawson rolls his eyes and heads for the door.)

BESSIE: (warningly) *Pacey*... (Pacey breaks away from a breathless Joey and heads to the door.)

PACEY: I'm goin'! Love ya, Jo! (He follows Dawson out the door. Bessie walks toward Joey, raising her eyebrows. Joey returns her stare rudely.)

JOEY: *What*?

BESSIE: Nothing.

JOEY: Shut up.

BESSIE: I didn't say anything.

JOEY: But you were thinking it.

BESSIE: (smiling) What was I thinking, Joey?

JOEY: Nevermind. I have to work. (She grabs a notepad off the counter, along with a pen, and goes to help Jen take orders. Bessie smiles knowingly and walks back to the kitchen door where Bodie is standing, smiling also.)


Dawson is sitting on his bed, watching his movie intently. He rewinds a scene and plays it over and over, the sound off. After a moment, he stops and glances at the clock. Sighing, he falls back onto his pillows.

DAWSON: *Where* is she? (He looks at the clock again, watching the minutes go by.)


OL: "Save Tonight" by Eagle-eye Cherry. Joey and Pacey are laying in each other's arms, sleeping peacefully. Slowly, Joey stirs and sits up, straightening out her clothes. She had been wearing the outfit since yesterday, and had slept in it. She looks Pacey's sleeping form up and down. Gently she touches his face, hoping to wake him up softly. He opens his eyes and smiles.

JOEY: Hey, dumbass. Have a nice sleep?

PACEY: Yes, but waking up next to you is a lot better than any dream I may have had. (He smiles at her charmingly, and she kisses him.)

JOEY: That was totally beyond cheesy.

PACEY: Then why are you smiling?

JOEY: Who said cheesy was bad? (Pacey pretends to think)

PACEY: I believe you have said it was bad on various occasions. (Joey rolls her eyes and glances at the clock.)

JOEY: (sighing) Anyway, as enlightening as this early morning banter is, I told Dawson I'd be over to his house for a "private screening" of his movie. (Pacey gives her puppy eyes.)

PACEY: You don't *have* to go.

JOEY: I said I would. He's expecting me. (Joey stands up, shrugging.) Besides, this morning is the only time me and Dawson have to continue our heated affair. I mean, it's hard to schedule our secret meetings, ya know? (Pacey laughs and pulls her back down on the bed.)

PACEY: *Very* funny. You're gonna pay for that one, Ice Queen. (Joey looks up at him as he leans down to kiss her. Their lips meet in a heated kiss. Joey pulls away and slips out from underneath him, climbing from the bed and heading to the door.)

JOEY: I'll come over later, Pacey. Right now I have to go watch you get killed in the movie. (she smiles.) And I can't miss that. It should be highly entertaining.

PACEY: Probably as good as *your* death scene. Though I doubt *anything* could beat that. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Anyway, Pace, I'm going. See you later. (She starts to climb down the ladder into Pacey's garage. Pacey stands up, watching her go.)


Joey steps out of the garage, stealing a glance at Pacey's house. The house is still closed up-it seems like everyone is still asleep. Pacey climbs down the ladder and comes to the garage door as Joey turns to go.

PACEY: You're not going to leave without an *official* kiss good-bye, are you?

JOEY: (smirking) I think you have an unconscious obsession with kissing good-bye. I don't quite understand it. (Pacey smiles at her.)

PACEY: (pulling her towards him) Well, you see, I think of the last kiss before parting as a promise of what's to come when you see each other next. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Then no wonder I rarely ever want to see you. (Her sarcasm is broken by a smile that peeks through. She tries to hide it.)

PACEY: Oh, my kisses make no promises, eh? We'll just see about that. (He takes Joey in his arms and kisses her passionately, pulling her as close to him as possible. His tongue slips into her mouth, his hands caressing her back. After a minute he breaks away, leaving Joey breathless. He looks at her, awaiting a response.)

JOEY: I'll be back as soon as I can. (Joey takes a deep breath and hurries down the road. Pacey smiles to himself. The camera draws back to reveal Abby and another girl standing on the sidewalk across the street, Abby's mouth open in surprise.)

ABBY: Did you see that, Laurie? *Joey Potter* spent the *night* at *Pacey Witter's house*? I never knew such great gossip could be stumbled across accidentally! (she laughs.)

LAURIE: Wait until Amber hears about it! (The two girls giggle and exchange knowing looks.)



Dawson is sitting at his computer, typing. The curtains to his window part and Joey steps in, smiling. He looks at her, mildly annoyed. He hits save on his computer and turns to her.

DAWSON: About time you showed up.

JOEY: (apologetic) Sorry, I slept over at Pacey's and we woke up late.

DAWSON: (alarmed) *Slept over*?

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) *Completely* innocent- no jumping to conclusions, Dawson. (She peers at the computer screen.) What are you working on?

DAWSON: A new script.

JOEY: What about?

DAWSON: (jokingly) I dunno...I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a guy who never gets to see his best friend anymore cause she's always off with some guy. (Joey flops onto his bed.)

JOEY: Dawson, come on. I'm only fifteen minutes late. And don't call Pacey *some guy*-he's your best friend.

DAWSON: No, *you* are my best friend. I thought.(Dawson sighs. Joey sits up and looks at him.)

JOEY: (clearly) What's up with you, Dawson? (No reply) Look, if this is about last night...

DAWSON: It's not that, Joey.

JOEY: Cause I didn't know you wanted me to come over. It wasn't movie night or anything.

DAWSON: I know that.

JOEY: Then why are you upset?

DAWSON: (defensive) Who said I was upset? (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: *Nobody*. But you could never hide anything from me before and you certainly aren't any better at hiding things from me now. (Dawson looks away from her, shrugging.)

DAWSON: (quietly) Let's just drop it. (Joey shrugs back at him as he gets up from his desk chair and shuts off the computer. He picks up the remote control with another sigh and sits down on the floor, leaning back against the bed. Joey looks hurt that he didn't take his normal place beside her on the bed. Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: (bitingly) Fine, Dawson. I won't even try to understand the depths of *your* mind. I highly doubt it's worth the effort.

DAWSON: (snorting) And we'd hate to have you exhort any extra labor on *my* account, now would we? (Joey gets up.)

JOEY: I'm not putting up with your immature remarks, Dawson. Either tell me what's wrong or I'm bolting. (She pauses, waiting for him to interrupt. He shifts slightly.) There's no way I'm gonna sit here in awkward, uncomfortable silence with someone who doesn't even have the guts to face up to what's bothering him. (Dawson looks at her. She stares back, daring him to speak. When he doesn't, she goes to the window and climbs out.) See ya, Dawson. (Joey disappears down the ladder. Dawson watches her go, then lets out a deep breath as he stands up. Angry, he throws the remote onto his bed, stomping over to his movie shelf. He pulls a box down off the top shelf and looks at the cover. It's Life Stinks.)

DAWSON: It may be a comedy, but the title is appropriate enough. (He slips the movie into his VCR and bounces onto his bed, pouting like a child who is being punished.)


Joey is at her locker, piling books into her book bag. Dawson enters the hall from a classroom, looking tired. He spots Joey and makes his way over to her. She zips up her backpack, slamming her locker shut. As she turns to go, she smacks right into the approaching Dawson.

DAWSON: Hey, Jo.

JOEY: Speaking to me like a civil human being now, are we? (Dawson frowns.)

DAWSON: Sorry about yesterday, Joey. I was in a bad mood.

JOEY: Clearly. (Dawson looks at her, sheepishly. Joey is angry.) Don't worry, I went out to lunch with Pacey. We had a *lovely* time. I mean, why would I waste my *entire* day worrying about what I did to piss you off?

DAWSON: (pleadingly) Joey, I know I was a jerk. Just please don't be mad. (She starts to walk away. Dawson follows her.) Jo!

JOEY: Relax, Dawson. We're fine. I'm not really mad anymore. But I *am* late, so... (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: Right, sorry. See ya later. (He gives her a small wave and watches her walk away. He spins around to head to his next class and crashes right into Jen. Dawson and Jen both laugh.)

JEN: Hey, Dawson!


JEN: Good thing I bumped into you, *literally*. (She smiles.)

DAWSON: Good bumping into *me*? Why?

JEN: Well, I need to talk to you.

DAWSON: Sure, about what? (He looks curious.)

JEN: Well...actually, I need a favor. (Dawson smiles at her as they continue down the hall.)

DAWSON: And what do I have the pleasure of assisting you with?

JEN: (nervously) Well, I just need you me... with something.

DAWSON: (laughing) And this *something* would involve...?

JEN: Um, John Young. (Dawson looks surprised.)

DAWSON: (slowly) in *that* John Young?

JEN: (laughing) Yes, *that* John Young. Don't look at me that way, Dawson.

DAWSON: (innocently) Look at you what way?

JEN: All shocked. Like "What could little Miss New York want with a guy like John Young"?

DAWSON: Well, he's not exactly...your type... (Dawson shrugs.) I dunno...I didn't think you'd like someone like him.

JEN: Who said I liked him? (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: Why else would you be asking me about him? (Jen sighs.)

JEN: Well...okay, sit next to him in Bio, right? I heard you talking about him copying off you before, so...

DAWSON: So...? (He waits for her to get to the point.) (SC)INT.BOY'S BATHROOM.LATE MORNING Dawson is washing his hands at the sink. Pacey is grabbing paper towels from the dispenser. He stops, looking at Dawson in disbelief. Whatever Dawson just said took him completely by surprise.

PACEY: *Jen Lindley* is scared about talking to a guy?

DAWSON: Well, I wouldn't say *scared*, exactly.

PACEY: No, you said scared. What guy?

DAWSON: She's just nervous. John Young. (Pacey bursts into laughter.)

PACEY: *John Young*! *Jen* likes *John Young*? (Dawson covers Pacey's mouth.)

DAWSON: Shhhh! Shut up! Someone will hear you.

PACEY: Who's gonna hear me? (yelling) Hey, everyone, Jen Lindley has the hots for-

DAWSON: Remember what happened last time we talked about secrets in the bathroom? (Pacey's face falls. Dawson checks the stalls to make sure no one is in there, opening the doors to make sure.)

PACEY: That was a cheap shot.

DAWSON: (defensive) No, it wasn't. It was the truth. I mean, did you, or did you not discuss your relationship with Ms. Jacobs in this very bathroom with me? And wasn't it all over school by first period? (Pacey is a little angry.)

PACEY: Leave Tammy out of this, Dawson. (They both fall silent. Pacey looks at his friend, sighing reluctantly.) Dawson, Jen's secret is safe with me. I was only kidding around. You don't have to jump down my throat about it.

DAWSON: So you're not going to tell anyone?

PACEY: No, obviously not. (They fall silent once more.) So...what is this thing Jen wants you to do? (Dawson looks at Pacey, throwing paper towels into the garbage bin.)


Joey is at the drinking fountain. Jen is standing next to her, waiting for Joey to finish so they can continue their conversation. Joey stands up, letting her hair drop from her hand-held ponytail, and wipes her mouth.

JOEY: So, Dawson's going to talk to him for you?

JEN: Well, it's not like he's going to do it the sixth grade way and say "Jen likes you. Do you like her?" (Joey laughs.) At least, I hope not.

JOEY: Knowing Dawson, you might want to double check with him and make sure to instruct him *not* to choose that route. (Jen looks nervous.)

JEN: You really think he would-

JOEY: (eyeing Jen) I was kidding, Lindley. (She steps back, looking her friend up and down.) Why are you so tense about this? It's completely unlike you. It's just a guy. (Joey stops, thinking.) I mean, not only is it just a guy, it's *John Young*.

JEN: (defensive) *Why* does everyone keep saying his name like it's a disease or something? He's not a bad guy!

JOEY: Let's see...(counting off reasons on her fingers) he got busted for having pot in his locker twice last year, never comes to class, has been seen staggering down the streets of our fine city like a drunken idiot-

JEN: Come on, Joey. You're being unfair. (Pacey can be seen walking up behind the conversing pair of girls.)

JOEY: Well, I do grant you that he *is* definitely good looking.

PACEY: Who's good looking?

JOEY: Jen's got a thing for John Young.

JEN: (appalled and embarrassed) *Joey*!

PACEY: Don't worry, Jen. I won't tell anyone. Besides, John Young does have that very *Catalano-esque* quality.

JEN: what-esque?

JOEY: (surprised) You watched that show?

PACEY: Why, didn't you?

JEN: (confused) What show?

JOEY: (disbelieving) Yeah, *of course* I did, are you kidding me? I just didn't think of *you* as someone who would've watched it.

PACEY: I have three sister. I obviously did. Don't let that get around though. (Pacey flashes Joey a smile.)

JEN: Wait, what show?

JOEY: Well, jailbait, I'm sure everyone would love to know you watch a show about the life of a teenage girl.

PACEY: Hey, it wasn't strictly about a teenage girl. It was about a *group* of teenagers growing up.

JOEY: True enough. (She leans against a locker) I miss My So-called Life. It was so different from everything else, ya know? Not like that 90210, Melrose Place,and Buffy crap on nowadays. ( Jen looks clued in, now that she knows what Joey is talking about. Pacey looks at Joey warningly.)

PACEY: Are you going to spew off some philosophical junk about intellectualism on television and the total and complete deterioration of American society? Cause I don't want to hear it. I mean, that's what *Dawson* is for. (Joey and Pacey have seemingly forgotten about Jen's presence. Joey gives Pacey a devious but flirtatious stare.)

JOEY: Then what are *you* for? (Pacey moves closer to her and puts his hands on her hips, looking deep into Joey's eyes. Jen looks at them both uncomfortably, then looks down the hall.)

PACEY: Well, I'm not sure...but I'm guessing this... (His words trail off as their lips meet. Jen spots Dawson walking down the hall, staring at the floor. She hurries over to him, leaving the kissing pair behind.)

JEN: Dawson! (He looks up, startled. He sees Pacey and Joey, wrapped in each other's arms first and his face falls. He realizes Jen was the one who called to him and paints a fake smile on his face.)

DAWSON: Hi, Jen! (Jen looks at him expectantly. Dawson is clueless about what she's waiting for.)

JEN: So...?

DAWSON: So...?

JEN: How was Biology...? (Dawson looks annoyed.)

DAWSON: (edgily) I don't know, I haven't *gone* yet. Geez, Jen, get a muscle relaxer. (He brushes past her and continues down the hall. Jen looks hurt, and confused by Dawson's unusual tone. Dawson throws a glare at his pair of friends, who are still pressed against each other, as he passes by. They are oblivious. Jen watches Dawson as he stalks off down the hall.)



Mr. Leery is gluing more tacky items onto his model of his future restaurant. He looks very pleased with himself. Dawson comes downstairs, sadly. Mitch looks up, smiling.

MITCH: Dawson! Check it out! (Dawson walks over, glancing at the small model with no interest.) What do you think?

DAWSON: Great, Dad. (He continues past and opens the refrigerator.)

MITCH: (sarcastically) Well, you could tone down on the enthusiasm a *little*, Dawson. (Dawson just sighs in reply.) It's not that bad, is it? (Mitch leans back and looks at the paragon. Dawson takes a soda out and lets the door of the fridge fall shut.)

DAWSON: No, Dad, really, it's great. (Dawson sits down at the table, across from his dad. Mitch picks up on Dawson's mood.)

MITCH: Something wrong, Dawson?

DAWSON: Not in the mood for father-son bonding, but thanks anyway, Dad. (Dawson rolls his eyes and stands up. Mitch stands up too.)

MITCH: Naw, Dawson. Any time is good for father-son bonding, contrary to your beliefs. (He points to the chair Dawson was just sitting in.) Sit. Cough it up. (Dawson looks at his father, and sees that there's no hope of getting out of the situation. He sits down reluctantly.) What's going on?

DAWSON: (taking a deep breath) Well, you remember that whole...fiasco with Joey?

MITCH: (thinking back) The one about...the guy from New York, and Pacey, and the kiss and all that?

DAWSON: (tightly) Yeah. That.

MITCH: What about it? I thought...I mean, I thought everything was okay now.

DAWSON: (bitterly) Yeah. It is great. Everything's just great. I mean, Joey's my best friend, and she's going out with Pacey. That's the way it should be right? Me as the friend, Pacey as the one who makes out with her in the hall, right?

MITCH: (laughing) Are you saying you'd rather be the one making out with Joey Potter in the hallway? (Dawson looks embarrassed, and depressed.)

DAWSON: (tapping the table) It's not even that, I mean...I decided I only wanted to be her friend...I just... I...I feel like I'm losing her, Dad.

MITCH: Losing Joey? To Pacey, you mean? (Dawson nods.) Well, Dawson, I don't know what to tell you.

DAWSON: (surprised) You don't?

MITCH: No, Dawson...I mean, I could give you the usual line that you know, she'll always be your best friend, no one could ever replace you, and all that stuff, but I'd be lying.

DAWSON: What are you saying, Dad?

MITCH: (sitting up and looking Dawson straight in the eyes.) I'm saying that people change. Relationships change. Things don't always last. (Dawson's mouth opens to say something, but Mitch continues.) But I'm not saying that's the way it has to be with you and Joey. (Mitch pauses.) You have to tell her how you feel, Dawson. It can't be something that builds up inside of you; that's when it turns to anger, and hatred and you end up exploding at her...and that would end everything, okay? Just be honest with Joey, she'll understand.

DAWSON: I don't want mine and Joey's friendship to disappear into oblivion. We've been best friends for so long...and I thought that we were stronger than this. I mean, it's important to me that we...but I don't know if it's important to her...anymore. (Mitch looks at Dawson, sympathetically.)

MITCH: Why don't you think it's important to her anymore?

DAWSON: (leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms.) By the way she when she's with me, she's not paying attention to me anymore. She's always thinking about him.

MITCH: How do you know-

DAWSON: I just know. I mean, she's always late now, because she was somewhere with Pacey, or she doesn't even bother to show up at all. Or like, I'll be talking to her and Pacey will sit down and Joey will just start talking to him, even if we're in the middle of a conversation. Or-

MITCH: Okay, okay. I get it.

DAWSON: (bitterly and sadly) I wish they would just go back to hating each other. I want my friends back. (Mitch frowns, looking at his son with pity in his eyes. Dawson sits across from him silently.)


Dawson is walking down the hallway. He sees Joey and Pacey entering school, holding hands. He immediately turns down another hallway. Abby quickly appears by his side.

ABBY: Hi, Leery.

DAWSON: Abby, I'm really not in the mood, please. I can't deal with you making jokes at my expense at this particular moment.

ABBY: Well, I wasn't planning to.

DAWSON: (surprised) What?

ABBY: As it so happens, I was just wondering if you'd heard the news.

DAWSON: What news?

ABBY: About Pacey and Joey? I'm assuming you already have, cause I mean, Joey Potter's your best friend, right?

DAWSON: What about Pacey and Joey?

ABBY: You don't know?

DAWSON: Know *what*?

ABBY: About them! Having sex? (Dawson stops in his tracks and looks at her.)

DAWSON: *What*?

ABBY: I can't believe you didn't know! (She laughs.) I thought when something hit so close to home you'd *at least* be clued in. But as usual, little Dawson Leery was too busy off in Fantasy Land to pay attention.

DAWSON: You're making this up, Abby. Joey would've told me if something like that had happened. Why are you- You're not spreading this all over school, are you?

ABBY: (walking away from him with a coy smile.) I guess if I am you'll hear about it soon enough. Bye, Dawson. (She disappears into a classroom. Dawson just stands there, stunned. Suddenly he's bounced into from behind by a passing football player who wasn't watching where he was going. The football player continues on his way without noticing.)


Joey and Jen are sitting at a lunch table, in deep conversation. Some fellow students passing by their table toss contemptuous looks and curious stares in Joey's direction, but neither of the girls notice.

JOEY: So, Dawson still hasn't talked to him?

JEN: I'm beginning to think I should just get up the nerve and talk to him myself.

JOEY: It'd probably be much more effective.

JEN: Probably.

JOEY: Listen, Jen, can I ask you something? About this whole John thing?

JEN: Sure.

JOEY: Are you, I mean, I thought you still had a thing for Dawson.

JEN: (taken aback) Um...

JOEY: You don't have to answer. I just wanted to make sure that this whole thing for John Young wasn't just an escape route.

JEN: (confused) What do you mean?

JOEY: I mean that you wouldn't just be using John as a lame attempt to force yourself to believe you're over Dawson. (Jen is quiet.)

JEN: (After a moment of contemplating) No, Joey...I really do like John. I mean, I do still have a tiny thing for Dawson, but this crush I have on's real. I mean, my mind is divided between two guys and one of them I don't have a chance I might as well get to know the other.

JOEY: Good. Cause you're going to Nietzche's Friday night to hear his band play.

JEN: *What*?

JOEY: Nietzche's. That small cafe/club place over in-

JEN: I know what Nietzche's is. I...

JOEY: Right, well anyway, they have that new music spotlight every Friday night and his band got the gig.

JEN: How did you...I mean, how did you find out? You talked to him?

JOEY: (shrugging) Yeah, I did. I figured Dawson never would.

JEN: So you just went up to this guy you didn't know and-

JOEY: No, I know him. Last year he was in my social class and we sat together. (Jen's mouth drops.)

JEN: Why didn't you tell me?

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Anyway, I talked to him, he told me about the club, I asked him if I could bring you along, and he said, and I quote, "That blond girl I see you with? Sure, bring her. I've been wanting to talk to her anyway."

JEN: (gasping) He did *not* say that.

JOEY: (laughing) You think I'd make it up just to mess with your head?

JEN: Well, yeah! (She pauses, taking a deep breath.) Joey, you're right, he is very Catalano, isn't he?

JOEY: I thought you'd never seen that show.

JEN: I have, I just didn't catch what you guys were saying. I was confused, okay? (They both laugh lightly. Jen looks at Joey, grinning.) He really said that?

JOEY: I'm in the complete truth zone. (Suddenly the camera shot widens to reveal Dawson approaching the two girls. He stops behind Jen and looks at Joey, somewhat angry. OL: "Throwing Stones" by Paula Cole.)

DAWSON: Joey? Can I talk to you for a minute?

JOEY: (confused) Sure, what about? (Dawson doesn't move.)

DAWSON: (gesturing away from the table) In private? (Joey and Jen exchange looks.)

JOEY: Sure... (She gets up slowly) Be right back, Jen. (Dawson leads her away from the table. Abby appears out of nowhere and quickly takes Joey's place next to Jen.)\

ABBY: (excited) So, Jen, are you and Joey exchanging sex stories? What did she say about Pacey-is he good?

JEN: (confused and appalled) Excuse me?

ABBY: Well don't you know? About Joey and Pacey doing it?

JEN: (rolling her eyes) Abby, you are *so* full of it.

ABBY: (getting up, looking at Jen slyly) Maybe I am...but then, I *wonder* what *Dawson* is so upset about? (Abby walks away, and Jen's eyes fall on Dawson, who has pulled Joey away from the table, near a garbage can. He is holding onto her arm tightly, his face tense. She can't see Joey's face.)

JOEY: (curious) What's going on, Dawson?

DAWSON: Have you heard the rumor?

JOEY: (eyeing him) What rumor?

DAWSON: Joey, everyone's saying you had sex.

JOEY: What?

DAWSON: You and Pacey. Abby told me.

JOEY: Please, Dawson, why would someone say a thing like that?

DAWSON: I don't know, you tell me. (Joey looks into his cold, hard eyes.)

JOEY: (laughing) Dawson, you don't believe there's an *ounce* of truth in that rumor, do you? (She suddenly becomes aware of the cold, angry look in his eyes.) Dawson? Do you?

DAWSON: How would I know?

JOEY: Dawson! You know *know* I would never do anything like that! And if I did, you think I wouldn't *tell* you?

DAWSON: Who knows if you would've told me. We barely even talk to each other anymore. (Joey looks at him, hurt.)

JOEY: What do you mean by that?

DAWSON: I mean that you're always with Pacey now. I may as well not even exist.

JOEY: Where are you pulling all this from? I-

DAWSON: (quietly and tensely) Who needs to pay attention to your best friend when you have Pacey? What else could you possibly need? I mean, he may be the town screw up and he may be so lacking in conviction that he's failing school, hey, he maybe even slept with his English teacher, but I bet he's *really* good in the sack, right Joey? And that's all that really matters, now doesn't it? (The sound of Joey's hand connecting with the side of Dawson's face echoes throughout the cafeteria. Everyone looks over at the pair of students they hadn't even noticed a moment before. Jen is stunned. Tears are streaming down Joey's cheeks, her eyes filled with anger and pain.)

JOEY: (almost whispering) You are *such* a bastard. (She turns and runs from the cafeteria, leaving Dawson standing alone in the middle of the cafeteria. All eyes are on him.)



Mitch is cooking something over the stove. Gail is sitting at the table. The front door opens, and Dawson walks in, dragging his feet. There's a large red mark on the side of his cheek, almost a bruise. Mitch looks at him, smiling.

MITCH: Hey, Dawson! How'd it go with Joey? (His face falls as he sees his son's manner.)

GAIL: Dawson, honey! What happened to your face? (She stands and goes to touch his cheek but he pushes her hand away.)

DAWSON: Please, Mom. I don't want to talk about it.

MITCH: I'm guessing things with Joey didn't go as you had planned?

DAWSON: Worse. I waited too long, like you said. Big explosion. I think you can label me a disaster area now.

MITCH: That bad?

DAWSON: (heading for the stairs) Well, I pretty much called her a slut in front of the entire cafeteria.

GAIL: *What*? Dawson!

MITCH: You called her a slut?

DAWSON: Not in those words exactly, but something along those lines, yes. Now please just let me wallow in my misery and figure out how I'm going to manage damage control? (He sighs and turns to go upstairs again. There is a knock on the front door. Gail opens it to reveal a *very* angry looking Pacey.)

GAIL: Um...I'm guessing you'd like to see Dawson. (Dawson comes back down the stairs wearily.)

PACEY: (seeing Dawson and glaring at him.) Hey Mrs. Leery, Mr. Leery. (Mitch nods to him as Pacey quickly advances toward the stairs and Dawson.) You. Upstairs. Now. (He grabs Dawson's shirt and drags him upstairs.)

GAIL: (whispering to Mitch and laughing.) Remember when my friend...well, ex-friend, Mike called me things like that? You beat him up so bad he couldn't walk for a week!

MITCH: Yeah, I remember. I was *so* pissed. Anything for love, eh? (Gail stops and thinks about that. She looks toward the stairs. Mitch takes the pan off the stove and turns off the burner.) Um...I'm going to go upstairs...and check to see if Dawson's alive.

MITCH: Good plan. I'll come with you. (They hurry upstairs.)


Grams is sorting through sewing supplies on the table. Jen comes in, looking slightly nervous about something. Grams looks up and smiles at her granddaughter, a bit tightly. Jen goes to the fridge, trying to gather up some nerve.

GRAMS: And how was school today, Jennifer?

JEN: Oh...fine.

GRAMS: Anything interesting happen?

JEN: anything you'd find interesting anyway. How was your day?

GRAMS: (sighing) Ah, the usual day, I suppose.

JEN: (not really listening to her grandmother) Listen, Grams, there's this thing Friday night, at this café over in Allentown.

GRAMS: (eyeing Jen suspiciously) And what is this...*thing*?

JEN: There's this band playing there, and Dawson and Joey and Pacey are probably going, and...

GRAMS: Absolutely not. You are a young lady and such places are not suitable for you, Jennifer.

JEN: Grams, it's not a heavy metal grunge bar or a techno dance's a *café*. Small, tiny, might even smell like *potpurri*. (Jen smiles.) What could be more suitable?

GRAMS: And your little...*friends* are going?

JEN: Yes...

GRAMS: And this...*band*...whose band is it and what type of music do they play?

JEN: I don't know, it's just these guys from school, I don't really know them.

GRAMS: Hmmpph. And you expect me to let you go to this place?

JEN: Grams, please. I've tried to be a model granddaughter, I've done everything you've asked me to-

GRAMS: Except go to church-

JEN: And I just want to go out and have some innocent fun.

GRAMS: Well you and I both know that *your* type of fun isn't quite so innocent. (Grams looks at Jen knowingly. Jen tries to bite back tears of anger.)

JEN: Why do you keep re-living my past? I've changed! I'm a better person now, Grams. I don't do things like I did in New York and I don't plan to. I don't understand why you can't see that.

GRAMS: (patronizingly) I'm just *trying* to prevent you from making the same mistakes twice. (Jen looks at her grandmother sadly.)

JEN: *What* is it going to take for you to trust me? (Grams doesn't answer.) I'll tell you what, Grams. If you let me go to this thing Friday night, I will attend church with you on Sunday. (Grams looks up, startled. A smile grows on her face.)

GRAMS: Well, then, Jennifer, you have my permission to attend this performance Friday night. (Jen smiles.) *But*, if I hear anything about *any* bad behavior- Jennifer, where are you going? (Jen is already walking out of the room.)


OL: "My Own Prison" by Creed. The bedroom door opens and Pacey practically throws Dawson inside. He lands on his bed. Dawson looks at Pacey, surprised. Pacey slams the door. Dawson looks mildly frightened. Pacey paces back and forth, too angry to mutter out a few words. After a moment he stops and looks at Dawson.

PACEY: How could you do that to her? What is your problem? Are you *insane*?

DAWSON: Pacey...

PACEY: I mean you're supposed to be her *friend*! Dawson, man...

DAWSON: Pacey, I never meant to say *anything* like that, I...

PACEY: (pacing again) She shows up at my locker, sobbing, Dawson. *Joey Potter*, *sobbing*. And of course I have *no idea* what's wrong because she's crying so hard that she can't even *speak*. So I'm standing there, worried out of my *freakin' mind*, and finally Jen comes over and explains what happened to me. And low and behold, our good friend *Dawson Leery* is the culprit. What were you *thinking*? Why'd you do it?

DAWSON: I wasn't thinking at all! I lost control, Pacey...I don't even...I don't what happened. I just...

PACEY: I could kill you. I could seriously kill you right now. I mean, not only do I have to put down this stupid rumor about me and Joey, uggghhhh...I don't want to *deal* with this now! Just because Abby saw her coming out of my house one morning...this whole thing is *way* out of hand.

DAWSON: (alarmed) When did she see Joey coming out of your house?

PACEY: *Dawson*! Would you just shut the hell up? (He glares at Dawson angrily.) What is your problem with me and Joey? I *asked* you! I *asked* you a million times if this whole thing was okay and you said it was fine! And now you're calling Joey a whore in the middle of the cafeteria?

DAWSON: (defensive) I never called her a whore!

PACEY: I don't understand you, man. (repeating himself, not thinking)You're supposed to be her best friend!

DAWSON: I am! Or...was.

PACEY: (sitting down on Dawson's bed, putting his head in his hands.) I just...I don't get why you'd think some *stupid* rumor like that could *possibly* be true.

DAWSON: I don't cognize the extent of your would I even know if you guys were really...

PACEY: *Listen* to me, man. Me and Joey are *not* in a sexual affinity. She's not ready for that and I am certainly not going to pressure her into anything-

DAWSON: (skeptically) Yeah right.

PACEY: (offended) What's *that* supposed to mean?

DAWSON: You know what I meant.

PACEY: *No*, I don't. What are you implying, Dawson? That I would force Joey into something?

DAWSON: Well we all know about your overwhelming sexual urges and your inability to control yourself, don't we?

PACEY: (standing up) Forget you, Dawson. You're not worth my breath. (he heads for the door.)

DAWSON: Yeah, I've sort of realized that lately.

PACEY: (looking back at him, stopping.) What?

DAWSON: Come on, Pacey, it's not like you and Joey have even bother to look away from each other for two seconds lately. You're off in your own little world...I mean, I have no idea what's going on with you two anymore. You're always together and I'm...nowhere.

PACEY: Dawson-

DAWSON: I can *accept* that you two are together, I mean, as a matter of fact, I'm fine with it. But I don't want to be forgotten, Pacey. And that's what's happening here.

PACEY: Dawson, man, no one is going to *forget* about you. We're your friends! I don't know how you could think anything otherwise.

DAWSON: It's pretty easy to think *otherwise* when you're in the middle of a conversation with your best friend, Joey, and all of a sudden your other best friend, Pacey, interrupts and shoves his tongue down her throat. (Pacey sees his point and smiles.) I don't feel all too important when Joey thinks being with you is better than being with me. I mean, after all, I've only been her best friend since...*forever*, but why should that matter? (Dawson stands up and walks to his window. Pacey watches him, finally understanding what's really going on.)

PACEY: Oh, so, all this time, you've been *completely freaked* that you're losing Joey's and mine friendships just cause me and her are something...more than friends?

DAWSON: (muttering) Pretty much.

PACEY: (putting his hand on Dawson's shoulder.) Well let's get something straight right now, bud. Our friendship and your friendship with Joey ain't going nowhere, okay? (eyeing Dawson with a whimsical smile) But I don't think yelling at Jo during lunch and throwing insults at me is going to make our relationships any stronger, k?

DAWSON: I know, I know...I just...when I heard that you and Jo were potentially sleeping together...and I didn't even know about it...(he looks at his feet) I guess I flipped out and lost it...and I'm really sorry, Pace.

PACEY: (punching Dawson's arm lightly) It's okay, Dawson, but next time...?

DAWSON: Yeah. I promise I won't blow up.

PACEY: No, next time... (Pacey draws his hand back, clenching it into a fist. Without warning he punches Dawson square in the right eye. Dawson stumbles backward into his desk chair.) Next time I'm going to beat the *living crap* out of you. (Dawson looks up at him, stunned.)

DAWSON: Okay...I surmise that I really deserved that, but-

PACEY: Sorry, Dawson, but I couldn't let you get off scotch-free. I've been *aching* to punch you all day and I wasn't about to give up the dream now. (He laughs lightly. Dawson laughs too, then winces and touches his eye. Pacey turns serious again, looking Dawson in the eyes.) But I love Joey, Dawson. I *love* her. And if anyone hurts her, even if it is *you*, they're gonna get hurt just as bad, do you understand?

DAWSON: (confused) Pacey, are you threatening me?

PACEY: No, just warning you. I mean, People *will* talk, Dawson, they'll always find *something* to gossip about. And me and Joey are used to having people talk about us behind our backs, and whisper as we walk down the hall, but if *you* start believing the rumors too...I at least know that *I* will never forgive you.

DAWSON: (nodding) I understand, Pacey. (He touches his eye again.) I promise I'll always trust you guys and ask you first about what's going on, before I leap to conclusions...and fall flat on my face. (Pacey smiles.)

PACEY: Okay, Dawson. (He opens the bedroom door, looking at Dawson. Gail and Mitch can be seen rushing down the hall, not wanting Dawson to know they were eavesdropping. Neither boy notices. Pacey steps out into the hall, facing the stairs.)

DAWSON: (quietly) Hey, Pace? (Pacey turns around.)

PACEY: Yeah?

DAWSON: (slowly) mad is she? (Pacey and Dawson look at each other for a moment in silence.)

PACEY: She's down at the Ice House now...why don't you go talk to her... (Dawson half-smiles.)

DAWSON: Okay...thanks, Pacey.

PACEY: Anytime, man. (He turns to go, but turns back one more time.) Oh, and sorry. About the eye. (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: Don't worry about it. No hard feelings. (Pacey slaps his hands together and goes downstairs, passing Mr. and Mrs. Leery, who are coming pretending to just have walked down the hall.)

PACEY: (to Gail and Mitch) At ease, gentlemen. (Gail enters Dawson's bedroom, cautiously.)

GAIL: Dawson, honey? You all right? (Dawson is grabbing his jacket from his closet.)

DAWSON: I'm fine, Mom. (She gasps as Dawson turns and looks at her, throwing his jacket on. Mitch's mouth drops.)

MITCH: Wow, that punch must have been a lot harder than it sounded!

GAIL: Mitch!

DAWSON: (breezing past them to the stairs) Don't worry, Mom, I knew you guys were listening. It's no big secret.


Dawson runs downstairs. Gail and Mitch race to the top of the stairs.

GAIL: (worried) Where are you going?

DAWSON: (heading for the front door.) To go find Joey! (The door slams behind him as he leaves.)



OL: "Hold On" by Sarah McLachlan. The restaurant is crowded. Joey is sitting at the counter, looking lonely. Bessie comes out of the kitchen, and stops, seeing her sister's sad expression. She seems out of place among the other noisy high school students. Bessie makes her way over to Joey.

BESSIE: What, no Pacey tonight?

JOEY: He has to work tonight.

BESSIE: Oh, well, where's Dawson? You haven't done anything with him for while.

JOEY: Who cares where Dawson is? Hopefully he got hit by a semi and I'll never have to see him again. (Bessie looks at her younger sister, backing away from her.)

BESSIE: (slowly) O...kay....What's up?

JOEY: (angrily)*Nothing* is *up*, would you leave me alone? (Bessie throws up her hands slightly, surrendering.)

BESSIE: Okay, okay, I'll *leave you alone*. (She touches Joey's hair.) But I'm here if you need me, okay? (Joey shies away from her sister's touch and Bessie sighs. She throws a towel over her shoulder and goes back to the kitchen. Dawson rushes in the side door as Bessie passes it.) Dawson-hey, Dawson! What's going on with Joey? (Dawson looks at her, then at Joey, who is slowly sipping a milkshake and staring at it as if she wished she could drown in it.)

DAWSON: (at a loss for words.) Um...long story, Bess. Tell you later. (He takes a deep breath and walks over to Joey. Sitting down next to her slowly, she looks up, startled.)

JOEY: Go away, Dawson.

DAWSON: No, I need to talk to you.

JOEY: About what? We have nothing to say to each other. (Joey pushes her cup to the side. She gets up and hurries outside. Determined, Dawson follows her.)


Joey runs from the building, angry. She stops when she hears Dawson's footsteps rapidly pursuing her. She turns around, her hair flying all over the place.


JOEY: Leave me alone, Dawson! I don't want to talk to you!

DAWSON: (grabbing her arm) Well you're gonna have to! (their faces are close. Joey looks into his eyes and is frightened by the force within them. She pulls away.) Listen to me, Joey. I didn't mean what I said today in the cafeteria. I was being inane and pathetic and highly illogical. I was wrong to assume that the rumor was true and it was even worse of me to say the things I said about you and Pacey. I just...I just..

JOEY: Just what?

DAWSON: I was scared, Joey.

JOEY: (laughing) Scared of what?

DAWSON: Scared I was losing you. That I was being replaced.

JOEY: What are you talking about? No one is replacing you.

DAWSON: I know that now...but...(He turns away from her, then turns back) Everything's different now. When you're not with Pacey, you're with me, *talking* about Pacey. His smile, his eyes...what happened to our friendship? He's always on your mind...I miss watching movies with you and analyzing things to death. Something...something is missing.

JOEY: Gee, what does that sound like? (Dawson looks confused) Remember a certain blond from New York who stole your brain for a large amount of time? All the boring talks I had to sit through about her utter perfection and how you imagined your first kiss to be, and what it was actually like, and...


JOEY: And now it's your turn while I have a little happiness, and you can't deal with it!

DAWSON: Joey, stop! This is different.

JOEY: (snottily) And how is this different?

DAWSON: Because you and Pacey are *real*. Me and Jen, I mean, it was a passing infatuation. I got over it.

JOEY: (not understanding.) and Pacey are... *real*?

DAWSON: You two share something that *I* don't have with you, and could never have...and everyday you're moving closer and closer to him and somehow I'm always sitting at home, alone, wondering where you are. We can't talk like we used to, Joey. And I'm so afraid that our friendship is going to be one of those ancient artifacts, straightly museum bound. (Joey is silent.) And I don't want that to happen, Jo. I want *us* to survive. (He sighs) And at the rate we're going we're not even going to make it to the eleventh grade.

JOEY: Dawson, we'll be fine...

DAWSON: You really believe that?

JOEY: (thinking) After all the stuff we've been through together, you think I'm just going to give up now?

DAWSON: After what I said, I never thought you were going to speak to me again!

JOEY: Well, you know me, I'm a reasonable person. You buy me some fries and I'll think about forgiving you.

DAWSON: (smiling) Deal. (They awkwardly turn to go back inside. Joey stops.)

JOEY: Wait a second-who did that to your face?

DAWSON: Uh...Pacey punched me.

JOEY: Oh, then I guess it was good I didn't punch you too, huh? Would've been too much.

DAWSON: (laughing) Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with that.

JOEY: Okay, then I think you'll have to buy me fries and a Coke.

DAWSON: Fair trade. (They smile at each other, knowing that everything will be all right with a little time. Dawson opens the door for Joey and she goes inside. Dawson takes one last look into the dark night and follows Joey inside.)


"One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies is playing on the stereo. Joey and Pacey come in to the café first, holding hands. Followed by Dawson, then Jen. The café is rather large, with a slightly modern look. There is a light film of smoke hanging in the air. Joey leads Pacey over to a table and they sit down. Pacey automatically picks up the make-shift paper menu and skims it.

PACEY: Joey, they have like, *no* food here. It's all Espressos, and Cappuccinos...what do they think, people live on caffeine and foam?

JOEY: They have desserts, see? (She points to something on the menu with a smile, as Dawson and Jen sit down. Jen looks around the room, nervously. She looks toward the area in the front of the café, where musical equipment is all set up, ready to go. Her eyes dart through the busy crowd, searching for her crush.)

JEN: (leaning toward Joey but still looking around.) Joey, I don't see him. Are you sure he's really gonna be here?

JOEY: Oh, stop being so crazy. Of course he's going to be here.

JEN: Maybe we should just go.

DAWSON: God, calm down, Jen. We just got here.

JOEY: As a matter of fact, there he is. (She points off to a back doorway, where a tall guy with brown hair, wearing a Pearl Jam T-shirt is coming in, tossing his cigarette outside before the door shuts. Jen's face lights up. He is very good-looking, with deep, dark, blue eyes and chiseled cheek bones. He has a faint five o'clock shadow to accompany his Gavin Rossdale style haircut. Pacey and Dawson watch with interest as Jen's eyes follow John from the doorway to the small stage. Joey stands up, pulling Jen up with her.) Come on, Jen.

JEN: *What*?

JOEY: Well, you want to meet him, don't you?

PACEY: Wait, Jo, you know this guy?

JOEY: Yeah, sort of. I'm the one who he told about this thing.

PACEY: How do you know him?

JOEY: What is this, twenty questions?

DAWSON: Come on, Pace, don't get jealous now. (Dawson teases his friend. Pacey throws a crumpled-up napkin at him.)

PACEY: Whatever, Dawson. I was just mildly curious. Besides... (He pulls Joey down into his lap. She giggles.) I know Joey is mine.

JOEY: I'm not a piece of property, Pacey.

PACEY: You're such a pain.

JOEY: Jerk. (Their lips meet in a short kiss.) I'm going to go take Jen to meet her crush object now-

JEN: Joey!

JOEY: Follow me, Jen. (She takes Jen's hand and drags her toward John.)

PACEY: This ought to be interesting. (He and Dawson leans back in their chairs and watch the two girls as if they are putting on a play.)

JOEY: John! Hey! (John looks up from tuning his guitar with a shy smile.)

JOHN: Hey.

JOEY: Oh, this is Jen. Jen, this is John. (Joey pretends that Jen has no idea who John is, and Jen looks grateful. She's about to extend her hand when John just nods at her.)

JOHN: Hey, Jen.

JEN: (forcing herself to stop smiling giddily) Hi.

JOHN: So, you ever heard us play before?

JEN: Oh, no, I haven't. What type of music do you guys play?

JOHN: Pretty much anything.

JEN: Sounds cool. (They both nod at each other.)

JOHN: So, you staying for the whole thing?

JEN: Yeah.

JOHN: Cool, then I'll see ya after.

JEN: Yep. (She smiles at him, and he stands up.)

JOHN: K. Well, I gotta go tune up. See you, Jo.

JOEY: Yeah, see ya. (John walks away, and Jen and Joey look at each other.)

JEN: *Wow*. He is so hot.

JOEY: You owe me one now, you realize this, right?

JEN: It was well worth it. (Back at the table, Dawson and Pacey are still watching Joey and Jen. Dawson seems saddened.)

DAWSON: Well, it seems as if Jen and John had a nice little conversation, huh?

PACEY: Yep, Jen's gonna be estatic now.

DAWSON: (sighing deeply, fingering the tablecloth) Yeah...

PACEY: (curious) What?

DAWSON: What, what?

PACEY: Why'd you just sigh like your world was coming to an end?

DAWSON: It's seems like everyone has found someone to be with. Except me. (Pacey is silent for a moment.)

PACEY: (smiling) So I guess the question is, when will you find that someone?

DAWSON: (sadly) I'm beginning to think I will never will. (under his breath) Or maybe I already met her and was stupid enough to lose her. (Pacey does a double take at Dawson, hearing his last sentence. The smile falls from his face. Joey and Jen suddenly sit down at the table, scaring both the guys. They are laughing hysterically over something.)

JOEY: So, boys, what are we talking about? ( Both guys look up, alarmed, shaken out of their serious conversation. Dawson's eyes fall on Joey, then he looks away quickly. Pacey stares at Dawson, trying to figure out what exactly Dawson meant. Tension hangs in the air and neither Jen or Joey knows why. Now the whole entire table is quiet.)


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