As I Lay Thee Down To Rest Part Three by: Lauren

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Disclaimer: I don't own Pacey, Joey, Dawson, Andie, Jack, or Abby. I am not making any money off of this. I'm just a crazed fan!!! However, Allie, Carly, and Julia are made up by ME!! They are MINE!! Please, please don't use them without my permission...that's all I ask!! Thank you and enjoy!
Authors Note: Carly is based on my friend Candi. Julia is based on my friend Stef and Allie is somewhat like me. Thanks you guys!! Luv ya!

"Allie! Andie Screamed as she stood at the doorway gaping at her younger sister is that really you!"

"Yup, it's really me, and Carly and Julia. Here we are in Capeside." says Allie somewhat uncertainly.

"Come in you guys and sit down, Allie can I talk to you for a second out here alone?"

"Sure, you guys go in for a sec. I'll be right there." Carly and Julia nod their heads and step into the sun lit house.

"Allie, I'm so glad you're here! But why exactly are you here..I mean I thought you wanted to stay in Rhode Island with dad?"

"Yeah, I wanted to stay too but dad kicked me out when he came home from visiting you guys. He said that he never wanted to see me or you guys again. He also said it was because of Jack's coming out and everything…"

"That's what he said! That bastard! I'm glad your finally with us Allie…we have really missed you, mom too."

"Thanks Andie I really needed that, by the way how is mom doing?"

"Mom, mom is well..doing not soo well. You see she hasn't been taking her medicine. I've been trying so hard to keep her well..I guess I'm failing as a daughter."

"Oh no Andie your great you were always the one to help out mom! And now that I'm here I'll help out any way that I can, and so will Carly and Julia. I'm sure they will. And by the way, is it okay if they stay with us?"

"How long?" questions Andie.

"Well, forever I guess. Their parents abandoned them after you guys left."

"That's awful! Yes, they can stay in two of the guest rooms…oh and Allie mom made us make a room for you…you know if you ever came here."

"Thanks Andie, It means a lot.!"


They walk inside the house and Andie leads everyone to their rooms. It's getting late and the girls want to rest. They are tired from their trip to Capeside. That leaves us with the diary entry from each of them.

Dear Diary,

Here I am in my new home. I'm really nervous and afraid. I remember how mom was when Tim died. That's why they moved here to get a fresh start…to get away from it all. I stayed with dad because I was being selfish. I wanted to stay with my friends and I only cared about my self. Now this is MY chance to have a fresh start. I can only see what happens…


Dear Diary,

Hey! It's Julia…wow this is an awesome house!!!!!! It's so big and beautiful. You would think I would be unhappy that I'm away from my family and that they left me but I'm better off here I know I am. Well, I'm really tired and I have a HUGE day tomorrow!!!


Dear Diary,

Carly here. Who else would be writing in you. Here I am at the McPhee household. I have so many mixed feelings. I miss my family and hate that they did this to me. I am afraid of starting a new school. All I can say is Yea! I start a new school tomorrow…and I'm a freshman! Ugh!


Andie is down stairs giving Pacey a call; she gets the answering machine. "Hey Pace, It's Andie I guess your not home or not answering or whatever. You'll never guess what happened! No don't worry nothing bad…I'll tell you tomorrow in school. Love you…bye"

Then she walked upstairs to bed.

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