As I Lay Thee Down To Rest Part Four by: Lauren

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Author's Note: Read at least part 2 or you really won't understand.

Allie is in her bed sleeping. Just then the alarm clock sounds.

"Oh, five more minutes…damn alarm clock." She hastily hits the sleep button. Andie walks in her room cheerfully.

"Time to get up sleepyhead…you and your friends start your first day at lovely Capeside High!"

"Great! Whip out the party hats!" Allie exclaims sarcastically.

"Come on get dressed get your friends up and meet me downstairs."

Allie walks to her dresser and wonders just what they wear in Capeside. She chooses her favorite Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and a pair of jeans. She walks over to Carly's room. Carly is sound asleep.

"Carly…Carly!" Carly is unable to wake up despite Allie's noise. Finally, Allie slaps Carly in the head with a pillow.

"Hey!" Carly yells.

"Come on you need to get dressed time to start our day…" Allie trails off.

"Oooooo fun fun!" Carly says somewhat sarcastically, just then Julia comes running into the room.

"Hey guys!!! I can't wait to start school.I hope we have some classes together."

Allie and Carly just stare blankly at Julia and shake their heads.

"What!?!" Julia exclaims
**Cut to front of school.**

"Well, guys this is Capeside High. I'm going to go in and meet Pacey…you have about 6 minutes to get to your homeroom. Don't be late…I'll see you later."

They watch Andie enter the building and stare wide eyed at the big double doors leading into what the fear will be HELL…well what Allie and Carly feel will be HELL but Julia…well Julia likes the idea.

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