As I Lay Thee Down To Rest Part Five by: Lauren


Authors Note: Abby is NOT dead….get it….got it ….good…lol

Allie, Julia, and Carly stood there gaping at the front entrance of the school.

Julia: So are we gonna like go in or what/

Carly: Yea Jules just chill for a sec.

Julia: but it's getting late…

Allie: Yo, you guys we better get in; Julia is right.

The girls enter through the front door and are greeting with a mass of students rushing around.

Allie: I think we need to go to the guidance office…you know get our schedules.

Carly: Yup, good thinking Al…lets go

They walk down a hallway and after a few minutes of searching they finally find the guidance office. Guidance Counselor: Yes, how may I help you girls?

Carly immediately takes charge.

Carly: um yea hi…we are new students here and we are wondering if we could get our schedules here….oh and tell us where our lockers are.

Guidance Counselor: Certainly…your names….

Allie: Allison McPhee

Carly: Carly Savington

Julia: Julia Mesno -(à haha stef…)

Guidance Counselor: Here you go girls…and here are your locker combinations The guidance counselor hands them two pieces of paper each.

Allie: Thanks

Julia: Yea thank you!!!

Carly: Thanks for your help.

Guidance Counselor: No problem girls.

Allie: What are your homeroom numbers...mine is 118.

Carly: 135.

Julia: 128.

Allie: well that's just great…

Julia: Don't worry Al, it will be okay.

Carly: yea, we'll be fine so I guess I'll see you guys later.

Allie and Julia: Bye Carly!…good luck.

Julia: well, Allie I guess I'll see you around…don't worry this will be fun!

Allie: bye Jules…thanks for the comfort but somehow I'm not sure fun is the word.

Julia: laughing…bye Al.

Allie: (talking to self) bye julia…well here goes nothing. Allie walks down the hallway and finds her locker number 644 and someone was blocking it…

Omigod!! Who is this person blocking allie's locker…ahhh what an ending...okay its not the best part of the story but I promise it will get MUCH better…I can't wait to continue so stay tuned for a Part 6
1. Where the hell is Jack…
2. Will we ever get to see how the rest of the gang acts towards the girls…
3. How is Mrs. McPhee doing…


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