We Can Get Through This by: Lisa

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Joey heard footsteps behind her. She told herself, Walk faster, don't turn around. But she couldn't help it, she turned around to find two guys following her. She freaked, she just started running. But running in heels wasn't easy. They caught up to her. They grabbed her by her arms and were running towards the ruins. Good, Joey thought, Dawson will be there.


Dawson could hear his name being screamed. The first thing that came to his mind was Joey. Without thinking he ran towards the screams.


The two men were beating up Joey and trying to force themselves on her. But Joey kept fighting back. Then she heard someone. Dawson, she thought. She saw him looking over the bushes at her. No, she thought, don't come near me. They will hurt you, go get help. But Dawson ran towards her screaming, "Get off her! Get off her!"

When the two men realized they weren't alone, they got off Joey. But before they charged Dawson, they gave Joey a final blow to the head, knocking her out cold.

"So, kid," the man said, "Came to rescue this girl. Not a good idea. Now we will just have to teach you a lesson for interrupting us."

With that they were all over Dawson. Beating the crap out of him. They made sure Dawson and Joey were out cold before they left them for dead.


Pacey sat at the video store watching "The Mighty Ducks". It was his all time favorite movie. But his mind wasn't on the movie. It was on Dawson and Joey. He was so happy for them. He was so curious on how the date went that he decided to close up early and go and find them.

Pacey was walking up to the ruins just singing and talking to himself. God, he thought, I really need a girlfriend.

He reached the ruins to find everything that Dawson had set up untouched. A sudden rush of fear rose over him. Something happened to them. He started running around everywhere looking for them. When he had about given up, he looked through a bush and gasped at what he saw. A bloody Dawson and Joey.

He quickly ran over to them and kept shaking both of them.

"Dawson, wake up. Come on, wake up," Pacey said while he shook them frantically.

Dawson started to flutter his eyes.

"Pace, is that you?"

"Yeah, Dawson, it's me. Thank god you're okay. I was so worried when I went to the ruins and found everything untouched."

"Yeah, Joey was attacked by these two guys and--"

"Dud,e don't use up all your energy. Try and wake up Jo. I'm going to go get some help."

"Okay, man, hurry."

He turned to Joey and began shaking her.

"Jo, come on wake up. For me? Come on, Jo, I..I love you," Dawson choked out nearing the verge of tears.

"Dawson," Joey said weakly.

"Oh, Jo thank god. Pacey just went for help. You don't realize how happy I am to see that you are awake. Now, Jo, stay awake until help gets here, for me, please."

"Okay, Dawson, for you I will."

Dawson managed a little laugh. He moved over to Joey and gave her a hug and a kiss with his bloody lips.

"That'll leave a mark."

"That's my Joey, always making wise ass comments in the worst of situations," Dawson said kissing her and hugging her again.

"Ow, Dawson please don't," Joey said wincing out in pain.

In the background you can hear the sounds of sirens and people running.

"Good, Jo, they're here."

The paramedics, Mr. and Mrs. Leery, Bessie and Pacey all came running to them.

"Dawson...Joey," Mrs. Leery gasped, "Oh my god."

The paramedics ran over to Dawson and Joey. They carefully picked up Dawson and Joey and put them on a gurney.

"No, please don't take me away from Dawson. No," Joey was crying, "don't let him leave me.

"Honey, he has to go to the hospital. You will see him there. He's not leaving you," The paramedic said trying to calm her down.

"No, he can't leave me," Joey was screaming.

Dawson heard all this.



"Go with Jo in the ambulance. You know she hates them."

"Sure thing, Dawson," Pacey said while walking to the ambulance Joey was in.

"And Pace?"


"Tell Joey that I love her."

"Sure thing, Dawson."

With that Dawson's ambulance was off to the hospital. As Pacey was walking to Joey he could hear her bickering with the paramedics.

"Please let Dawson come with me."

"Sorry miss, he already left. Try to keep quiet, you're going to use up all your energy."

"No, go back and get him."

Pacey chuckled.

"Jo," Pacey said, "I'll come with you."

"Thank you, Pacey. I'd like that," Joey said finally calming down.

"Thank you, sir, I don't know how much more bickering I could take," the paramedic said.

"No prob."

Pacey hopped in the ambulance and sat next to Joey.

"Pacey, could you hold my hand?"

"Sure thing, Jo," Pacey said picking her hand up and holding it in his.

As the paramedics were cleaning out some of Joey's cuts, Pacey saw how much pain she was in.

"Jo, Dawson wanted me to tell you that he loves you very much."

"Thanks, Pace, that's making me feel better," Joey said, managing to crack a smile.


At the hospital Mr. and Mrs. Leery and Bessie ran in looking for Dawson and Joey.

"Hi, my son and his girlfriend were picked up at the ruins and we want to know where they are."


"Dawson Leery and Joey Potter."

The nurse replied, "I'm sorry but....."

To Be Continued

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