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Personal message: Hi! You should know that it's me, Matahari( yet again with another one of my stories. This is part seven of Sweet Dreams. The continuation of Joey and Dawson's thing and also, Jen's in this one with Pacey. Not *with* him but she and him are at lunch together. Also, there's a little part with Nellie. It's not as romantic as before becuase of Jen and Pacey but it's broadening my horizons. You know what's really ironic? It's that Janet Reno almost did the same thing as Joey! It happened here first! Don't worry people! Joey is going to be okay! Do you really think that I would finish her off? It would totally ruin my whole story line!

Well, I hope you like it and be sure to visit my site. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or aol to view it, you should hear I'll Stand by You by the Pretenders which was played at the end of the Pilot episode. I love that song! The website is at : Check it out.

Spoilers: You know the deal. A little from this episode, a little from that episode...

Rating: There's some romance, but I repeat, it's not going to have more than a kiss, if even, in this one.

Setting: In Joey and Dawson's darkened fifth period classroom. The door is closed which would have led to other things if not for the fact that Joey has just collapsed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...Thank you! iGracias! iMerci! etc. etc. etc. You people are all so wonderful out there! The best people in the world. :) Hope you had a great summer and I really hope you'll all keep in touch and read my fanfic. I don't expect as many comments as before because school's starting, but if you can just write "I read it and it was good" or something like that, that would be great! Just to know that you're still out there!

Hope you survive yet another year without having too much stress and strain! :)

Are You an Angel?

(Joey and Dawson in their English classroom, now the beginning of 6th period)

Dawson looked frantically around the room. He didn't know what to do. Just a few moments before, he and Joey had been having an intense conversation and now she wasn't even conscious. It was almost like that Friday the 13th when Joey had tumbled out of the closet and he had been shocked beyond words. However, this time he didn't have the comfort of her immediately getting up and laughing a few minutes later with that crooked smile of hers telling him everything was okay.

Dawson stared at her in his arms. "What to do, what to do..." he thought. "Okay, think back. What did that teacher say to do if somebody faints? Umm, was it... Yes! That's it! I need to get some blood flow to her brain! How do I do that though? Maybe if I lean her against the wall..."

He proceeded by gently lowering her to the ground and setting her down against the wall. She sat motionless, breathing slightly, almost imperceptible to a normal person, but Dawson was so tuned in to her that he knew that there was still life in there. He placed her knees in front of her so that they bent together. He unbuttoned one button of her shirt so that she could breathe more easily. (Only one button. He's too worried about her to think that way!) He placed her head so that it was held up by her knees and just watched for awhile.

Now that he was sure that she was kind of stable, he started to think about what he was going to do next. He thought about the intercom button. The teacher had used it to call the office for various reasons a couple of times. It would probably be the equivalent to a phone and since it was just near the door, he didn't have to leave Joey, which he only would do if it was absolutely necessary. He pressed the button hoping that it worked, that somebody would answer...

"Hello?! Anyone?!" Dawson anxiously called into the room while pressing the button.

"Hello. This is the secretary speaking. How may I help you?"

"Thank you! Umm, my... my friend Josephine Potter fainted while we were talking and she's breathing, but it's so soft! I'm afraid that something might...that I might never...that she'll...Please can you send someone over to help us?" Dawson pleaded.

"I'll send the nurse over with a wheelchair right away. What room are you in?"

"Room? Um...Room 126. Please hurry!"

"Stay right there," ordered the secretary.

"I will," Dawson replied. He took his finger off of the button and glanced in Joey's direction. "Please let her be okay," he asked to the open air around them, hoping somebody, something would hear him and grant his wish.


(Pacey and Jen in the cafeteria 6th period)

Jen sat stolidly at the table. Picking up and putting down the same, exact french fry again and again and again.

"Hey, Jen!" greeted Pacey. He observed her in her repeated action. "You know, if you keep on doing that maybe the fries will get annoyed and decide to eat you instead!" he said, trying to get her to laugh.

"Geez. What is with everyone today?! Did everyone get taken over by some really depressed aliens and they just left me to be the oblivious one? Me instead of Dawson?! No way! There is definitely something going on though. There's Dawson walking around like a zombie and Jen acting like that french fry is the only important thing in the world. There have been some weird things happening and if I put them together maybe I can figure out what's going on," Pacey thought.

"So Jen, what's up? I know something's bothering you, and well, even though this may totally ruin my reputation, I'll be here to listen if you have anything to say," Pacey said patting her on the back for a second or two.

"Thanks, Pacey," Jen said weakly, "But you know, I really don't feel like talking right now."

Nellie Olsen was walking past them when she spotted Jen, and remembering something, turned and walked towards her. She seemed very sympathetic and worried, the way she wanted to look like at the time, and said to Jen in words dipped with honey,

"Jen, I am sooo sorry about your grandfather! I just heard about it today from my parents. The funeral's on Sunday, right? I feel so bad for you. Your grandfather was on the prayer list every day and the whole town was so worried. You must be totally depressed! I know *I* would be. Well, I just came here to tell you that I'm so sorry and if you ever need someone to talk to, you know where I am right?"

"Um, thanks Nellie." Jen said slowly, "Yeah, if I ever need anyone to talk to I know where you are."

Then, with a quick smile and air of charity, she turned and went off walking toward a group of cheerleaders, ready to gush about how sorry she felt for poor, little, Jen and her dead grandfather.


(Back to Dawson and Joey...)

Dawson stayed by Joey's side and knelt by her side, holding her hands in his. He gazed at her, wondering what would happen and the sight of her seemingly almost lifeless body pained him greatly. He looked around and listened for approaching footsteps. In about seven minutes, he heard what he wanted.

The nurse opened the door and saw Joey and immediately said, "No need to worry, she'll be fine. I'm sure of it. You can go to class now if you want. I can take it from here. She must be very lucky to have a friend like you. You did exactly the right thing."

"No," he whispered, "I'm lucky to have *her*."

"What did you say?" asked the nurse. "You'll have to excuse me, my hearing isn't that good."

"Oh, I said that I would really like to stay with her if that was okay with you. She's my best friend and we both have lunch this period so I wouldn't be missing anything important. Please?" Dawson asked pitifully.

"I don't see why not," replied the nurse as Dawson helped her load Joey onto the wheelchair.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" expressed Dawson. "Here let me get that for you," he said while going over to open the door for the nurse.

With that, Dawson, Joey and the nurse headed for her office.


(Meanwhile, in the cafeteria...)

"Well, well, well." said Pacey shaking his head. "Seems as if someone wasn't telling me something very important. Jen, you could have at least given me the credit of me having the ability to not only make wisecracks all the time and that, contrary to popular belief I *can* be serious when I have to be! Did you just *forget* that little known fact? Did it just slip your mind? You *know* that this is a small town. News travels fast. Especially if it's true. You know that you couldn't be able to hide it forever! How could you keep it from your supposed friends?! Sooner or later you're going to have to deal with it and if you don't accept help now then the offer may not still be standing when you want it later."

Pacey paused a little after his tirade. He was a little shocked that he had blown up on Jen so much. I mean, her grandfather was dead, and from what he'd heard from Dawson, he was the only one who had really believed in her. He was remorseful about the way he had acted and realized he had been taking out his pent up anger over his father on Jen. He took a deep breath after seeing a few tears start coming from Jen's eyes.

"Jen...I'm sorry. I guess I was just to involved in my own world to realize what a complete fool I was making out of myself. I really am here to listen to you if you want. I know that my grandparents may not be dead and I hardly have a right to speak to you after what I said, but can you forgive me?"

Jen was shocked at Pacey's words. They had hit her like a ton of bricks. Pacey's face changed from angry to remorseful and she quickly forgave him. She got out of her daydream and actually spoke to him looking at him directly. "Pacey," she said, "I know that you're angry and I don't blame you. Maybe later I'll be able to but not now. Can I take a rain check?"

"Um..sure Jen." Wanting to change the subject and since it was on his mind, he asked, "Hey Jen, do you know where Dawson and Joey are?"


(The nurse's office...)

Joey lay on the cot, breathing more audibly by the minute. The color had come back to her cheeks and Dawson knelt by her staring at her longingly. Joey stirred from underneath the gray blanket. "What just happened?" she thought groggily. When she opened her eyes, she saw Dawson staying by her and seemed to have a band of shining light around him. "Where am I?" she asked confusedly. "Are you an angel?" she whispered to a very relieved Dawson.

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