Almost Clear by: Nicole


This is my first time attempting a script-like fanfic, so be gentle. I don't know all the script lingo, so I'll be writing it in plain English. By the way, Joey and Dawson are not together, but Jen and Dawson aren't either.

Almost Clear

Joey and Dawson are sitting on his bed, the light from the television making their faces appear bluish, the movie is My Best Friend's Wedding. We see Joey steal glances at Dawson every so often.

JOEY: (As she lies down next to Dawson) I don't like the ending of this movie....It's depressing.

DAWSON: (looking over at her) Yeah, it is. I think Julia Roberts deserved the guy. If only for her better acting ability. (pauses) Pacey calls this a documentary of our life.

JOEY: (looking down, embarrassed) I know. (looks over at Dawson) What a dork.

DAWSON: (looks at Joey again, this time letting his gaze linger a little longer than needed) Yeah... (clears his throat) Yes, of course.

JOEY: (as she walks to the window) Well, as entertaining as this night has been, I have to leave. Bessie has me on the early shift tomorrow.

DAWSON: No, Jo. Stay the night. I'll get up and walk down with you.

JOEY: Oh yeah. So you can sit and watch me work. No way.

DAWSON: (walking up next to her) Please, please, please. Come on, Joey.

JOEY: (looking down, but smiling) Okay, okay. God Dawson you're like a bloodhound!

DAWSON: But that's what you love about me, right?

Joey just looks at him as the screen fades out.



The scene opens up with Bessie glancing at her watch and pacing the restaurant as Bodie looks at her, amused.

BESSIE: God, Bod. Where is she? She's in for it when she gets here.

BODIE: (laughing) And that's supposed to make her want to come even quicker, right?

BESSIE: (throwing him a death stare) Watch it, Bodie. Just because I love you doesn't mean I won't take my anger out on you.

Bodie throws his hands up in surrender as Joey and Dawson run in.

JOEY: Bessie, I'm sorry! We overslept-

DAWSON: (cutting Joey off) It's all my fault, Bess. Blame it on me.

BESSIE: I blame both of you! Joey, get over here and get ready right now. This place is a zoo today!

Joey runs to the back, shouting a quick goodbye to Dawson. He hurriedly exits the restaurant, not wanting to deal with Bessie. He sits down at one of the outside tables as Pacey walks up.

PACEY: Dawson! Just the friend I was looking for, where's your better half this morning? (takes a seat next to Dawson)

DAWSON: If you're alluding to Joey, which I'm assuming you are, she's working.

PACEY: Who else, man? So, (with a mischievous smile) did she spend the night? (elbows Dawson in the side)

DAWSON: (not getting what Pacey is saying) Yeah, so what? Oh, I get it. You are such a dork, Pacey.

PACEY: No, dork is not the right word...maybe mind reader? Fortune teller?

DAWSON: Will you drop it? Joey is a friend, amigo, ami. That's it. I don't know why you exhaust so much time on this anyway. (Pacey starts to get mad) I mean, go find a girl of your own and stop bothering us.

PACEY: (standing up angrily, almost knocking the chair over) Fine, Dawson, I'm trying to help you out here, but, you're right. I don't care how long it is until you take those stubborn blinders off your eyes. (turns and exits the restaurant)

DAWSON: (yelling after him) Pacey! Wait I'm sorry.... (Pacey doesn't pause. Dawson sighs and runs his hand through his hair as Joey walks up behind him)

JOEY: (following Pacey's retreating figure) What happened? Did Pacey finally admit he isn't human?

DAWSON: No, Jo. It was nothing, we just had a fight....the funny thing is I didn't even realize we were fighting.

JOEY: (sitting across from Dawson) Mind telling me what it was about?

DAWSON: (looking uncomfortable) Uh, no. It was, um, nothing really. I don't even remember.

JOEY: (shooting him a confused look) Um, okay... Listen, I have to get back to work. So, do you want anything?

DAWSON: No. Not hungry. I'm going to find Pacey and apologize, see you later.

JOEY: Bye. (she watches Dawson walk away and sighs, frustrated, before she turns to the next table)


Jen is walking down the 'mainstreet' of Capeside. We see a boy in a Capeside High varsity jacket come up behind her.

BOY: Hey, Jen, right?

JEN: (turning) Yeah....Oh I know you, you're that guy who said he had sex with Joey Potter. That was really lame.

BOY: Yep, it was, but I'm not just that boy who said he did it with your friend. (sticking his hand out) The name's Warren, Warren Gary.

JEN: (disregarding his hand) Congratulations. (starts to walk down the street again)

WARREN: Jen, wait! I was wondering if you'd want to go out sometime or something.

JEN: Yeah right! So you can spread rumors about me? Did anyone tell you that blonde jokes aren't true?

WARREN: (laughing) I know. I'm a jerk. But you can be my chance to redeem myself. Jen, (taking her hand) please.

JEN: (smiling slightly) Okay, but if I hear one rumor...

WARREN: You won't, I promise! I'll call you later. I already have your number.

Warren walks away and Jen watches him. When he thinks he is out of sight, he pumps his fist in the air in victory. Jen, after seeing this, laughs and walks again.


We see Joey walk out of the Icehouse. She takes off her apron as something catches her eye. The camera pans to see Pacey sitting alone at the dock. Joey walks over and sits next to him.

JOEY: Hey, birth defect.

PACEY: (looking up at her) Hey, Jo.

JOEY: So....did you and Dawson patch it up, or are you two ready to wring each others necks still?

PACEY: (looking out at the water) Dawson who? I don't want anything to do with him anymore.

JOEY: (looking slightly surprised) Oh. So what was this fight about, anyway? My God, going from best friends to mortal enemies..thats a big step.

PACEY: (speaking with emotion) I just can't take him anymore! I mean, he's got this virtually perfect life, give or take his parents, and he doesn't realize! Plus he's got such a great....(suddenly remembering who he is talking to), is all.

JOEY: Yeah, I know. What I wouldn't give to be him for a few days... (looks over at Pacey) You and I have more in common than we think.

PACEY: (looking at her) Sometimes it scares me how much we actually have.

The pair move closer simultaneously until their lips almost touch. There is a slight pause before Joey leans in and kisses him.

The shot shoots up to Dawson's window. It closes in until we see Dawson, who has been watching the whole time. The screen fades out on his hurt and distraught face. (CUT TO COMMERCIAL)


Jen is up in her room in front of her mirror the next day. We see a bunch of clothes strewn around on the floor and bed.

GRAMS: (from downstairs) Jennifer! It is about time for that boy to be coming. Don't you think you should be down here to meet him?

JEN: I'll be down in a sec, Grams! (she nods decisively at herself in the mirror before exiting the room)

We see Jen and Grams on the couch as the doorbell rings. Jen walks up to the door and answers it.

JEN: Hey, Warren.

WARREN: Hey, wow you look really nice.

JEN: Only really nice? Thanks.

WARREN: (flustered) Uh, no. You look, um, awesome...the best you've ever looked.

JEN: (laughing) A joke Warren, a joke. (We see Grams in the background crack a little smile.)

WARREN: (chuckling nervously) Of course...Are you ready?

JEN: (nodding) Yeah. Bye, Grams, we'll be home..early.

They exit the house and start walking.

JEN: Where are we going, anyway?

WARREN: I just thought to the movies..Is that okay?

JEN: That's fine.

WARREN: (gesturing towards Dawson's house) Isn't that the house of that film kid?

JEN: Um, yes. His name is Dawson, by the way.

WARREN: (scornfully) Whatever.

JEN: What whatever? Dawson is a lot cooler than you, I'll tell you that much!

WARREN: Sorry, sorry. What do you have a crush on this guy or something?

JEN: (blushing) No, no of course not. I, uh, we used to go out.

WARREN: Oh, I see. God, this date is turning out great, huh?

Jen nods as they walk in an embarrased silence.


The shot is of Dawson lying face up on his bed. The TV is off and he seems to be in a daze. He jumps up as Joey climbs through the window.

DAWSON: Joey! Um, hi!

JOEY: (confused) Hi...

DAWSON: What's up?

JOEY: Well, actually I do have a point in being here. See, I was talking to Pacey about the fight and everything. (Dawson's face contorts into one of anger and he lies back down on his bed) Dawson! I think you should apologize. It isn't his fault he doesn't have everything like you do.

DAWSON: (accusingly) It just figures you would side with him, Jo.

JOEY: What? Dawson, what are you talking about? You're the one being stubborn, not me.

DAWSON: Well, you and Pacey weren't just talking were you?

JOEY: (emmbarrased) Um...

DAWSON: (getting up from the bed) See! It figures you'd side with him because you guys were making out for an hour down there! I saw it!

Joey is blushing and starts to apologize when we see her face contort into one of rage.

JOEY: So?! So what? What do you care?! Just shut up.

DAWSON: (sputtering) least..

JOEY: (a look of understanding crosses her face and she smiles) Wait a minute. Are you jealous, Dawson?

DAWSON: (he walks over to her, standing less than an inch away. He puts his hand on her shoulder and whispers in anger) No, not even close. (starts to yell) I don't care who you're kissing Joey! You can go kiss a dog for all I care. I just thought you'd have a little better taste than Pacey!

JOEY: Oh! Okay fine! I don't--

Suddenly they are kissing. It is instantly passionate and Dawson puts his arms around Joey's waist as she puts hers around his neck. After a while they break apart, breathless. Their arms are still wrapped around each other.

JOEY and DAWSON together: Uh......

The screen fades out.

The end! To be continued. Like it? I don't know I just felt like writing this like this...if you have any comments, good or bad, e-mail me.


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