Confusion by: Nicole

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Dawson and Joey (as usual) are in his room, the television is on and seems to have them entranced.

DAWSON: (gesturing to the television) This is quality work!

JOEY: (nodding her head) Yeah. Sorry, Dawson, but this director's ability is far superior to Spielberg's.

DAWSON: (laughing) Not yet, Jo. Maybe in a few years...

JOEY: (beginning to laugh also) No, seriously, this director has wonderful potential, and that actress is superb! What is her name again?

DAWSON: Well, to most she's known as Debra. Of course, to her friends it's just Deb.

The camera pans to show the screen, it is a close up of Joey's face speaking vehemently, Pacey is standing across from her. It is obviously one of Dawson's films.

JOEY: (laughing hard) Oh, God! Remember when I did that? (laughs again) I was so stupid!

DAWSON: I couldn't even catch on to what you were talking about, but I do remember feeling a tad jealous.

JOEY: (looking down) You were? I mean, even back then?

DAWSON: (concentrating on his hand) Yeah...Although, I just chalked it up to my ever present brother complex. (Dawson looks at her and smiles) Luckily, I woke up and realized it was my ever present 'boyfriend' complex.

Joey smiles and they move closer slowly, finally their lips meet and they start to fall back onto the bed. They continue getting more and more into what they are doing until Joey stops them.

JOEY: (pushing Dawson off of her) Sorry...

DAWSON: (sighs and runs his hand through his hair) This is going to be hard, Jo.

JOEY: (lying down again on her back and sighing also) You think I don't know that? (pauses) I do know one thing, though, I'm not ready for that yet.

DAWSON: (lies down next to Joey and starts rubbing her arm) Okay. I'm patient.

JOEY: (throwing Dawson a skeptical look) No you're not.

DAWSON: (he leans over on his side, facing her) You are a mule!

Dawson tickles her and she is laughing and gasping for breath, the shot switches to Dawson's house front while we can still hear their laughter.



There is a quick shot of the outside of Capeside High. It switches to the inside of it, the halls bustling with students. Jen is shown walking in alone, looking a little bit dejected. We see a look of recognition cross her face as Dawson enters the shot. She starts to walk over, but Joey comes up to him and Jen stops in her tracks. The couple kisses and Jen turns to walk in the opposite direction, but Joey waves her over.

JOEY: (gesturing with her hands) Jen! Come over here!

JEN: (she walks up to the pair. Dawson's eyes meet hers, but he quickly averts his) What? JOEY: I heard..(seemingly remembering that Dawson is standing there) Well, lets go here.

She takes Jen by the arm and leads her into the library. They sit at one of the vacant tables. The shot goes back to Dawson, who looks a little bit stunned at his sudden aloneness. Then it shoots back to the library.

JOEY: (putting her elbows on the table) So, did you hear this yet? Or am I the bearer of bad news?

JEN: (acting disinterested) Well, I haven't heard anything particularly interesting today, so, yes. I guess you are.

JOEY: You aren't going to be so nonchalant when you hear what I have to tell you. (Jen pretends to stifle a yawn. Joey notices this) You know, Jen, I really don't have to do this for you. Especially considering you tried to steal my boyfriend last night. (Jen looks shocked) What? You thought he wouldn't tell me? Dawson is loyal. Maybe you should learn a lesson from him.

JEN: (standing up) I don't have to.. (pauses) Or want to sit here and listen to all of Dawson's great qualities. (she starts towards the hallway)

JOEY: Jen, wait! You really have to hear this from me before half the school tells you. You may wonder why I'm being so hospitable, lets say it's because I know what it feels like to be at the wrong end of a gossip chain. (gesturing to Jen's now empty seat) Let's put aside our hate for after this, okay?

JEN: (sitting down begrudgingly) Well, hurry.

JOEY: (sighing) I heard that Warren is using you for sex because he found out about your promiscuous past.

JEN: (jumping up angrily) What?! We never came remotely close to sex! We hardly even kissed! (she pauses and her face clears) Oh. I get it. Good one, Jo, had me going there.

JOEY: (getting up and walking to the exit, shrugging her shoulders) My job is done here. Whether you choose to believe me or not is up to you. (she leaves)

Jen shakes her head and picks up her books. She walks into the hallway and goes to her locker. As she stuffs her books in we hear laughter in the background. She turns around and the laughter abruptly stops, the two girls that were laughing are just staring at her. Jen looks around quickly, finding everyone is looking at her, whispering and pointing. She turns her head the other way and meets Joey's eyes, a sympathetic look in them. Jen snaps her head around, slams her locker shut, and walks purposefully down the hall.


The scene opens with an overall shot of the lunchroom. The camera zooms into a table where Dawson and Pacey are seated.

PACEY: Where is your girlfriend, man? (glancing at his watch) She is substantially late, here.

DAWSON: (looking slightly worried) Haven't a clue, She didn't meet me at my locker, either.

PACEY: (putting his hand on Dawson's shoulder) Don't worry. Not much can happen between the history wing and the lunchroom. Unless, of course, she happened to run into some big bad jock and they could have, quite possibly I might add, gotten caught up in whatever it was they were, um, doing.

DAWSON: (shooting him a disgusted look) Get a life, Pace.

PACEY: (laughing) Nah, I love ridiculing yours and Joey's feeble attempts at romance too much.

The shot switches to the entrance of the lunchroom where we see Joey run in. She spots Dawson and Pacey and she walks over.

JOEY: (sitting next to Dawson) Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late.

PACEY: Why are you sorry? I was so enjoying the time without you.

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey.

PACEY: (shaking his head) You use that comeback way too much. Frankly, I'm getting tired of it.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Ask me if I care.

PACEY: (grinning) Do you care?

Joey rolls her eyes again and doesn't answer him.

PACEY: (pumping his hands in the air) Ding ding ding. Round 1, Pacey Witter.

JOEY: (to Dawson) I can't take him anymore. When are those hormones going to kick in and teach him to act like a civil human being? (turns to Pacey) Oh, wait. I forgot he isn't human. Can't believe that slipped my mind.

DAWSON: (holding up his hands) Stop! I feel like a kindergarten teacher around you two! Now, to change the subject, why were you late, Jo?

JOEY: I was talking to Warren.

DAWSON: (jealously) Warren Gary?

JOEY: Dawson! I was just trying to get him to admit to starting the rumor about him and Jen.

PACEY: (rubbing his hands together) Ooo, I heard about this one. Did he admit it?

JOEY: (running her hands through her hair) See, that's the thing. He didn't and he admitted it right away when he did it to me. He kept saying how he'd never say anything like that because he wouldn't want to ruin his and Jen's chances. I believe him. (she pauses and crosses her arms over her chest) So, the question is, who did start it? It wasn't me, although I wish it was.

DAWSON: I didn't

PACEY: Me neither.

JOEY: (putting her finger to her chin) was someone out of the loop.

PACEY: (laughing) Why the sudden interest, Jo?

JOEY: I...I don't really know. (pauses) I guess it's because I've felt Warren's wrath before.

PACEY: Yeah, but Jo, this is the girl who was all over Dawson just last night! (Dawson seems uncomfortable as Joey looks over at him) I would think you would be grateful.

JOEY: (shaking her head) Can we just drop it?

DAWSON: I agree, it's not really our business, anyway.

PACEY: Fine, fine. Whatever you say.


The shot is of Warren at his locker, stuffing his books in. We hear a voice in the background.

VOICE: (coldly) I knew it was wrong to accept your invitation. Once a lowlife, always a lowlife.

Warren snaps around and Jen is included on the screen.

WARREN: Jen! No, it isn't what you think! I didn't say anything. I would never do that again. How stupid do you think I am?

JEN: (putting her hands on her hips) Right about now? I'd say border line retarded.

WARREN: (walking close to Jen) I swear I didn't start the rumor, Jen. I really like you. Can't you see that?

JEN: (ready to say something mean, but her face softens) Well, if you didn't, who did?

WARREN: (taking Jen's hand) I don't know at the present time. But I'll find out and that poor guy won't be able to walk for a week.

Jen laughs and kisses his cheek.

WARREN: Can I walk you home?

JEN: (pauses) Um, yeah. Sure.

The shot follows them out the doors of the high school.


The shot is of the Potter kitchen. We see Bessie enter, holding a calm Alexander. Joey is sitting at the table.

JOEY: Wow. Who is that and what have you done with my nephew?

BESSIE: (putting Alexander in his high chair) I know. It's been a wonderful five minutes.

JOEY: I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

BESSIE: (sitting next to Joey, opening a bottle of baby formula) So. How's life, Jo? We haven't talked in a while.

JOEY: I know. (pauses) Actually, my usually uneventful life has turned extremely eventful lately.

BESSIE: How so?

JOEY: Well..Dawson and I are a couple for one.

BESSIE: (calmly, as she tries to give the bottle to Alexander) Doesn't surprise me.

JOEY: (laughing) I've got something that will, though.

BESSIE: I doubt it.

JOEY: I don't. (Bessie looks at Joey, interested) On the night of Dawson's and my first kiss..Pacey and I kissed too.

BESSIE: (shocked) You've done it. I am completely stunned.

JOEY: We only did it because we both had a lot on our minds, at least that's what I told Pacey..

BESSIE: Wait, Jo. Are you saying you like Dawson..and Pacey?

JOEY: (running a hand through her hair) I don't know! I..just don't know. I love being with Dawson, It's as wonderful as I've ever imagined, better even. I just, I can't get that kiss out of my mind.

BESSIE: (leaning forward in her chair placing her arms on the table) So what's it like when all three of you are together?

JOEY: I hide it! Neither of them have any clue. No one does, except you.

BESSIE: I'm honored.

JOEY: Ha ha. I'm looking for some support here, Bess.

BESSIE: And I'm willing to give it, but before I do, I want to say that I'd love to have your problems.

There is a close up of Joey, half smiling and giving a little nod as Alexander starts crying in the background, the camera fades.


Dawson is up in his room, appearing to be working on homework. The peaceful quiet is suddenly interrupted by the sound of voices yelling. Dawson looks up from his work, surprised, but his face falls as he realizes it is his parents fighting.

GAIL: (we can only hear her voice and it is slightly muffled through Dawson's door) Can't you just forgive and forget? I'm sorry, I apologize. I will never do it again, but you are dragging this out way too long, Mitch!

Dawson gets up from his desk and walks to the door. He opens it and the voices become clearer.

MITCH: Dragging it out too long?! I have the liberty to drag this out as long as I want to! You were the one who broke your vows of marriage, not me. I feel that never letting you forget that is not only okay, but almost a necessity!

GAIL: I made a mistake! People make mistakes! Are you perfect?! No, you are most definitely not!

MITCH: Damn straight you made a mistake! You made one of the biggest mistakes known to mankind! But the knowledge of it didn't stop you from hopping into bed, did it?

Dawson turns away from his door, looking miserable after his father's last comment. He picks up his jacket and climbs out of his window. We can hear the creaking of him descending the ladder while the shot is still of his room.



Pacey is sitting on the porch outside of a house that is apparently his. He seems to be upset and is looking gloomily into the street. We see Joey walk up before he does.

JOEY: (standing on the sidewalk) Pacey.

PACEY: (looking at her) I'm really not in the mood to exchange insults, Jo.

JOEY: (looking down) I wasn't going to be mean.

PACEY: (sighing) Sorry for jumping down your throat. I just had a really rough night.

JOEY: (walking over and sitting next to him on the steps) What's wrong?

PACEY: My father..

JOEY: Oh. Feel like talking?

PACEY: Actually, yeah.

JOEY: (placing her hand briefly on his shoulder) I'm listening.

PACEY: (looking at the place where her hand was) My father.. He threatened to kick me out again. It's not like that's unusual, but this time he offered a place.

Joey inches closer to Pacey as he talks.

PACEY: (running his hand through his hair) It's this place a little ways from here, he even offered to pay the rent. It..hurts, Jo, to realize your father doesn't even want you around.

JOEY: I'm sorry, Pacey.

PACEY: (trying to crack a smile as he looks at her) You didn't do anything.

JOEY: (looking intently at her hand) No, but I can't help my friend, I can't make him feel better. That is something wrong.

PACEY: (smiling) What is up with you tonight, Joey? You are so...

JOEY: (smiling also) Nice?

PACEY: (laughing) Yeah! Now I know how it feels to be Dawson.

The two just laugh and smile at each other as the screen fades.


The shot is of Dawson walking slowly towards Joey's front door. He walks dejectedly up the front steps and knocks. Bessie answers.

BESSIE: (surprised) Dawson! Uh, hi. Joey's not here.

DAWSON: (his face falls) Oh. Do you know where she went?

BESSIE: (obviously uncomfortable) Uh, she, um, went for a walk.

DAWSON: (oblivious to Bessie's unusual behavior) When is she getting back? I really need her, uh, I need to talk to her.

BESSIE: (glancing at her watch) Well, she left about a half an hour ago. She should be home soon, I guess.

DAWSON: Okay, thanks, Bess.

BESSIE: Anytime, Dawson. (as he walks down the steps) You can wait here if you want.

DAWSON: (turning around) No.. (pauses, seeming to contemplate the offer) Well, if it's not a problem, could I? I just really need to see her.

BESSIE: (shaking her head) Of course it isn't a problem.

Dawson walks in the door that Bessie is holding open. After he is inside the shot goes back to Bessie, her face is sad. She looks like she knows something that she didn't tell Dawson. Sighing, she closes the door.


The scene is back at Pacey's front steps. Him and Joey are still seated there and are talking.

PACEY: So, if I do leave this hellhole, would you help me move into my new place?

JOEY: Without a doubt, Pacey.

PACEY: (looking at her) I really am seeing a completely different side of you tonight, Jo.

JOEY: (embarrassed) It's always been here, you just haven't gotten the chance to experience it.

PACEY: I'm kinda glad I'm getting that chance.

JOEY: Me too.

PACEY: Because, you know, we've always been walking oxymorons. Fighting all the time, but really being good friends underneath it all.

Joey's face falls at the mention of the word friends. Pacey looks over at her, smiling. Suddenly Joey reaches her hand out and puts it behind Pacey's head. She pulls him to her until their lips meet. It only lasts a second before Pacey jerks away.

PACEY: Joey! What was that for?!

The camera shoots to Joey's confused and embarrassed face, then fades out.

That's it for this time! Tell me whatcha think, PLEASE!

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