Have All of Me by: Omolara


3 months later............

"Go home Joey!"

"I have to finish the background check on my story!"

"Listen to me." Her boss, editor Karin Winner tried to explain. "You shouldn't have started the article anyway. You were supposed to take some time off."

"I know, I know. But staying at home is too dull to be relaxing. I'd rather do something around the office."

Karin threw her hands up in defeat and walked away. Joey took this as a sign to continue and went about her way. But then Karin called back to her.

"Go home for the rest of the day, I'll get Eddie to finish for you."

Joey sighed as she turned around and picked up her purse, preparing to go home.

The cool morning air was burning off as Pacey Witter climbed out of his car and went inside his house. He had just gotten back from another meeting with his publisher and was apprehensive about checking his messages. *After last time............* Images flashed through his mind at lightning speed, but he could comprehend them all. Pacey thought about constantly about Dawson............ and Joey. He had found out where she lived from Jen, but couldn't bring himself to visit her.

As Pacey sat down on his sofa and listened to the music he thought about his sudden urge to talk to Joey. His mind raced with thoughts of the kissed they had shared. There was something electrifying in it. He couldn't remember the act itself, but the sensation it brought and the way his temperature seemed to rise. It was growing stronger, the need to see Joey, face to face, and let it all out or he would surely burst. The two hour drive from L.A. seemed like too long, but he would put the pedal to the floor, just to be near her.

Joey need to talk and have someone listen. Joey called Jen. It had been three months since Dawson had died and Jason was a great help. Though there was certain things that she could only share with Jen. There was times when she would be in the process of dialing Dawson's number when she would realize she couldn't call him anymore. It was those times that she need Jen.

"Hi Jen."

"Oh," she sounded surprised, "how are you? Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

Joey gave a short laugh, "they kicked me out."

"Well, pregnate lady, how are you holding up?"

"How am I holding up?" she asked incredulously, "I feel like a beached whale every time I sit down. I haven't seen my feet in a month and I'm extremely scared at the prospect of something the size of a watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon. But other than that......"

"Well those hormones are putting you through the wringer. You're making me scared to have kids."

"Sorry, I'm just a little scared," she whispered slowly, "of being a single mom."

"You have a right to be, but you are the bravest person I know."

Joey smiled into the phone, "thanks."

Just then the doorbell rang and Joey told Jen to hold on. She was curious as to who it could be. She looked out of the peep hole to see someone she did not expect at all. She then got off the phone with Jen and slowly opened the door. Before she could get a word in he spoke.

"Hold on for a moment, I want to say something. I married Stacey because I was trying to compensate for you. I hurt her, I hurt myself, and most important I hurt you." Pacey never let his eyes leave Joey's, "I'm in love with you, Joey. I couldn't tell you when you left or at my wedding because I was trying to hide it from myself."

Joey's arms were crossed and she looked surprised and pleased. But then a strange look of satisfaction and anguish touched her face. "I love you, too, Pacey............ but look at me." Her arms swept across until they landed on her now round stomach.

Pacey seemed taken back, but then he smiled warmly.

"Oh Joey, why didn't you tell me? It's Chris's."

Joey nodded slowly, "he left and it's just me. But I'm happy without him." I'm just not happy without you, she thought.

"Joey the way I feel can't be lessened by a baby, only enhanced." he spoke with much intensity.

"Pacey," she pleaded, "I can't do this, not now. I want to be with you but we haven't had real contact for a long time. And I can't ask you to commit to anything."

He spoke softly, "you didn't ask me. I volunteered. But if you want to take it slow, I understand."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I mean a little kiss couldn't hurt," he gave her the mischievous smile she had known so long ago, "and we should start by going out to lunch."

Joey smiled with the satisfaction of it all. How suddenly Pacey was back in her life after so long, too long. She smiled at how good it felt for him to take her arm as she grabbed her purse, jacket, and headed out of the door.

After a few moments as they were walking to his car he stopped, "do you realize that you waddle like a penguin?"

Joey laughed and started to swat his arm when he grabbed her hand.

"Will you have all of me?"

She saw the seriousness in his eyes and spoke with much conviction, "every single bit." And Pacey kissed her, happy that he had stopped wasting time.

The End

So people, that's all she wrote. Well, for this story that is. Anyway tell me how you liked it, as always feedback is defiantly appreciated and it could help me on future stories.


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