A Day In Detention Part One by: Tiffany


(Saturday morning, Dawson's room)

Dawson is sleeping peacefully in his bed. A smile is on his face. He's dreaming of Joey. The dream was of when he and Joey were dancing at the Homecoming dance a few days ago. Some snappy 80s slow song, but he didn't care. He had the love of his life, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Dawson hugs his pillow. Their faces, full of smiles, come closer and closer their lips almost touching…..

"Beep, Beep, Beep." The noise continues. Dawson eyes open slowly, sadly. He reaches over and turns his alarm clock off. It reads 6:30am. Today was the third night in a row he'd had that dream. And it always ended the same, no kiss. The hero doesn't get to kiss the girl, it must be a sign, he thinks to himself.

He groans remembering what he has to do today. In a mad driven passion, he'd punched Jack after finding out he'd kissed Joey. And then he had confronted Jack about it, Jack smugly replied, 'And I'd do it again'. That sent Dawson to immediately deliver the first punch. But what happened immediately afterwards is that two chaperons held him back, while he tried to get a second punch in. And the punishment was Saturday detention.

Dawson gets up out of bed and gets dressed. On the way out of his room, he takes along a notebook and pen, slipping it into his bag and heads off to school.


(Capeside High School)

Dawson walks up to the deserted high school and opens the door. A few lights were on. Old posters still hung up advertising the homecoming dance. He walks into the library.

"Mrs. Tringle?" He calls out, setting his bag on one of the tables. He sits down. He looks around and remembers the last time he had detention. It was Joey, Jen, Pacey, Abby and himself. Boy, did things get stirred up that day. It was only five months ago, but it seemed longer. He hears voices in the hall coming closer.

"Pacey, you seriously need to revisit your behavior for the past few days. I mean, what in the world were you thinking shooting spitballs at Mr. Ellis's head!" A girl's voice said.

Dawson smiles. Andie McPhee chewing out her sparring partner, Pacey Witter. Well, at least detention won't be soo bad.

They walk into the library, and don't see Dawson yet. Pacey replies. "I only did it because he said to the class when I didn't pass in my homework, that I will end up pumping gas for a living. Now is that a way to encourage self-confidence in today's youth? I think not."

They both turn to a set of tables and see Dawson. Pacey lets out a sigh.

"Hey Richie Cunningham, what brings you to the punishment of unruly teenagers?"

Dawson sighs. "Let's just say, my getting detention has to do with a guy who has a black eye." Pacey looks confused.

"While you were off dancing with Christy, Dawson punched him," Andie explains to him.

"Way to go, man." He says, reaching out his hand for a shake. Pacey never really liked Jack. He seemed too strange or boring. And plus, he always seemed to be looking at Joey in the wrong way.

"Andie, you're a smart person. What are you doing here?" Dawson asks in surprise.

She rolls her eyes at Pacey. "I didn't have anywhere to go today. Pretty sad, I know, believe me. But Pacey assured me detention isn't that bad, you just sit here for eight hours. So, I brought a book and some magazines. Plus, he promises to take me somewhere afterwards to make up for being stuck here."

Dawson laughs. "Well, if we get rowdy, Mrs. Tringle makes us shelve library books, so we have to keep in check our behavior."

Pacey looks at the clock, it reads 8am. "Seems, like we're the only people who have detention today."

"Nope, I'm here too." Everyone turns around, and sees Joey. She walks over to the table, eyeing Dawson who looks downward. She goes to sit down next to him, but decides against it and sits next Andie.

"Joey, what are you doing here?" Andie asks.

Joey puts her hand in her hands. "I don't want to talk about it."

Pacey makes a face. "Ah, Jo did you slug another football jock? I'd so hate to think of you becoming violent."

"Bite me, Pacey." She snaps back. She was not in the best mood at all. She was still very upset about breaking up with Dawson after the Homecoming Dance. And having him here wasn't going to make things any better.

Silence for a few moments. Andie could feel the tension between Joey and Dawson. The two of them sat with their heads down. It's going to be a long day, she sighs.

"Hey, is this where detention is?" A voice calls out. Everyone looks up and there's Jack. Immediately Dawson's jaw sets tight. If looks could kill, Jack would have been dead right then. And Jack could feel the penetrating stare from him.

"Jack, what are you doing here?" Andie says nervously. "You didn't tell me you got detention."

"It's a long story, Andie." Jack replies walking over to her. Andie makes room for him to sit with them.

Finally Mrs. Tringle comes into the library. She's wearing wire-rimed glasses and looks over the group critically.

"I see some familiar faces. The last detention didn't prove helpful to you."

Joey, Dawson and Pacey roll their eyes.

"Well, let's see who we've got." She takes out her list on the clipboard and begins to read of the names.

"Josephine Potter?"

Joey raises her a bit. "Here."

"Pacey Witter?"

"Accounted for. How's it hangin?" he asks.

Mrs. Tringle isn't amused and glares at him. "One more smart remark like that and you'll get detention next Saturday."

Andie elbows Pacey and whispers, "Stop it."

Mrs. Tringle continues with the role call. "Dawson Leery?"

Dawson shakes his head. "Present."

"Jack McPhee?"

"Ah, how long is detention?" Jack asks.

Mrs. Tringle gives him a look. "Eight hours, Mr. McPhee, we adjourn at 4:00pm. And since you're new to this, I suggest you think about why you're here in the first place, so next time this doesn't happen."

She looks over her list again. "We're missing two more people."

"No, Mrs. Tringle we're here." Calls out Abby, and beside her is Jen.

Mrs. Tringle points to a table. "You're both late. Have a seat."

"Abby Morgan?" She calls out.


"Now, that's debatable," Pacey jokes. Everyone laughs. Abby shoots him a glare.

"Jennifer Lindley?"

Jen takes a seat. "Yep, I'm here."

Mrs. Tringle makes a walk to the door. "Well, most of you know the drill, I'll be in the audio/video room working. I'll be extremely busy. So, keep your voices down, and for goodness sake do some homework."

As soon as she leaves, Abby looks around at everyone and stands up. "Well, well looks like the same group got detention again." She goes over to Pacey. "Ah, don't tell me, you decided to make another run for a teacher, and she turned you down?"

"Shut up, Abby." He shouts.

Abby smiles and walks over to Dawson. "Now, I know what you're doing here. I witnessed your very nice punch at the dance. So, what's the deal with you and Joey? Another love quarrel? Or is it a permanent split?" She says looking at the two.

Joey hears this and narrows her eyes at Abby. "Mind your own business."

Abby walks over to Joey. "Hmm I see. You've decided to throw away the only boyfriend you ever had. Interesting. And what brings you here?"

Joey ignores and begins to read her book.

Abby goes over to Jack. "Let's see you're new here, aren't you?"

"Yeah." He replies.

"So, what did you do to get in here?"

"I'm not saying." Jack answers.

Abby smiles. "Ah..come on, you know you want to. Oh, never mind " When she realizes she wasn't going to get it out of him she goes to sit down near Jen.

"These lame brains have some very interesting tension going on. Let's say you and me work on finding what it is."

Jen grins. "Hmm..let's."

To be Continued!!

Okay, people that's part 1. What do you think? I love getting feedback. (I might as well be honest). I would appreciate any comments and/or complaints so e-mail me, Tiffany.

Part 2 should be out soon, I hope! Thanks for reading.


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