Cupid's Matchmakers by: Tiffany


Romance: Dawson & Joey, Pacey & Andie

Spoilers: This takes place after "Sex, She wrote". Dawson and Joey aren't together, but back to being best friends again.

Rating: Hmm...I'm kinda the romantic, and not into R rated stuff. So, this is a PG or PG-13 at most..

Summary: Pacey and Andie help our torn lovers get back together!! :

**Cupid's Matchmakers**

(Dawson's Room) Dawson and Joey are sitting on the bed sharing a bowl of popcorn. They are watching the old version of "Romeo and Juliet". It was after Juliet's funeral. That night Romeo found his true love in her family's tomb, laying among a sea of flowers. He rushes to her side crying, trying to understand why their plan to run away together hadn't worked out, and why she was taken from him.

Joey watches the scene. She could feel some tears swelling up in her eyes. She shakes her head, holding them back. Dawson looks over at her and smiles. Joey hardly ever cried during any of their movie nights, even with E.T when they were kids. She always thought it was stupid to cry for a movie since it wasn't reality. He looks back at the TV.

Romeo takes out his knife and plunges it to his heart. He falls back next to her and dies. Juliet awakens moments later, and discovers her love dead next to her. She begins to cry, begging him to wake up. When she finally realizes he's gone, she reached for a bottle of poison and drinks it. And they both lie dead in the tomb.

Dawson points the VCR remote at the TV and hits "stop" and "rewind". He turns over to her. A small tear falls across her cheek. He just had to say something.

"Are those tears in Joey Potter's eyes?" He says grinning.

Joey immediately brushes away the tear, trying to make as if brushing back a strand of hair. "Of course not, Dawson. It's a movie. Most normal people wouldn't do this suicide thing to be with their one true love."

"Come on, Joe." He says standing up and going over to the VCR to remove the tape. "That is such a romantic thing to do. To give your life to be together forever. And do you know why this is called one of the greatest love stories?"

"No, Dawson please tell me why?"Joey asks rolling her eyes. She could already feel an in depth analysis coming. She had to admit it was fun even though he always got too dramatic about it.

"For one thing, it is a tragedy, and that it what society finds bittersweet. To see two star-cross lovers torn apart by their families' dislike for each other." Dawson says putting the tape back into the box and says lowly. "It shows that true love goes beyond the boundaries of anything physical. It's mental, spiritual, and all consuming ."

"Save it for drama class, Dawson." Joey answers.

Dawson laughs as he searches through his video collection.

She had made light of what Dawson said, but she knew he was talking about more than just Romeo and Juliet "the star-crossed lovers", and she blushes. Time for some good old-fashioned play, Joey thinks to herself. She notices his back is turned and reaches for his pillow.

"So, Joe what movie you wanna watch next?" He replies as he stands up turning his face to her.

Joey throws the pillow at him. It hits him square in the face. He shakes is head in surprise, and smiles, walking over to the head of his bed.

"You know what happens when you do something like that to me?"

Suddenly Joey got serious. She knew what he was going to do. She raises her hands up. "I surrender already."

Quick as lightning, Dawson tackles and begins to furiously tickle her. Joey screams out, laughing. The scene fades out to black.


(Next Day Pacey walking to Andie's locker)

Andie is packing her bag with books. She's looking through her notepad. Pacey walks quietly up behind her. Once close enough he wraps his arms around her and kissing her neck.

"What's up, McPhee?"

She leans back. "Hmm..nothing. How are you?"

"I'm great. You know Valentine's Day is today?" He says softly in her ear.

Andie reluctantly slides away from him and shuts her locker. "Yes, I know. And I'm spending the night in the house, studying for a big algebra midterm."

Pacey wraps his arm around her shoulders and they walk to class. "Andie, I have plans for us tonight. No studying. School isn't even going to come up."

Andie shakes her head. "Oh, no no no Pacey. I've told you before. If I fall behind, I'm in major trouble. Forget college, I'll be one of those old ladies with a shopping cart talking to buildings and begging on street corners."

Pacey stops and pulls her close to him. He touches his lips to hers in a long lingering kiss. When they break away, Andie smiles at him.

She raises an eyebrow. "And what does Officer Witter have in store for me tonight?"

They walk into Science class and sit at the lab desk. "Wouldn't you like to know?" He replies mischeviously.


(Dawson rushing through the door and down the hallway to his locker)

Dawson bumps into a few people along the way. "Hey, watch it!" A tall football jock yells as Dawson flies by. He goes Joey's locker.

Joey turns around and jumps. "God, Dawson you scared me! You look like you're ready to pass out. What's the rush?"

Dawson catches his breath. "I finished it!"

She nods her head questioningly. "Finished what?"

"My script. I did the last scene after you left." He holds a bunch of stapled pages. "Could you read it and tell me what you think?"

"Sure, I'll read it. Just calm down." Joey shuts her locker and takes the papers. "What brought on the inspiration last night? I mean, you've had writer's block for a whole week."

"Let's just say 'life imitates art'." Dawson says softly.

Joey smiles shyly, her heart jumping out of her chest. When he looked at her like that, she couldn't help but feel all warm inside. She was happy they were friends again. And she knew Dawson was too.

Suddenly, the bell rings. Students begins to scurry to their classrooms. Dawson is the first to stop staring and hears the bell.

"Oh, great. We're late." He begins to run down the hall and yells when he hits the doorway of his classroom. "See ya at lunch, Joe."

"Okay, see ya then." Joey looks down at the papers and begins to flip through them slowly as she walks in the opposite direction to art class.


(Lunchtime, Pacey and Andie going through the lunch line)

Andie looks around the cafeteria for a seat. She spots Dawson and Joey sitting together. She watches them laughing, and sighs.

Pacey nudges her shoulder playfully. "Move along, McPhee, I'm hungry."

She moves over and takes her tray still watching them. "What do you think of that?"

"Think of what?" He asks, paying for his lunch.

"Dawson and Joey." Andie whispers. "I mean look at them. They're...."

"Flirting." He finishes. They go to a table within seeing distance of the couple. "They've been doing that for years, trust me."

"Well, did Dawson mention anything about getting back with her?"

"He says 'friends only'. I don't think that theory will apply for too long with the way he's looking at her." Pacey answers.


(Dawson and Joey's table)

Dawson is waiting patiently as Joey finishes reading up his script. He can't tell whether she likes it or not. Her face is completely blank of emotion. He continues to eat, but he had butterflies in his stomach. What would she think of the ending? Would she like it? If she didn't, what would he say? Suddenly, Joey tosses the script on the table, and looks up at him.

"Okay, I've finished the script, Dawson." She sees how nervous he looks and smiles a little. But immediately changes her expression when he lifted his eyes to meet hers.

"Joey, please be very honest with me. I can take the criticism." He begins to chatter quickly, to cover his nervousness, but making it more obvious. "In fact I probably need it. If it's totally awful, too autobiographical and if my interpretation of you and me and us is out of line or inappropriate, I know you'll tell me, wouldn't you?"

Joey folds her arms across her chest and looks downward, trying not to laugh. He looks soo serious. "Dawson, you deserve the truth. So here's the truth."

Dawson's face freezes, and he swallows hard. "Okay, tell me."

"Well, the script is very autobiographical. I mean, it's our whole live, Dawson. Every experience that happened, every heartache..."she pauses. "And I think it's your best work ever. You've really cut to the core of being a teenager. I'm very proud of what you've done."

He had been patiently listening, but it finally hit him. She loved it! He breaks out into a big grin and touches her hand with his. "You have no idea what it meant to me to have you say that."

Joey smiles. "Your welcome."


(Back to Pacey and Andie)

They eat in silence for a few moments. Andie's eyes are narrowed in concentration.

"Pacey, I think we should get them together for Valentine's Day."

"Oh, really? And just how do you plan on doing that?"

"Simple." Andie answers confidently. "We'll have a double blind date tonight." She was thinking about how sweet it would be for Dawson and Joey to get together on the most romantic day of the year.

Pacey groans. "Ah, Andie tonight is for us. No offense to my best friends, but I want to spend it just with you."

"I didn't say we would actually show up, did I?" She reminds him grinning.

He raises his eyebrows. "Okay this sounds better. What's the plan?"

Andie smiles. "Plan of attack is simple. I need you to go to Dawson. You start explaining about why you hate this depression slum he's been living in and that you want him to meet other girls besides Joey..."

"Okay, and what are you going to do?"

She glances at Dawson and Joey. "I'll be convincing Joey that she also needs to meet other guys. And now that Jack left to live with our father, he won't be around to ruin the mood."

"I didn't know you felt that way about your brother." Pacey answers.

Andie sighs. "People on the rebound shouldn't get into a relationship quick, cause they are avoiding the chance to experience the hurt and heal."

"You should be a relationship counselor, McPhee."

Andie slaps his hand playfully. "Back to the game plan. You walk home with Dawson and I'll walk home with Joey. We'll make the reservations at that restaurant near the dock. What's the name..."

"Capeside grill and seafood." He finishes for her.

"Right", she says taking down a notepad and writing it down. "Oh, do they have a dancing area too?"


"Well, we need the love birds to get close together. And remember dancing can be very seductive." Andie smiles sweetly.

"Of course." He draws out his hand. "Let the matchmaking begin!"

Pacey and Andie shake hands and look at Dawson and Joey.

Okay, people what do you think. The next part is the last part to this story. Of course, Dawson and Joey will end up together! And Pacey and Andie, well once Andie gets her plan out, then Pacey can use his charm to romance. Don't worry their valentine's day will be sweet to! :) Please, e-mail any comments/complaints, etc. This was my first attempt at Valentine's Day fanfic. So.. be nice too! :) I'm kidding be honest too!


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