The Day After Part Five by: Tiffany


(Two days later, one day before the deadline for the sketch, Tuesday morning)

Joey spent the next few days sketching. She thought and thought about her most memorable moments. Finally, she had 3 sketches. She looked at them critically. Which one? One sketch was of the creek at sunset. Another was a sketch of her, Dawson and Pacey on the edge of the dock, dangling their feet in the water, from a photo from 3 years ago. The last picture, was of her and Dawson just after wrapping up his 'Sea Serpent from the Deep' movie five months ago. In one hand he held his video camera, and the other was wrapped around her shoulders, and both were smiling broadly. Joey grinned remembering that day. Jenn had left to go on her date with Cliff and Mr. Leery caught them putting the equipment away to snap the picture. She more she stared at it, she finally decided this was the one to enter in the contest.

(Art Class, first period)

Joey walked into art class with her sketch in a portfolio cover. Mrs. Emerson was setting up the paints for class, kids filling through. She looked up.

"Joey, hi."

She smiled. "Hi, uh here is my sketch for the contest." Joey replied.

Mrs. Emerson took the portfolio from Joey. "Great, may I look at it," she asked.

Joey shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, sure."

Mrs. Emerson looked the sketch with an approving glance. "Joey, this is beautiful. You drew this from a photograph?"

"Yes, is that okay?" She answered nervously.

"That's fine. You did a wonderful job with it. That's you and your boyfriend, right?"

"Uh, no actually, but he's my best friend." Joey walked toward the doorway in thought.

She turned around, "Mrs. Emerson when will I know how I did?"

"You'll get a letter in the mail with the check."

"Thanks, oh and about how long is the waiting period." Joey asked.

The art teacher smiled. "The wait might be a few days after the deadline, so I'll say you'll get an answer by Friday, hopefully."

"Thank you." Joey answered.

(Pacey and Dawson walking through the hallways)

"Okay, Dawson you didn't mention to me yesterday about punching Jack." Pacey said grinning.

Dawson makes a frown. "It isn't exactly something I'm proud of."

"Oh, come on man, this is like the most amazing thing aside from that little road trip with Billy a few months ago. You brought out your evil twin."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Fine, we'll talk about something better. Now, what's the deal with you and Joey? Have you two gotten out of this little lover's quarrel? Let's be honest, man this isn't exactly your first agrument."

Dawson seems a little better since yesterday morning, Pacey thought. He hoped it was because they got back together.

"Pacey, let's just say Joey and I have come to an understanding, and aren't fighting anymore, which I am definitely happy about."

"But you aren't back together?" He asked.

Dawson looked away sadly. "No, we aren't. Last night we talked, and it felt as if nothing ever changed, you know. We're ……friends again."

Pacey looked at him curiously. "Is that all you want?"

"I'd be lying if I said that was enough. Pace, I love her, and I'm willing to do whatever to get us through this. If being just friends for now works,then I'm all for it."

"Pacey", a voice called from behind the two. He turned around and there was Andie.

"Hi guys," she said smiling. She slipped over next to Pacey. He kissed her softly on the lips.

"So what are we discussing?"

"The complexity of having a relationship." Dawson answered.

"Sounds very stimulating. Would you like a women's perspective?" Andie asked. She didn't wait for answer. "I think women are the driving force in any relationship. They keep it a float and running on course. Men don't do anything to support the relationship."

Pacey wrapped one arm around her shoulders. "Ah, the word of wisdom has spoken. McPhee, you are reading more Cosmopolitan than I am."

"My stop, guys, see ya later." Dawson said heading into class.

The rest of the week passed pretty quickly for everyone. Andie and Pacey had a few squabbles, but nothing that wasn't resolved without some begging on Pacey's part.

(Friday afternoon, Joey walking home from school)

Joey breathed in deeply as she went for the mailbox and took out the mail. She glances over each letter, bills, bills, bills, and more bills, but then…..a letter from the Massachusetts College of Art.

She stared at it for a long moment, waiting. She decided to go to the Icehouse and show Bessie. She took her bike and pedaled over quickly, holding the mail tightly in her hand. It's okay, she thought. Mrs. Emerson said you have an excellent chance, you can win this. With $2,000.00, oh my God, she thought. I could save for college just like I planned. She pedaled faster. She ran into the Icehouse. Bessie looked up worried.

"Joey, what's wrong? Is it Alexander?"

Breathlessly, Joey showed Bessie the letter. She smiled.

"Well, what are you waiting for, open it."

Joey ripped open the envelope, then stopped.

"Bessie, I can't do this, you read it." She handed it back, at which point Bessie was called away to take an order.

Joey took the letter out of the envelope, she breathed deeply, and opened it and began to read.

Dear Ms. Potter:

We appreciate you sending us your sketch. After much consideration and judging, we are sorry but you did not win the prize of $2,000.00, from our contest. Please try again, next year.


Martin Wilson

Joey read the letter, once, then twice, then again. Her eyes swelled up in tears. She ripped the letter furiously.

Bessie looked up and asked anxiously, "Joey, what happened?"

Joey couldn't take all this pain. All her hard work, for nothing. The tears slid down her cheeks, her eyes became red. She ran out of the Icehouse very upset.

Bessie became frantic. Where would she go? Who would know? She ran to the phone, and called Dawson's house. Mrs. Leery answered the phone.

"Hi Gale, it's Bessie, could I speak with Dawson," she asked.

"Sure, hold on a second."

"Hi, Bessie, what do you need?" he asked. Why would Bessie call him, he wondered.

"Dawson, you've got to help me. Joey ran off. She got the results of the contest. She didn't win, and now she's run off, and I don't know where to look." She cried.

Dawson became nervous and upset. "Wait a minute, she left? Oh, my God, don't worry Bessie, I'll find her, just stay calm. Give me about a half hour,if I can't find her, I'll come back to the Icehouse."

"Okay, good luck."

Dawson grabbed his jacket and ran out, then stopped. Where would Joey go? What are her places to think? He went to her mother's grave, no Joey.

Song playing as he searches for her: "I'm your Angel", sung by Art Kelly and Celine Dion

I'll be your cloud up in the sky
I'll be your shoulder when you cry
I hear your voices when you call me
I am your Angel.
And when all hope is gone, I'm near
No matter how far you are, I'm near
It makes no difference who you are I am your Angel

Okay, next place. Come on, Jo, tell me where you are, he thought. He went to the ruins, again no Joey. He waits and thinks more. Suddenly a flash of realization comes over him, he slapped his hand against his forehead, and he runs back to his house.

Mrs. Leery comes from the living room to see her son rushing in. "Honey, did you find Joey?" She asked.

"I might have."

And with that, he ran up to his bedroom. Dawson walks in quietly shutting the door behind him. A soft breeze blew from the open window. He sat down on his bed staring at the closet, waiting. He grabs the remote from his nitestand and turns on the TV. Dawson finally stands up and goes to the closet, and opens it. He finds Joey, her head in her heads, tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes red and swollen. He kneels down to her. "Joey, I heard about the contest. I'm so sorry."

Joey looked up at him miserably. She wanted soo much to wrap her arms around him, but she thought it would be too much given their present situation. She stood up and walked outside the closet.

"I guess you know me too well. The closet is my hiding place. Ironic, isn't

it? " Dawson made a small smile.

"Well, actually I searched a few places first, before I remembered the closet." He walked over to her.

"You know, Dawson, I wanted soo badly to win. This was a chance to pull myself out of this consistent very predictable life. A chance to say I can do something other than be a 'waitress at waterfront restaurant.' I can be inspired, that I have a talent. That I have 'something' to bring to my life, that's fulfilling and wonderful. And I realized that it was a dream. Just a dream. A stupid dream, which like other things in my life, have failed."

He looked at her with surprise and took hold of her shoulders. "But it wasn't, Jo. Sure you didn't win, but that doesn't mean you aren't talented. So, someone that was judging didn't like your sketch. So what?"

Joey rolled her eyes at him. "Thanks for the help, Dawson but it's not working."

She tried to walk away again, but he stopped her.

"Look at me. I idolize Steven Speliberg! I have posters of every movie he ever created all over my walls. I try to create movies with a cheesy love slash horror theme, and spend my time analyzing others. Sure, people think I'm crazy to do this, and maybe I am, but I know it makes me happy. Jo, if this makes you happy, you have go with it, if you don't you'll wonder if you could have it, and miss out on something wonderful."

Joey smiled. "You live for Speliberg! Something wonderful, ah. You really believe that's possible?"

Dawson stared at her longingly. "I believe in you, Jo. You know that. You set your mind to things, and it works. Your sketches bring out life. You have a style, very dramatic and inspiring side, the romantic!"

He laughs.

"Kinda like you. I guess I'm more like you than I thought." She sighed and looked at him. How I miss him, she thought, I just want to ….. "You're still crying."

He took his hand and began wiping away a few tears still on her cheeks. He continued touch her cheek after her tears were gone. Joey thought she'd stopped breathing. He could feel her face turning a shade of pink.

"Do you know what picture I sent into the contest?"

"No, what was it?" They were standing closely, Dawson caught his breath, enjoying their nearness. He couldn't help but make a slow smile.

"I sent it that picture your father took of us after we wrapped up your 'SeaSerpent from the Deep' movie."

"What made you pick that?"

Their heads were so close, he could feel her breath on his face.

Joey laughed nervously, "The theme of the contest was my most memorable moment. My most memorable moments have always been with you, Dawson."

Dawson smiled again. He looked into her eyes. He bent his head down and kissed her, pulling her close. Joey wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him even closer.

Dawson lifts his head up. "Jo, are you trying to tell me something?"

"How much I love you."

"And I love you."

And with that, they stepped closer into an all-out passionate kiss.

Ah, yes I know, terrible ending, or maybe not, I guess, you be the judge!! I kept wrestling with this ending for at least a day and came up with this. BE KIND, but extremely honest, my first fanfiction!! E-mail all comments to Tiffany!


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