Misinterpretations Part Two by: Venusian Girl

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Joey sat in her Spanish class and wound a long strand of hair round her finger. Her day had been really crappy so far. Dawson had come for her early this morning, too early for her to be thinking straight, and she had forgotten to pack her algebra homework in her bag. Then there was the letter telling her to go for a cancer screening. Her mom had died of cancer so she and Bessie had to go for check-ups every few years since they were at higher risk of it. It wasn't that she minded the actual screening. She thought it was important. It was just that she would probably have to take a day off school to go to the hospital and she hated missing school. Also she couldn't stand the thought of having to sit in a hospital waiting room for three hours reading mind numbing magazines. The smell of hospitals always made her feel depressed. She associated it with her mother. Anyway, after all this disruption of her day she would be told that everything was fine and to come back in another three years. Joey groaned at the thought. She was also very worried about Dawson. He had been acting really strangely this morning. On the way to school she had been telling him about Jen's grandfather. It was in the paper obituary that he had died two days ago. That would explain why Jen had been off school. The thing was, Joey had been sure that Dawson wasn't paying attention to her. When she asked him what she had just said, he was under the impression that she had been talking about a marine bio. project. Weird. Dawson was really jumpy and suddenly he had started babbling on about being honest with each other. It was clear to Joey that Dawson was trying to tell her something but was having difficulty coming out with it. What can be so bad that he's afraid to tell me? she thought. Joey was very upset. Whatever Dawson's secret was, it had made him afraid to be around her. Joey had gone to offer her condolences to Jen before homeroom. Jen started crying and Joey had tried to comfort her. When the bell rang she went over to see Dawson but he ran away from her faster than a gunshot. Joey began to worry that Dawson was going to tell her that he and Jen were getting back together. After all, she had found them together on his bed a week ago. But Dawson told me he didn't feel that way about Jen anymore. Joey felt as though she was closer than she'd ever been before to getting together with Dawson. If he said that he loved Jen, it would kill her. t's just that it would explain so much: why he is avoiding me, why he is nervous about telling me his secret, he knows I wouldn't be happy if him and Jen got back together, maybe that's why he can't confide in me.

"Miss Potter, are you listening to me?" the teacher's voice was sharp and impatient. Joey sunk lower in her seat. This really was a crap day.

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