I Know What You Did Last Summer by: Jill


Joey returns home from New York University…only to find her dark secret has been revealed.

This is loosely based on movie, but again, with a Capeside Twist. E-mail me with what you think!

Part 1- ?

I Know What You Did Last Summer

“Bodie? Bessie?” Joey called. She threw her bags down and walked around the house. She has just returned from NYU and was hoping for a big celebration at her return from Spring Break.

“Hello??? Anyone home? It’s Joey. You know? Joey Potter? I’m back,” Joey called finding her way into the small living room. She turned on the lights and thought to herself, “Boy this house sure is dark.” She turned the light on and to her surprise everyone was standing around.

“SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!” they all called, smiling in joy.

Dawson ran to Joey and hugged her, swinging her around the room.

“Joey, I’m so glad you’re home!” Dawson called. Joey was surprised at this warm welcome, and at Dawson’s behavior. Didn’t he remember that they had broken up only days before she left for college? And that she was with Pacey now? Speaking of Pacey, where was he?

All of a sudden she heard a faint, “Hello? Where are all of you?” At that sound, Pacey swept into the room. “Guys, sorry I’m late, now let’s get this surprise started! Joey will be here any---“ Pacey said in a rush. “Oh. Huh. I guess she’s here,” Pacey said looking up and seeing Joey. “Damn…guess I was late.”

At Pacey’s, entrance Dawson moved aside to stand next to Jen. Joey looked over at Dawson, then to Jen.

“Jen? Jen Lindley?” Joey said shocked. She ran to Jen and gave her a hug. “I thought you were going to The University of Minnesota! Why are you here?”

“Umm, Joey? We need to talk…all of us, that’s why I am here,” Jen said, a frown on her face. She looked disturbed.

“What’s wrong?” Joey asked.

“I’d rather talk later when it’s just us four.” Jen replied.

“Okay,” Joey responded. On that note she said, “Well, let’s get this party started!”

Later on, around 9 o’ clock, when the party ended, Joey invited Pacey, Jen, and Dawson up to her room. She sat on her bed across from Jen.

“So, Jen, what’s up?” Joey asked.

Jen looked around at everybody and then took a plain white envelope out from her pocket. Her address was written neatly in black pen.

“This. I got it yesterday,” Jen said. She unfolded the letter and the writing startled the gang. It read:

(I thought the pic would be more effective)

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