Circle of Friends by: Kay


Author's Note: This episode takes place after the season finale, like a week after. Joey and Dawson are an item now, Jenn's trying to get back on track and Pacey seems to finally be over Tamara and onto Joey. But now Joey and Pacey are kinda friends. I'm using some of the plots I heard will be taking place next season, I'm introducing the new characters in the story and I may use some of the old ones like Billy, Nellie, Anderson and mostly Abby. Any other addition is mine, feel free to use it if you like.

I'd like to get feedback, It's my first attempt at a Fanfic so it's not exactly perfect, but if you got any questions, comments, ideas, plots, critics, anything, just send them my way. I'll be deeply grateful, don't doubt they'll be read. Thanks.

EPISODE #200 "Circle of Friends"

-Dawson's Room- Joey and Dawson are watching "The Lost World" Dawson's quiet so Joey decides to break the silence.

Joey - Are you okay, Dawson? Cause you look like you're watching "Helmets of Glory" instead of this.

Dawson - I'm not!

J - You're too, so shoot, (She sits in the bed) Tell me what's bothering you.

D - I'm fine, really, I guess I'm just a little worried.

J - Is neighbor girlfriend the object of your preoccupations?

D- Maybe… I mean we haven't seen Jenn since her Grandfather's funeral, she hasn't gone to school, or anywhere else for that matter and she won't even answer my calls. (She frowns) Don't look at me like that, I just wanted to know if she was okat.

J - Don't worry, she'll get over it.

D - Yeah, but when? I just keep thinking that we hurt her so bad, and on that day! I never imagined she'll come looking for comfort here… and she had that sad look in her eyes when she found us kissing, I mean … I guess I just feel guilty.

J - I guess I feel a little guilty too, I mean, we were just starting to get along just then, and now, the only thing that kept us apart has changed sides so I thought maybe she didn't wanted to see me just now… or never.

D - Well, you see, I was thinking and (he sits in his bed) I thought that maybe you could go and see how's she doing (Joey looks at him surprised)… maybe? Please?

J - What!?! You're kidding right? …(She gets up) No way, Dawson, if you think Blondie's gonna want to see me and tell me everything that's bothering her, you're even more out of reality than I thought.

D - Well, being me a guy and you a girl I just thought that it'd be easier for her to relate to you… Come on, Joey, for me?

J - Don't make me do this Dawson… don't get me wrong, I care, which is exactly why I don't wanna disturb her with my presence… (He just looks at her with love) Don't do this to me, Dawson (He comes close to her and kisses her hand)… oh, okay, I'll go see if she's okay… but if anything happens, if any of us is physically hurt it's gonna be your fault.

D - Thanks, Joey, I knew you'd do it (He kisses her).

J - Oh, so you knew? Well, I'll just get my revenge now (she jumps on him and tickles him until they fall of the bed and she kisses him)

-Cut to Dawson's Creek intro theme & Commercials-

-Jenns house- Jenn's in her room looking out of her window, watching Joey getting out of Dawson's room and walking towards her boat when her Grandma walks into her room and sees her. ("Tears in Heaven" is playing in the back, Jenn's listening to it in a CD player)

Grams - Jennifer, are you okay?

Jenn - Yeah, Grams, I just need some time.

Gm - As much as you loved your Grandfather, I think he's hardly the reason of your self-imposed imprisonment and all the hours you spend looking at that boy's window… when are you going to go out and face him? … Okay, Jennifer, it's your choice, but you are going back to school tomorrow.

Jn - I think I need some more time Grams.

Gm - Well, I don't think so. (She leaves the room) ("Tears in heaven" fades into the next scene)

-Next morning. Joey enters the Icehouse, Pacey's there-

Pacey - Hey there, Joey. (No answer) Joey… earth to Joey… Joey!

J - What!? Oh, hey Pacey, what're you doing here?

P - What? No ironic remark? No bitter comment? I'm crushed… wanna tell me what's on your mind?

J - To you?

P - Yeah, to me Pacey Witter, Capeside loser… come on Joey, I can handle it.

J - Actually it's like the twilight zone.

P - Sounds like our friend Dawson's involved.

J - That obvious, huh? (Pacey nods) Okay, Dawson asked me to check up on Jenn.

P - Wait a second… he actually asked his current girlfriend to go check on his ex-girlfriend? Man he's farther out there that I thought. So what are you gonna do?

J - I promised him (she thinks)… but I never promised I'd go alone (looks at Pacey)… Pacey would you…please, maybe she'll talk to you?

P - Hold there, I missed a step. You want me to go see how's she doing? No way! I mean, I'm not good at this stuff, Jo, you should know it… besides, you can be of more help cause you've had that experience yourself. (She looks at him) I'm sorry, Jo, I didn't mean it.

J - Maybe you're right… now there's something I thought I'd never said, must've been a lapse. But anyway, would you come with me as in a friend kinda way… we'll need a referee, you know.

P - Sure, that'll be something worth seeing.

J - Thanks, Pacey.

(She smiles and tuns walking towards the kitchen, Pacey stares at her and sighs)("Iris" by the Goo Goo dolls starts to play on the back)

-A while later… - Pacey's waking around the beach just looking at the creek and thinking-

- Joey decided to wait outside for Pacey so she wouldn't have to listen to Alexander crying. She's sitting in a bench outside her house looking at the creek, Pacey arrives and sees her like that, he can't help but to stare at her for a couple of minutes thinking…("Iris" is still playing)

P - Pace, man, get a grip! She's Dawson's girl now… Hey, Joey! Ready to go?

J - Hi, Pacey, you row, come on.

P - Wait a second, you never told me I was rowing all the way there, man, I could've borrow my dad's car.

-We can see them take the boat out into the creek while chatting until they reach Jenn's dock, Joey looks stressed- ("Iris" is still playing)

J - You know what, maybe we can still go home.

P - No way, you made me row this far, now you're going.

J - Okay, okay, give me the backpack.

P - What's in here anyway? Knifes, poison? (He checks) Ice cream?

J - its a little rite between coach and me, don't ask.

P - If you say so… Good luck

J - And please, Pacey, could you remember to tie the boat to the dock this time?

P - What? You'll need a fast way outta here?

J - Maybe, but I don't wanna swim my way back like last time.

P - Yes, sir.

-Joey walks towards Jenns house hesitating, she looks up and sees Jenn sitting in her window looking at Dawson's window without noticing her at all, she breathes and knocks on the door. Mrs. Ryan opens and stares at Joey.

Gm - Yes, Josephine?

J - Umm, hi, I mean good afternoon Mrs. Ryan, is Jenn home?

Gm - Certainly, Jennifer you have a visitor!

-Mrs. Ryan opens the door for Joey to enter, Joey's stunned but walks in, She pushes Joey into the living room-

Gm - Go upstairs, it's the third door on the right, in the corner.

J - Yes, thank you.

-She goes to Jenn's room and we can see Jenn in the same position she was before-

J - Jenn? ("Iris" fades with the image)

-Fades into commercial- We're back into Jenns room, Jenn turns to face Joey, Joey's stunned, Jenn looks so thin and pale, so different from a week ago- ("Push" by Matchbox 20 is playing softly in the back )

J - Jenn?

Jn - Hey Joey. To what do I owe the honor of your visit?

(Joey steps into the room and shows her the backpack)

J - I thought that maybe you were up to an antisocial ice cream.

Jn - Sure, come on in, same flavor? (She gets off the window and faces Joey, they sit in the bed)

J- Yeah, it's my favorite so….

Jn- Okay… So how are you and Dawson?

J - Umm, fine I think (passes the ice cream to Jenn) we've been worried about you though, you haven't done anything since your Grandpa passed away.

Jn - (Jenn smiles) So he sent you, huh? (Joey doesn't say anything, she just stares at her ice cream) Don't answer; it's easy to read that expression of yours.

J - He's worried about you.

Jn - He'll get over it. Besides, now he has you to comfort him and I don't wanna get in the middle, I'll only cause trouble and I don't want that… not yet.

J - I guessed as much, but he's not gonna give up that easy, you know, I think you're still in his mind.

Jn - (looks up at Joey with resignation) that'll pass, as much I wouldn't want it to, I'll go away and you'll have the full picture.

(Joey faces Jenn, with astonishment) J - You mean… you're going back to New York?

Jn - I hope so, don't look so stunned, I don't know yet, I'm waiting for my parents to answer me, in the mean time I'll be here.

J - You want him back, don't you? (Jenn looks up to Joey)

-Cut to outside Jenns house, we see Pacey sited in the dock and Dawson's walking towards him. ("Push" is still playing)

D - Hey, Pacey, what are you doing here? Outside of Jenns house…

P - Oh, you know me Dawson, just waiting for my princess to show up in that window.

D - Jenn? You're falling for Jenn, now? Since when?

P - Chill out, Dawson, I didn't meant it…and what do you care anyway, you've got Joey now, don't you? So Jenn's free to go out with me if she so wishes.

D - Sorry, Pacey, I just got a little carried away, that's all.

P - Yeah, well stop your car before you hurt Joey. You should've never kissed her if you're still thinking about Jenn.

D - What do you mean? I love Joey, but I care for Jenn, she's my friend.

P - Yeah, right! You know what, Dawson? If you hurt her I'll personally break your nose.

-Image fades as Dawson turns and goes to his house - We're back to Jenn and Joey.

J - You still want him back, don't you? … You're sorry you let him go away and now when I finally got him, after all this time, you want him back. That's not fair Jenn.

Jn - Yeah well life isn't fair, Joey. You of all people should know it, but if you don't let me enlighten you. Do you think I chose to come here? You think I wanted my Gramps to die? Well, I didn't, and now I don't want to go, but I don't want to stay either. (She stands up and walks towards the window giving her back to Joey)… It hurts to see you and Dawson together and think that it could be Dawson and me. You want an answer? Okay, yeah I want him back. But I don't wanna ruin our friendship, no matter how slim and poor it is, so for now going away seems to be the answer, because of if stay, I'm gonna fight for him to get him back no matter what. And trust me Joey, you're gonna hate me, and he's gonna hate me and that's the last thing I want to happened…you've been the closest think I've had to a girlfriend and I really don't wanna blow it off…(she turns to face Joey again) I really miss having a friend, actually I don't think I've ever had that kind of love and comfort and care for me… so, do you think you can help me, Joey? You think you can help me cope with my feelings? (Holding back tears) Because right now I know I can't do it by myself and I really don't wanna hurt anybody.

-Joey just stands there trying to find something to say…but she sees Jenn and sighs -She approaches Jenn and touches her shoulder.

J - Look Jenn, I don't know how scared I am that you could take Dawson away from me… I've never had a real friend except Dawson and now, he's not my friend anymore, at least not like he used to be, I'm just afraid that my life as I knew it is changing so, I guess I'm reaching.

Jn - I reached too, Joey, you never gave me a chance…

J - I know, I know I was totally a bitch to you and I know we're never gonna be friends until we both get over the boy next door but… maybe we could at least be… I don't know… pals?

Jn - I think you're my friend, Joey, just pray for my parents to let me get back to NY or find some place in your heart where you can forgive me for what I'll do if I stay.( "Push" fades with the image)

-Commercial Break - We see Dawson entering the video store for the afternoon shift … he looks disturbed, he's obviously disappointed that Pacey's not there. ( "Sweet Surrender" by Sarah Mclachland is playing)

D - Hey, Hank! Where's Pacey?

Hank - He called and said he had to do something, I don't think he'll be coming back until tomorrow, but he did said that if he finished early he could come later afternoon… until then it's all yours kiddo, bye. (He goes out as Dawson looks around)

-Cut to Pacey, he's sited in the dock outside Jenn's house still waiting for Joey…it's been like a couple of hours since Joey entered Jenn's house.

P - (Talking to himself) What's my problem? Joey's got Dawson now just like she always wanted and I'm supposed to be their friend… Joey was never gonna look my way anyway (He pulls a collar that was tied to his waist from under his shirt and we see 2 snail shells in it and looks at them) I wish she would…

(We see Joey coming out of Jenn's house and sees Pacey sighted in the dock)

J -Hey, Pacey, (he turns to her while she joins him) what are you doing still here? I thought you had to be at the video store about an hour ago?

P - (smiling) Like I was gonna miss the body thrown through the window… what happened? You decided on the stairs instead? I didn't heard any screaming.

J - Yeah well, I stuffed the Ice cream in her mouth first…

P - How'd it go?

J - Well, we're both still alive… I don't know… it's like something broke inside of her and I think it's my fault.

P- What do you mean? You didn't do anything, Dawson chose you, and it's not your fault.

J - I know, but I just can't get this guilty feeling off me …

P - You know, Dawson came a while ago… (She looks at him) Don't worry I didn't told him you were there.

J - Thanks, Pacey… Do you think we could take a walk?

P - Where to?

J - Anywhere but here?

(They get up and start walking)

(Cut to Jenn, she's sighted in her window again and watches them leave)

Jn - I'm sorry, Joey, I just want him back… I really wish you had gone to Paris and I hope you don't end up hating me so much you can never forgive me… (Her Grams is outside the room and listens to the last remark)

-Cut to Dawson working in the video store - He's watching the VCR, a client is asking for something but Dawson's not paying attention to neither the TV nor the customer until this last stand in front of the TV.

C- Hey, Kid!!!

D- Oh, sorry (getting up) what can I do for you?

C- Maybe charge my movies like I've been asking you the last 2 minutes.

D- I'm sorry, I really didn't listen.

C- That was obvious… I know it's none of my business, but do you want an advice from an old chap like me?

D- I'm desperate for advice but I just…okay, what harm can you do? … I started dating my best friend a week ago and now something's changed, I don't think she can be my best friend anymore, at least not like before… on the other hand, there's this girl I used to date and I'm really worried about her. The problem is, although I really love my girlfriend I don't know what I feel for my ex.

C- Quite a problem you got there… as cruel as it might sound, you're gonna have to make a choice…(looks at Dawson) I think you know who you want, you're just afraid of what will happen when you make the choice because you're gonna hurt someone. My advisc is that you should do it fast, because those wounds take long to heal, so the sooner the better.

D- You got that right, but it's easier to say than to do.

C- Speak from your heart, that can never hurt so bad.

D- Thanks for your help. (Smiles)

C- Anyday, kid. ("Sweet Surrender" by Sarah Mclachlan fades)

-Cut to Commercial- ("How's it gonna be" by Third eye blind starts playing) We see Joey and Pacey walking around the beach and then on the city, and finally they're at a hill where you can see Capeside, maybe a park, and they sit on a bench. Joey's looking at Capside while Pacey's mainly looking at Joey, but she doesn't notices. -Suddenly…

P- Can I ask you something Joey? You can give me an annoying answer like you usually do, (Joey smiles and looks at him) Why me? I mean, we haven't got along for a long time… why suddenly did you ask me to take you to see your dad and Jenn? That's all, I thought Dawson was your first choice always.

J- You just were at the right place at the right time…my relationship with Dawson has changed so I guess I'm looking for a friend and you happened to be there when I needed you the most… that would sounded like an aberrance at another time, but I never thought Dawson and I would ever be together so it sounds fair enough given the situation.

P- (smiles at the last remark) I'm your friend Joey, I don't even know why we came apart, we used to have a great time together in the old days…It was… well, overnight you just picked Dawson over me and I guess I was jealous (She looks at him frowning) … Don't get your hopes up, it's not like that…I'll get over it. (She smiles)

-The next images blend into each other while it gets dark - Pacey smiles too and tickles Joey, Joey punches him and they start playing around / Jenn's sitting in her dock looking at the water / Dawson's at the video store just looking at the ceiling / Pacey and Joey are running around in the park and Joey gets Pacey and tackles him / Jenn's in her bed hugging a stuffed bear crying / Dawson's closing the video and heading home / Pacey and Joey are walking back to her house / Jenn's having dinner but she's not eating anything / Dawson's in the dock looking at the water / Dawson's mom is looking at him / Jenn's grandma's looking at Jenn / she's sighted in her window looking at Dawson's / He is sighted outside of his window (where Joey usually enters) looking at the sundown. Joey and Pacey are sighted in the beach looking at the same thing / Pacey is most of all looking at Joey…("How's it gonna be" by third eye blind keeps playing in the back while the credits pass until the end).


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