Clueless by: Kay


Author's note: You might wanna take a look at the prev episodes. If you have any comments, questions or anything, send them my way, I love feedback. Thanks. I'm doing arrangements in the story so that it may go according with the tv story. Also when I say, "this song still plays on the back" imagine it plays a little at the beginning and then fades and at the end of the scene plays again in a different part of the song, ok? Thanks to everybody who wrote to me, I'm deeply grateful and if you have any suggestions as to what type of music you'd like, send them to me as well. Thanks.


-Dawson's room- Joey and Dawson are watching television both in bed, they're watching William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

Television- "For there never was a story of more woe that this of Juliet...and her Romeo"

[Dawson turns the tv off with a remote]

D- The real tragedy here is that although they were ready for their love and to face life with it, it was the same strength of their love was what led them to their end.


D- It's pretty obvious that if they hadn't loved each other so deeply, they would've thought before acting and they could've lived their lives in peace.

J- That's exactly why it's considered one of the best love stories ever written Dawson, because the urge of their love was so intense that they gave everything for that love.

D-Still they could've survived if not for the impetuosity of their own passion.

J-Whatever... [Gets up and starts putting on her shoes]

D- Where do you think you're going? [sits up in his bed]

J- Home, Bessie's been giving me a hard time because I stay here to often, I was trying to cool the ambiance a little since I don't want her imagination to fly.

D- Come on Joey, you can handle Bessie, stay here tonight, besides, we haven't done anything yet.

J- Sorry, not today.

D- Ok, ok, just stay here while I get my newest acquisitions for my awarded wall and present them to you so we can hang them. [runs out of the room]

J-mm...wonder what is it this time?

D- Here.[he show's to her the posters of "Saving private Ryan" and "Amistad"] these are the first ones, box office is not closed yet on "Private Ryan" so I was thinking over here... [he puts the poster in his door] or maybe, over here…[he puts this over his bed in the wall] what do you think?

J- wall, much more light for a better appreciation and makes it the center point until you get the box office order fixed, the other I think will go in your door.

D- Ok. [Puts the posters down]now this [show to her a picture of Pacey, Joey and himself taken in the summer, the weekend before Jenn arrived to Capeside] what do you think, by the bed in a "remember me" motive or in the shelf in a "never forget me" scenario?

J-Depends on you Dawson, I can't tell you how much you care for your friends.

D- (thinks for a second) Shelf, that's what I thought.

J- you better.

D-And last but the most important: [turns his back to Joey and gets something from a plastic bag] (smiling) where do you think this should go? [He shows to her a picture of herself during the Miss. Windjammer beauty pageant, taken when she was smiling briefly to the camera in her first walk before the audience]

J-Where did you get this?

D-I got it from the guy of the Capeside Gazette, he took a bunch and he was gonna toss them out after the Gazette came out but I convinced him to sell them to me. You like it?

J-No, I look like a joke. I move for the destruction of the evidence.

D- No can do, I was thinking[looking around] here [he puts it next to the Spielberg pic he has] so every morning and night before I get up or go to bed I can see it and think of you.

J-Sweet but unconvincing, I still think you should get rid of it, that's not me.

D-However briefly, it was you and you looked incredible.

J- (frowning) yeah, right. [He sets the picture of Joey next to the Spielberg one] fine then. I'm gone.

D- [Comes close to her and holds her close to him] Ok, but not without a proper goodbye.

[He kisses her while she puts her arms around his neck and he takes her from the waist in a very passionately embrace...Mrs. Leery walks by Dawson's door in that moment and looks at them]

G-What are you doing? [Both Dawson and Joey pull back and look at a very surprised Mrs. Leery without letting go of each other]

-Cut to Dawson's Creek intro theme & commercials- Capeside High-

Dawson and Joey are in Dawson's locker where he's putting some books.

["Kid's in America" by The Muffs plays in the back]

D-She really told you that?

J-Yeah, so...what's gonna happen now? [Looks at him] I guess movie night is out of the question.

D-But why did she told you not to be alone with me in my room? It's not like we were doing something wrong, it wasn't even out of the limits of a PG-13.

J-Well, apparently we were doing something wrong.

D- [closing his locker] I'll talk to her.

J-No Dawson, don't do that because you are just gonna make things worst and if things go worst she might talk to Bessie and if she talks to Bessie then I'm not gonna be allowed to go out for the rest of my pathetic existence.

D-What do you mean by that?

J-I know things seem easy to fix right now but when you try to verbalize your ideas and thoughts, they usually come in a very awkward and dysfunctional way, so let it go.

D- [thinking] Ok then, what are we gonna do?

J- Do what she says, for now...I think you can handle that, don't you?

D-[smiling, looks at her] I don't know.

J- [giving him a look] You know, you're hanging too much with Pacey.

D- [laughing] I was joking, ok so from now on you enter my house from the front door... that'll be weird, you always climbed into my you think I should move the leader or should I leave it there just in case? [Smiling]

J- [Frowning] keep dreaming...[We can see Pacey walking in the hall looking sad, he comes close to them trying to smile]

P-So how's Capeside's newest couple doing today?

J- Hi Pacey.

D- Hey Pacey. [Looking at him] what happened to you? You look like hell.

P- I had a little trouble sleeping that's all, so what are you guys doing tonight

? D-We hadn't done any plans yet, any ideas?

P-No, no...just asking. [Sees Andie in the back] sorry to leave you but I got some business to attend. [Walks to Andie, the song fades] so, how are you gonna pay me?

Ad- [turns to see him] Excuse me?

P-The bodywork on my car was a little beyond my budget.

Ad-Oh, Pacey right? well I got this problem, I just moved to Capeside and I really don't have any money, is there some way we can work it out?

P-You're joking? No, I need to pay for that fix and I don't have enough money.

Ad-Well, either we work a deal here or your car stays unfixed forever.

P-I don't believe this, you said you'd pay me.

Ad-Yeah well, I can't right now, you want to make a deal or not?

P- [laughing in disbelieve] I'm listening.

Ad-there must be something I can do for you.

P- [thinking] Anything?

Ad-[looking at him with warning] to a point.

P -I wasn't implying anything so don't get all worked up.

Ad -You gotta take things from who says them.

P- Right [a girl is standing by the stairs and waves to Andie, he gets and idea] Well, here's a proposition, get me a date with that cheerleader.

Ad -Kristy Livingstone?

P - Yeah, she's the squad captain, a senior, and I want a date with her.

Ad- I wouldn't bet on it.[She walks away leaving Pacey alone smiling]

-Cut to Jenn eating alone in the cafeteria- Abby enters the cafeteria and sees her alone so she walks towards her with a smile.

["Alright" by Supergrass starts to play on the back]

A-Well, well, well, what are you doing Jenn? I thought you always hang out with the Detention club.

Jn- [looking at Abby] and I thought you didn't like us...but now that I am thinking it, you were in the detention club also, weren't you Abby?

A- please, keep the steam for Joey, you don't need it with me.

Jn- what makes you think I want to fight with Joey?

A-well considering the news around the halls, Dawson is with Joey now, and you're in the middle of nowhere waiting for him to get back to you.

Jn-Figures...sorry to disappoint you but I'm not in the mood for this, so..[starts to get up]

A-Just thought you needed a friend.

Jn-And you are my friend Abby? Excuse me if I'm a little confused here but, weren't you our nemesis in that detention session? [turns to leave]

A-Well you're not one of them anymore, are you? [Jenn turns to face Abby again while the image fades]

-Back to Pacey- He's by his locker looking at a picture he put in his locker recently, it the same picture that Dawson put in his room when Joey comes near him-

[song fades at the end of the next scene]

J- [looking at the picture] don't tell me you have nostalgia too?

P- [he turns to see her, he looks really sad] No, I just...I was...I don't know...It doesn't matter.

J- [looking at Pacey] Are you ok?

P- Yeah, sure. I'm just a little out there today.

J- [concerned] you sure?

P- know what, I think I have English, c-ya. [he starts walking]

J- I'm here for you if you need me Pacey.

P- [looking at her] thanks Joey. [He turns and goes, Joey stays there and sees Jenn coming out of class...and talking to Abby so she goes after her]

J-Jenn, can I talk to you for a minute?

Jn-[sees Joey coming to her so she turns to Abby] I'll catch up with you later ok?

A-we'll wait for you.[looks at Joey] be sure we will.[Joey smiles ironically at the remark]

Jn- Yes Joey?

J- what are you doing with "the craft" cast?

Jn- taking in consideration the talk we had and our present situation I just thought it would be wise to stay away from you.

J- But I thought you didn't liked Abby, specially since that time in detention...

Jn- Yes well, she's the only person in this school who actually wants to be my friend...and she has accepted me as I am so...

J- this is your final statement.

Jn- for the time being, yes.

J- Just take care of yourself, don't let "Nancy" turn you into one of them, ok?

Jn- Maybe I already am.

J- Maybe you just don't know who your true friends are. [Joey leaves while Jenn smiles and walks towards Abby who is at the end of the corridor]

-Cut to Dawson's Parents- they're in a coffee shop having lunch together.

M- So you think they got to it?

G- I don't know but I told Joey she shouldn't sleep with Dawson anymore and that she should enter to the house through the door from now on.

M-Maybe we should take the ladder off.

G- No, I don't want Joey to feel she's not welcome, I just don't want them alone in Dawson's room anymore.

M-I'm going to talk to you think we should tell this to Bessie?

G- I don't think that's necessary yet, but I do want to talk to Joey.

M- What for?

G- I want to make sure she understands why I'm doing this.

M- Ok. I gotta go. I'm looking some over some things about the restaurant with the investors today.

G- Ok, bye [Mr. Leery gets up and goes while Mrs. Leery stays there thinking]

-Cut to commercial- Jenn's walking home when Abby catches up with her. ["My forgotten favorite" by Velocity girl plays on the back]

A-aren't you gonna tell me what did she tell you?

Jn- I don't know Abby, this whole thing's got my head spinning.

A-we're friends now, aren't we?

Jn-That's the part I'm not sure about, I mean, until yesterday you hated me and now you like me, it's a little bizarre.

A-I explained that to you. I don't hate you, but it's an art to take advantage of what you've got over others...[she pulls Jenn's arm] here, let me prove it to you: why don't you go near them?

Jn- [Hesitating] Cause I still love Dawson, and I want him back.

A-So, we'll get him back for you.

Jn-what? What about Joey?

A- You want Dawson or not? [Jenn thinks it for a minute while the image fades]

-Pacey is walking home when Dawson catches up with him- [Song continues to play]

D- Hey Pacey, I need to talk to you.

P- [turning to Dawson without stoping] what is it this time Dawson.

D- Well, it's Joey actually.

P- What about Joey? But let me warn you here, if you tell me anything like "I can't get used to this shift in our relationship" I swear I'll kill myself. I think we covered that.

D- Now I can't talk with my best friend about my best...

P- [stops to face Dawson] Your girlfriend Dawson, she's your girlfriend. Do you remember that?

D- I don't need you to point it out Pacey, I'm perfectly aware that she's my girlfriend... kindda.

P-Then why can't you say it?

D- I...I just...I just have to get used to it, it feels awkward.

P- Right. [continues to walk]

D- [grabbing Pacey's arm ] what is with you today anyway? First you walk away from us to attend some supposed business and now I want to talk to you but you're angry at me and I don't know why.

P- Do you really want to know why?

D- Yes, I really want to know why.

P- Ok, here's a question for you Dawson, don't you have something to say to me today?

D- what's with you?

P- [looking at him, hurt] You really forgot didn't you?

D- Forgot what?

P- You know what? If you don't remember then there's no reason why I should tell you. Go back to your little problems in your little world.

D- What? What did I forget?

P- It's simple Dawson, I'm just a third wheel in your life now, you no longer care what happens outside your line of sight.

D- And what is that Pacey?

P- Me...I thought you cared but now it's different, you've got Joey and our friendship just can't compare with what you've got.

D- You know that's not true Pacey.

P- You know? You're right; I was just being as oblivious as you are.

D- I guess that means that you're not my friend anymore.

P- No, I guess I'm not. [he runs away] [song continues to play]

-Bessie's at the Icehouse when Joey comes in from school for the afternoon shift-

B- Finally, our ever-unexpected Joey decides to appear, where were you last night?

J- At Dawsons'

B- Oh, at Dawsons'

J- Yeah, like usual, why?

B- Look Joey, I don't pretend to know what kind of relationship you have with Dawson now, because I think it's pretty obvious that you're not friends anymore, I'm not that oblivious, but whatever you do, use protection.

J- Don't you think it's a little premature to talk about that?

B- I don't know, but I want to make sure you know what you're doing.

J- You make it sound so… important.

B- Just remember that's how Alexander came into our lives. [She walks into the kitchen]

-Cut to Jenn who arrives at her house with a new haircut, her grandma is writing something in a notebook and doesn't look up- [Song fades in the next scene]

Gm- You're late.

Jn- I was at school Grams.

Gm- If I remember correctly, you got out about 2 hours ago, where did you [looks up to Jenn] ...what happened to you?

Jn- I was on my way back and I was thinking I needed a change, what do you think?

Gm- A little...unexpected.

Jn- Exactly the impression I was looking for.

Gm- [getting up] what's happening to you Jennifer? Things were just getting better, but since your Grandfather passed away you've changed.

Jn- Well, people change from enduring difficult experiences such as the one I just got through.

Gm- But I'm not so sure this change is good for you.

Jn- I don't care if it's good or not as long as it's a change.

Gm- Why?

Jn- Because, that's the way I am.

-Back at the Icehouse- Jack steps out of the kitchen and stares at Joey runing from table to table...then she turns and sees him, she goes right at him.

["Shake some action" by Cracker plays in the back]

J- Not that I care, but staring wasn't polite by social standards last time I checked.

Jk- I'm sorry, was I really? It's just that you looked so...

J- Frustrated?

Jk- a little [she looks at him] just kidding, I was going to say impressive actually, the way the sun shined over your skin and the intensity in those bright eyes...stunning.

J- Are you trying to hit on me or is this some sort of hobby of yours?

Jk- Neither, I was simply looking for the opportunity to introduce myself. [he offers his hand] my name is Jack, nice to meet you.

J- [shaking his hand] I'm, where are you from?

Jk- Rhode Island.

J- why did you moved here? Rhode Island sounds far more interesting than Capeside.

Jk- We got tired of it, so we decided it was time for a change to a more simple life.

J- Well, I don't think you'll find someplace simpler than this. What does your parent's think about our little town?

Jk- I wouldn't know, they're still there, but I think they will like it...peacefull.

J- I'm sorry for the intrusion but I noticed a "we" insertion in the sentence, I assumed you came with your parents, are you in high school?

Jk- Oh, my sister and I came first because of school, my parent's couldn't left the city yet, business...I'm a going to be a junior at Capeside High. If I can enroll that is.

Client- [on the back] Waitress!

J- [smiling] well, welcome to the only truly forgotten place on earth if there ever was one, hope you enjoy your stay. I have to go back to work.

Jk- Enjoy yourself. I'll see you around. [Joey walks to the client while Jack stares at her for another minute and then walks again to the kitchen]

-Pacey's at his house [imagine it] in his room, which he shares with his brother Dough he's sitting in his bed looking outside to the creek-He hears some voices from downstairs.

[Song continues to play]

Mr.Witter- I need you to come with me DoughP> Dg- are we're gonna leave him alone? Doesn't sound wise.

Mw- what can he do? Besides we'll only be gone for tonight and your mother and sisters won't be back for another week, we don't have a choice.

Dg- Ok, if you say it's fine.

[Pacey appears to be thinking and smiles while the image fades]

-Cut to Commercials- Dawson's in his room watching some TV, you can tell by he's face that he's bothered about something- Then his father comes in his room.

["the ghost in you" by Counting Crows plays in the back]

M- Dawson? Can I come in?

D- Sure dad [Mitch gets in and sits in a chair], what is it?

M- Well, I need to talk to you.

D- About what?

M- Joey...

D-So mom told you huh?

M- Yes she did Dawson and I want to ask you one question.

D- Sure.

M- Are you and Joey having sex?

D- [opening his eyes widely] what?

M- Well, since she sleeps here and all.

D- that's absurd...we don't even know where we stand and everybody's thinking I would jump her. It doesn't work that way dad.

M- Don't get dramatic Dawson, I'm just making a question because I care and I don't want you to do something stupid.

D- Like what?

M- Like having sex without being ready or without really knowing each other, I'll take it you don't need a lecture but I just want to make sure you know where you're heading before taking a step into the darkness.

D- dad, Joey and I know everything about each other...almost, and besides, I'm not gonna jump her anytime soon, don't worry.

M- I trust you Dawson, but the hormonal imbalance that is taking place inside you is the thing that makes me worry...just play safe ok? If you have any questions or need pointers, I'll be here.

D- Thanks dad, but trust me, we haven't even thought about that yet.

-Cut to the Icehouse- Joey's picking up some plates when Mrs. Leery comes in.

[song continues to play]

G- Joey...

J- [noticing Mrs. Leery is there] Hi Mrs. Leery, can I help you?

G- I need to talk to you Joey.

J- [nervous] Ok...Could you give me a minute? I get out in a little while.

G- I'll be here. [Joey goes to the cashier and looks at Mrs. Leery again when Pacey comes in]

P- Hey Jo!

J- Hi Pacey, I'm glad that you feel better.

P- Yeah, my dad and deputy Dough are going to Providence for the night and I'm taking advantage of their absence, I'm throwing a party.

J- what's your motive?

P- My birthday.

J- [looking at him] Oh, I'm sorry Pacey, I didn't remember.

P- It's ok, I mean it's not like we've been the best of friends...besides I really didn't wanted you to remember considering that you always gave me the most fabulous gifts.

[Joey smiles] like that time when you put a lizard in my backpack [they laugh]

J- How about when I took you into the creek in my boat and pushed you in right in the middle. [She giggles] that was the best, we were 11 I think.

P- [smiling] Well, I hope you have more consideration towards me now that the truce has been declared.

J- are you going to invite me to your party or what?

P- Consider yourself invited.

J- Ok, at what time does it start?

P- I was thinking 8 so you kids could go without passing your bedtime.

J- sounds good. I have an engagement right now but I hope it won't take too long.

P- Dawson's taking you out?

J- I wish. See over there. [Pointing to Mrs. Leery]

P- what's Mrs. Leery doing here?

J- She came to talk to me.

P- [frowning] what for?

J- I have a pretty good idea and it isn't good.

P- Ok, I'll leave you then, just try to be there by nine so you can still see me in my best behavior.

J- like you know what that is...[Smiling]

P- Maybe I'll find out tonight, c-ya.

J- Bye Pacey. [Joey takes her apron off and goes to Bessie, they talk a little and then she goes to Mrs. Leery and they leave the Icehouse together-

-Dawson arrives at the Icehouse and looks around...finally he goes to Bessie- [Songs continue to play]

D- Hey Bess. Where's Joey?

Bs- She left a while ago, your mom wanted to talk to her.

D- My mom? Did she tell you what for?

Bs- No, you know Joey she just says she's leaving without saying why or anything.

D- thanks.

Bs- Bye Dawson. [He exits]

Jk- [Off camera] who was that? [We see Jack standing behind Bessie] I heard he asked for Joey.

Bs- [turning back] Oh Jack, that was Dawson, he's a friend of Joey's, and recently I'm wondering if that's all they are.

Jk- Is he her boyfriend or something?

Bs- Don't know, but it wouldn't be a surprise. Why don't you ask Joey yourself? You might be able to get more from her than I do... although I'm not sure she knows herself. [Image fades in a close up of Jack while he sees Dawson going out]

-Andie's sitting in a bench by the pier reading a book when Pacey comes to her-

[Song fades with the next scene]

P- Well, well,if it isn't the new resident of the Capeside Country Club? Hi Andie.

A- Pacey, what a surprise to see you here, I thought animals weren't allowed. Are you following me?

P- Not at all, this is simply one of the most infamous coincidences of this day, but get used to it, in this town there isn't much places to hide.

A- Tell me about it.

P- don't tell me my presence disturbs you so much that you have the urge to run away?

A-You only wish you had that power. I've set an intro with Kristy, she'll see you tomorrow at school. [He stares at her]

P- I wonder how did you pull that off…

A- I can't reveal any details, just try not to be yourself for once ok? I don't need popular enemies here.

P- to loose my unbelievable charm? I don't think I can do that.

A- Your call. Enjoy your date. [She stands up and walks away]

P- [Shouting] we'll see. [She looks back to see him and then she turns and leaves]

-Cut to the café across the street from the Video Store- Mrs. Leery and Joey are talking. [Imagine that instrumental song that sometimes plays in between scenes in the show]

J- So I can still climb into the window but I shouldn't stay alone with him.

G- yes…It's just a simple precaution Joey. It's not that I don't trust you or that you shouldn't come anymore.

J- But… why? I've slept over since I was seven and you always seemed ok with it.

G- But now you're not seven and the circumstances are different, aren't they?

J- Maybe…

G- Look Joey, I'm really happy that Dawson finally noticed what he had, and you know I love you dearly, but I just don't know if you could contain yourselves if you were in the verge of doing something you might regret…I know I couldn't.

J- [looking to her] I love you too Mrs. Leery, I'll do what you want.

G- Thanks Joey, I knew I could trust you and that you would understand me. [She takes Joey's hand and looks at her] Don't worry, he's all yours now.

J- [embarrassed] thanks…but I'm not so sure about that. [Image fades]

-Dawson is walking to Joey's house and sees her sitting in the dock, she appears to be writing in a book- ["all the young dudes" by World Party plays in the back]

D- [he stares at her for a sec and then walks towards her] Hey Joey!

J- [turns to see him and puts the book away] Hi Dawson.

D- [looking at the book Joey has in her hand] what are you doing?

J- [putting it away] Nothing.

D- Oh really, I'll just have to find out by myself huh? [he tickles her] what is it? Come on… spill.

J- Ok, I was just writing the events of my day in my diary.

D- I didn't knew you had a diary.

J- [looking at him] you gave it to me, when we were 10 Dawson. D- [teasing] Oh, my mom must've bought it.

J- [smiling] well, thanks to your mom now I have somewhere where I can lay all my thoughts without fear of explaining them to others.

D- Can I read it?

J- No!

D- Come on, I know everything about you anyway.

J- Then why do you need to read it?

D- mmm… something tells me there's more in there than I could tell.

J- Maybe [getting up], but a Lady reveals nothing, and we agreed mysteries were better kept in their present state, right?

D- Now I'm hooked, I'll have to restrain myself not to look at that.

J- Yeah. [She starts walking to her house and turns to him] aren't you coming?

D- where to?

J- Pacey's. He's giving a party and invited me.

D- Pacey Witter is having a party at his house? That's bizarre.

J- [looks at him] His dad and Dough are out of town…didn't he tell you?

D- No, [shrugging] Pacey's been angry with me all day.

J- Why?

D- He won't tell me.

J- Well, what did he told you last time he talked to you?

D- He said something about the date and if I should say something to him…I don't know.

J- [she understands] what did you tell him Dawson?

D- Was I supposed to tell him something?

J- I would say you would, considering that it's the birthday of the person you claim to be your best friend.

D- [looks to her in disbelieve] what?

J- That's why he's throwing a party… I thought you knew.

D- Oh, God!! [knocks himself in the head] I'm such an idiot.

J- Yeah, you are.

D- what are my chances for fixing this mess?

J- I'd say about 10 to 1. He might be hurt…deeply, especially considering that his family forgot it too.

D- I have to talk to him, let's go.

J- whatever you say Dawson. [He takes her hand and they walk into the woods]

-Cut to Pacey who is watching his father and brother go- [song continues to play]

P- [to himself] let's have some fun!!

-Cut to Dawson's parents in their living room- [song continues to play]

G- So you talked to him? What did he say?

M- He knows what he's doing, I think he'll be able to keep in check.

G- Joey seemed very confident too. I guess they'll be fine [she tries to take his hand but he pulls it away] (sighs)… what about us?

M- what about us?

G- Come on Mitch, I've noticed how you look at me, you don't even let me touch you. What is going on?

M- I don't know Gail… I just need time.

G- Time for what? For fixing our marriage or for asking for a divorce?

M- I don't know yet. [image fades]

-Cut to Pacey's house- It's night already and everybody's at the party, we see Jenn arriving-

["Need you around" by the Smoking popes plays in the back]

Jn- Hey Pacey, great party.

P- Thanks Jenn, you alone?

Jn- Yeah, I told my grams I was going out for a walk.

P- sneaking away Jenn? Doesn't sound like you.

Jn- Well, it was that or watching her pack my gamps stuff and giving it away.

P- She's letting him go, maybe you should do the same.

Jn- I'll try, but for tonight I just wanna have a good time.

P- welcome. [she walks away and Pacey sees Joey entering followed by Dawson] Great.

-Cut to commercials-

Back at the party, Dawson and Joey arrive at Pacey's and start to look for him. [song continues to play]

J- [who sees him first] Dawson. [He turns and follows her gaze] I'll wait here.

D- [kisses her gently in the cheek] wish me luck.

J- Good luck Dawson…you'll need it.

D- [walks over to Pacey] Hi.

P- Good night Dawson, what made you come out to reality to join us? D-Same person that got me up there I guess…[looks at Pacey] I'm so sorry man. I'm just stupid and I keep screwing things up with the only purpose of building a story around me.

P- you're right.

D- I know, I … I mean… what can I do to be worthy of such friends?

P- I guess you played your charming act when we were to naïve to resist you.[smiles]

D- Pacey, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to forget your birthday, it's just that I'm still trying to get in synch with everything and on top of everything I forgot my best friends' birthday. Could you ever forgive my inexcusable mistake?

P- You're my best friend Dawson and there's nothing I couldn't do for you, you just have to live in reality a little longer [Smiles] It's ok Dawson, I'm joking. Although I'm hurt I wouldn't give up our friendship for a simple omission I was just going through some tough times and needed you but you were overwhelmed with your new relationship… just don't do it again. Ok?

D-. Thanks and happy birthday Pacey, be sure it won't happen again. [he hugs Pacey and walks away]

P- I think it will. [He turns as the image fades]

-Cut to Dawson walking around looking for Joey when he sees Jenn dancing wildly–

[song continues to play]

D- Jenn! How's the party?

Jn- [she's obviously drunk] the greatest one I've been to in this town.

D- Jenn…? Are you ok?

Jn- Yes Dawson, I'm great… haven't felt this good for quite a while…too long.

D- [Looking at the beer can she's holding] How many of these you've had?

Jn- Who counts?

D- Jenn…listen to me, don't do this.

Jn- Don't do what? I'm just having some fun in my depressing life. Fun like it used to be.

D-[angry] It was that so called "fun" which brought you problems in the first place, right?

Jn- mmh…No…it was my irresponsible behavior towards my sex life which made me a no-worth-absolute-slut to my parents. Want to know why?

D- Because they found you in their bed banging with Billy?

Jn- No…because I wasn't ashamed of it. [she motions to walk but she looses her balance and, Dawson catches her before she falls, he holds her close to him and she turns to see him]… when I met you and I started going out with you I though that was buried, that it was a past that wasn't meant to be repeated…but now… I don't know where I stand, it's like a glass tower that with the slightest touch will go down and shatter.

D-Come on Jenn, you know you can do it, just have to give up this bad habits and stay in the rigth side of the tracks.

Jn- Why Dawson? Why should I do that? The only person that mattered to me, that cared for me is now dead, you're too busy with you fantasize romance with Joey and I'm stuck in this place suffering my misery without a hand to hold…

D-I'm your friend Jenn, that's all I can be right now.

[Joey's looking for Dawson, she comes in and sees him holding Jenn very close to him]

Jn- Do you want to take a journey to the past? Like this[she kisses him very passionately]

D- [pulling away] I think you need to go home…you don't know what you're doing.

Jn- I love you Dawson…[she faints]

[Joey's watching from the distance, when she sees the kiss, she runs out, Pacey sees all this and goes to Dawson]

P- What's with Jenn?

D- She passed out, I think she had too many beers.

P- And Joey?

D-Joey, oh God, I forgot…where is she?

P- She ran out a couple of minutes ago.

D- She must've seen when Jenn kissed me. P- Did you..?

D- No! She kissed me…[looking to Jenn] Is there somewhere we can put her, I think she's out cold.

P- let's take her to my room. [they carry Jenn away]

[Song fades]

["Fake plastic trees (Acoustic)" by Radiohead plays in the back]

-Cut to Joey walking by the swings where her date with Dawson was, she seems to be crying, after that she's walking in the dock behind Dawson's house. Dawson gets out of Pacey's house and goes to Joey's but she's not there, he then goes to the swings and when she's not there he sits in a swing and thinks for a minute, then suddenly he remembers something and runs to his house. He enters his room and opens the doors to his closet…Joey's there asleep, her face shows she's been crying and Dawson touches her cheek tenderly with his hand-

D- I'm sorry Joey…it wasn't my fault.

-She moves her head and he takes her in his arms and carries her to his bed, he takes off her jacket and shoes and covers her with the blankets. Then takes a pillow and a blanket and goes to his living room where he makes his bed in the couch and dozes off as the camera makes a zoom out-

[Song continues to play while the credits fade]


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