The Seduction Part Four by: Anne

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Summary: Jen suspects something; and both Joey and Dawson think they know what they want...

Joey sat on the dock, looking over the creek and lightly touched the inside of her thigh. She nor Dawson could believe what had happened... they had totally gone too far, but had enjoyed themselves while they were at it. After just looking at each other for a while, Dawson had released hands and had stood akwardly up, Joey following. They were both too flustered to speak, but Joey had said a silent good-bye and a 'thank-you' to him through her eyes, and he had nodded slightly.

Joey knew that he had 'cheated' on Jen, but it didn't phase her at all. but God only knew what Dawson was feeling...

"so, I was wondering if you'd like to talk." Jen said softly, placing her hand on Dawson's back, as they leaned agaisnt Dawson's locker.

"About what?" he asked with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"The last few days." Jen continued. "You've been moody and distant...has it anything to do with detention?"

How could he tell her? He wasn't the type to just go ahead and say stuff like, "Oh, sorry, but I fingered Joey last night...does that count as cheating?"

Did it? He remembered the look on Joey's face when he had sent her over the edge. Unforgettable...the look would not leave his mind all night, neither did the bulge. He could not believe he was having sexual feelings for *Joey!* his long-time best friend. It was...unthinkable.

Jen took her hand off his back and stepped back. "Look, Dawson, if your still brooding over that whole sex thing, well, you can't complain because I tried..."

Something inside him snapped. "Tried what?" he demanded.

"To- you know." she said, lowering her voice. "And you refused! So you can't talk!"

Her face was twisted with anger and confusion for her boyfriend. Dawson felt pity for her and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry Jen. It's just...well, I don't know why I haven't been paying much attention to you, it's just..."

"Another girl?" Jen challenged.

Dawson froze, then hurriedly spoke up. "No! No! of course not! Please, just be patient with me."

Suddenly Joey whisked past them, shooting a glance at Dawson. With a sudden jolt of jealousy, she smiled and waved. "Hey Dawson." Before disapearing around the corner, waving her hips the teeniest bit and straightening her shoulders.

Dawson's eyes were glued to her and he felt himself eat his "No's!". Jen folded her arms and studied Dawson's expression. Something was up.

"Pacey!" Dawson called, chasing after Pacey down the hall.

"Yeah man, what's up?" Pacey asked, shooting Dawson a puzzled look.

Dawson took a deep breath. "Major dilemma."

Pacey laughed lightly. "Please! let me guess, Jen is holding back all ties of doing anything kinky, you're getting impatient...and oooh..your starting to have feelings for Joey." he finsihed off sarcastically.

Dawson's expression gave away everything.

Pacey stopped still in the middle of the crowded hall and stared at Dawson, not quite sure if what he was registering was true. "Nooo..." he breathed.

Dawson held up his hands. "Wait a minute...not quite that. It's...complicated. Very, very complicated. In fact, come to think of it, I don't think we should be discussing it here."

Pacey, feeling intrigued, grabbed Dawson's arm and led him into a empty classroom. "Like hell! tell me now!"

Dawson decided to tell it all in one breath. "I-I well, I- um...touched- Joey."

Pacey rolled his eyes. "Where?" his eyes seemed to pop out when silence spoke his answer.

"On purpose? Was it accidental? Don't worry man, those things happen."

"No." Dawson shook his head. "I touched her as in...I kind of like, we went up to third base" he finished off.

Pacey had to take a couple of minutes to stop from falling on the floor. Dawson and Joey, the two biggest frigid (no offense) virgins, and 'best friends' were on the sexual path?

"Well- what are you going to do now?" he finally asked.

Dawson shrugged. "I don't know. I first thought maybe i'd talk to Joey about it- again- and make sure it never happens again, but we tried that and...for some reason...I don't think I'd be able to stop."

Pacey stood up straight and patted Dawson on the back, which made him look at Pacey in surprise. "You answered all your problems. Just do it. You're fifteen, life's supposed to be fun...and if you enjoy *being* with Joey, *be* with her!"

Sure, it may have sounded simple to Pacey, who happened to have boinked his English teacher, but it was different for Dawson- right? It was different, he was different. You had sex with someone you loved, and he loved Jen. But being the insecure person Dawson was, question marks just flew around his brain. So he decided to act on instinct.


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