The Seduction Part Five by: Anne

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Dawson was, needless to say, not prepared for Joey to crawl through his window on Saturday night, movie night. It had been a week since they had last 'spoken', other then that it had been "hi's" and "bye's" no doubt they had been trying to avoid each other. Whether it was regret, the weirdness of the situation or something else altogether, Speaking and being alone was avoided.

Dawson looked up from his homework and nearly fell of his chair when Joey entered, and sat on his bed, chewing her lip un-certainly, like she always did.

"Hey." he said quietly.

"Hey" she answered, looking down at her hands. "Look, Dawson, I came here tonight because...well..." She stopped, looking flustered and continued. "I'm actually not sure. But...I need you."

The last three words made Dawson shiver all over with excitment and delight.

"I needed to talk to you about how I felt. Because, what you did to me, well..." she looked away.

"It was unlike anything I've ever experienced."

Dawson got up and went over to sit on the bed with her. "Are you regretful? Is what I did wrong? Did I take advantage of you? Do you wish..." he started off wishing he could rewind to 2 weeks ago and make sure the incidents never happened. But his rambling on and thinking was interrupted by Joey forcing herself onto him and they kissed for the second time ever, laying back against the pillows.

It was urgent, and wet, and passionate mouth on mouth, drinking each other in as Joey pushed herself into him, wanting to feel him inside her again. Dawson rolled her over so he was on top, and resumed to kiss her neck, while slipping his hands underneath her shirt and over her bra covered breasts.

Somehow he undid the clasp and slipped the bra out from under her shirt, and discarded it on the floor. Joey groaned in pleasure as with one hand he scunched her shirt up above her chest and started to rub her stiffened nipples, before lowering his mouth to one of them and nibbling and kissing generously. Her low groaning rose to short shrieks coming from deep inside her throat. This is what he wanted. He wanted to make Joey come again, to see the burning desire and passion in her eyes.

Jen stood in front of her mirror and ran her hand through her hair. She knew she looked stunning. Tonight, was the night. She dabbed some cologne behind her ears and on her wrists, and lifted up her ample bosoms to make them look bigger in her blue slip dress.

If seducing him didn't work, Jen wondered what would. How could he possibly resist her? she put an extra coat of red gloss on her pouty bottom lip and smacked her lips together. "Here I come..." She sang.

After a few minutes of breathlessness, Joey placed her hand on Dawson's to stop his stroking and lifted it off.

"Dawson...this is wrong" she muttered, and stood up, pulling down her T-shirt and picking up her bra.

"You have a girlfriend, and as much as I love the idea of you cheating on that tasteless's not right." She clipped her bra back on.

"No- Joey...we can figure something out. We can!" he protested.

"No, we can't. I can't. It's up to you."

Dawson opened his mouth to speak but Joey pressed her finger on his lips. "I'll be waiting." she whispered, and slid out the window.

Ahhh. Sweet seduction she thought, climbing down her ladder.


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