The Seduction Part Six by: Anne

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Joey was on her way home from school the next afternoon when when Jen stopped her.

"Joey! Hey-can I speak to you?"

Joey stood still but remained silent, giving Jen a cold glare.

"I know you hate me." Jen started off, rolling her eyes. "But you'll just have to get used to the fact that I'm dating Dawson now. And one thing that will help you recover, is to...well, help me."

Joey snorted in dis-belief and eyed Jen curiously. "Are you serious?" she asked. "What makes you think I'll help you?"

"Look Joey, I just want to know if you know why Dawson has been acting so strange lately."

It took all of Joey's strength to stop from laughing at Jen's naive point of view.

"I have not a clue." she answered stiffly, patting down her hair.

"Right. Well, sorry I asked." Jen spat out, and with that, walked away.

For the first time ever, Joey felt she had an upper hand over Jen. And it could go further...

Night fell over Capeside, and anticipation grew within Dawson. He wondered if Joey would drop by. She had to drop by. After last night, it would be crazy to start beating around the bush again! Whenever he thought about her, a nervous flutter went through him. An excited flutter. Something he and never felt before...not even with Jen. happened. The un-forgettable tap of feet outside his window. She was here. He turned to face the window, expecting Joey to crawl in...

"Jen!" he exclaimed in surprise.

Jen laughed wryly. "What? Not happy to see me?"

"Of course I am" he insisted, flustered.

He noticed Jen was wearing a very revealing and skimpy blue slip dress, which showed of her ample bosom. She made her way slowly towards him, and tried to turn on a look of sexiness, a look that said, "I know you want me. Well, you can have me."

"Dawson." she said softly. "I don't feel like going out tonight. Lets, stay in your room."

Nooo! Although the offer seemed good enough, and what he had been wanting, he felt as though Jen was ruining special plans. Special plans that involved a brunette. He remembered the feel of being inside warm and satisfying. The lust and warmth just didn't seem to run out. He wanted more...

Jen encircled her arms around him and lifted her face up. "Kiss me Dawson." she whispered, so, so close to him.

So he did. He leaned down and kissed her, pretending her full lips were Joey's...Jen kissed him hard and aggressively...and moved her arms around his back, slipping her hands in his jean pockets, as though she was putting something in there. And pushing any hopes that she might be Joey. He let go of her, but still held one of her hands.

"I- I I'm sorry Jen. But...I can't do this. You must understand if me."

Jen stepped back, flustered. "What? Dawson..."

"Jen...please. I- I want you..." he had difficulty pouring out those words. "But...I'm not ready. I will be soon though. Just, not tonight."

Jen finally took this as his answer. She kissed him on the cheek and left without a word.

Dawson walked along the creek, mesmerized by the lights reflecting on the water. He wondered when life had gotten so complicated. He had just refused Jen- for a second time. His girlfriend, his one true love. She was beautiful and caring, and smart, and out-going... Then he thought of Joey. His heart went wildly out of control. Those lips...the way she casually chewed on her bottom lip, the way she pouted, the way she had groaned, the way she had run her tongue along him while he was satisfying her. Those eyes...something in them had Dawson totally lost. The way she had looked at him the other night was amazing.

He suddenly realized he was about to fall in the creek and took a step back. Lust. It was pure lust with Joey...right? He walked further along, and into a tiny bit of forest. It was dark but oddly comforting. He stood in the middle, his hands in his pockets and surveyed the creek. He remembered when he and Joey used to swim there, and play water gymnastics. A branch rustled, making him whirl sharply around. A familiar figure stepped out from behind a huge tree and Dawson gasped, seeing Joey there.

"Joey" he whispered.

Joey went and stood next to him. "Dawson." she whispered back.

"What are you doing here?" Dawson asked.

"I just took a walk, and ended up here." she answered.

"So did I." he said, looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

They were silent for a minute longer, before Joey spoke. "Dawson...about the other night. Are you...well, regretful?"

Dawson turned to face her. "No." he answered truthfully.

Joey lowered her face and tucked a strand of hair behind her ears. "I-I wanted to tell you, that, it was...well, thank-you." she looked up at him.

He smiled affectionately. "My pleasure, believe me." he answered meeting eyes with her, and placing a hand on her shoulder.

Dawson, being the easily shocked, was not prepared again for when Joey reached up and kissed him. But he eagerly kissed her back, tongues colliding, two mouths exploring each other, more and more, wetter and wilder. His hands travelled up and down her back, scrunching up her shirt at the waist, then one hand ventured down her leg, and up again. The passion from the three nights before was renewed as Dawson placed Joey against the big tree she had been hiding behind, and placed a trail of kisses from her collarbone up to under her ear.

Joey sighed and helped Dawson fiddle with her shorts zipper, before slowly undoing it. She slid her hands all over his back before taking his shirt off and discarding it next to them. Dawson let Joey's shorts slip down and she stepped out of them, her lips not leaving Dawson's. Then, like a feeling of deja vu, he slipped his hand down past the elastic of her underwear with one hand, and with the other reached for something in his back pocket.

It was only a matter of seconds before Dawson grabbed Joey's hips and lifted her up against the smooth bark of the tree, her legs wrapping around him. He thrusted into her, and gently held the back of her head. Her small gasps of pain and pressure turned into gasps of pleasure as he sucked and nibbled on her nipples. She arched her back against the hard tree trunk,wrapping her arms tighter around Dawson. "Oh Joey..." he moaned, realizing this is what he had wanted all along.

It soon became too much for them, and they exploded together, Joey crushing her head into his neck, lightly nipping his shoulder. He let her slide down and they kissed again.

Joey then had an idea. "Lets go swimming." she whispered, pointing towards the water.

Dawson nodded and squeezed her hand. A swim would be good to clean themselves off and to cool them down.

Dawson felt he woulden't be able to control himself for very long if Joey kept swimming around like that...

"Joey." he whined.

"Please..." she giggled huskily and wrapped herself around him.

He could feel himself rise and Joey was not making it any easier by helping it, holding it and brushing it against her.

"Jo..." he whispered. "I don't have any protection...we can't..."

"Who said we would?" she teased him, holding on tighter to his shoulders, but letting him go down below.

"Just kiss me." she smiled.

He did, and then he wondered how he was going to break it to Jen. His excuse could not possibly be, "Oh sorry, Joey seduced me...or I think I seduced her..."


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