The Seduction Part Seven by: Anne

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Jen felt very bitter towards two people. Her Grams, for preventing her to go out the other night to Dawson's, when he would have been more up to 'it' then the next night.

And Joey. That girl was so insufferable! In the last two days, she had hung all over *her* boyfriend. God, it was just one little kiss by force in detention and now she thought she owned him. Now, Dawson was at Joey's locker. They were very close, and Jen could see Joey's flirtatious smile a mile away. She charged towards them, determined to get Dawson's mind of that little virginal Potter, turn around and notice that she was quite willing to sleep with him.

"Uh-oh." Joey whispered to Dawson. "The wicked witch of the west is heading this way, and she does not look happy." Dawson bit his lip worriedly, wondering when he would be able to...

"Hi Dawson." she greeted him sweetly.

He smiled back. "Hi Jen." "We need to talk." she informed him, giving Joey a death stare over his shoulder.

Before he could answer, she gripped his arm and pulled him away.

"Dawson, I just want to know if everything is...alright with us. And you." He hesitated, then nodded slowly.

"Of course. Look...things are a little complicated right now. But yeah, everything is fine."

Jen forced a smile, unhappy with his response. She kissed his cheek, and lingered there, before squeezing his hand.

"Great. See you."

She sauntered down the hall to her class. Dawson sighed and shook his head.

Then, from behind him, a pair of hands clamped over his eyes and a mouth whispered, "Guess who?"

He chuckled, feeling goosebumps rise on his skin at the sound of her. He turned around and they melted together in a tentative, yet passionate kiss, right in the middle of the hallway, in front of hundreds of steaming around kids.

Luckily, (or unluckily) Jen was in her homeroom, casually staring out he window, unaware what was going on.

Jen made sure she got the chair directly next to Dawson at lunch. Pacey and Joey joined them on the other side of the table, Joey facing Dawson.

"Man, my dad won't give me and my lack of school-work a rest." He groaned, chomping into his burger.

"Then start working." Joey said, rolling her eyes.

Pacey chose to ignore that suggestion. Jen turned to Dawson and placed her hand on his.

"Want to go out tonight?" she asked softly.


Pacey noticed he had a funny look on his face, and he was flushing. He then caught a glimpse of Joey, grinning deviously and meekly, sipping her juice. Pacey dropped his napkin and reached under the table to fetch it. He nearly fell off his chair in shock when he saw Joey's foot in Dawson's lap.

"Sure." Dawson managed to cough out. Jen smiled, pleased, oblivious to what was going on under the table. Pacey gaped behind his napkin, not sure if what he had seen was true. No way. Joey, playing footsie with Dawson, while Jen sat right next to him?

"Great." Jen said, oblivious to what was going on under the table.

Dawson thought he was going to explode. He wanted Joey right there, right now. But doing his best friend on a cafeteria table didn't really appeal to him. He grabbed her foot, yearning for her to stop.

She smirked into her drink, feeling more satisfied then ever before.

Jen needed to rush home to get ready for that night, but on the way she spotted Joey. Well, well, well. It was time for a confrontation.

"Joey. Can I talk to you for a second?" Jen asked. Joey froze, and raised her eyebrows.


"Well, I'd like to make something clear to you." Jen sighed, looking at her nails.


"Dawson is my boyfriend. As in, we date. He's your friend, as in, you don't date. So keep your paws off him." Joey opened her mouth to argue, but Jen continued.

"One little kiss won't change anything for you guys. So stop flirting with my boyfriend."

*And fucking him too?* Joey thought to herself, smirking.

"Don't look all smug, Joey." Jen said coldly. "I always win in the end." She stalked off.

"Bot this time." Joey sang, and planned to sabotage Jen's dream date.

Dawson was in his room, when Pacey blew in.

"Woah! Man! Whats up?" Dawson asked, flipping through some tapes.

"I saw Joey doing something interesting with her foot today." Pacey started off. Dawson stood still, not quite sure how to react or what to say. Should he keep their little ravendezvous a secret?

"Oh, that? She was just...teasing me." Pacey nodded.

"Uha." he said sarcastically.

"A pretty erotic joke, don't you think, I mean for two sexually unexpereinced teens such as yourselves." he sat down on Dawson's bed, demanding with body language he wanted the truth, and now. Dawson took a deep breath and got an answer ready. "Well, our relationship has...heightened to new levels." Pacey leaned forward.


"Oh, alright!" Dawson threw himself on his bed.

"Joey and I...we...well, kind like, did it."

"Did it? as in, the mattress mambo?" Pacey could not believe it. Dawson blushed.

"I'd call it tree hugging myself..."

"Wow. I mean, no way. But...what about Jen?" Dawson sobered up.

"I don't know yet. I don't know..."


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