Together Again Part Five by: Debra and Amy

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Dawson and Joey are walking on the boardwalk, holding hands and gazing at each other lovingly. Gosh, Dawson thought, I am so lucky to have Joey back in my life again. This time I won't mess up, I will never let her slip away from me again.

"So what movie is in store for us this lovely evening, Josephine?" Dawson teased her with her name. He watched as Joey turned bright red, and if looks could kill his parents would already be planning his funeral!

"Shut up! If you call me that again there will be no more movie nights for you, Dawson!" Joey exclaimed, half joking, half serious.

"Okay, okay, okay, what movie do you want to see tonight, Jo? Is that better?"

Joey gave him a quick kiss on the lips before replying. "Well, since this is a weekend for seconds, why not go for a romance movie, but this time actually have it when we are in the romance section too!" Joey looked over at her wonderful boyfriend. Even though Pacey the Jerk would be accompanying them tonight, a romance movie with Dawson, while they were 'more then friends' and it would be a dream come true.

"Sounds good to me." So Joey wanted a little romance for a change? Dawson was sure he could help her out in that department!

"Hows about Casablanca?" Joey asked.


"Will our fine friend without a date be accompanying us this evening?" Joey groaned inwardly as Dawson spoke.

"I believe so." Even though Dawson wanted so much to be alone with Joey, he wanted Pacey to still be included, they were all supposed to be best friends. Besides, it would be fun, the 3 Musketeers together again...or 4 if Pacey could find a date.

"Same time, same place, right?" Joey didn't really need to ask where movie night would be, and when. Had it been anywhere else besides Dawson's bedroom for the past 16 years?


"Well, I am off to the Icehouse." Joey watched as Dawson sighed sadly.

"Ok Jo, I know Bessie runs you like a mad dog in there..." Dawson leaned in for a good-bye kiss. The kiss deepened as they both got wrapped up in each other. Finally, Joey pulled away.

"Dawson... I really wanna stay here but I am late for work... I will call you when I am done." Life could be so unfair at times! All Joey wanted to do was stay with Dawson, instead she had to be a slave for her rude sister. Oh well, they still had tonight!!

"Okay, Jo, I love you..." Dawson held her close and whispered in her ear softly. "I love you, too." Joey gave him one more kiss on the forehead, then she slowly turned away and walked in the direction of the Ice House, with Dawson watching her until he couldn't see her any more.

RING.... RING!!!! Pacey waited patiently for someone to pick up the phone. It was later that day and he had just called Dawson to find out what time he and Andie should come over. He had to call her now, and let her know that tonight was not only going to Dawson's, but to somewhere else also.

Suddenly someone picked up the phone.

"Hello?" the voice questioned.

"Um........Is Andrea McPhee there?" Pacey already knew that it was Andie, but he decided to, make a good first impression and act polite on the phone, in case her parents were listening or something.

"Hi, Pacey! It's great to hear from you. Oh by the way, please call me Andie."

"Yes, Andie, what time should I pick you up tonight?" Pacey prayed desperately that tonight was still okay for her, he was really looking forward to it.

"Um.....listen my house is really out of your way. You can come but it would be much easier if we met somewhere else, how about in front of the movie theater? I think I know where that is!"

"If you insist. You can always meet me at my house or at a restaurant."

"Okay, sounds great. "I was wondering, would you like to join me for dinner at the Icehouse before?" Pacey said.

"Sure, what time?"

"Well, how about 6:00?" Pacey figured that would give them plenty of time before Dawson's lame movie night got started.


"Okay, meet you there." Pacey exclaimed.

"Bye, Pacey, see ya then!" Pacey smiled slightly to himself as he heard her hang up the phone.

Meanwhile, back at the Leery house Dawson is setting up for an extra-special movie night.

"Hmmmm... should I put the candles here...or the flowers here?" Suddenly, a voice tears him away from his extra careful preparations.

"Hey, Jo!" Dawson walks quickly over to her and gives her a long, smooth kiss on the lips.

"Hey, down boy, we have the whole night ahead of us!" Joey chuckled to herself and Dawson blushed frantically. He could be so cute at times! The way he always respected what she said, and always watched out for her, like her knight in shining armor.

"Joey? Are you there?"

"Sorry, Dawson, I was just thinking, when did you get to become such a romancer?"

"Since you came into my life, darling!" Dawson said jokingly.

"You know I hate it when you call me silly pet names, Dawson! Besides...your 'experiences' they haven't been just from me remember? There was a certain blond New Yorker in your life before we finally got together. I bet she taught you more in 5 weeks than I could ever teach you in 5 years!"

"Joey! Hey, slow down! How did this conversation suddenly become all about my EX girlfriend! Why don't you just put that thought out of your mind? YOU are the the one I love and care for, and not Jen! Why won't you believe me?"

Dawson stared at Joey with that wounded puppy dog glance he had.

"Listen... I'm sorry, you're right Dawson. That was in the past, no need to re hash all of that...besides, I kinda like your new behavior...very sexy!" she mumbled as she brought him closer to her for a big kiss. They kissed and kissed, until they were no longer standing up anymore. Suddenly, they were on Dawson's bed, almost on top of one another. Joey pulled away as in question of what they were doing.


"Joey, if you want to stop, it's fine with me" Dawson said breathlessly.

" all I want is to be in your arms, forever. Nothing will change to make me not feel that way." They began kissing again and eventually it turned into majorly making out. Joey and Dawson let all thoughts slip out of their minds, as they began to get closer and closer.

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