Together Again Part Six by: Debra and Amy

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Pacey: So how did you like your dinner Ms. McPhee?

Andie: It was great, Pacey, thanks again.

"You're welcome, now to Speilberg wannabe's house, I swear the only reason he has a reason to live (besides Joey of course), is that he MIGHT become Speilberg of our generation, he is mental."

"Pacey! That's no way to talk about your best friend!"

"Andie, me and Dawson relate to one another in a way that no one else can understand, or should want to for that's a guy thing,"

"Whatever, so where is Dawson's house anyway? I can't wait to meet some new people in this town, Dawson and Joey, that's his girlfriends name right? They sound really nice!"

"Oh yeah, Joey is just a sweet little cup cake," he said sarcastically.

"Shut up, Pacey! I really want to make a good impression on these guys, I hate meeting people they make me all nervous."

"You, nervous?"

"Don't ask Pacey, I will explain later-"

"Here we are, the great 'ol Leery estate... Come on up." Pacey was standing right next to a ladder that leaned up against a window on the second floor.

"Um, Pacey, I know you had a little too much caffeine and all tonight, but you know that's a window right? Not a door. The door is over here-"

"No, silly, this is how Dawson's friends get into his house... ya know, tradition and all." Pacey and Andie climbed up the ladder and Pacey put one leg over the windowsill before looking in and just staring in shock.

"Pacey...? Andie said.

"Shhhh.... be quiet, ya know how we were supposed to be having movie night tonight? Well, instead, here is our movie! Andie leaned in and gasped.

Joey and Dawson were rolling on the bed, with their shirts off...and they hadn't even heard Pacey and Andie outside!

"Ahhh... Andie... I guess they kinda have other plans..." he said quietly as he and Andie began to softly climb down the ladder.

"You think?" Andie muttered. When she and Pacey were at least 20 feet away from the Leery house they suddenly broke into laughter.

"Can you believe it? I never thought I would live to see the day that my best friend and Joey Potter doing it in his room. This is incredible. Andie I am sorry, this kinda ruined your night, I know you were looking forward to meeting them."

"That's okay, Pacey, I have had a great night already!" Andie said flirtatiously.

"Well in that case, would you like to go catch a movie with me?"

"I would love to..." They walked off into the darkness holding each other's hands.

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