Together Again Chapter Seven by: Debra and Amy

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Jen watched Dawson through his window, as he sat looking at a photo album. Wonder what he is looking at Jen though. Maybe Joey and him got back together, well I guess I will find out.

"Hey Dawson"Jen said as she climbed in his window, acting like she had just arrived.

"Hey Jen" Dawson mumbled thoughtlessly, thinking the whole time, why is she here, why did she get back early?

"Oh nothing much." Jen said very perkily, wondering why he looked so dazed.

Jen walked over and sat on the bed with him. As she sat down she quickly glanced at the picture Dawson had been staring at for the part 5 minutes straight: it was a picture of him and Joey kissing at the ruins. As Jen thought about Dawson's behaviour and this photo, she was pretty sure what had happened while she was in the city.

"How was the Big Apple Jen?" Dawson asked. He finally tore his gaze away from the photo album, shut it and gave his full attention to Jen.

"Not bad, but it was different though. I guess all this time away from it made it not seem as amazing as from when I first moved here. There was nothing for me to do." Jen admitted.

"That's too bad--"Dawson began to say before he was interrupted by Jen
sneezing hysterically. As soon as Jen could control her sneezing, she
sniffed around the room to figure out what was making her sneeze. It almost smelled like.... Joey's perfume: Strawberry passion. So they did get back together Jen thought to herself.

"Listen Dawson, I don't want to be nosy or anything but I just have this feeling, Dawson did you and Joey get back together!?!?!" Jen exclaimed! Dawson turned bright red and he got up and began walking around the room.

"Yeah Jen, we did how did you know did you already talk to Jo??" Dawson
stared at Jen. I mean, he knew Joey and her had become more friendly, he just didn't know THAT friendly.

"Well, just saying that number one you smell like Joey's chapstick and two your lips are all red and numbed with kisses Also I can smell her perfume and I saw you looking at that picture of the two of you at the ruins..."she said mischievously as Dawson quickly wiped his face.

"Oh well then yes we are definitely back together and better than ever."
Dawson looked so happy Jen thought, like a kid who had just gotten a big

"Well, congratulations! Better go, I just stopped by to say HI and that I am back. I think I hear Grams calling, Bye Dawson." Jen said a little
disappointed that they were together again, but more glad that he was happy. Dawson was her friend, she knew he loved Joey, and besides, it wasn't like she wanted Dawson to herself, she didn't. She just knew that now she and Dawson would be spending less time together, like the last time he and Joey were together.

"Bye Jen." Dawson said as he went back into his daze.


"Hello, Ms. McPhee, what's up?" Pacey said casually to Andie. He had spotted her on the lunchline and had snuck up quietly behind her, before putting his arms around her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh nothing much." She blushed as she felt Pacey put his arms around her
protectively. He could be so cute at times!! What was she saying...he was cute 24/7!

"Would you care to finally meet my friends while they are not sucking face?" Pacey said jokingly. He knew that Andie really wanted to meet Dawson and Joey, she wanted to have a lot of friends because she was new in town.

"I would absolutely love to." Andie said. " Thanks Pacey, I really
appreciate it." She and Pacey walked over to where Joey and Dawson were
sitting but before they reached their table she turned Pacey around and gave him a huge kiss, one that made him almost drop his lunch tray in surprise, then happiness.

"Well, well well, if that's all it takes to get a kiss out of you then I will have to introduce you to every single person in this school!" Pacey said.

"Shutup Pacey!" They finally reached the two love birds table. They stood there for like 20 seconds before looking at each other cracking up in laughter. Joey and Dawson has just been looking into each others eyes for the past 5 minutes, not looking away once. They hadn't even noticed them standing right there! Dawson glanced up quickly to see who had sat down at their table.

"Hey Pace, this must be Andie. It's nice it meet you, welcome to Capeside."

Dawson reached over the table to give Andie a handshake hello.

"You must excuse Dawson, he is just a little too proper when talking to
people who don't know he still sleeps with his ET doll." Dawson turned bright red and gave Joey a look that said: your gonna die later! Andie had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing.

"I'm Joey, by the way. So tell us about yourself Andie." Joey continued on, before giving Dawson a quick hug.

"Well, I moved her just over this past weekend with my mom and older brother. We live about 20 minutes from school. My brother is having some trouble unpacking so he probably won't be here for about a week. Oh yeah you are probably wondering his name, Jack, that's his name. Otherwise we are just the normal family."


Andie told everyone. She noticed that the hole time, Pacey had been staring into her yellow-green eyes.


"So what is everyone doing this summer?" Dawson asked.

"You want to know what I want to try this summer, Sky diving." Pacey said excitedly.

"That is so much fun, Pacey, I did that one summer in NY with all of my sleepaway camp friends it was so much fun." Jen said very bubbly.

"Maybe we should all go together sometime, ya know, the 5 of us. Oh, if your brother wants to come also Andie, he should come with us." Pacey said.

"Really Jen, I wouldn't have thought of you to be that daring type, but yeah, I will do it." Joey said a little hesitant."What about you Dawson?"

"I guess if everyone else is going?" He said squeezing Joey's hand. Why did I just say that... Dawson thought to himself. He had always hated the idea of heights. What had he gotten himself into???

"Great I will make all the arrangements, how about the day after our last final?" Pacey asked everyone at the table.

"Sounds great!" Joey, Dawson, Jen and Andie all replied at once.

Suddenly they all jumped when they heard the bell ring, warning them they had 2 minutes to get to 6th period.

"Better get to class, come on Pacey!" Andie said, the whole time pulling Pacey out of his chair, in the direction of their next class.

"Same here by you guys." Dawson and Joey walked out together with Jen following slowly behind them.

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