Emotionally Overloaded by: Felicity

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Joey is pale and seems so small in the hospital bed. She is hooked up to an IV and Pacey is sitting patiently by her side holding the hand without the IV. Joey's eyes begin to flutter. Pacey stands up still holding Joey's hand but he slowly let's it go and starts to rub her cheek.

Pacey: Joey, sweetie, how are you feeling?

Joey: Like I was hit by a truck. What happened?(her hand goes to her stomach)Dawson . . . . pushed me . . . . the baby?

Pacey: Our baby is fine. The doctor wants you to stay overnight for observation.

(Joey starts to cry)

Pacey: Joey, what's wrong?

Joey:The whole time Dawson was yelling at me and coming closer and closer, all I could think about was protecting our baby. I'm not sure if I could handle losing it.

Pacey: Well, you don't have to worry the baby is fine. Why don't you try to get some sleep. The doctor says you need your rest, you need to keep your strength up.

Joey: Pacey, I was lucky(touches her stomach), we are lucky to have you to protect us. You are our hero.(Joey slowly drifts back to sleep)

(Pacey quietly walks out. Bessie, Bodie, and Alex are all waiting outside. Bessie runs up to Pacey)

Bessie: How is my sister?

Pacey: Shes doing fine. She'll be sore for a couple of days and the doctor said she will need strict bed rest for a couple of more and we all need to limit her stress as much as possible.

Bessie: What about the baby?

Pacey: Everything seems okay. They are going to keep her overnight to be sure.

Bessie: Pacey, how did this happen?

Pacey: One word, Dawson. He came to your house today drunk. Joey was outside by herself relaxing on the porch. He must have started in on her about the two of us. The first time I heard them was when there was a slam against the house and then Joey's scream. I ran out as fast as I could, by the time I got there he was about to slam her again. (Pacey starts to collapses, he has been so strong but now he just can't take the idea of losing either of the members of his small family) What if I hadn't been there today? What if I hadn't been there to help her? What if I hadn't gotten to her in time?

(He collapses to his knees-head in his hands)

Pacey:Dawson better hope I never get my hands on him. When I think what he could have done to the two most important people in my life.

(Bodie sees Dawson starting to walk towards Pacey. He tries to wave him off but Dawson keeps on coming.)

Dawson:Pacey, I am so sorry.

(Pacey slowly gets back up and turns with anger at Dawson. He starts to walk toward him and then stops)

Dawson:I walked all he way here. I was so worried, is she okay?

(Pacey picks him up by the collar)

Pacey:Did you feel like a big man beating on her like that? Did it make you feel better?

(Pacey has Dawson by the collar and presses him up against the wall)

Pacey:Do you feel big now?

(The loud sound must have woke up Joey, because you can hear her screaming and then yell)

Joey:Help, Pacey, help.

(Bessie runs in to check on her sister and Bodie moves forward to break up the fight)

Pacey:You are right, Bodie, my place is with my future wife and our unborn child. Can you get rid of this piece of trash for me.

(He starts to walk off)

Dawson:Pacey, I 'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please you have to believe me.

(Pacey walks into the room)

Bodie:Dawson, I suggest you get out of here now. Are you won't just have to put up with Pacey but me too. I want you to stay away from my house and my sister-in-law. If you come near either one, I swear I will have charges bought against you so fast. You understand?

Dawson:Yes, just tell me is she okay? Is her baby okay?

Bodie:Both she and her and Pacey's baby are fine. Now get out of here before I have you removed.

(Dawson slowly walks out, with his shoulders slumped because he knows he just lost his two best friends.)

(Back inside of Joey's hospital room, Bessie is trying to keep Joey clam and keep her from getting up--she keeps wincing in pain--she finally relaxes when she sees Pacey running in. He kneels down beside her and touches her on the shoulder)

Pacey:Joey, are you okay? Is it the baby? Do I need to get the doctor?

Joey:No, Pacey. I'm fine it was just my back.

Pacey:I want you to stay in this bed and lay still. You are in hear for a reason, the doctors feel you need rest. So please try to follow the doctor's instructions.

Joey:Yes, sir.(gives him a mock salute)

Bessie:Pacey, she had a bad dream when I walked in here, she was reliving the whole experience in her mind. I think somehow the fight outside caused it.

Pacey:Oh, Joey, I'm so sorry.

Joey:Pacey, what was going on out there?

Pacey: Just a problem I had to deal with. Everything is okay, now.

(Bode pops his head in)

Bodie:Sorry to break in but I have a little boy out here who really wants to see his Aunt. Is that okay?

(Joey wipes the tears from her eyes)


(Alex comes running in and bounces on the bed next to Joey)

Bessie:Alex, be careful with your Aunt Joey. She's not feeling well right now, so we need to be extra careful with her.

Alex:Okay, commie.

(Joey starts to cry)

Joey:Im turning into an emotional basket case. What is happening to me?

Bessie:About time. Joey, I knew one day your overly emotional side would show.

Joey:Very funny.

Alex:Aunt Joey, did I hurt you?

Joey:Oh, no sweetie you are fine. Come here and give me a kiss, it will make me feel much better.

(Pacey comes forward to give her a kiss and so does Alex)

Joey:(to Pacey)Not you I meant Alex. But I case you can do if you have
to.(She laughs)(Alex gives her a kiss on the cheek and she raises up to hug him even though it hurts her back)

Pacey:Is it your back again? Joey, you really shouldn't move around so
much.(He kisses her on the mouth and Alex makes a nasty face)

Alex:Yuck.(Everyone laughs)

Pacey:Really, Joey, you should stop all the moving around.

Joey:PAcey, really you need to stop worrying so much. You know that Bessie's house is pretty strong, I was no competition for it. I think it won this time.

Bessie:Bodie, Alex I think it is time we leave and give mommy and daddy
sometime alone. Joey, can I bring you anything?

Joey:Is it too early for me to be having cravings? I really want a peanut butter, potato chip, and pickle sandwich, a large chocolate shake, and a large order of fries with a side of honey.

Pacey:Good that way we can share?

Joey:Order your own. I am eating for two you know.

(Bodie, Alex and Bessie leave laughing)

Joey:Will you love me what I am as big as a house?

Pacey:I don't know ask me again in a couple of months.

(She reaches out to hit him.)

Joey:Why you.

Pacey:You know I will. You'll be even more beautiful because I know our
child is growing inside of you. Joey this is something we did together.
This a part of me and you. I just hope it looks more like its beautiful
momma than me. Don't you start to cry. I don't think I can handle my heart breaking anymore. I will love you no matter what. Isn't it in the vows we are about to recite "for better or worse." I will love you to the end of time. I mean don't I still love you even though I have to put up with your scarastic personality.

(Joey starts to smile)

Pacey:Now that is better. I want to see more of that. We had a scare today but everything turned out okay. We are going to be married and we have a beautiful child on the way. I don't think I could ever be more happy.

Joey:Are you sure once we get back to school, you aren't going to wish you could take back what happened after the Truth or Dare game our freshman year?


Joey:I mean there are so many girls more attractive than me at Harvard, are you sure you are going to be happy shackled to me and the baby at home to support?

Pacey:That really hurts. You have no more faith in our love and our future than that?

Joey:No, It's not that. I've just had all these ideas in my head. I've been so afraid, you would regret all of this.

Pacey:Why do you?(She shakes her head)Joey, I love you.

(Pacey carries Joey though Bessie's front door)

Joey:Pacey, put me down. I can walk.

Pacey:Joey, the doctor said for you to stay off of your feet.

Joey:I don't think he meant this.

Pacey:Well, I don't want to take any chances.

(Pacey carries her to the bed and tucks her in)

Pacey:Now, I want you to stay there. I am your servant and I will cater to your every whim and acrving. Can I get you anthing?

Joey:A big glass of water.

(Pacey rushes out and Joey laughes)

(Pacey in the kitchen and Bessie is in there)

Bessie:Pacey, I have an idea. Since Joey is not suppose to have any stress and be off her feet for two weeks. Why don't we surprise her with a wedding when she is better? What do you think?

Pacey:We had just planned on a wedding at the Justice of the Peace.

Bessie:I know but I want to do something for you two. I was thinking maybe something on the beach.

Pacey: That sounds great. Let me know what I can do.

Bessie:Will do. I have to start planning right now.

Pacey:I better take this to her. Thank you, Bessie. I really want our
wedding day to be special for her.

Bessie:No, problem. Now go take care of the little mommy.

Pacey:I can definitely do that.

Bessie:(Pacey has walked out)I know I'll never have to worry about her when she is with you.

To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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