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Joey has started to show. She hasn't started a lot but some of her clothes are starting to get tight. So she is starting to wear Pacey's clothes. She has gotten restless in bed and argued Pacey to let her up. But so far he has just let her go to the bathroom. Joey and Pacey are both trying to finish summer school correspondent classes. Pacey has gone to spend a couple of hours at the library and promises to bring books home for her. Joey gets the bright idea for a little adventure. She gets up out of bed and slips on Pacey's jogging pants and a long T-shirts of his. She throws on a baseball cap and tennis shoes and heads out.

(Joey goes into the Kitchen where Bessie is at the stove. Bessie turns when she hears footsteps.)

Bessie:Joey Potter, what do you think you are going?


Bessie:Oh, no you are not. Pacey, would kill me if I let you leave thishouse.

Joey:Don't worry tell your future brother in law I said I was going to scream bloody murder or something. I don't know I don't care. I just know that this is my body and I know what it is telling me. It says get me out ofhere before I go crazy.

(Joey walks out)

Bessie:That sister of mine.


(Witter's House--Joey in this outfit you can't tell she is excepting. She knocks on the door--Mrs. Witter answers)

Mrs. Witter:Josephine Potter, how are you doing? We heard about the incident with Dawson. How awful that must have been for you.

Joey:It's Joey, Mrs. Witter, and yes it was scary. Is your husbandhome?

Mrs. Witter:Why, yes?

Joey:can I talk to the two of you?

Mrs. Witter:Of course, come in.

(Leads her into the living room)

Mrs. Witter:Dear, look who came to pay us a visit.

Mr. Witter:Well hello, Joey. Sorry to hear about your little scare. Is everything okay now?

Joey:Depends, on how the two of you react to what I am about to say. May I sit down? I have been weak since my attack.

Mrs. Witter:Why, of course.

(Joey and Mrs. Witter sits down)

Joey:I don't know how much you know about what happened to me. But I would like to tell the two of you about it because it concerns your son.

Mr. Witter:What does it have to do with Doug?

Joey: No, Mr. Witter, I'm talking about the son you don't claim. The one if you did know would make you so proud. The one who should have made you proud all of those years ago but for some reason you chose to turn a deaf ear and a blinded eye to him. The most wonderful man in the world. Mr. Witter, I look at you and see such a hypocrite. A man who promises to serve and protect his community, but the problem is you can't even serve and protect your own home. You mentally and physically abused your son daily and then blamed him for failing in school. How could someone who protects battered women and children create ones in his own home.

Mr. Witter:Really that is enough I will not have you say this rubbish in my home.

Joey:Oh, I'm not finished yet. I haven't gotten to the good part. The reason I'm here the news I want to tell you about is how your son is ten times the man you are. You see Pacey was at my sister's house the day I was attacked. He was the one who stopped Dawson. You may wonder why he was there? We have been dating for three years at Harvard and are getting married in four days.

Mr. Witter:Oh, my gosh.

Joey:I know you can't handle what will happen if the Witter name gets connected to the daughter of the town felony. Yes, Pacey told me all about what you said. He doesn't want to admit it but I think your son would like to see the two of you there. I think if would be nice for the two of you to connect again, it would be very nice for our child to have grandparents who aren't in the state pen. (She turns to the Witters so they can see her side profile and she rubs down her shirts so her little belly shows.) Say hello to your grandchild.(Mrs. Witter comes forward with her hand held out)

Joey:Go ahead touch if you want. Most people want to do it. Go ahead it is okay. Mr. Wittter, I don't care what you say but your son and I love each other very much and we are very ready for this. We both have a year left at Harvard and then he would like to go to medical school. I would like to see you at the wedding but after your reaction today I won't hold my breath.
(She walks out)

(She gets back to Bessie's house--Pacey is waiting and pacing on the front porch)

Pacey:Joey, where the hell have you been? I have been worried sick. You are suppose to be in bed. What if you had passed out somewhere? Heck, Joey,you have to be more careful?

Joey:You know what you can do, Pacey? You can go take a flying leap off the tallest bridge. I'm sick of you telling me what is good for me and our child. I am the one carrying it, so let me know when you can carry it and then you can tell me everything you want. Next time you try to tell me what to do I am going to tell you to blow it out of your ear because I am not listening

..Pacey:I can't believe you. I am just trying to help.

Joey:No, you aren't. You are trying to go back to the prehistoric age where the men are in total control and the women don't question a thing. Well,buddy, I'm Wilma Flinestone, and I am rebelling.

(She storms past him andinto the house--he follows close behind--she goes into the bathroom and locks the door)

Pacey:Joey, open up.

Joey:No, I'm not opening this door until you admit that you where wrong and over bearing.


Joey:Well, than I'm staying right here.

Pacey:Fine be pigheaded. What do I care, I'm leaving.

Joey:(he stays there, she eventually pokes her head out)


Joey:Why you.(and slams the door shut)

(Bessie runs in)

Bessie:What is all of this about?

Pacey:Oh, we're just fighting. I think our first since I found out she was pregnant. (He says it loud enough that Joey can hear)

Bessie:Hey, Joey, he may actually be coming around. Remember how the doctor said no stress?

Joey:Shouldn't have said that. He'll probably stop now, just when I was having fun.(Bessie throws up her hands and walks out)

Bessie:You two!Pacey:Hey, Jo, are you tired yet ready to come out.

Joey:RRR!(throws something against the door)I'm not tired, I need no more rest. I just need you to understand I'm not an invalid, I'm pregnant.

Pacey:Joey, come out here where we can discuss this face to face.(Joey finally comes out--walks over to a chair holding her back and thesidesan eases her self in the chair)

Joey:Okay, you either agree to back off or I'm going back into the bathroom.

Pacey:What am I doing that is so bad?

Joey:Let's see. Whispering around me like I am not there, never letting me out of bed.

Pacey:Some women would like that.

Joey:Not remembering it is my body and I know when I am tired and when I am sore and when I need to eat or when I need something to drink. I don't need you around me 24/7. I love you dearly but even couple like us who are madly in love have time alone.

Pacey:I didn't realize I was that bad. I was just doing it because I love you and the little one so much.

Joey:I know, Pace, and I love you but when was the last time we had some fun together and didn't so serious.

(She leans forward which is kinda hard and kisses him. He wraps one arm around her neck and another under her knees andpicks her up to carry her to bed. where they continue to kiss)

4 days later--Their Wedding Day

Bodie has picked up Shawn, Kayla, Jen, Jack, Pacey's grandparents all from the airport and taken then to the Icehouse II for lunch. Pacey is suppose to meet them there.

(Joey wearing oversized overalls with her hair up in a ponytail lounging in a chair studying)

(So intent doesn't hear the noise in the outer room) (Bessie, Kayla, Jen all sneak in)


(Joey jumps)

(Joey tries to get up but it very slow so Kayla helps her)

Kayla:Here, little momma, let me help you.

Joey:I need to remember to stop sitting in that chair.

Jen:Joey, has anyone told you that you have gotten fat since high school.

Joey:Can you believe I not even to four months yet. I feel huge already.

Kayla:Maybe you are having twins?

Bessie:Yeah, that would be great they are having trouble just supporting one. No, she had a doctor's appointment yesterday and they said she would show more because she is so small.

Joey:Would you like to see the baby's first picture?(Picks up a picture fromthe table in front of her) What are you girls doing here by the way?

Kayla:You don't think your best friend would miss your wedding.

Joey:My what?

Jen:Happy Wedding Day, Joey?


Bessie:All the whispering.

Joey:Oh, you guys I don't know what to say.

Bessie:Just say you are ready to get married and that will be fine with me.

Joey:Let's do it

(Pacey starts to pace back and forth)

Shawn:Hey you're going to wear a hole in the sand.

Pacey:It's just that I am so nervous.

Shawn:Nervous? About what? You are about to marry the best girl in theworld.

Pacey:I know, it's just, well I'm afraid I won't be what she needs.

Shawn:Man, I've never seen two people more in love than the two of you. You will be able to make it no matter what life throws you. You two's love will get you though.

Pacey:I guess I'm just being silly.

Shawn:yeah, you have nothing to worry about. Now, I want a smile on your face and enjoy this day.

(Pacey smiles--turns to watch the crowd come in and sees his parents)

Pacey:What the hell are they doing here?


Pacey:My parents

Shawn:Your parents?

Pacey:I know it is strange. Oh, well just as long as he doesn't upset Joey they can stay.

(Minister comes over)

Minister:Son, are you ready to get married, your bride is here.

Pacey:Yes, I'm ready.

(Alex the ring bear comes out first, then Kayla and then the bridal music starts and Joey comes out. She has on an off white silk gown that flares at the bottom and comes just above her feet. It is sleeveless and you can't even tell that she is showing. She is barefoot with a wreath of tea roses on her head. Bodie walks out with her and hands her to Pacey. They join hands and face the minister)

(Joey turns to Pacey with a smug smile)

Joey:Okay, caveman, I'm just the way you want me barefoot and pregnant.

(Pacey laughs)

Pacey:Potter, will there never be a dull moment with you?

Joey:I won't be Potter for much longer.

(Pacey mouths "I know.")

(They smile and Pacey gives her a peck on the forehead)

(They turn to the minister and while everyone's eyes are on the loving couple Dawson sneaks in.)

Minister:Who gives this woman away?

Bodie:Her sister and I.

(Bodie goes and sits next to Bessie)

(Joey and Pacey just stare into each others eyes and respond when they are suppose to respond but the rest of the time they are in a trance in each others eyes)

Minister:I now pronounce you man and wife. You can kiss your bride.

(Pacey picks Joey up off of her feet and gives her the biggest kiss)

(Dawson is in the back and says to himself)

Dawson:That should have been me and Joey. She should be carrying my child.Some friend Pacey turned out to be. He stole what was suppose to be mine.

(Crowd is laughing because they have been kissing so long)

Minister:I now present to you Mr and Mrs Pacey Witter.

(They turn to their family and friends who are in tears and clapping)

(Pacey leans over and kisses Joey even more)

(Dawson slips out the back)

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!! Like to hear from my readers.

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