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Disclaimer: n. A denial or renunciation, as of responsibility. Yes, it's true! In real life tv we are not responsible for the actions of Dawson, Joey, Jen, Pacey, Andie, or even (shudder) Abby or Jack. That means when they start screwing up their lives you can't blame us-- you can only blame Kevin Williamson, and were not him! (Hey, I have to put a disclaimer or this definition? I don't own this definition--it belongs to Webster's dictionary!) We don't own the songs or artists who sing them, either.

Authors Note: Hello Wonderful People of Dawsons Creek Fan Fiction Land! Yes, I am in a good mood, very unusual for me around the holidays, because my wonderful co-author and best friend ever, Jenny, bought me a DC magazine, Fanatics guide to DC and Heather Nova's cd (you know, the lady who sang the song when Dawson and Joey were going on their first date and last week when evil Jack and Joey were holding hands.) She knows me so well.

Anyway our stories are reaching a turning point right now. Since we are out of school this week for the holidays and we don't have to worry about evil pre-calc and geometry tests (if by some odd twist of fate Mr. Krynicki, you ever read this-- circles are almost as evil as assesments!) we've come up with what we think are some really cool creative ideas. Let us know what you think. We really appreciate the feedback we've been getting. Keep it coming! And now that I'm done rambling about a bunch of stuff none of you care about at all--on with the story. (P.S. This goes kind of fast and gets a little confusing, if you have any questions email us.) BTW- This is a very personal story to me for many reasons so if you send us email saying you hate it please say it nicely, okay? Thanks. Holly

Rating: Hmm. PG13..maybe R?

One question: Where the hell did the motorboat come from!?

SUMMARY: All I can say is Tamara returns with bad consequences for her, Pacey, and Andie. Very bad consequences. Meanwhile.. have you ever thought..Jack and Deputy Dougie Boy--a couple?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

"Okay, see now, I can explain this, Andie.." Andie made an odd face at Pacey, making him wish he had some pepper spray on him.

"God, Pacey. I knew we were having some problems, but I never thought you would cheat on me! After I forgave you for invading my privacy about the Prozac. I mean you told me that you were sleeping with this woman before I came to Capeside, but now your rekindling this romance!?" She paused for a second, to catch her breath. Pacey tried to move toward her and put his arms around her. She pushed him away. Andie began to pace back in forth in front of him.

"You know what I should do?" she said in a strange strangled voice. "I should tell the police..yeah, the police, Pacey," she said as he looked up. "What your doing is a felony. God, oh my god, I can't breathe...Doug's always at out house anyway hanging out with Jack. I should have him cart your precious little "Tammy" off!" she screamed. She sat down face in her hands, crying and choking on her words. Pacey knelt down in front of her.

"Look, Andie. I'm sorry. It's not like I still love her exactly.." he trailed off. She looked up at him, now more hurt than angry.

"Exactly," She whispered. "Exactly!" she said louder. She got up towards the door.

"C'mon Andie, where are you going!?"

"Home! Paris! The L'arc de Triomphe! Anywhere away from you." She turned around and looked at him evenly. "You're a cheater, and a liar and you have real problems!"

Her hand was on the doorknob when he called back to her "Yeah, well, talk about problems and skeletons in the closet, Miss I'm-on-Prozac-because-I-can't-deal-with-my-life! At least I'm sane enough that I've never had to be hospitalized!" Andie took in a sharp breath. She felt a stab of pain in her heart. She glanced back only once to see his immeadeatly remorseful face before she fled the house, tears streaming down her face.

"Shit!" said Pacey. "Andie, wait!" he called after her, running out the door to see her gray Saab already pulling out the driveway. "Dammit," he muttered to himself. He'd give her some time to chill and then go find her.

Andie looked into the mirror in her bathroom. What she saw was disgusting to her. "I'm crazy," she said to herself. "How could I ever think that someone could love a person like me?" Her eyes were red and swollen, her nose running, her hair a tangled mess. No wonder her was cheating on her with that woman. Andie looked down at the pills that she held in her hand. The Prozac. Like it was supposed to be some magic cure all. Like after she took it no one would label her or her mother crazy. Like she wouldn't be depressed. Like maybe for once in her life she would actually be okay. She laughed to herself.

Nothing was a cure all. If anyone knew that it was her. Moving hadn't helped. Neither had a boyfriend. And in her opinion the medication did nothing for her. Her therapist kept saying to just give it more time. Andie almost had to laugh aloud at that one. More time. How much more. Until she couldn't function in college? Until she couldn't get a job? Until she ended up like her mother?

Andie thought back to how all this had started. It was the day after she had talked to Joey at the playground and she had come home to see Pacey holding her most gaurded secret--Her Prozac. After she had calmed down she had told him about her depression and the therapy. He had been so understanding. And then the next day they were just standing in the bookshelves of Capesides only bookstore when things had begun to go really wrong...


"Okay, check this one out. 'The Sexual Theoretics of an Evolving Mankind.' Or this one 'Vacancies of Human Morals in the Age of Sexual Revolution.' God, could these people make anything sound so boring? It's like telling people chocolate tastes bad. " Pacey flipped through the pages ofanother book.

"Get your mind out of the gutter Pacey. We're here to find a book on population growth--not how the population grows." Pacey dropped the book he was holding and put his muscular arms around his girlfriend.

"But maybe we should include that in our report--along with personal investigation into the subject." Andie grinned.

"What--child rearing? Is that the subject you were talking about, Honey?" She turned around so she could face him and widened her grin. "In that case--let's do it. That's a terrific idea! Let's have a kid. That way we can actually LIVE thestatistics!" Pacey smiled at her.

"Ha ha. You think you are just SO smart don't you, little miss?"

"Uh, huh," she nodded bringing her face towards his. They met in an explosive kiss.

"You like to torture me, dont you?"

"It's my favorite extra curricular activity." She took his hand and led him into the social sciences bookshelves.

"So, about this dinner party at Dawson's? Whose all coming?" Andie asked as she thumbed through a thick book with no pictures that Pacey could see. He gently ripped the book out of her hand and replaced it with the one he had been looking at--nice and thin, almost all pictures. Andie made a little noise of disapproval.

"Let's see," said Pacey. "Joey, obviously. And Bessie, I think Mrs. Leery wants to cheer her up." Andie looked up from the thick book she had retrieved from the shelves.

"Cheer her up? Why what's wrong with her?"

"Didn't you hear?" asked Pacey.

"No, what?" They were headed toward the cashier now, Andie carrying three thick books and Pacey toting two small ones-- one on population the other on sexual techniques. Andie looked at the books he set on the counter. She gave him a look that clearly said 'I don't think so, buddy.' The sales clerk, a lady far into her 60's gave them a LOOK through her horn rimmed glasses as she caught a glimpse of the book Pacey had set on the counter. Andie gave a little laugh, somewhat strangled.

"Gee," she said. "Now how did that ger there? Were only sixteen, much, much, much too young to be reading such innapropriate material." The lady's look only got more disaproving as Andie rambled on.

"Okay, Andie. That's enough now," said Pacey,taking her by the arm and steering her outside. "Thanks for the books,' he said holding up the bag to the store lady.

"I am so mortified,' Andie sat down on a bench, her face bright red. "I am so dumping you as soon as I find an acceptable replacement!" Pacey grinned and sat next to her.

"What! Dump Officer Pacey? You wouldn't!"

"Oh, really? And why not? " She asked kidding with him.

"Because I am such a studly male specimen."

"Okay ,if you say so. Anyway, tell me about Bessie! I haven't talked to Joey in awhile."

Pacey scratched his head. "Tell me about it. No one except Dawson ever talks to Jo anymore. He MUST be getting some horizontal action--" Pacey cutoff when he saw Andie's look. "Right, I know. Talk about Bessie. Bodie left her. You know her--"

"Boyfriend? Oh, yeah. I guess I did know about that. Joey mentioned that to me the last time we talked. I hadn't realized it was public knowledge."

"Are you kidding? This is Capeside. How people vote is public knowledge. Anyway, it's really rough. I never imagined Bodie such a jerk, he even took Joey's rowboat with him, so Dawson has been jetting over to pick her up every night in that snazzy motorboat his parents got him to cheer him up when they started to fight more. (Hey if Kevin Williamson isn't going to explain the mysterious appearance of the damn motorboat then I guess it's up to us!)

"Poor Bessie."

"Yeah," Andie snuggled up to Pacey. He put his arm around her. Pacey coughed. He stuttered a little. "Andie--I-well I just want you to know I would never hurt you like that." She smiled up at him.

"I know." there was a moment of silence between the two.

"So..who else is coming?"

"Hmm. Joey,, me, Doug," Pacey made a face. "I have absolutely NO idea why he was invited, Jack as you know, Jen, and Mrs. Ryan, as well as Dawson's cousin from Iowa. He and his parents are moving here, but they sent out Bill to stay with the Leery's so he could get used to it. So he's staying at D's for a few. Oh, and Mr. Leery's new playmate." Andie looked confused.


"Dawson's parents, according to him, are having this open marriage thing which neither him or his mom are to happy about. Apparently Mr. Leery is bringing his new girlfriend to dinner. Mrs. Leery is pissed, but D says she doesn't want to make a stink about it since Bill is staying with them."

"And I thought I had a dysfunctional family."


"Dawson! Dawson Leery! We were supposed to BE at the airport like twenty minutes ago!" Joey Potter tapped her foot impatiently as she stood at the bottom of her boyfriend's houses steps, inside the front door. She looked over at Jen who was accompanying them to the airport to pick up Bill. Joey thoughy the poor girl could use an outing. she really hadn't been talking much to anyone since hergrandfather had died.

"I have no idea what is keeping that boy." She smiled at Jen, who half smiled back.

"So how are things between you two lately?" Jen looked knowing.

"Stop giving me that look. I know what your thinking and no, it hasn't happened--yet."

"Yet?" Joey blushed furiously.

"Mmm-- okay." She turned and grinned at Jen. "I've been dying to tell someone. Our one month anniversary is in a couple of days and I thought then I'd tell Dawson--"

"Tell Dawson what?" She was interrupted by her boyfriends voice as he galloped down the stairs.

"Exactly how late you are making us," Joey said covering up what she had just said.

"I know, I know. I couldn't find the keys to the Mitchmobile." He picked up his wallet on the table by the door and they headed outside to the jeep.

"So where were they?" asked Joey.

"On the keyrack?" Dawson started the car, glancing sheepishly to his girlfriend sitting up front with him. The radio was playing London Rain by Heather Nova (I just love that song! Go buy the cd, it's awesome!) I'm coming home to you
I'm alive, I'm a mess
I can't wait to get home to you
To get warm and undressed
There've been changes beyond my dreams
Everybody wants me to sing
There've been changes beyond my grasp
Things I'm sinking in
So keep me in your bed all day
Nothing heals me like you do.
And when somebody knows you so well
Well, there's no comfort like that
And when somebody needs you
Well there's no drug like that
So keep me in your bed all day
Nothing heals me like you do
And when I'm home, curled in your arms
And I'm safe again
I'll close my eyes and sleep
To the sound of London Rain
So keep me in your bed all day
Nothing heals me like you do
Nothing falls like London Rain
Nothing heals me like you do
Nothing falls like london Rain
Nothing heals me like you do
~Heather Nova 1998

"You bafoon."

"Oh, yeah. I'm feeling the love now." Dawson said. Joey glanced back at Jen worriedly.

"Can you believe a smart, usually somewhat reasonable girl like me managed to fall in love with this guy?" Jen just smiled.

"Yeah, well as I recall you were the one who got a crush on me first Miss. No-Dawson-I-Am-Not-Getting-a-Thang-for-You," Dawson said, trying to get Jen to laugh, which he succeeded in. Joey crossed her arms, pretending to be mad.

"Just see how far you get with that attitude, Speilburg Junior." Joey and Dawson continued to bicker playfully throughout the long drive and jen even managed a few cracks. Joey noticed a vast improvement in her mood.

The trio walked to Bill's gate just as the plane taxied down the runway.

"Thank God were not late," Dawson said, one arm around Joey and the other around Jen.

"Don't thank God Dawson. Thank the fog." Joey stated. Just then a handsome guy of about 16 years, with red hair and freckles stepped out of theterminal.

"Hey, there's Bill."Dawson said. "Over herBill!" He called out.

Jen's gaw dropped as she gazed at the guy--6'2 at least, chisled features, broad chest, and easy grin. "That's your dorky cousin Bill?" she whisperedto Dawson. He shrugged.

"Guess he grew a little....."

"A little?"asked Joey. " I think I'm with the wrong Leery." Dawson looked at her funny. "Just kidding honey,' she reassured him. Then she leaned back and waved her hand in front of her face at Jen and mouthed 'HOT". Jen grinned.

"Bill!" Said Dawson. He put his arm around him. "this is my girlfriend joey."

Bill shook her hand and said " Your a very lucky man, cuz." However, in reality, his gaze was transfixed upon Jen. Joey spoke up.

"And this is Jen Lindley, our friend, and your next door neighbor for the next week or two." Bill seemed entranced as did Jen and Joey could literallysee the sparks flying.

"Isn't this cute?" She whispered to Dawson.

"Huh?' He asked puzzled. "Isn't what cute?"Joey rolled her eyes.

"Honey can I have a quarter?"

"For what?" Asked Dawson.

"To call your eye doctor and ask him aboutyour condition."

"What ARE you talking about?"

"You know--your inablility to see things right in front of you. They may have corrective lenses forthat."



Pacey, Andie, and Jack had arrived at the Leery's early to help out. Andie, who was wearing a navy blue dress that skimmed her kness with blue butterfly clips in her hair, was delegated along with Pacey to setting out hors d'orves. Pacey had on khaki's and a t-shirt that looked like a tuxedo. Andie had looked at him disapprovingly when he had picked her and Jack up. Jack, claiming to practically BE Martha Stewart had went to help Mrs.Leery in the kitchen.

"So, when is Doug getting here?" asked Andie as she set down a tray of cheese and crackers. Pacey set down his tray of crab puffs.

"As soon as he gets off duty. I begged him not to come, but he can't pass up the chance to humiliate me." Andie rubbed Pacey's shoulders.

"It'll be okay. Maybe he can talk to Jack. Didn't you say he loves Barbara Striesand.."

"ANDIE!" The call came from upstairs. "HELP!"

"Is that Joey?"

"I think so."

"I better go see what's wrong. Take over, slave." She headed up the stairs, Pacey's eyesfollowing her.

"Joey?" Andie called out. "Where are you?" She looked around the upstairs hallway.

"In Dawson's room!" Came the answer. Andie opened the door to see Joey standing by the bed, her arms stuck inside a dress, that seemed to be on backward, wearing a puzzled expression on her face.

"What ARE you doing?" asked Andie, laughingout loud.

"Oh, yeah. This is funny! Ha ha. Help me! Don't just stand there laughing!" Andie ran over tojoey's side.

"What happened?"

"I'm not used to these girly clothes. I'm telling you--it's a conspiracy! Dawson went to help Bill with his tie, so I could change..and.." Joey struggled around in her dress. Andie kept laughing. Finally the girls straightened out the dress and Andie helped joey with her hair and make up. There was a sudden knock at the door just as the girls werefinishing up.

"It's Dawson. Can I come in? Everyone decent?"

"Yeah, come see your girlfriend!" Called Andie.

"Which one?" Dawson joked as he opened the bedroom door. His jaw visibally dropped when he saw joey. She was wearing a spagetti strapped short black dress, her hair curled and clipped up onto her head, and just enough make up to bring out herbeautiful facial figures.

"MY God! Jo, you look amazing." He went overand put his arms around her.

"You don't look half bad yourself," she said, noticing his jeans and blue sports jacket. "Verysexy."

Andie looked between the two. "Which I will take as my cue to excuse myself to go to thebathroom." she said bemused.

6:21 pm

The doorbell rang.

"Pacey, honey." Mrs. Leery looked very nervous. " I think that may be Mitch's new, um, friend. And since he isn't home from buying dessert yet, I really, I can't.." she looke as though she wasgoing to cry.

"No problem,Mrs. Leery," said Pacey. He put his hand on her shoulder as a comforting gesture. "Igot it."

Pacey leaped toward the door, filled with dislike for whomever this woman was. What kind of tramp would do this to a lady like Mrs. Leery? He opened the door, determined to at least be civil. The woman turned around. His jaw dropped.

"Tammy?" He whispered.

"Hello, Pacey."

Do you like out cliffhanger of sorts? Do you like our story? Do you like the plots? Do you like Jack? (No, nevermind the last one.) Please, Please Please send us feedback at and we will be eternally grateful! Thank you so much to my little sister Madelyn for her input. I loveyou, dear.

What will happen next? Why is Tamara dating Mitch? And what will Pacey do? And Andie? Whose going to hook up, whose going to break up? (Gee this is fun. Kevin Williamson must get power rushes like this ALL the time!) Stay tuned for the nextinstallment to find out!

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