'Til There Was You by: Jeannie

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Dawson watched Joey open her trailer door and enter before walking off. After congratulating the crew and cast on job well done, he adjourned to his own trailer. Sitting down at his desk, the one he used for writing for screen plays, he picked up a picture. Daydreaming, he thought about their wedding day, the best day of Dawson's life. The picture displayed the beautiful new couple. Joey looked breathtaking. She was wearing a long flowing sleeveless white gown, and had flowers woven into her frenchbraid. Her face was happy, and her eyes were shining brightly as she held onto her husband, Dawson. Dawson was dressed in a dark blue suit. It matched his eyes perfectly. Joey and Dawson didn't want a huge extravagant wedding, especially because of the media hounds. They wanted a simple romantic ceremony. Dawson's daydreaming soon turned to flashbacks as he moved past the wedding to the second happiest day of his entire life. The day he met Joey again after being away from her from nine years.

After being high school sweethearts, they broke up to attend separate colleges. Dawson never wanted to lose contact between him and Joey after they slowed down their relationship, but time lapsed between them. Dawson went off to film school in Boston, and in his spare time apprenticed on movie sets. Joey followed a long lost dream of studying abroad in Paris. Dawson remembered their final tearful goodbye at the airport before they embarked on following their dreams.

Dawson held Joey in his arms never wanting to let go, but realized soon the inevitable would occur. After one more kiss, one so intense and hot it overshadowed even the most volatile volcano.

Joey smiled, tears forming in her eyes as she said, "I love you, Dawson…you are the most important person in the in my whole life. I can't wait to go off, and come back. I am going to spend the rest of my life in your arms."

Dawson brushed his hand across Joey's cheek and whispered, "I love you, Joey. I always will…no matter where I go, you are in my heart."

Dawson meant his words, and Joey lived in his heart as the years slipped by. Dawson kept himself busy making movies while he waited for Joey. Dawson was very ambitious, and it didn't take him long before he was established as a famous director. Learning everything he possibly could from fellow movie makers, he set out on his own to make his first film. Dawson kept in touch with his best friend, Pacey, and together they opened a production company. They called themselves, Leery/Witter Pictures Studio, which became the top production company in the US. Dawson wrote the script while Pacey handled all the technical details such as hiring film crew, and getting studio space.

The movie was about a guy, Michael Evans, who fell back in love with his high school sweetheart after meeting her on accident one day. Dawson knew the film was autobiographical of his life, it was used to parallel his want for Joey. It was his dream to rekindle his romance with the "too tall girl from the wrong side of the creek," Josephine Potter.

Dawson held auditions for the lead roles, and cast Michael Evans pretty quickly, but he couldn't find anyone worthy of the part of Samantha Turner. Nobody seemed right for the part since in his heart the part belonged only to Joey. Dawson became very depressed, and almost gave up on ever getting the movie off the ground. Pacey, the true optimist, convinced him to try one more time. Dawson listened to the well meaning advice of his best friend, and held auditions once more time. Dawson sent out casting calls in hopes of finding the perfect actress to fill the shoes, and empty space Joey left in Dawson's heart. Dawson, not overly optimistic to find the actress to play his leading female, let his casting agents do all the work, taking over control of auditioning them.

When word got out that Dawson's agents were casting the part of his lead, actresses poured in world wide to audition. Dawson had final word on the part as hundreds auditioned daily for the role. The day soon drew near for filming to begin, and the actresses who had call backs filled in for final auditions.

Dawson sat at a large oak desk waiting for the next actress to wander through the door. Dawson, Pacey, and the other casting agents they hired, spent all day auditioning actresses, but could not come to agreement. Dawson sat there miserable thinking about Joey when the next actress burst into the room. Dawson's eyes drifted downward towards the desk, and he started to shift papers as the woman spoke. The voice started out uncertain and soft, but became strong as she delivered her lines. Dawson's ears perked up as he listened to her voice, he knew that voice. His mind recalled where until he registered who was speaking. Dawson's heart raced as he lifted his eyes to met Joey's eyes. Joey stood in the middle of the room reciting her lines, and gazing at Dawson intensely. Joey was standing only three feet in front of him smiling her half smile, the one that warmed Dawson's heart. Dawson felt breathless watching her speak her lines of Samantha Turner, the part she was based on. Dawson's eyes traveled from Joey's and drifted down. "Joey is so gorgeous", Dawson thought to himself.

Joey was dressed in a light blue tank top that accented her strong slender shoulders, and white hip-hugging jeans that hugged her curves just perfectly. Joey's caramel eyes burned into Dawson's as the lines he longed for her to say lingered on her perfectly shaped lips.

"I can't believe it's you. My whole life is passing quickly before my eyes. I want you to know, I never stopped loving you."

Dawson felt the excitement creep over him as his face broke out in huge smile, and his eyes wandered over Joey again. Joey spoke with a sense of confidence Dawson's wasn't even aware of. She delivered her lines to their full capacity. Joey's voice sounded strong and clear. No ramblings, slurring, or faltering were apparent as she spoke like a natural born actress. Dawson's ears burned from her words as he thought, "it's like Joey knew these words by heart. As if she felt them as I feel them."

The room was amazingly silent until the end when everyone spoke at once. Dawson raised his voice to be heard over all the ruckus and said, "I am happy to announce we have found Samantha Turner."

Dawson locked eyes with Joey as he said, "she's perfect for the role in every way."

Joey blushed and mouthed, "thank you, Dawson."

Dawson's eyes shined brightly as they followed Joey out of the room. Joey left the room to let them discuss the final preparations for the movie.

Pacey grinned smugly at Dawson, and Dawson knew why. Dawson could easily read Pacey's face loud and clear, he wanted to gloat. Pacey locked eyes with Dawson and mouthed, "I told you so."

Dawson rolled his eyes, secretly thanking his best friend for not making him give up hope. Dawson smiled and mouthed, "don't start Witter."

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