Love Hurts by: Juliana

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Disclaimer: Don't own Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, Jack, or Andie. But I do own Juliana, (have for quite some time now,) Jaqueline, and Dee. I also don't own the song "The Goodbye Girl." I believe it's owned by David Gates. Author's Note: Kay, unfortunately, I haven't shut up just yet.

Love Hurts

In the past few weeks, Jack has done everything he can in his will to win Joey. He even took a job at the Icehouse.

"Dawson, I can't tonight. I have to work at the Icehouse."

"Oh, fine. Well, then I might as well go to that beach party."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Joey said, parting with a kiss out of the window.

That night, Dawson arrived at the party. He hung around with Pacey and Andie, until Jen, looking a tad bit drunk, said she had to talk with him. They went into a corner of the room where Jen said, "Dawson, I know you're with Joey and I accept that. I just don't respect it," and kissed him, (sorry, I couldn't resist! As much as I hate it, I'm a sucker for conflict.) Then Abby showed up, just as Dawson was about to pull away and was her little bitchy self and said, "Oh my!!!!! I must go inform Joey of the reconciled relationship between her boyfriend and his ex," and then ran off towards the Icehouse.

"ABBY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He turned to Jen. "You bitch!!!!!!!!" He then ran off towards the direction that Abby was headed in.

Meanwhile, since Abby was Jen's newest friend, she had to run fast so she could break Dawson and Joey up. "Joey, Joey!!!!!'

"What do you want Abby?????"

"Dawson kissed Jen!!!!!!"

Joey was in shock. She didn't know what to do until she saw Jack standing a few inches away from her. She grabbed his shirt and kissed him with all her might. He kissed back willingly.

Dawson ran into the Icehouse, hoping he wasn't too late. "J-" He cut himself when he saw her and Jack kissing. The feeling he felt then was indescribable. What he felt was his heart being ripped out of his chest, and that itself felt like a Band-Aid being ripped off your skin fast. Then he felt it being thrown violently on a cold, stone floor and being stepped on over and over again with soccer cleats. (Sorry, I had to add the soccer cleats part cause I was playing a soccer game today and the other teams best player scraped me on the thigh with her cleats. It still hurts. I have a lot of bruises because of Sarah Leviviche, or however you spell her name.) He turned and ran home as fast as he could.

Joey felt satisfied with herself. But it took a lot of courage to log on to AOL and write and send Dawson the message that she did.

After Dawson had gotten home, he decided to sign on AOL to try to get his mind off Joey. But the only thing it did was hurt him in a way that he felt would never go away.

"You've got mail," the annoying voice said. He opened his box and saw that he had one letter. He opened it.

From: IceQueen15
To: JawsDaws
Date: 11-17-98 8:07:49
Subject: Important

I have written this letter to inform you that I am breaking up with you. I'm with Jack now. I wish you luck with Jen.


This message killed Dawson. He felt like he was being stabbed with 1000 knives all over his body. He signed off AOL, and turned on his radio.

All your life you've waited
for love to come and stay
And now that I have found you
you must not slip away

I know it's hard believing
the words you've heard before
But darling, you must trust them this once more

Because baby goodbye doesn't mean forever
Let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again
If you wake up and I'm not there
I won't be long away
'Cause the things you do
my goodbye girl
will bring me back to you

I know you've been taken
Afraid to hurt again
You fight the love you feel for me
Instead of giving in

Well I can wait forever
For helping you to see
that I was meant for you
and you were meant for me

So remember goodbye doen't mean forever
Let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again
Though we may be so far apart
you still would have my heart
So forget your past
my goodbye girl
'cause you're home at last

Dawson began to cry, remembering that Joey was not his. She was Jack's. He was crushed. It hurt him horribly physically and emotionally knowing that she took whatever Jen did to him the wrong way.
He was at the Icehouse with Pacey the next day after school. "Pace, she dumped me!!!! And all because of some misunderstanding!!!!!"
Joey stood near the table they were sitting at, secretly eavesdropping.
" do you feel about Joey????" Pacey had a feeling that Joey was somewhere near them, and she needed to know that Dawson's feelings went incredibly deep for her.
"She makes me feel the way no one else ever has, ever will....Joey, she, she challenges me to become a better person...I should have known that someone as smart, funny, beautiful, charming, and sweet as Jo would never fall for me...the over-analytical, oblivious, aspiring filmmaker...but Pacey the worst part is matter what she does, no matter how much she hurts me," his voice turned to a whisper, "I'll always love her. And she doesn't know that she's my life. My world. My everything. And that I love her. She misinterperted it-I love her so much, and I'll never love Jen."
It then hit Joey how much she hurt Dawson, and that he loved her more than anything. His suprising revelation made her wince with pain, knowing that his pain was evitable. And the worst part is...he didn't hate her for it. She had hurt him more than he ever deserved. And look how he repaid her.


Have Juliana, Dee, and Jaqueline vanished off the face of this earth???? Will Dawson ever reveal his feelings to Joey to her face???? Find out in The Mirror Has Two Faces: Part 3 of whatever series this is.

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