A Familiar Face Part Two by: KatieJoWitter

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Pacey just stared at me. “Jo?”

“Hi, Pace. Haven’t seen you for years,” I said awkwardly. He walked over to me and looked me up and down. “Okay, I’ve gained a couple pounds. Doesn’t everyone every 5 years?" I joked. He laughed.

“I haven’t seen you since-”

“Our second year of college. I know, you left.”

The events of 5 years ago flashed through my mind. College, dating Pacey, and the most rememberable is Pacey’s disappearing act. I remember it like yesterday. I went over to Pacey’s dorm and knocked on his door. His roommate opened the door saying: “He left last night for Seattle. Pacey just said he was tried of his life so he left.”

I cried all night long. He never did come back. Nor did I ever see him until this day.

“Joey, I am sorry for leaving. I needed to escape my life.”

“And me?”

“I thought I did but I was wrong.”

“What are you doing here in San Francisco?”

“I live here.”


“Miss Potter, your daughter is on line one,” my secretary told me.

“Oh, thank you. Pace?”

“Sure, when you’re done we need to talk.”

I picked up the phone and started talking to Laura. I noticed Pacey staring at my left hand for a wedding ring. He found none. Then he glanced around my desk for pictures. He looked very interested at the only pictures he found, my daughter’s.

There was one of her on her first day of kindergarten smiling with her half smile that she inherited from me and looked just like me at the age of 5. But she had inherited the spirit of her father, a misunderstood charming likeness.

“Hi, honey, what’s the matter?”

“Mommy, I got a black eye,” she cried into the phone.

“ A black eye!” I screamed. Pacey looked at me questioningly.

“Yeah, mommy, Katilyn and me got into a fight about you.”


“Yeah, how you aren’t married.”


“Can you pick me up now?”

“Baby, the car’s in the shop. I was going to call Sharon to ask her to bring you home because I have to talk to someone important.”

“Oh, but Rachel’s mom is going to bring her to tap lessons and my eye hurts bad.”

“Okay, I'll be right there.” I looked over at Pacey with pleading eyes.

“Pacey would you do me a favor? Can you drive me to pick up Laura?”


To be continued........

Who is Laura’s dad and when will Pacey and Joey get to talk?

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