A Familiar Face Part Three by: KatieJoWitter

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Author's Note: I'd like to dedicate this section to JimmyLove and Reniap because I think their stories have a lot of potential.

A Familiar Face Part Three

Our car drive was long. San Francisco traffic was hell. Two accidents and a major closed lane had Pacey driving everywhere. He was too busy swerving in and out of lanes and honking at other vehicles to talk and besides, when we talked, he had to have his full attention on what I was telling him. We only small-talked on the way there.

“Thanks, Pacey, for driving to pick her up.”

“So you have a daughter, huh?”

“Yeah, Laura is one of the most mischievous girls I know.” I chuckled at all the wacky things she’d done. “I just hope she doesn’t get suspended.”

So what exactly happened?” Pacey questioned.

“Supposedly she punched a bully and the bully punch her right back.”

“Kinda reminds me of me.”

“Oh, I know, but I don’t think the world needs a Pacey Witter, Jr.”

“Hey! What’s wrong with a Pacey, Jr.?”

“Okay, you want the long list? Well, the annoying sarcastic remarks. The trouble making. The bad choice of clothes. The terrible-” Joey was still counting off her fingers when Pacey interrupted her.

“Okay, okay, I get the point. But what’s wrong with my fashion sense?”

“Never mind. But I did make my point. I think she’s already turning into a Pacey, Jr. She punched out a girl and got a black eye already at the age of 5,” Joey said.

Pacey turned into the school’s parking lot.

“Okay, we’re here," Pacey announced.

“Thanks, Pacey. Do you want to come in and see my battered up little Pacey, Jr. or wait until we come back?”

“No thanks, I just want to stay in the burning hot car and melt to death. Of course, Potter, I am coming in,” Pacey said sarcastically before following Joey into the building.

To be continued.

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