We Can Get Through This Part 4 by: Lisa

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Summary: Joey was taken to the hospital.

Author's note: I am really really sorry that it took me so long to get this part out. I had it written after I typed out the last part. But I have typing class every day so typing gets a little boring. Well here's part 5! Finally!

****************************************************************************** **********

A few years passed. Joey and Dawson have been going strong for 3 years. The whole gang attended Boston University. Except of Jen and Jack. Jen went back to New York to be with her parents, and Jack, well, who knew where he went.

Dawson was obviously studying film. Joey went into interior design. Pacey went pre-med, and Andie was studying to be a teacher.

***Time-December 6, 2002***

Joey had just gotten back from showing her portfolio to her teachers. This would decide her future. If her work wasn't good enough, she wouldn't go on in the interior design field at BU. She would have to go to a different college. But she just crossed her fingers, hoping she was good enough.

Joey walked into a cafe to meet her friends for lunch. She spotted them in the corner.

"Hey guys."Joey said.

"Hey Jo, how did the meeting go?" Dawson asked giving her a kiss.

"Good I think. Just cross your fingers for me."

"I'll even cross my toes Jo." Pacey said.

Andie punched him in the side.

"What a goofball. I'll keep my fingers crossed Jo." Andie said.

Joey just laughed. Andie and Pacey made a great couple. They started going out freshman year of college. They were going and going strong.

"Thanx guys, you're the best." Joey said.

They all chit chatted while eating their lunches. They all got up and went on there ways.

Joey was walking back to her apartment when she ran smack into someone.

"Oh sorry sir," she said looking to see who she ran into, "Jack?"

"Joey, oh my god, is that you?" He asked.

"Yeah its me silly. How are you?"

"Fine, I'm fine. How are you?" He asked.

"Good. Hey why don't you come in so we can catch up on old times." She suggested.


They walked back to Joey's apartment. She made a pot of coffee and sat down to talk.

"So Joey, what have you been up to?" Jack asked.

"Well, I majored in interior design. Just turned in my sophomore portfolio. I've been with Dawson for three years." The last part she said with a smile.

While Joey was talking, jack slipped something in her coffee.

"Well Jack, what have you been up to?"

"Not much. I'm going to art school. Just came here for a convention."

Jack noticed Joey dozing off.

"Joey, why don't get going. You look like you need some sleep." Jack said.

"That would be great."She said falling into a deep sleep.

"Great, my plan will work." Jack said smiling to himself.

Jack started undressing Joey. Then he started undressing himself. He'd been wanting to do this forever. But she was always with Dawson. He didn't care if she was unconscious. He was still getting a piece of her.

When he was finished, he put all of Joey's clothed back on so she wouldn't know anything happened.

****************************************************************************** **********

Joey woke up the next morning with a terrible headache. She couldn't remember what she did last night. I must have gotten myself drunk. She thought.

She got up and started packing. Christmas break had started and the gang was all going home.

Joey felt horrible on the ride home.

"Jo, do you feel okay?" Dawson asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired."

"Well, then get some rest."

"Okay." Joey said snuggling up to him.

****************************************************************************** **********

Joey got into the house to see Alex sleeping and a pregnant Bessie walking out of the kitchen.

"Joey, how are you?" Bessie asked giving her sister a hug.

"I'm fine. How are you? How's the baby doing?"

"We're fine, just three more months." Bessie exclaimed.

"That's great Bess."

They just sat around the rest of the night chit chatting.

****************************************************************************** **********

The next morning, Joey found herself running to the bathroom.

"Jo, you okay?" Bessie asked.

Joey walked out of the bathroom crying.

"Jo, what's wrong?" Bessie asked concerned.

"Bess, I threw up this morning."

"So, maybe you've got the flu."

"No Bess, I missed my period. I think that I am pregnant." Joey said crying harder now.

"It's Dawsons right?"

This made Joey cry even harder.

"It can't be Bess. We haven't had sex in 3 monthes. I haven't been with anyone." Joey suddenly gasped. "I haven't had sex with anyone but Dawson, but I ran into Jack, and the next thing I know I passed out. And I woke up the next day with a horrible headache. Oh god Bess, do you think he raped me?" Joey said frightend.

"It's possible. Let me take you to the doctor."

They both got dressed and headed out. Bessie left a note telling Bodie the situation and telling him no to say anything to Dawson.

****************************************************************************** **********

They were sitting in the doctors office waiting for the results.

"Well, Joey, let me tell you one thing. The test results have came back positive. So your pregnant. And we found a drug in your system. The drug is usually used as a date rape drug. So to answer your question, yes you were raped." The doctor said.

Joey broke into tears. Bessie held her sister, not wanting to let her go.

"One more thing. Here are a list of support groups. Please look through them."

"Thank you doctor." Bessie said.

She grabbed Joey and helped her walk out to the car. The ride home was really quiet.

"Jo are you okay?" Bessie asked.

"No I am not okay. I couldn't possibly go back to BU. I wouldn't be able to be at that school after what happened."

"Okay Joey, we'll figure something out." Bessie reassured her.

They got home and Joey went to lie down. There was a letter left from Bodie.

Took Alex to see Santa in Providence. Be back later.
And a professor from BU called for Joey. They left there number to call them back.
See Ya-

Bessie went to wake Joey and told her about the professor.

Joey called and found out she could continue at BU. But Joey was not going back there. She told the professor what happened. The professor said she could transfer Joey, if that's what she really wanted. Joey was sure. The professor said everything would be set by the time they went back for the second semester.

Joey had called Jen and planned on living with her and her parents while she went to NYU.

Joey stayed in the rest of the vacation. Every time Dawson had called, Bessie told her she was really sick. The day after Christmas, Joey left. Not saying good-bye to her friends, and her wonderful boyfriend.

****************************************************************************** **********

Tell me what you think. Just so you know I know nothing on how long it takes to conceive a child, so just bare with me.

Give comments, thoughts, anything good really. :)

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