Who's Gonna Drive You Home by: Omolara

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The song is 'Drive' by The Cars

Who's Gonna Drive You Home

"I'm gonna go get some popcorn." Dawson said as he got off his bed and headed downstairs.

Once Dawson was out of sight Pacey started to talk to Jen, "Do you know what's up with him? He has been like this for almost a month and so has Joey." The concern he had for his friend showed on his face.

After Jen's grandpa died, Joey was there for her, through their understanding of what the other went through they became close. After she tried to kiss him, her relationship with Dawson became strained, but it was slowly mending.

"Joey told me that she and Dawson had a fight but she wouldn't tell me exactly what happened. It had to have been bad, they hardly talk to each other anymore."

Pacey started to walk around the room, "I'm sure it was for her not to go to Paris................I think we should talk to Dawson."

"I agree, why didn't Joey come over tonight?"

"She said that she had something to do tonight and the weird thing is I said ‘you finally got yourself a life' but she didn't give me the usual reject speech. She just muttered yeah and went back to work."

Jen nodded her head, "that is weird-"

She was cut short when Dawson came back in the room with a bowl of popcorn.

"What's weird?"

Jen and Pacey just looked at each other, not sure how to start the conversation.

Pacey began, "look Dawson, you've been acting strange for a while and the rest of us would like to be clued in."

Dawson just sighed. " I was wondering if you were going to ask................" He stopped to sit down, " I kissed Joey."

Neither Pacey or Jen could believe what they had just heard, "did the notoriously oblivious Dawson wake up and see the pretty brunette?"

"I guess I did, but I told her that it was a mistake and she got mad and blew up at me, then I wouldn't talk to her because I felt guilty."

"Do you care for her?"

A smile spread across his face, "I do, but I was too scared to tell her that."

Jen finally said something. "Then you should go talk to her Dawson, she misses you."

" She probably hates me for the way I've treated her."

"You'll never know until you ask."

Dawson still wasn't convinced, "It's 8:30 and she's probably working." Pacey was getting sick of this. "Just go talk to her, now!" With that he gave Dawson his coat and shoved him out of the window.

Pacey sat down on Dawson's bed and started the movie, "that was some serious matchmaking."

"No, Pacey, that was fate."


"No, your brother did not!"

Joey and Andrew were at the Star Cafe. Joey couldn't believe how fun he was to be around. He lifted her spirits and for once she wasn't thinking about Dawson.

"I swear, there was a bee swarming around him and he fell into the pool with his clothes on trying to get away from it."

"If it wasn't so funny I wouldn't believe half of what you say about your family."

Andrew just smiled, "believe it. As dysfunctional as we can be we make most families look like the Brady Bunch."

"Not mine, but I won't go into that right now." Joey had been laughing so hard that the other customers had been looking at the two of them, "You never told me why you left,"

"Well," he began, " we moved to be closer to my aunt who had cancer. She went through treatment and thankfuly the cancer left, so when we thought she would be well enough we moved back. It's not much, but that's my story, so tell me why you looked so sad today?"

Joey shifted uncomfortably and considered telling him the truth. "It's a long story."

"I've got time."

Joey had the feeling that she could trust him, so she told him about her situation with Dawson.

"That sounds heavy..................we were never close and I just got to know you again, but I'm here if you want to talk."

Joey saw true concern in his eyes *I'm glad I came tonight* she thought.

Just then a song came on that Joey loved and she could feel herself sway a bit to the music. Andrew saw this and asked her to dance.

" There's just a small piece of floor and we'll look stupid."

Andrew just stood up and offered his hand, "then we'll look stupid together." And she offered no argument as they started to dance.

Who's gonna tell you when
It's too late
Who's gonna tell you things
Aren't so great

Joey wondered what was going on, She still hadn't moved on from Dawson yet she felt a little too comfortable in Andrew's arms. *Not tonight Joey* she thought and just danced to the music.


Joey hadn't seen Dawson as she and Andrew danced. He had asked Bessie where she was and got there as Andrew had pulled her onto the floor.

*I'm too late,* he thought as he listened to the music coming out of the cafe, *I've lost her.*

Who's gonna pick you up
When you fall
Who's gonna hang it up
When you call
Who's gonna pay attention
To your dreams
Who's gonna plug their ears
When you scream

You can't go on
nothing's wrong
Who's gonna drive you home

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