Best Friends Again and Possibly More Part Two

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(Next day at school)

Joey walking through the halls toward art class. She’s wearing jeans, sneakers and a heavy black sweater. She spots Pacey at her locker.

“What do you want?” She says lightly shoving him aside. “Don’t you have a girlfriend to bug?”

Pacey looks seriously at her. “Jo, something’s happened.”

Joey stares at him immediately thinking Dawson, that something was wrong with him. “What is it, Pacey, tell me.”

“Last night, Andie and I were watching TV til 11pm. I was getting ready to leave and Andie got a phone call.” Pacey took a deep breath. “It was the police. Jack was killed in an automobile accident last night.”

Joey’s face showed complete shock, she dropped her bag. “Wait a minute. You’re telling me Jack, Jack we saw two days ago is dead.”

“He was visiting his dad in New York. He was driving back here and a driver hit him head on.” Pacey held his head on his forehead. “Andie is at home trying to explain to her mother about this. She’s afraid her mom’s condition will accelerate. She already thinks Tim is still alive. I thought you should know, being close to Jack and everything.”

Joey’s face turns pale. “Me being close to Jack? Pacey, he works, I mean worked at the Icehouse. We shared a liking for art and went to museums. But we weren’t really close.”

“What about that date you went on a few days ago?” He asked his eyes narrowing.

“He asked to take me out. It was harmless. It was nice. We had a picnic by the creek and talked a little.” Joey really didn’t want to talk about this. It was complicated enough. She just wanted to walk away.

“Look, I was thinking since you had to deal with your mother’s death, maybe you could go talk to Andie.” Pacey said softly. He looked so sad.

Joey smiles a little. “Yeah, sure. I’ll drop by after school. No problem.”

“Thanks, bye then.” And he walks away.

Joey continues to put books in her backpack. Jack is dead, she thought. She remembered how clumsy he was when he first started working at the Icehouse and smiled. But then things got out of hand, that kiss during the full moon was upsetting. And then at the homecoming dance everything fell apart. She didn’t want to hurt Jack. She remembered what she told him that night after their date. She said that ‘she loved Dawson and that she hoped they could still be friends’. Jack hadn’t talked to her since then and that was two days ago. And now, he was dead.


Joey was standing in line getting her lunch. She got to the end of the line and paid for it. Where to sit, she thought. She looked over and saw Dawson sitting with Pacey, then walked over to them. Dawson’s face lighted up when she saw her.

“Jo, hi. Sit down.” He said warmly, as she took a seat opposite him.

“So as I was saying,” Pacey continued. “Andie will be leaving for Rhode Island with her mother tomorrow to bury Jack. Her father will fly down from New York and meet them there. Mrs. McPhee doesn’t understand that he’s dead before I left all she kept saying is ‘When is Jack coming home.”

Dawson looks at Pacey sadly. “Tell Andie I’m sorry for her loss. She probably doesn’t want to hear it from me, I mean I am the guy who knocked her brother out.”

Dawson and Joey fell into an uncomfortable silence, neither looking at each other. Pacey noticed this and broke it immediately. “So, have you decided on your next feature film? Is it another horror movie, full of blood and guts?”

“No, I’m writing a love story.” He says softly, avoiding Joey’s eyes. “I have a script for the first scene partially written.”

Pacey smiles taking a bit out of his hamburger. “I see. I assume then my services as actor are not needed?”

Dawson opens his binder and flips through the pages, finally taking out a bunch of papers, stapled and a few loose ones. “Actually, Pacey, my dear friend, you are in this movie. I’ve made you a total stud. You always get the girl.”

“You’re kidding right? Jailbait here is every girl’s fantasy. I so don’t think so, Dawson.” Joey says narrowing her eyes at Pacey.

Dawson looks over at Joey. “Yeah, I think Pacey deserves it, you know. He never gets the girl.”

“He has the girl. Remember? Andie.” Joey pointed out.

“Well, I want this. So, I’m the director, and that’s the way it goes.” He said grinning.

“Okay, Dawson. Where is your leading actress then?” Pacey asks looking at Joey, who turns away from him.

Dawson shifted nervously in his chair. “I asked Jen to star as ‘Sammy’.”

Joey turned quickly staring at Dawson in pure shock. Jen!! Jen is starring in the leading role in his movie. But why? Then realization crept over her. She remembered that a few days ago she had told Dawson she couldn’t work with him on the new movie because she had signed up for art classes, she never thought he would pick Jen..

Pacey stands up. “Well, see ya kids. Got biology to get to. Oh, and Joey I appreciate you going to see Andie today, thanks.”

“Really, Pacey it’s no problem.” She replied. And Pacey walks off out of the cafeteria.

“So, Jenn asked to be in the movie?” Joey asked curiously, picking at her corn.

Dawson began writing down a few notes for the scene into his notebook. He continues for a few moments before answering.

“I asked Jen to be in the movie. She was in the last one and seemed to enjoy it, besides she’s a good actress, Jo.”

“Yeah, she is. So..could I read some of the script?” She asked expectantly. She wanted to know what this love story was about. Dawson always came up with some cheesy but very romantic love stories.

Dawson looks up. “If you want, sure,” and he slides over a bunch of papers stapled together. “It’s the first scene. I haven’t figured out where to shoot yet. I thought in my back yard. But I thought shooting at Jen’s house would be a change too.”

“Good idea. You don’t want to shoot too much in one location. We could even take advantage of some of Capeside’s other spots too, if you feel you need a change of location.” Joey says reading from the script. As she was reading, she found she loved it. It was romantic, funny, and nicely written. She realized she wanted to work on it with him.

Dawson smiles. “It’s going to be hard to fill your position as producer and now location director.”

Joey’s cheeks flush pink. “Who says you have to fill it?”

“You have those art classes, Jo. They’re important to you. I don’t want you to miss out on them.” He says sincerely. He really didn’t want to miss an opportunity to develop her talent.

Joey turns away. “I did sign up for a few classes, Dawson. But they are only after school two days a week. I couldn’t get the classes held on the weekends, they were full. I’m free to help on the other days and on the weekends, if you want.”

Dawson’s face lit up and he extended his hand. “If I want? Are you kidding? Welcome back, producer.”

She touched her hand with his and shook it. They stared at each other for a moment, smiling. Suddenly, the bed rang all everyone was getting up because lunch was over. Joey withdrew her hand from his and stood up slipping her backpack over her shoulder.

“Well, when you decide when shooting starts, let me know.”

“Great, talk to you soon.” Dawson replies. Joey and

Dawson head in opposite directions to their classes.

(Joey after school walking out)

“Jo!” Someone yelled as she headed to cross the street. Joey turns around.

It’s Pacey running up. “I’m coming with you to Andie’s house. I need to tell you a few things before we go in.”

“Okay, what then? Her family cannot be crazier than mine. Let’s be honest.” Joey said rolling her eyes.

“This isn’t a joke, Jo.” He says seriously and explains. “Andie’s mother is really sick. Here’s what happened. Andie had an older brother, Tim. Tim died a few years ago. But, Mrs. McPhee thinks that he’s alive. That night of the full moon, when I went to Andie’s house to pick her up for our date, her mother kept calling for Tim, and telling me to meet him, and he’s dead. Her mom is on medication, but it’s not helping a lot. Their father lives in New York, Andie didn’t tell me why though.”

“So, now with Jack gone, she’ll be thinking he’s alive.” Joey said incredulously. This was definitely something she hadn’t planned on.

“Well, yeah. On to another topic for our little journey, what’s the deal with you and Dawson? You two were actually talking to each other, without an insult involved. Tell me you have come to your senses.”

“Pacey, Dawson and I are friends again, don’t bring this up.” Joey really didn’t want to talk about this.

Pacey shakes his head. “Jo, I always thought Dawson was the clueless one. Now, I’ve come to the realization that you are the only clueless one. I saw the way you were looking at him at lunch, and don’t play that ‘we are just friends’ card, it’s been dealt already.”

“I want my best friend back, Pacey. And working on his movie, will be a big step to doing that.” Joey replied trying to convince him.

“Are you going to fight to play the leading lady?” Pacey laughed, seeing Joey a little jealous about Jen getting the part for fun to watch.

“Of course not. I’m producer. I’m not acting in this one, it would be totally inappropriate.”

“You do realize this story is autobiographical? Dawson is writing about his relationship with you.” Pacey says.

They walked across the street and toward the Andie’s house and reach the doorway.

“Pacey, the conversation is finished.” Joey said firmly, raising her voice a little.

Pacey knocks on the door. Andie answered it. She goes to Pacey’s arms for a hug. Joey watches with a look of both sadness and jealously for the two. She remembers when Dawson hugged her after her mother died. How right it had felt. How he had been there for her completely, and she smiled.

Pacey and Andie pulled away, and she saw Joey. “Hi, Joey. You heard about Jack, then?” She said tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Yeah, I’m soo sorry.” She extends her hand to Andie. Andie wipes a few tears away with her other hand, and opens the door. “Well, come on in.”

Joey takes in the house, in awe. It was huge, at least three stories, a dining room, separate from the kitchen, a big screen tv. You could have fit three of Joey’s house inside their first floor alone. Andie leads them to the dining room and they sit at the table.

“My mom and I are leaving tomorrow for Rhode Island to bury Jack. I’ll be gone a few days.”

Pacey stands up. “I’m sorry I can’t stay Andie. I have to work tonight.”

“That’s okay. I’ll be fine, really.” She said softly.

“I’ll come by after work, around 9.” He says leaning over for a kiss. “See ya, Joey.” And he walks out of the house.

Andie smiles at the doorway after he leaves. “Pacey has been a big help through this. I don’t know what I’d done if he wasn’t here.”

“It great that you have him. You can’t go through this alone.” Joey replies softly.

“I would guess then that Pacey has told you about my dysfunctional family?”

“No family is perfect. Take it from someone who has a father in prison and a sister that has an illegimate baby by her black boyfriend. Now, tell me that wouldn’t raise a few eyebrows?” Joey says standing up, and looking around. She walked toward the fireplace and looked on the mantle. There were many framed photographs. One was Andie and Jack sitting at the beach, and Jack dumped a pail of water over her, and they were laughing.

Andie walked over toward Joey and smiled at the photograph. “That was 4 years ago. The whole family went to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Jack was being such a jerk.” She laughed and continued. “We stayed at the hotel right outside the beach. It was beautiful. And at night in the summer, there was a carnival. I threw up over Jack when he got me on the rollercoaster.”

Joey then looked to another picture. It was of Andie, Jack, and their parents, and an another young man. “This was Tim?”

“Yeah. He was my older brother. And my parent’s favorite, the oldest and got everything. He was 7 years older than Jack and I, but we loved him to death.”

Then Joey looked over at another picture it was of Andie’s parents on the day of their wedding. “They look so happy. Where is your father?”

Andie remained silent.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Joey said quickly. “It’s none of my business.”

Andie walked away to sit on the couch. “My father lives in New York. One night 3 years ago, we were bringing Tim home from the airport, he’d come home for Christmas on school break. My dad was driving. Jack and I were fighting over something stupid, I can’t even remember what it was, and Tim tried to get us to stop. My dad got frustrated with us, and turned around. Then my mom screamed, a car hit us from the side.” Andie looks away with tears running down her cheeks. “Tim was killed instantly, he was on that side where we hit. I only banged my head. Jack sprained his wrist, and my parents had minor cuts.”

Joey listened in silence. She felt so bad for Andie. She continued, “Anyway, we had the funeral and everything, but my mom refused to believe he was dead. Every morning for months, she’d call us down to breakfast and ask if Tim was up. Then she even went as far as to call University of Maryland where Tim went to school. She called his old roommates asking why Tim wasn’t there. It was scary. We got her some help, and she’s on medication, but it wasn’t working. My dad couldn’t take it anymore, he felt guilty enough about the accident and left one day about 6 months after Tim died. We haven’t seen him since.

“But he’s coming to Jack’s funeral, isn’t he.” Joey asked.

“Yeah,” Andie replied. “I found the number in the phone book, I guess he left it just in case. I called him, but we didn’t talk much. He said he’ll meet us in Rhode Island.”

Andie began to cry again, tearing running down her cheeks. “I don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to be a strong one, since my dad is gone, Jack’s gone, Tim’s gone, and my mother is off in her own world.”

Joey hugged her. “It’ll be okay, I promise. When I lost my mom a few years ago to cancer, I didn’t know what to do. My father was gone and my sister had her own life even thought I lived with her. I was scared, but I had help and got through it.”

“Really? How?” Andie asked.

“Dawson. Dawson was a big help and took care of me. He held me when I cried, which I did a lot of. He listened to me yell at how much I hated my father for doing what he did, and cheating on my dying mother. And when I finished with that, he got me to laugh again, to love life.” Joey said, then added softly. “My best friend.”

Andie looks at Joey and smiled. “You really love him, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I really do. He’s my everything.” Joey for a moment lets her guard down, then continues and gives her a hug, “Andie, it just takes some time, you’ll get through it, I promise.”

Okay, here is Part 2. I apologize for there not being a lot of Dawson in here, but in my previous stories, I never gave enough lines and plots to Andie and Pacey. Be ready for part3… What did you think of part 2? Like it? I really need the feedback. E-mail Me with your comments! Thanks

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